The Way You Are

L.J. Mile

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The Way You Are

The Way You Are By the time he reaches college Robert is an expert at hiding his feelings with a few side effects If he has a little attraction towards boys now and again he can bury it with a candy bar and go on l

  • Title: The Way You Are
  • Author: L.J. Mile
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 412
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • By the time he reaches college, Robert is an expert at hiding his feelings with a few side effects If he has a little attraction towards boys now and again, he can bury it with a candy bar and go on living the life his parents want for him But he never expected to meet someone who d like him just as he was, flaws and all Now his emotional armor has stopped working and hBy the time he reaches college, Robert is an expert at hiding his feelings with a few side effects If he has a little attraction towards boys now and again, he can bury it with a candy bar and go on living the life his parents want for him But he never expected to meet someone who d like him just as he was, flaws and all Now his emotional armor has stopped working and he ll be forced to decide which life he wants for himself a difficult choice when both paths involve loss and love.

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    One thought on “The Way You Are

    1. Kaje Harper on said:

      It's always nice to have a main character who isn't model-perfect, especially one who is significantly overweight. Robert has been overeating for a long time - food providing both a comfort, and the means to an armor. If he's too fat to appeal to most girls, there's no need for Robert to explain why he's not dating one. Pleasing his homophobic parents and keeping their love is easier when he is the fat guy no girl (or guy) would want.This technique has worked until Robert gets to college and mee [...]

    2. Elsa Bravante on said:

      La belleza está en el interior, bla, bla, y todos estamos de acuerdo. El mensaje es muy bonito, y cierto, además de darle un poco de frescor a esa ristra interminable de personajes con cuerpos y caras perfectos. Pero, la descripción de cómo un MC come sin parar como solución a sus frustraciones y su ansiedad, se hace muy cansino a las 437632829 vez que se nos cuenta, de verdad. Ellos son adorables, la historia es bonita, pero la autora vuelve una y otra vez a lo mismo, y al final se ha torn [...]

    3. Maria on said:

      Hot damn, would you please take a look at that cover?! Two guys and no perfect six pack in sight! Revolution!Seriously though, I wanted to have this the moment I laid eyes on it. Because c'mon! When was the last time you've seen an overweight character on a romance book that didn't include the fat, unhappy guy going on a revolutionary diet, loosing 200 pounds and THEN finding their HEA? I'm almost tempted to say never. Also, don't let the cheerful, light cover fool you. This is not a low-angst, [...]

    4. V on said:

      If you've read my previews comments I'm not very fond of Ya stories This couple is very young, but they behaved very sensible and charming, hence I kept reading.What a beautiful, heartbroken, lovely story.It make me realized of how many times I saw an obese person on the street thinking, why they don’t lose weight? I need to apologize and start thinking the real reason behind it.I want to thank the author for giving this wonderful book for free The ending was so nice, for me, it was perfect!

    5. Valerie ❈M/M Romance Junkie❈ on said:

      I have no idea how to rate this. This is defintely not the norm. A book about non-model perfect MCs?!? What??? Did I enjoy it? Yes, but I have issues. Things in this book were completely black and white with no shades of gray. Pete and his family were perfect and accepting of the boys being gay AND with Robbie's weight. Robbie's parents were evil, fat shaming, religious bigots. I think that was just too Too much? I think the story could have still had the same impact concerning non-perfect MCs w [...]

    6. Jane (PS) on said:

      So sweet - more emotive than I expected; MC Robert had major issues to address. A great book to make you realise that you are valued no matter what society in general reflects back at you.

    7. Otterpuss on said:

      Well this was different. Robert has had an ultra conservative upbringing and uses food to try and mask his misery at the realisation he's gay and that would never be accepted by his parents. Pete is unashamed, cute, sweet and a little too good to be true. The author really made me think in regards to Robert's relationship with food. His anxieties, struggles and reasons were really well written. This is a sweet story and it's very different from most romance stories. It's steps away from the 'fla [...]

