Cemetery Candles

Estela Vazquez Perez

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Cemetery Candles

Cemetery Candles V ctor Montenegro is a respected diplomat a revered illusionist and a treasure hunter who is applauded and envied for his uncanny ability to find historical treasures In the town of Montenegro Cali

  • Title: Cemetery Candles
  • Author: Estela Vazquez Perez
  • ISBN: 9781478754848
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • V ctor Montenegro is a respected diplomat, a revered illusionist, and a treasure hunter who is applauded and envied for his uncanny ability to find historical treasures In the town of Montenegro, California, V ctor hires Valentina Santa Cruz, an aspiring anthropologist, to educate his nephew Teo V ctor and Valentina s mutual love of the dead opens up an intimate etherealV ctor Montenegro is a respected diplomat, a revered illusionist, and a treasure hunter who is applauded and envied for his uncanny ability to find historical treasures In the town of Montenegro, California, V ctor hires Valentina Santa Cruz, an aspiring anthropologist, to educate his nephew Teo V ctor and Valentina s mutual love of the dead opens up an intimate ethereal realm They share many passions sunken treasures, cemeteries, and ancient burials, but can Valentina s passion for Victor wake a heart that has been dormant for decades In 1727, Suzette Savarit, praying to escape the memory of her parents brutal murder, agrees to flee to the New World as a casket girl under the guidance of the Ursuline nuns In the New World the spirit of death torments Suzette as she becomes a prominent citizen of New Orleans Will her illicit romance with a plague survivor open the door to immortality Suzette bears witness to calamities, warring monsters, and Mother Nature s wrath A tale that traverses decades in which characters slip into macabre realms as they consort with vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and witches Suzette s battle to triumph over death will trap her in an unsuspecting and devastating curse Suzette s discovery of love heralds in her worst nightmare the threat of death cruelly robbing her of true love.

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      219 Estela Vazquez Perez
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    One thought on “Cemetery Candles

    1. Bill Ward on said:

      This book was on my kindle, having been recommended to me some time ago, but when it came to the top of my list to read, I had no idea about the genre or story. The start of the book was enjoyable and I thought might be the start of a gentle romance but then suddenly I realized I was reading a vampire story! This is still very much a story of love but love faced with many obstacles. I would say I am not a great fan of vampire stories but this is quite different. These are not vampires running wi [...]

    2. Alathia Morgan on said:

      This book is a wonderful blend of paranormal and illusion. Book 1 in the series definitely leaves you wanting to know more and I can't wait for the next book to come out. Valentina takes on the job of teaching for Victor Montenegro's nephew Teo. After several interesting and intriguing dinners, picnics, and consuming dreams, Valentina is certain that there is connection with Victor that could turn into a relationship. Her dreams are shattered when Victor has a date with Suzette, but she senses s [...]

    3. Johanna Craven on said:

      Cemetery Candles is a dark, lovely and hugely imaginative gothic novel. Perez brings an interesting twist to the well-worn path of vampire fiction and manages to inject fresh life into the genre. This is a intensely romantic story, but the romances, with all their twists and turns, are achieved in a very tasteful way. Perez creates a hauntingly beautiful world of jewels, flickering candles and moonlight that the reader cannot help but be drawn into. The paranormal elements are introduced slowly [...]

    4. Ed Dee on said:

      I was captivated by the twists and sadness of the hapless Vampires that are fated not to share the love of their hearts desires. Imagine going through eternity with unrequited love. Luckily they had riches, eternal life and the perverse attentions of others that love them in the same unrequited fashion. This novel draws from a rich and lush time of our early American history in one our most colorful (pun not intended) and vibrant cities; New Orleans. The author does it authentic justice with the [...]

    5. D.K. Cassidy on said:

      Elegant.I am familiar with this author’s work, I read her previous novel, “Light & Shadows”. Remembering how much I enjoyed her other book, I was pretty confident this one would be great. Once again this writer delivers an intriguing tale, with well-developed characters. The premise is original and captivating. This novel centers on Victor Montenegro, Valentina Santa Cruz, and Suzette Savarit. They each have a unique tale, which is presented masterfully by the author. The stories cente [...]

    6. Jason Latshaw on said:

      Do you love history, dark secrets, legends, and the paranormal? If you do, this book is basically tailor-made for you. It reminds me a little of the excellent Showtime series PENNY DREADFUL – and that's a huge compliment. This novel does a great job of maintaining two different storylines - a modern time, and then back in the 1800's, during a plague.Well-written, fast-paced, and intriguing every step of the way, CEMETERY CANDLES is well worth your time.

    7. Grant Leishman on said:

      I have to admit right off the bat that this book is well outside of my comfort zone as a reader, but that having been said I am very glad that I did read it. It is a sweeping tale of love, lust and passion that spans centuries and is principally set in the somewhat mystical background of early New Orleans. I really did toss up whether to give this four or five stars. The reason for my difficulty was two-fold. Firstly, I felt there were just enough errors, typos and misplaced tenses in the story [...]

