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Kit Edwards

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Atle's Saga

Atle s Saga Dear Author I would love to read a story set in pre Christian Northern Europe Germanic Celtic Slavic etc with a red headed warrior MC I enjoy reading about characters in difficult situations so a

  • Title: Atle's Saga
  • Author: Kit Edwards
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 104
  • Format: ebook
  • Dear Author,I would love to read a story set in pre Christian Northern Europe Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, etc with a red headed warrior MC I enjoy reading about characters in difficult situations, so a plot that involves some kind of danger be it because of a power struggle or war would be very much appreciated Will it be about two warriors from opposing clans fallingDear Author,I would love to read a story set in pre Christian Northern Europe Germanic, Celtic, Slavic, etc with a red headed warrior MC I enjoy reading about characters in difficult situations, so a plot that involves some kind of danger be it because of a power struggle or war would be very much appreciated Will it be about two warriors from opposing clans falling in love A warrior on a mission falling in love in someone from a completely different walk of life Something else altogether Photo Description A Celtic warrior stands in a room of what looks like the sacked remains of a country estate His well muscled arms are crossed over his chest and he is holding a double headed axe He is wearing Celtic dress kilt, tunic and he has shoulder length red hair and a red beard His determined gaze is focused on something in the distance.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love is an Open Road event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.

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      104 Kit Edwards
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    One thought on “Atle's Saga

    1. Julio Genao on said:

      it's considered boorish to criticize a story you didn't enjoy because the author wrote it for freeat's complete bullshite infamous NYC subway mariachi band destroys your morning commute with an accordion three times a week for free, tooce, but i prefer to listen to my top-50 hipster suicide-ballad playlist undisturbed, thanksis story had problems. i decline to list them.

    2. SheReadsALot on said:

      *waves sword*VIKINGS!!!!!!! This is a FIVE STAR story! It's the highest I can give here!Sweet merciful Cheesus how I loved this fucking story! So much so I actually searched this author's original fic online. This is the author's first time writing for the event? Anything they're attached to, I'm reading. The writing was tops. I would have paid for this story. *twirls and spins*Atle, the red hair viking badass with a good and true warrior's heart!I'm going to try to tamp down my squees to a mini [...]

    3. Adam on said:

      You know what MM really needs more of? Vikings!I mean, just look at them:(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]What's not to love? Now, to my review.Olof is the prince of Funir, a fictitious kingdom in Northern Europe. Alte is the leader of a small Viking community. The two people have been at war for years, fighting over land and access to the sea. When a hostile third party attacks, the two sides are forced to come together.I really liked the setting that the author chose. Relatively speaking, Funir [...]

    4. Ami on said:

      What a PLEASANT surprise!! I wasn't really that eager to read this story previously -- while I have started to read more and more historical MM romance, Vikings men don't exactly make me weak in the knees. But, two friends gave this high stars and I admit, it tickled my curiosity.Well, I ended up loving this. For a short novella, this tale felt complete. And what I loved the most was that the author did the prompt photo justice. She seemed to have a good grasp of knowledge about the era. Even if [...]

    5. Ele on said:

      What a nice surprise! I didn't think I 'll like this but I loved it! I probably would have rated higher if it weren't for the abrupt ending.First of all:Long haired, ginger VickingAlso: delicious age gap, stolen kisses by the lake where everyone can hear, hot sex and surprisingly tender moments.Oh, and a ginger Vicking. Did I mention it?Very well done, I'd like to read from this author again:)

    6. Didi on said:

      I loved watching "Vikings" on History channel. And this story here so reminds me of that program. So it's really no surprise that I loved it!This was an AU in historical medieval setting, somewhere in northern Europe. The Kingdom of Funir lived in perpetual deadly quarrel with the neighbouring heathens of Granbyr. An incoming invasion from Kingdom Gaetes and their Danes allies forced these two to join forces to defend their land.During the truce and war against the invasion, Prince Olof of Funir [...]

    7. Agnes on said:

      The world of M/M romance is lacking in books like this one - well researched historical fiction set in the dark ages. The author clearly knows the period and made it come alive in this novella. I enjoyed the two main characters and their relationship, the way Olof was slowly discovering his attraction to the handsome pagan man, and of course the handsome pagan man himself :D I think the way they slowly became closer was realistically done. The intrigue was convincing as well, and I was very sati [...]

    8. Dee Wy on said:

      4.5 stars. Wonderful historical bringing together a heathen Viking warlord and a Christian prince of great courage who serves the people under his father the tyrant King. Atle and Olaf were perfect for each other and it was a pleasure to see them fall for one another in spite of knowing neither of their worlds would accept the match. Just the same they find their HFN. Really enjoyed this tale!