    8. Vfields Don't touch my happy! on said:

      I do love reading about characters who are different or have uncommon challenges in the m/m world. So this was a plus. I was thrilled by the way LJ Miles voiced Roberts reasons and anxieties around eating and food. The entire time I was reading I worried readers won't give this one a chance or judge Robert or worse Pete for not demanding a diet or else. The ending worked for me if for no other reason than Mile chose not to try to solve every problem by the end. Even in fiction live isn't that ea [...]

    9. Shanu on said:

      Hmm i do feel this deserves maybe 2/5 stars but lately, i've been either loving a book or dismissing it completely, with little to no gray zone. Anyway, the book. it had a real interesting premise : it deals with homophobia and fatphobia and it still manages to look sweet. I can't help but feel that for such a short story, there's was no need to add the eating disorder in regards to Rob's obesity. Especially since it was poorly done : every time rob ate anything, as a reader i felt as if the aut [...]

    10. Jennifer on said:

      I am ALL here for the overweight male MC and this story was super sweet. There are some things I'm not quite sure about plot-wise, but overall I liked it. Side note: I swear I read this same, EXACT story on an online forum years ago (don't ask).Also, this is a Kindle-only read. I understand why, but I hate e-reading.

    11. Ulysses Dietz on said:

      Family makes all the difference. Conditional love, on the other hand, might not be worth the sacrifice. Robert is a big guy. But he’s a big guy because he’s been eating to mask his true feelings and fears since he was thirteen. Pete, by contrast, is a skinny guy with bright red hair and freckles all over his body. He and Robert are put together as freshman in college, and thus begins Robert’s journey to self-discovery. This is a fairly simple story of young love, but it is also a fairly ri [...]

    12. Anna Goerlitz on said:

      3-3.5 starsThis was sweet and unusual enough to make an impression. Robert is the only child of a very conservative couple with great expectations for their beloved son. Unfortunately Robert can live up to these expectations, because Robert is gay. He tried hiding it, from both his parents and himself by binge eating junks food and sweets. This works well for years, until he goes away to college and ends up rooming with Pete, who is not only gay, but also attracted to big guys like Robert.This w [...]

    13. Wax on said:

      Great story idea but felt unfinished. I loved that Robert, one of the MCs was overweight. After so many stories about buff and toned people, I appreciate seeing an MC who isn't physically perfect. And his issue actually stems from being gay but not acting on it due to his conservative upbringing. He overeats any time he's faced with a problem. At the same time, he realizes it provides armor for him to not do any of the typical things like date or go to prom. When he meets his college roommate Pe [...]

    14. Relly on said:

      Worth the read3.5 StarsI liked this one. It isn't very often that you get a story with a big MC. I liked that the author stayed true to the character and didn't have him losing weight.Roberts struggles were well written. The emotional binge eating started in his teenage years and progressed throughout the book, with only Pete's support and love regardless of his size, as well as Pete's family's positive attitude helping him to come to terms and change to a healthier life.

    15. Amanda on said:

      What a wonderful story. I loved that the main characters were just as they are. No model perfect or athlete strong. Just two ordinary individuals who found love together. This one is going into my favorites pile.

    16. Hannah on said:

      I liked this book and the relationship between the two MCs for the most part. It was sometimes hard to be in Robert's head and read how he felt about himself and how he dealt with situations. I'm a sucker for epilogues like the one in this book and I loved how sweet and understanding Pete was.

    17. Gladys Shiu on said:

      3.5 stars!Andspoilers!!When I started reading this book, I thought I would give this a five, but then some scenes just did not work for me. For example, after Robert and Pete "broke up" because of the thing that happened during the Winter break, Pete went out on a date with another guy and even kissed him goodnight. Seriously? Well, okay, maybe Pete was really sad about Robert not picking up his phones and being forced to date a girl, but how come he could transfer his feelings from Robert to an [...]

    18. Suze on said:

      I liked the premise that you should be liked and loved for who you are.I did feel for Robbie as he was always squeezed - between his feelings and that of his parents/church and then between his parents strictness and Pete's very open acceptance. And he continued to cope in his own way by over eating.His extreme sugar binge's needed more curtailing, though Cindy was a quiet voice of reason there but Pete was complicit by his very acceptance- I did feel conflicted by Pete.I liked Pete's parents, a [...]