    8. Max Power on said:

      This is a really good gothic story that I quite enjoyed. I love the time scape and the themes and while I think there is a great deal to be enjoyed in this book I had one minor difficulty in that this is a book that uses present tense - which for me at least, has to be almost perfect to work. It has too many disadvantages that stilt the author in that it restricts the timeline, complexity of characters and sometimes diminishes suspense. In Montenegro this is for the most part well traversed but [...]

    9. Delinda McCann on said:

      Perez is a master of the old-fashioned romantic tale. In Cemetery Candles, a single touch can ignite fire. A glance between a man and woman can lead to the promise of a lifetime of passion. Perez has a unique gift for creating romantic tension with nothing more than a rapid pulse. I love it.With Cemetery Candles Perez delivers her sweetly romantic style with a twist. We quickly guess that there is something special about Mr. Montenegro, but it isn’t until Perez takes us back to his beginnings [...]

    10. Ian Hunter on said:

      I agree with the comments of another reviewer who said that this is more of a gothic love story than a tale of vampires and werewolves, and that the storylines would have offered more if they had converged in this first installment of the series. That said, this is nonetheless quite an intriguing novel. Montenegro’s character is fascinating, fun, and well worth a treasure trove of novels; he single-handedly propels you through the story and leaves you wanting more of the series.The author exce [...]

    11. E.M. Cooper on said:

      ‘Cemetery Candles’ is an intriguing vampiric romance that will enthral readers. The underlying truth and tragedy for vampires in this tale is that in exchange for immortality, vampires are afflicted with the inability to experience mutual love. This underlies the story of book one in the Montenegro series. The story opens with Victor Montenegro, international diplomat, superb magician and master illusionist, welcoming Valentina to tutor his young orphaned nephew, Teo. Valentina, who has an i [...]

    12. Diana Febry on said:

      4.5 Stars. The book opens with Valentina taking up her post as governess to the nephew of Victor Montenegro an enigmatic but reclusive billionaire. The descriptions are so rich they drip gothic mysticism. A master illusionist Montenegro held me under his spell as much as Valentina. He is a wonderful character and I loved the early section of the book filled with the worrying sense all was not as it appeared. The book then shifts to the life story of Suzette, one of Montenegro's visitors Valentin [...]

    13. Carmen on said:

      I bought the book because I haven't seen many vampire stories written by a Latina. As a Latina myself, I became interested. I'm very happy that I did. Initially, I will admit that I was getting slightly bored with the love story between Victor and Valentina. I'm not much of a romance reader. But then we're introduced to Suzette Savarit. And the story truly begins for me! I couldn't put it down after I started reading about Suzette. The details in the description of Suzette's plantation and of Ne [...]

    14. Joey Paul on said:

      I picked up this book because the synopsis grabbed me and while it is not my usual kind of book, I was intrigued enough to try it. The story starts with introducing the ever mysterious Victor Montenegro, who has hired a new teacher for his young nephew. She shares a passion for the macabre and the two start to spend more time together. A new character is brought into the story and then we are taken back to the history and life of this new character, Suzette. It is beautifully written and crafted [...]

    15. Ellie Midwood on said:

      If you’re a fan of Twilight and The Interview with the Vampire, this book should definitely be on your must-read list! “Montenegro” is a new, refreshing take on the vampire story, which draws you instantly into the mesmerizing world of mystery, danger and love. It starts in the present time, when Valentina Santa Cruz arrives at a big mansion to take up a position of a teacher for the owner’s young nephew, and gets fascinated by a magical world of the mansion’s master – Victor Montene [...]

    16. Mary Blowers on said:

      Cemetery Candles by Estela Vazquez Perez was a fascinating read. The characters are complex and yet they are shrouded in mystery. I am tantalized to find out what becomes of Valentina and Teo next, as well as Suzette, Victor, and Ivan. Their lives interweave over many years and it may seem like fate how their stories play out to bring them all together. Their lives are intriguing and give some insight into the character and life of a vampire. Victor in particular is a mysterious person who lives [...]

    17. Summer on said:

      This fascinating take on the vampire story is a beautifully written Gothic tale of romance. The settings, some lavish, some dark, dreary, and disturbing are described in great detail, bringing them to life. The characters are also lushly drawn, with depth and dimension. Aspects of the story take place over a great span of time and the events that unfold provide a glimpse into the history of old New Orleans. A moody, chimerical story, it will draw you in and leave you wanting to know more about V [...]

    18. Suzi Albracht on said:

      Goth, Love, and Dark WorldsI have a confession. I have a weakness for dark stories. Throw in vampires and werewolves and I am in heaven. In this case, there was one stumbling block for me. The author uses third person present tense which is not my preference. However, once, I got into the story, I forgot all about it. The author does an excellent job of describing both characters and scenes in such a way that they became most pleasurable. I especially was caught up with Victor and his secrets. T [...]

    19. J.D. Dudycha on said:

      Beautifully written gothic tale of complex vampires. Estela's character's leapt off the page for me, and her writing style was that to be admired. As a fellow author, I know how hard it is to keep the reader's attention, but with this tale she did it with ease. I don't usually read this type of genre, but I am so happy I picked it up, and I look forward to book two.My favorite parts of this book was the maritime adventures. I know what your thinking: maritime in a vampire novel? Estela uses it i [...]

