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Snap What could be perfect than a brand new set of crayons Evan can t wait to use them until Snap the brown one breaks in two Then one by one the others break get crushed are blown away or simply disa

  • Title: Snap!
  • Author: Hazel Hutchins Dušan Petričić
  • ISBN: 9781554517701
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What could be perfect than a brand new set of crayons Evan can t wait to use them, until Snap the brown one breaks in two Then one by one, the others break, get crushed, are blown away, or simply disappear How can he possibly draw when there s no green, purple, or even black Evan feels like throwing things, but instead, he scribbles using all the bits and pieces tWhat could be perfect than a brand new set of crayons Evan can t wait to use them, until Snap the brown one breaks in two Then one by one, the others break, get crushed, are blown away, or simply disappear How can he possibly draw when there s no green, purple, or even black Evan feels like throwing things, but instead, he scribbles using all the bits and pieces that are left But what s this Where yellow and blue cross, there s green, and when blue and red get all mixed up, it creates just the right purple to draw monsters Soon, all he s left with are tiny stubs of red, yellow, and blue, but Evan discovers that even with just a few crayons, he can create new and exciting art his imagination is the only tool he needs.The winning combination of Hazel Hutchins s lively text and Dusan Petricic s ingenious illustrations make this a wonderful addition to every young child s library.

    • Best Read [Hazel Hutchins Dušan Petričić] ☆ Snap! || [Romance Book] PDF ☆
      105 Hazel Hutchins Dušan Petričić
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    One thought on “Snap!

    1. ❀Aimee❀ Just one more page... on said:

      Beautiful, eye-catching illustrations are paired with an engaging child in Snap!Evan has a brand new set of crayons and immediately gets to work creating his masterpieces. Something about the mix of the amazing illustrations, the font choice, and the storytelling makes Evan's creative energy palpable and seem to come right off the page. We all know that well-loved crayons never stay pristine. As the crayons go through the typical stages of crayon life, Evan has inspired a-ha moments for a new wa [...]

    2. Melissa on said:

      When I saw this on *netgalley I just knew I had to request it. Not only was the cover amazing but the book summary had me desperate to read it to my son.Evan has a brand new set of crayons. But before he knows it the brown one breaks. Soon one after the other all of his crayons begin to break. But that doesn't stop him. With each new broken or missing crayon he discovers something new like combining colors to make new colors and making rubbings on the paper from coins and paper clips. I loved th [...]

    3. The Library Lady on said:

      Another crayon book, but this time the crayons are not anthropomorphized. Instead, this is about the joys of a new box of crayons and the even greater joys that are possible when the crayons break.The downside of this book is that it may encourage kids to deliberately break their crayons. But then, if it inspires them to the sort of creativity as the hero here, it's a good thing.( And this would be great to read to the sort of little prince/princess who raises hell when the crayons break and whi [...]

    4. Laura McLoughlin on said:

      I liked the idea of this book, better than the book itself. Being optimistic and making the most out of an unfortunate situation are certainly important ideas to present to children. But most standard crayons you would give to a child do not blend that well in real life

    5. Allie on said:

      I occasionally babysit for twin 4 year old girls (they're the best) and this would be such a fun read + craft book. And I just got some jumbo crayons on clearance!

    6. Angie on said:

      This is one that I want to remember for use in our co-op preschool when we talk about colors. It's a very cute book that teaches, in a fun way, the basics of color and how three primary colors can mix to create a greater variety. I also appreciated the lesson on optimism and making the best of things. The name of the book comes from the sound that happens when one of his brand new crayons breaks. Though at first he is sad, he soon realizes the opportunity it gives him to draw two lines together. [...]

    7. Nicola on said:

      Miss 3 and I like to explore different books and authors at the library, sometimes around particular topics or themes. We try to get different ones out every week or so; it's fun for both of us to have the variety and to look at a mix of new & favourite authors.This was one that I chose for us to read. This has a fun art style designed to look like the child within the story has drawn them. As well as talking about colours it also looks at how to mix colours (like red and yellow to make oran [...]

    8. Lindsy on said:

      I used this book for guided reading in grade 3/4. I was able to help students learn about/practice a number of literary skills: making predictions, inferencing, applying information from pictures, and identifying sound words (a simple introduction to onomatopoeia!). We also made cross-curricular connections to Math and Art!

