Taking The Bait

C.M. Steele

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Taking The Bait

Taking The Bait This book has a HEA There is no cliffhanger Dante Franchetti starts plotting the moment he finds out that his cousin visiting from Seattle Tony Franchetti has been shot in the leg by a rival crime b

  • Title: Taking The Bait
  • Author: C.M. Steele
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This book has a HEA There is no cliffhanger Dante Franchetti starts plotting the moment he finds out that his cousin, visiting from Seattle, Tony Franchetti has been shot in the leg by a rival crime boss, Michael Flanagan Seeking revenge, Dante s men kidnap Michael Flanagan s only daughter, Diana Flanagan It s only fair considering she s the cause of the attack on TonThis book has a HEA There is no cliffhanger Dante Franchetti starts plotting the moment he finds out that his cousin, visiting from Seattle, Tony Franchetti has been shot in the leg by a rival crime boss, Michael Flanagan Seeking revenge, Dante s men kidnap Michael Flanagan s only daughter, Diana Flanagan It s only fair considering she s the cause of the attack on Tony Franchetti and deserves her fate.Sweet Regan Daley arrives in Chicago to visit her abrasive American cousin Diana Leaving her parents and boyfriend behind in Ireland, she never expected to be accidentally kidnapped and mistaken for Diana Flanagan.Taking the bait, Dante knows the Irish beauty tied to the chair before him isn t Flanagan s daughter Dante doesn t care He s keeping her, even though he knows she s going to be nothing but trouble.

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      373 C.M. Steele
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    One thought on “Taking The Bait

    1. Deserie williams on said:

      May Contain Spoilers!2.75 stars.This was just ok for me. I didn't really like hero in the beginning with all his killing talk about her cousin. (which she deserves).Also how he tried to threaten her. He was super Alpha though:)Safety: Heroine was a virgin. She had a bf in the beginning when she is kidnapped. She cheats on him with hero but that's because he didn't give her any other choice. She wanted to break it off first but hero was all possessive alpha! This bf was more of a long time friend [...]

    2. Barbara➰ on said:

      **3.25 Stars**What started out as a mix up turned into a HEA. Dante is a mob boss in Chicago. Regan is a sweet girl from Ireland. When she is mistaken for her bitch of a cousin, she is kidnapped. Dante falls immediately and hard. He was controlling and domineeringjust how I like my heroes.My only complaints were: This is the second C.M. Steele book I've read. To me, it's almost if this was translated from another language. The flow is just off at times. The other thing is it needs an editor BAD. [...]

    3. Hana ♡ on said:

      I really enjoy C. M. Steele's books. It reminds of Jordan Silver's book quite often. It's usually the same scenario though: older hero, virgin heroine, insta-love/ obsession, caveman-ness, "you are mine!", the we shall not use a condom EVER, the need to breed, and so on We've all read these types of books at least once. I still love 'em though!

    4. Chantal ❤️ on said:

      This book was decent but the story was hard to understand and the sentences were very short not very descriptive. Maybe that why I had a hard time getting into this book. It did not let me escape into the book with the sights and sounds of the surroundings. It's hard to explain but it's sometimes more important to have some more non verbal then verbal communication. This book is about a mistaken identity and how the instalust saved her cause he was going to kill her. The way they go in and out o [...]

    5. Bookloverme on said:

      C.M.Steele is one of my favorite authors. Her books are safe to read except for one.Regan was asked by her cousin Diana to have a vacation in Chicago and spend time with her not knowing her cousin had a plan. She was kidnapped in a bar. The kidnappers thought she was her cousin. When Dante saw her in his garage where she was tied, he was attracted to her instantly and knew his men got the wrong woman. But he can't let her go.She had a boyfriend at the time she was kidnapped and became intimate w [...]

    6. Emily on said:

      Dante Frachetti vowed revenge when he finds out his cousin has been shot by a rival crime boss. Finding out the reason for the bullet has him wanting blood, so when his men bring the girl responsible for the whole mess to him he is ready. All is falling into place except they have nabbed the wrong girl.Regan Daley didn't want to visit her cousin, but her insistence had her flying from Ireland to visit. She never expected to be taken and now she is faced with Dante who has decided to keep her. Da [...]

