Owned by the Badman

Hayley Faiman

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Owned by the Badman

Owned by the Badman COMING JANUARY A Russian Bratva NovelHaleigh knows nothing of love Raised to be no than the ballerina her mother could never be she eats sleeps and breathes dance Then when she is blindsided

  • Title: Owned by the Badman
  • Author: Hayley Faiman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 154
  • Format: None
  • COMING JANUARY 2016 A Russian Bratva NovelHaleigh knows nothing of love Raised to be no than the ballerina her mother could never be, she eats, sleeps, and breathes dance Then, when she is blindsided by the news that her parents have arranged for her to be married, she does as she has always done exactly as she is told However, despite the fact that the man she iCOMING JANUARY 2016 A Russian Bratva NovelHaleigh knows nothing of love Raised to be no than the ballerina her mother could never be, she eats, sleeps, and breathes dance Then, when she is blindsided by the news that her parents have arranged for her to be married, she does as she has always done exactly as she is told However, despite the fact that the man she is to call her husband is a complete stranger, Haleigh cannot help but hope that maybe, just maybe, she will finally get the chance to know love.Maxim is not a good man His strength is foreboding and his handsome features are merely a distraction for the dangerous person that lies beneath When he collects a debt by way of a beautiful, ballerina bride, he relishes in the fact that he owns something so pure, so innocent so undeniably his Yet, Haleigh is better than he ever expected, and it is not long before his ownership begins to turn into something much, much But when the darkness of Maxim s past comes back to haunt him, the illusion of love s safety is shattered Maxim s demons seek to destroy everything he holds dear Suddenly, being owned by the badman is worse than Haleigh imagined In order to protect her, Maxim has to decide just how bad he can be, and if letting go is the best choice Recommended for readers 18 due to graphic sexual content, violence, language and sexual abuse possible trigger This is book 1 in a series and a series standalone.

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      154 Hayley Faiman
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    One thought on “Owned by the Badman

    1. Jenn on said:

      3.5 StarsMafia Check List:1. Scary men √2. Kidnapping √3. Horrible trauma for heroine √4. Hero needs a kick to the head √5. Steam √6. Some violence √7. Control √A young ballerina, who is used to being controlled her whole life, is now being traded to a new person who wants to own her— but in a much different way. It's a life-for-a-life kind of debt, one which she got the better end of the deal than the ones who traded her. A Russian mafia man, whom has wanted her for so long, but [...]

    2. Jos on said:

      1 Star Started off good and then took a serious plunge soon after, what a disaster:( Spoilers AheadFor all of my Safety Gang People, OMG, this isn't close to being safe. It was actually repulsive and although I have my hard limits, I also can be flexible to a point but this.iswas just a big fat NO for me personally! ! OMGis was bad and if this is the type of "romance" this author writes, for me, unfortunately I won't be reading her books. Since this is my first read by her, I will give a second [...]

    3. Deetimes on said:

      This was a new author for me and I was drawn into Hayley Faiman's "Owned by the Badman (Russian Bratva #1) from the start. I actually was reading "Living with the Badman" first and got all the way to page 292 and realized these books are not standalone but interconnected (really need to start reading all the blurbs right!). What I enjoyed most of all about this mafia tale was the author's strong characterization style of depicting very flawed characters. They were never vague characters-- each c [...]

    4. niiighttdreamer on said:

      Could've been better.As much as I want to like this book, I can't. It had a lot of information about the bratva and that's what I really liked! This book reeled me in when I read that there was an "arranged" marriage. However, most of the reviews are misleading. Spoilers ahead*Haleigh (Our main character) had no backbone whatsoever! I could read about bullying to a certain extent but this book was just pushing it! She was treated like crap until the very end! Here & there she would speak out [...]