    9. Cara Byrne on said:

      While I love the story and narrative of this book, the illustrations of the little boy are creepy and impish.

    10. The Book Box on said:

      Mama read this to me while we were reading a lot of color books.

    11. Briana on said:

      Evan learns to make the best of a bad crayon situation. He learns to mix colors and figure out broken crayons. This is clever and fun, as well as flexible thinking, but then the ending is strange and anti-climatic. Left much to be desired.

    12. Tasha on said:

      Evan had a new set of crayons that were perfect until he accidentally broke the brown crayon. He tried to fix it by pressing it together and taping it, but nothing worked. Then Evan realized that one broken crayon is actually two crayons! As Evan continued to color, more crayons snapped. When he stepped on one, he found that he could create different things with the crushed color and with others without wrappers. Evan’s only green crayon disappeared under the stairs and then he didn’t have a [...]

    13. Storywraps on said:

      Evan is über excited because he has in his very own possession a brand-new box of crayonsoh boy! His imagination kicks in and he dreams of all the possibilities lying in that little waxy box. He choses brown first. He concentrates and focuses on his masterpiece before him and then the unthinkable happens, his beautiful brown crayon snaps in two. Oh gosh!He tries ordering it back together, pressing it back together, taping it back together but nothing works. It is still in two pieces and brown i [...]

    14. Sharon Tyler on said:

      Snap is a picturebook written by Hazel Hutchins and illustrated by Dusan Petricic. It is currently scheduled for release on September 22 2015. Who does not love a brand new box of crayons? Evan is happily using them when, Snap! The brown crayon breaks in two. Then one by one, the others break, get crushed, are blown away, or simply disappear. Evan is frustrated, but scribbles using all the bits and pieces that are left and discovers new joys and uses for all of his crayons- regardless of the sha [...]

    15. Melissa on said:

      Evan gets a brand-new set of crayons and his happily coloring along untilSnap! One breaks! But rather than cry over broken crayons, he discovers that two are better than one! Full of experimentation and discovery, Evan learns how colors mix to form new colors, and colors to his heart's delight until all of the crayons are used up or lost. Something to which every child can relate :) I loved how it taught basic color mixing, and also the art of rubbing crayons over objects (pennies, paper clips, [...]

    16. Mollie B on said:

      This is an adorable learning opportunity! Colors, primary and everything in-between, come alive in Evan's mind and on paper. Great for preschool storytime.

    17. Connie on said:

      At some point, every young child with a brand new box of crayons will break one of them. When that happens, I recommend that you pull out this delightful, beautifully illustrated book and call your child over for a story. In this book, the main character Evan, accidentally breaks a crayon. He is frustrated and sad as he tries to put it back together again. But then, something magical happens. He discovers that the crayon still "works" and he goes on to create many more drawings. As the book cont [...]

    18. Barbara on said:

      As many of us will recall, there is nothing quite as wonderful as a brand-new box of crayons, freshly sharpened and ready to be used for coloring. When one of Evan's crayons snaps, he ends up finding ways to use it, making new colors and literally coloring outside the lines. The illustrations are imaginative and even show Evan turning over a new leaf by using both sides of his paper. Appropriately, the end papers contain Evan's crayoned drawings as well. I appreciated how the author depicts Evan [...]

    19. Carla Johnson-Hicks on said:

      I absolutely loved this book, the illustrations and the text go so well together and will draw the reader or listener into the story.We all remember getting that new box of crayons and trying so hard not to bread them; well this is the story about what happens when despite his best efforts, Evan's brown crayon breaks in half. He realizes that he now has 2 brown crayons and can draw with both. When a colour disappears, he realizes that he can mix colours to make a new one. He can make thick lines [...]

    20. Melanie Thompson on said:

      Evan has a new box of crayons and gets mad when one of them breaks, until he realizes that one broken crayon makes two smaller crayons. Then when a green crayon gets lost, Evan wants to be made again, but then he notices how yellow and blue make green. This opens a new world of possibilities for Evan. But when all his crayons are either gone or just nubs, Evan has a new dilemma-how to get more crayons. This problem is left somewhat unresolved as Evan turns the page on a new adventure.Illustrated [...]