    7. Raine on said:

      So this author keeps popping up as recommendations to read when I read my Jordan Silver books. WHY HAVE I NOT READ HER STUFF BEFORE??? I love Jordan Silver books!!! Granted I don't give her books 5 stars, but I devour them because I lover her over the top alpha males and she is one of my guilty pleasure authors. Now that I've read pretty much all her books and have to keep waiting for new ones I'm glad that I FINALLY decided to read one of C.M. Steele's books! And many of them are on KU of which [...]

    8. Jenny on said:

      Very light steamy, sexy read with a sweet innocent heroine and a possessive mafia boss. Hot!

    9. 100sweet on said:

      Love a H that is all about the h and will do anything to have her. However, I think the h gave in way too quickly. Plus, the convoluted story with her family was unnecessary.

    10. Classy Lady on said:

      I loved the hero's sister and the heroine's ex more than the mean characters! But it was good

    11. StScho on said:

      She is kidnapped by a rival mob family. Her cousin set her up. The cousin slept with a his brother and claimed rape. The father of the cousin shoots the brother (injuring) and starts a war. The cousin lures her from Ireland, dresses her up like her and allows her to be kidnapped. Her father is linked with the IRA somehow and the uncle wants to get the whole family (his) killed off during this war. He instantly wants to possess her and marry her (by the first day). It is practically rape except s [...]

    12. Eugenia Gwynn on said:

      The overall storyline was pretty good but there were lots wrong with this book. First, the hero has the heroine kidnapped, takes on look at her, and falls in love? Then said heroine sees him all bloody from "offing" people and she gives up her virginity the first night with her abductor? At times the writing was confusing and it definitely needed a good editing. And what was up with Declan? At times, he seemed gay other times he seemed into Silvia. I guess he was into her because he ended up get [...]

    13. K.L. Donn on said:

      Reading CMs books is always a pleasure, but with this one I felt like she went old school CM Steele! only the 5.0 version hotter, better, stronger! If you liked Lucianos Willing Captive you'll love this one! Dante and Regan are quite the pair! Hot hot hot! Her writing is taken up a notch in this book in a way you'll be craving more!

    14. Anita on said:

      You know those books you start reading early in the morning when you lose sleep. You tell yourself just one chapter more and I'll stop. Then you realize you finish the whole book and now you don't know what to do with your life anymore. I'm feeling all that helplessness right now and hoping this writer has a another book topping this book.

    15. April on said:

      Pacing. This book needs more appropriate pacing. It's like watching a movie in fast forward: you get the story but you don't experience deeper than the surface. I'd love to see a more detailed and more constructed version of this story because it can be a REALLY good and steamy read! <3

    16. Michele bookloverforever on said:

      evil cousin, evil uncle do their best to get her raped and killed by dressing her as her evil cousin who is wanted for attempted murder of a criminal. they kidnap the wrong woman. her captor falls in lust then live with her. her uncle keeps trying to kill his niece and her family.

    17. Jo on said:

      What a twistThis is a lovely story from c.m steele. It was a total page Turner. A little soprano type love story. Can't wait for the next one in the series.

    18. Cheri Guglielmon on said:

      Good StoryGood read. Good pick-up via Kindle Unlimited. Decent story. Try it. (Am I to the required 20 words yet instead of just being able to rate the book, ?)

    19. YasminVasquez on said:

      Loved itWhat can I say about Dante except he is hot hot hot and his love for Regan is so sweet. I also loved the little hidden romances that are also in this book.

    20. Jeannette on said:

      Love itI liked this book. I loved the characters and their insta-love. I cannot wait to read more from this author. Great author

    21. Mish on said:

      This was a mess of a read . The whole story was chop up and fast. With it's non stop crazy without reasoning .But crazy as it may have been I enjoy it , some how

    22. Anthea on said:

      Appalling spelling, it's tourniquet. Major diction and sentence structure issues. Grammatically incorrect and in the wrong tense part of the time. Could have used an editor.

    23. Jennifer on said:

      AhhhGreat storyThis was an awesome story, I couldn't put it down and read it in one setting!! Regan and Dante story was amazing and breathtaking!! Excellent read

    24. Rina Smith on said:

      Love the alphasWhen a wrong is so right. Absolutely loved Dante and his alpha ways, and Regan with her innocent yet tough attitude.

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