    5. Maria11 on said:

      Definitely no hearts and flowers. This is a true mafia book it does not make any part of the mafia life look good or romantic. So if you are looking for that this isn't your thing.There is lots of violence and sex. Max is very hard to like he treats Haleigh like crap about 85% of the book. Haleigh makes you want to bang your head on your reading device and scream WHY!!?? Well Max makes you do that too.So if you are up for all that and tons of real Russian mob drama this is for you. Me not so muc [...]

    6. Expresso-Girls Just Wanna Have Books; A Mafia Romance on said:

      Barring the cheating, the storyline is great! The action is nonstop. The characters are well developed. The scenes are realistic and flow well. Although it's not a light read, it's not an emotional one. It's fine because it works for this story.Four stars!

    7. Kira on said:

      Haleigh was a doormat. She simply accepted everything no matter how horrible. Her passiveness irritated the hell out of me because it didn't only affect her actions but her thoughts. It was as if abuse from her parents warped her brain turning her into a meek, pathetic creature. OTOH it appeared that her parents had virtually nothing to do with her since they had her spend every waking moment on ballet from the time she was young. Maxim was an awful hero. At first he was a powerful mafia man. He [...]

    8. R.C. Martin on said:

      Brave. Bold. Twisted. Unrelenting. Dark. Romanticif I had to describe Owned by the Badman in so many words, I would use those. I call it brave and bold, because this story was really different than anything Hayley has written before. That's one of the things I enjoyed the most. It's not comparable to her previous works. I felt like I was really going in blind, in terms of what to expect, which only made the experience of meeting Maxim and Haleigh that much more exciting. From the synopsis, one m [...]

    9. Rachel on said:

      First off, the title is misleading. The badman isn't really all that bad - usually. I felt like a lot of times everyone was schizophrenic. He would be unfeeling and love bloodshed one second and then be crying the next. Bratva men do not cry near as often as Maxim did. I mean it was like 5+times and usually in front of people So that made no sense. Haleigh is also very annoying, especially at the beginning because she is the biggest push over you can imagine. I mean like it's really bad. There r [...]

    10. C on said:

      First off I'm one of those people that has "triggers". And this book really disappointed me. I thought the writing was easy to read and the plot was great, the characters where interesting I would have rated it 4/5. ButHE CHEATED!!! Not cool, I can't get over that shit.

    11. Michelle Austin on said:

      Loved it! Title: Owned by the BadmanAuthor:Hayley FaimanSeries:Russian Bratva #1Owned by the Badman was a great 5 star read.First of all, Wow. What a way to start a series. Owned has it all and more. Haleigh has been controlled all her life by her parents. Diet, clothes, pureness, school, and dancing. Then she is told that she is to be married, to a man that Haleigh knows nothing about. She had no friends, male or female. Haleigh was alone. She felt like a prized animal, only for show, never to [...]

    12. Natasha on said:

      REVIEWI received a ARC in exchange for a honest review. 3.5* read. I don't know really where to start with this review. I really struggled coming up with star rating as it was a mixed book for me some parts I enjoyed, others i didn't like at all. It was actually Haleigh i had more of a problem with as i couldn't connect with her and found her weak and annoying especially for the first half of the book. I did like Maxim though and his strong alpha side and how he was with Haleigh boosted the book [...]

    13. Jensie Elizabeth on said:

      Hailll to the no. Nope. One of the worst books I've ever read, ever. Rat bastard Maxim RUINED this potentially good story for me. Never, in my entire reading existence, have I encountered a more selfish, undeserving, pantie-waste of a human being who claims to be the hero of the book. I can't put into words how much I was disgusted with him, but I'm sure as shit gonna try. So here goes. *Some spoilers may be ahead.* Let me start by saying I liked how Maxim didn't immediately become pussy whipped [...]

    14. Lana on said:

      Five Alpha Badman stars *****Haleigh is a sweet, lonely, ballerina. Her Mother wanted to become a ballerina so badly that she forced Haleigh to attain the heights that she wished she could have reached. To keep Haleigh on track, her parents sheltered her from the world, and restricted her activities and interests to school and ballet. Haleigh was raised to be obedient, hard working, and focused.Meanwhile, Maxim, who is a handsome, but very dangerous man has watched Haleigh from afar, hoping that [...]