    20. Jada Ryker on said:

      Shivery Gothic NovelValentina Santa Cruz accepts an unusual job: she will tutor a boy and live in his uncle’s house.Victor Montenegro, Uncle Monty to his young nephew Teo, is intelligent, talented, and vastly wealthy. He is also a creature of the night; he feels most comfortable in darkness.Estela Vazquez Perez has created an intriguing world. Victor sends shivers of delight and dread up and down the spine, with his affinity for the night, gold and wood walking stick, elegant wardrobe, and oct [...]

    21. Michael Kelly on said:

      A young woman arrives at the estate of wealthy diplomat, illusionist and treasure hunter Victor Montenegro to be the new tutor for his young nephew. She finds herself drawn in by the mystery of her strange employer and attracted to him.The narrative then casts back in time to New Orleans in the 1800s to discover the origins of Montenegro in a tale of vampirism and unrequited love in New Orleans. Several new, fascinating vampire characters join the story, together with werewolves in an uneasy tru [...]

    22. Sonia Brock on said:

      Romantically Dark, a vampire tale brought into a new perspective. A love story over several different generations, plenty of twists and intriguing detail. My personal favorite part of the books were how Victor Montenegro was portrayed as a Magician and the details of the Treasure expeditions with Ivan. I could just imagine the wonder of the illusions that the author describes and the heart pounding excitement of finding the treasure of the Flor Del Mar (did i get the spelling right?). Can you im [...]

    23. FionaCooke Hogan on said:

      A fresh perspective on the vampire genre. Perfect for all lovers of gothic storytelling . Valentina arrives at the mansion of the illusionist Victor Montenegro, s man shrouded in mystery. She feels an automatic connection to the man who's nephew she has been employed to teach. Sharing a love of the macabre and otherworldly she soon feels at home in the sprawling mansion and beautiful old world cemetery with its marble angels and well kept gardens. When Valentina is introduced to Suzette a beauti [...]

    24. Erin Riley on said:

      Montenegro Book One: Cemetery Candles is one of the most interesting books I've read in quite some time. A sweeping gothic tale featuring gentle vampires, the atmosphere is dark and mesmerizing, much like Victor Montenegro himself. The tale begins in the present, introducing Victor and Valentina, a schoolteacher hired to tutor Victor's young nephew. As a hypnotic attraction grows in the young woman's heart for her new employer, the story goes back in time to delve into the immortal lives of othe [...]

    25. C.N. on said:

      This was a breath of fresh air for the vampire genre; not just a moment in time, maybe lasting a decade, but the whole lifespan up to present of those portrayed and how they achieved their vampiric state. Told in varying points of view in the present tense, this works like a dream. It is almost like watching a movie unfold but knowing the characters thoughts at the same time. This is not about preying on victims, it is about how to live with what fate has dished out when the enormity of the chan [...]

    26. Book on said:

      This book surprised me as I am not normally one to read the paranormal, but I truly enjoyed it.Victor Montenegro's character was masterful and spellbinding, the author developed him in a way that had you almost bewitched. The story takes you through the illusionary world and it is beautifully mesmerising. Whilst the vampire theme has been popular of late, this book takes a different view, in essence giving the vampire a heart and soul. I would highly recommend this.The author has done a splendid [...]

    27. David Boiani on said:

      An intriguing , dark Gothic tail where the author creates an atmosphere different from the normal perception of vampires, touching on the strengths and weaknesses of these almost human creatures. The story begins in the present, then visits the past in Old New OrleansThe main character, Victor Montenegro, extremely interesting and mysterious, is looking to hire a tutor for his nephew. He chooses a school teacher named Valentina who has fallen for Victor As the attraction begins to bloom between [...]

    28. Sharon Brownlie on said:

      Cemetery Candles was a treat to read- well written and a story that doesn't lose you. The story focuses on and revolves around three characters. The author clearly and concisely keeps the reader in the loop.From the narrative and dialogue a mixture of emotions are revealed - passion, love, anticipation, heart-break and loss. Each character is well developed and the reader begins to feel like they know them. This is good because it is the first in series and it did leave me with unanswered questi [...]

    29. K. French on said:

      A profound vampire romanceMontenegro Book One: Cemetery Candles is a beautifully written five star novel. Perez creates an enchanting, spellbinding world of vampires and werewolves. From the opening paragraph I was magically drawn into the lives of Victor Montenegro, Valentina, Suzette and Ivan. In the beginning I did find the narrative style disconcerting but the power of Perez’s writing soon quashed any concerns that I had. This is a passionate gothic romance filled with beautiful imagery an [...]

    30. Jana Petken on said:

      I was drawn to the man on the cover and the setting of New Orleans. I'm not sure what genre to place this in. It is a mixture of horror, vampires, gothic darkness, with a touch of history. All in all I loved it because it does cross genres.Victor Montenegro, a diplomat and an illusionist was a fascinating character. I loved the way the story moved and the characters, all of them, grew with each page. The writing was engaging throughout and I particularly liked the author's narrative style.

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