    21. Stephanie (Reading is Better With Cupcakes) on said:

      This book was beautifully done. I loved the artwork. It was colorful and creative.I also loved the story and the lesson behind it. It inspires one to be creative when they come across a problem. I like that it shows children that if something becomes lost or broken to look at the situation and discover a way around it. I also like how it works to teach colors and shows some examples of how you can mix two colors to get another one.This book was really well done. I will definitely be recommending [...]

    22. Kelsey Gourd on said:

      I love this story! I already read it twice, it is too cute. A perfect picture book for teaching children how to look at things in various ways. What else could it be? In a literal way, the boy in this story experiences something we have all experienced (and in my case absolutely hated!). Our crayons broke, we lost the wrappers, we used all of the green. Each obstruction he faced, all he had to do was look for a different solution than his original idea. Of course, he got mad at first, as many of [...]

    23. Melanie on said:

      Being that I'm a person who still loves to color, as an adult, & I still get upset if/when my crayons break I was excited to check out this book. It's a fun read with lots of colorful art that just looks like it's been done with crayons. The drawings in it alone made me want to pull out a box of the old colored wax & draw up what's in my imagination from it all. The message is also great, or at least the message I got from it. Just because things may appear to be broken doesn't meant the [...]

    24. drh on said:

      It's no use crying over broken crayons Tenacious Evan turns a broken crayon into a colorful world of whimsy.  The illustrations full of color, texture, and childhood freedom truly make the book.  A great discussion starter for the concept primary colors and color mixing.   All readers will appreciate Evan's optimism in finding the bright side of a  broken crayon.  However, this book only receives three stars as the plot loses focus at the end.  While it is clear that Evan could use his th [...]

    25. Andrea Lorenz on said:

      AW, I loved this! Evan has a brand new box of crayons and a HUGE piece of paper, but when one crayon breaks, Even has to change all of his coloring plans.This is adorable. The illustrations are gorgeous, made of colored pencil and crayon, I believe. Evan is outlined in brown, the color of the original broken crayon - I wish there had been an illustrator note to tell more about the origins of the illustrations, but alas, no. The story is original and imaginative. Evan's kid logic makes perfect se [...]

    26. Stephanie on said:

      Snap! will be most enjoyed by two and three-year-olds, and has the added benefit of helping kids learn their colors. I wasn't blown away by the illustrations but I do think they're great for the intended audience. Honestly, with the exception of the little boy and the crayons, much of the illustrations mimic a child's art to a T, which is often appealing to children. The narrative is a bit too instructional for my tastes and not quite as fun as I hoped, but I'm sure Snap! will be appreciated by [...]

    27. Betsy on said:

      I received a copy of this ebook in return for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I loved this book! When it first started out with him breaking his brown crayon, I wasn't sure I was going to like it. But the way the author takes this incident with the brown crayon and takes it through what the young boy learns. I just loved it. The drawings were simple but beautiful and there were learning points in there without even being a book meant to teach something. I think kids and adults alike w [...]

    28. Matthew on said:

      Review copy provided by NetGalleyThis book was brilliant. It's all about inspiring creativity and how creativity can overcome obstacles. The funny thing is, the obstacles became the catalyst for further creative solutions. The whole thing is amazing. This is the kind of book that would be great for fans of Hervé Tullet or Peter Reynolds. Really highly recommended.

    29. Alanna (The Flashlight Reader) on said:

      Snap! is a book about finding great imagination when things seem dire. It was really cute to see how Evan thought his day was ruined when the first crayon snapped, but then discovered that all was not lost. In fact, he found many things to do with each crayon! I enjoyed seeing all of Evan's projects and remembering what it was like as a child to do the very same things. The illustrations are great and capture the whimsy of Evan's adventures.

    30. Cornmaven on said:

      Making lemonade out of lemons never looked better. Evan's imagination ignites when crayons break and he figures out amazing ways to use them for art. The ending is a little abstract and will need some explaining for young children, but second graders and up should get it. I would pair this with Peter Reynolds' The Dot, for a nice discussion about art, creativity, ingenuity, and pride in oneself.Well done!

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