    15. Crystal on said:

      Haleigh is a beautiful and talented ballerina who has poise and talent when on the stage. When she is off the stage her life is a lonely one ruled by overly controlling, mentally and physically abusive parents, where not even her fellow dancers treat her well. She has never been allowed to make decisions on her own, everything was decided for her, even who she would marry.Maxim has had to make decisions in his life from a young age just to survive. His life has not been filled with love and affe [...]

    16. Chrissy on said:

      Owned by the Badman is a dark, twisted, and beautiful romance!Maxim has bought Haleigh from her parents to pay back a debt, and is set to marry her. Haleigh is a prima ballerina, and knows nothing except for ballet, she has no friends, her family treats her horribly, and as much as she wants to hate the idea of being in an arranged marriage, she’s excited about the possibility of living her life.When Maxim and Haleigh meet the first time, it’s at their wedding, and as much as I wanted to hat [...]

    17. Mackenzie on said:

      I really wanted to give a better rating but just found that I couldn't. The first 45% is quite good IMO (which is the only reason it gets 2 instead of 1 stars) aside from the very glaring grammatical errors (please please please authors get a professional editor-no one should have "you're" when you mean "your","found" instead of "fond", "cliMax" instead of "climax" (umm unless that was intentional the 2 times that I saw it like that). However the rest of the book is sooooooo far beyond the first [...]

    18. AmyCrull on said:

      If you love Mafia books especially the ones that raw and gritty like this one was. What started out as something ugly turned into so much more. Maxim, had an obsession with the beautiful ballerina and jumped at the chance to have her. It so happened that it came at a price Haleigh, was at the top of her career but her parents had other ideas for her. She was to give up ballet and marry a man she didn't know. She was so naïve at first but grew into a strong, thick and beautiful woman who was abl [...]

    19. Adrien on said:

      I began this story being so put off with the heroine being such a gullible doormat, I almost stopped reading it at 30%. I am so glad I kept reading it. I was able to get past my initial aggravation with the heroine and really start to like her towards the end of the book. The story took a turn I was not expecting and there was just so much drama! The story just blew my mind. This is a good start to the series and I am eagerly awaiting the release of the next story in the series.

    20. Say on said:

      So, this has a lot of potential for being a dark and twisted read. But, the way it was written it was confusing at times. I felt that it was not edited properly. The execution of the story was not done properly hence the three star rating. But hopefully the next instalment/s in the series would be better.

    21. Janee on said:

      To fastIt was ok. Everything happen to fast. There was no real build up to the action to the scene, or it just was. I know it doesn't make sense, but you understand if you read the book.

    22. Paganalexandria on said:

      Would give 3 1/2. The fact she was a dancer is what drew me, but it was only mentioned in the beginning. It didn't factor into a significant part of the story.

    23. Yvonne on said:

      Not my kind of book. The unexpected twist leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    24. Heather on said:

      Not crazy about itI love this offer and read other books of hers that I really enjoyed. But this one not so much.

    25. Jennifer Pierson on said:

      I'm going to be honest here and say that I totally have a girl crush on Hayley Faiman, as her sports romance books are right up my alley. With that being said, WHAT. DID. I. JUST. READ.?! I'm completely blown away with this new series she started writing! Haleigh hasn't ever experienced love, not from her parents, and no man to speak of. She's only lived ballet for her whole life. When her parents owe money, they tell her that she is getting married. Even though she's never met her husband befor [...]

    26. Bella'sBlog on said:

      This is the first time reading anything by Hayley Faiman and I would like to say I thoroughly enjoyed this story. This story has a brave alpha male, romance . and twists and turns and darkness all rolled into it,with some steamy sex scenes. It's a emotional roller coast ride of thrills and chills that will pull you into it's pages and hold you there from start to finish. The characters are strong and stubborn ,loving ,and play off each other so well ,and the secondary characters are well written [...]

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