    9. Sandra on said:

      Set in the past, when Vikings were still around and the Christian religion was only just taking hold in the Scandinavian lands, two warriors from opposing sides fall for each other. Unfortunately, the dialogue seemed too modern for the times in which this story took place. Free from the M/M Romance group's Love Is An Open Road event.My thanks to the author./topic/show/

    10. Lara on said:

      Holy son of Odin, that was awesome. So much detail! And it's a freebie short? Consider me wowed! So enjoyable. Two strong men. Vikings & royalty! Instant lust turns to love in just a few short pages, and it was believable. It was heartfelt. There was violence, there was romance, and lovely virgin hotness. Good, good stuff!

    11. TayaJay on said:

      I'm going to be quick and say that I'm a suker for gingers. I saw the photo prompt + vikings and off I went to read. It was quick read. I struggle at first with the unfamiliar name. I know I have no idea the proper pronunciation and will cringe if I hear it out. Some things felt too modern for its time but it was good entry in this year event. (3.5 stars)

    12. Td on said:

      4.5 Stars - Vikings, blood, sweat and sex. I'm still in awe of how thoroughly I got lost in this well rounded story and came out the other end so very satisfied. One of my top faves in the event so far this year.

    13. Rhema on said:

      Story was nice, it kind of reminded me of Vikings except Atle isn't blond and I have no idea who Olof would be. it wasn't really graphic enough for me but in the end; Vikings + 3 lines of war+ 80 pages of illicit romance and heathen talk = a good way to pass time, I ignored everything else.

    14. Sunny on said:

      Loved the world building and the characters. The steamy bits were delicious, would have liked more :)

    15. Gabbo Parra on said:

      Viking hotness? Hell Yeah.My only comment is that certain things were resolved too easily. Nah, I'm not gonna go into spoiler mode, hahahahaha.Highly recommended.

    16. Kira on said:

      3.5 stars. Interesting historical set in a period not many MM authors venture into - a time when some Scandinavians had already been converted to Christianity for a long while, while some still worshiped Odin and other gods. Kit Edwards uses her words well: the story feels complete and not rushed, it's well-written and it doesn't center on just the main couple. My main issue is that their speech feels a bit too modern when you compare it to, say, The Reluctant Berserker by Alex Beecroft. Atle's [...]

    17. Hermann Denis on said:

      A nice story but for my taste it left too many questions in the open. I quite couldn't understand why Sigmund didn't send his general with Atle and Olof on the exploration?Also I wonder what happend with Erik. Wasn't he any jealous? What was the bishop's role in this story.What about the romance part in this story? Does a 19 year old boy (whether he is a prince or not) act this way? Maybe in the times of the Vikings

    18. Linda ~ chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny ~ on said:

      Did they say "yeah" in pre-Christian times in Scandinavia? IDTS. Modernized speech and ideologies aside, this was a decent summary of what could've been a good, longer story. The battle scene was extremely rushed but hit all the highlights. The characters were well-written but their relationship wasn't really given the room to reach that depth where I would've found the ending earned. This was also supposed to be enemies-to-lovers, but someone forgot to tell the characters that.

    19. cmbookdiva on said:

      Wow! I enjoyed this a lot,could not put it down.Wonderful plot and way better than that little TV series people here in the U.S. have been watching. You know the one I'm talking about.

    20. MyzanM on said:

      Oh, I do hate this. Not being able to give a stellar review of a work someone has worked hard to give ur, and free to boot.I just didn't like it. There were so many things that rubbed me the wrong way. The language for One, was horrible. I don't think they used that kind of modern language. The plot was jumbled up. It was some times hard to follow. And what happened to Eric? That was one plot twist waiting to happen, that never went any where. Too bas it could have turned out really good. I have [...]

    21. Lillian Francis on said:

      Excellent. I was enthralled.NB: Violence level appropriate for period.And yes, I know Vikings didn't talk like that way back when, but when the story is so good Look at all the f**ks I give!

    22. Hrtnsoul28 on said:

      I enjoyed this one. Usually in the MM Genre I don't like historical.

    23. Sandra on said:

      Not hot IMHO, but to each his own I guessOffered for FREE from the M/M Romance Group's Love Is An Open Road event. Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated!

    24. Annika on said:

      Started out promising, became predictable and a little bit boring. Also, why was Eric just dropped at the end?There was an aspect about the definition if gay which was handled very badly and I can understand if it infuriates some.

    25. Jenn (not Lily) on said:

      Good story with nicely rounded characters. Excellent contrast between the Christan King and pagan warlord and how they view their people and responsibilities.

    26. BTina on said:

      (view spoiler)[On the second attempt, I ignored the plotholes and just enjoyed the story. (hide spoiler)]

    27. Victoria on said:

      3.5 - Nice interpretation of the photo and the story letter. Thank you Kit Edwards for donating your story, your time and your talent.

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