    19. Cryselle on said:

      How to break your heart in one easy step: watch a youth who’s sure love is conditional try to stay within boundaries too narrow for him.This passage from early in the story defines poor Robert:His mother loved him. His father loved him. Just like Jesus did—so long as he made sure he always deserved that love.The dread of maybe, possibly failing to live up to that expectation seized him. It stayed with him until the service was over, until the entire congregation emptied out and traveled over [...]

    20. MorganSkye on said:

      Robert starts to “notice” other boys around the age of 13. His ultra-conservative family will freak out if he lets those feelings blossom, so he begins to subvert his feelings into food. Things get worse as puberty continues until he’s officially obese.As a college freshman he looks forward to a new life, but is thwarted again by the innocent wonder that is his gay roommate, Pete.Suddenly his “need” for food becomes even worse.When he allows himself to explore his feelings for Pete, th [...]

    21. Elizabeth on said:

      Awww man this little gem of a book just flipped me inside out. Robert comes from a very religious family and it has been instilled in him that "that feeling" is wrong so at 13 when he realizes "that feeling" he has towards other boys is not going to go away, he begins to drown his sorrows in overeating and binge eating when he is upset. When Robert goes to college he meets his skinny, ginger roommate and they hit it off immediately. Pete and Robert become fast friends and it becomes clear that t [...]

    22. Jenny Wood on said:

      This book was so so so freakin cute and so is the cover!!. Robert, with his conservative, pushy parents is finally old enough to go to college and be himself, He also has a slight problem binge eating to hide any feelings at all, when he's nervous, or scared or thinking things he thinks he shouldn't.which are ridiculous thoughts brought on by his parents and his church he's forced to be someone he's nothe gets lucky getting a roommate like Pete, they become friends quickly and Pete enjoys Robert [...]

    23. Anne on said:

      I have been introduced to many variations of love in the MM genre and this book brought a different shade of it. I think we don't see a lot of discussion on men and eating disorders or food addictions, this book lets us in into the mind of a young man under a lot of emotional stress about his sexuality that he tries to cover with food.I liked that Pete loved Robert regardless of his weight and was actually attracted to his fluff but he was also supportive when Robert wanted to be healthier and t [...]

    24. Lori S. on said:

      Lots of angst, overeating, candy binges, food binges, tight clothing (due to the overeating), self destructive behavior, love, acceptance, fear, stereotyped conservative Christian parents who really go the whole way to denying their son's reality I had a bit of a hard time getting through the story. I'd start and stop, start and stop again.I like Robert, the main character who overeats to hide his feelings and desires from everyone, including himself (my binges have been in books - so I do symp [...]

    25. caroline wilson on said:

      Heart-warming fantastic bookWhat can I say, this book was absolutely fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. This is the first book from this author but won't be the last, it was really emotional as I have had some experience with comfort eating and all the downfalls associated with being chunkier from people being blatantly rude to feeling down about myself so I could really connect with the character. It made me a little teary as it brought back past experiences but also I loved the h [...]

    26. Pippii on said:

      This is the sweetest story.Robert is 13 years old, when he discovers that he might like boys.He start to to eat sweets and cakes to repress those feelings.When he start collage he is overweight and have no selfrespect.His roommate Pete, is sweet, redheird, kind, gay and so into big guys. The boys get together eventually, but there are a lot of problems down the road of"maybe".love.The MC are both adorable an real, and Betsy is soooooo sweet♥

    27. J on said:

      Endearing. The issues of emotional eating and negative body image were the focus of the story and they were tackled with sincerity and authenticity. However, I am glad the heavy subjects were balanced with romantic fluff, because this would have been a terribly depressing read otherwise.(view spoiler)[ And although Pete was too good a human to be true, it was still good to indulge in the fantasy. (hide spoiler)] A strangely comforting read.

    28. Lea Blottiaux on said:

      A Good ReadIt was so nice to read a story about someone who was overweight and was accepted and loved for who he was. Pete and his family loved Robert. It was such a shame that Robert's own parents couldn't show him the unconditional love he deserved. I thought it was a good read.

    29. Travis on said:

      I love it sooo much!!!!I was in tears at the epilogue. For a chubby gay guy like me, this novel sparks hope and comfort. I know my Pete is somewhere out there and I can't wait to meet him.

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