We Are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope

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We Are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope

We Are Afghan Women Voices of Hope Here are Afghan women in their own words Words that are by turns inspiring moving courageous and heartbreaking Their powerful stories create a compelling portrait of the lives struggles and succe

  • Title: We Are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope
  • Author: George W. Bush Institute Laura Bush
  • ISBN: 9781501120503
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Here are Afghan women in their own words Words that are by turns inspiring, moving, courageous, and heartbreaking Their powerful stories create a compelling portrait of the lives, struggles, and successes of this extraordinary nation and its extraordinarily resilient women With an introduction by Laura Bush, honorary founding co chair of the U.S Afghan Women s Council.Here are Afghan women in their own words Words that are by turns inspiring, moving, courageous, and heartbreaking Their powerful stories create a compelling portrait of the lives, struggles, and successes of this extraordinary nation and its extraordinarily resilient women With an introduction by Laura Bush, honorary founding co chair of the U.S Afghan Women s Council.Afghanistan has been described as the worst nation in the world to be a woman More than fifty percent of girls who are forced into marriage are sixteen or younger Too many women live in fear and in many areas, education and employment for women are still condemned The women featured in We Are Afghan Women are fighting to change all that From rug weavers to domestic violence counselors to business owners, educators, and activists, these courageous women are charting a new path for themselves, their families, their communities, and their nation Told in their own voices, their stories vividly capture a country undone by decades of war and now struggling to build a lasting peace.Meet Dr Sakena Yacoobi, who ran underground schools for girls until the Taliban fell, and today has established educational centers across Afghanistan to teach women and girls basic literacy Or Freshta Hazeq, who as a female business owner, has faced death threats, sabotage, and even kidnapping threats against her children Naheed Farid is the youngest female member of Afghanistan s parliament During her campaign, opponents cut Naheed s face out of campaign posters and her family risked complete ruin, but her husband and father in law never wavered, encouraging her to persevere Here, too are compassionate women such as Masooma Jafari, who started a national midwives association Her own mother was forced into marriage at age twelve and gave birth to her first child at age thirteen.With an introduction by former First Lady Laura Bush, We Are Afghan Women chronicles the lives of young and old, daughters and mothers, educated, and those who are still learning These determined women are defying the odds to lead Afghanistan to a better future Their stories are a stark reminder that in some corners of the world the struggle continues and that women s progress in society, business, and politics cannot be taken for granted Their eloquent words challenge all of us to answer What does it truly mean to be a woman in the twenty first century

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    One thought on “We Are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope

    1. Brenna on said:

      If you want to read a book about some incredibly strong women this is it! I am so thankful I read this book. I gained some insight into the lives of some Afghan women. The things that these women have gone through to get where they are was incredible. My heart bled for these women. My heart soared for these women. My heart has been touched by these women.

    2. Leslie on said:

      Couldn't put it down. Every woman in the free world needs to read this book.

    3. Deborah on said:

      We Are Afghan Women is a poignant and moving collection of life stories of Afghan women, many of whom have rapidly grown old beyond their years, compiled by The George W. Bush Institute. Pam Ward brings these women to life as their voices are heard loud and clear through her own. Unlike women in the United States who fought for women’s rights, the fight for women’s rights in Afghanistan has been long, and arduous, and full of terror, oppression and violence. Give ear and listen.

    4. Samantha on said:

      Heartbreaking but a good source of understanding the situation from those in it.

    5. thewanderingjew on said:

      We Are Afghan Women: Voices of Hope, George W. Bush Institute, narrated by Pam WardThe introduction of the book was written by Laura Bush. The body of the book tells the story of Afghan women through a multitude of witnesses. Testimony is given about their lives in Afghanistan over several decades, beginning in the 1980’s. It is the story of their survival. As rival factions competed for control, many were forced to run. They relocated to avoid death or rape. First the Russians came, than the [...]

    6. Katie B on said:

      I've read quite a few books on Afghan women and I can't say enough good things about this one. This book contains the inspiring stories of 28 Afghan women and 1 man who have gone on to do remarkable things through hard work and sheer determination. While some have lived their entire lives in the country, others were forced to flee to neighboring countries or the United States during the Russian and later Taliban occupations. But each person shares at least one thing in common and that is the str [...]

    7. Linda S on said:

      I enjoy books about people whose life experiences are very different from mine and what influences make them do what they do. This is a collection of stories about different Afghan women and how they are working to improve the lives of other Afghan women. There was a common thread among these women, the majority had the support of fathers/brothers, were educated and most left Afghanistan during the Soviet & Taliban years. I admire that these women are so unselfish and focused on their desire [...]

    8. Dionne on said:

      This was an amazing look into the lives of Afghan women. As I read this, I was so inspired at what they accomplished despite the challenges they faced. It's hard to comprehend getting death threats for teaching women how to drive, but that's just a snapshot of how hard life is for women in Afghanistan.As I deal with the difficulties in my life, they pale in comparison to what these women face. As I read this book, I was not only able to see life from a different perspective, but was also inspire [...]

    9. Karen Roettger on said:

      What compelling stories from these Afghan women. Everyone should read these stories to better understand this country & its culture. I was especially moved that many of the women said that when family members leave for work or school each day they never take for granted that they will ever see each other againe need for security is a top priority in their minds. Education for women is another priority. Another message that resonated through these stories was for our western society to listen [...]

    10. Lindy on said:

      If you've never been to Afghanistan, you should read this book. If you live in the US, you should read this book. A fascinating, inspiring, tragic, powerful look at what women are facing in this small, war torn country--most of them struggling for basic human rights, having dreams of learning to read, or higher education, or the freedom to leave their house barred from them simply because they are female. Most are cut off from modern society, some are abused, but many are fighting and have hope [...]

    11. Dina on said:

      Touching,horrifying, inspirational and raw are just a few of the many things I could say about this book. I feel more enlightened to the struggles of women in Afghanistan and more of an understanding of the role of tradition and how we cannot just go in and make some quick laws and expect change. I actually felt some understanding of the men in the society which I would have never thought would happen. I highly recommend reading this.

    12. Kristin on said:

      This book was a compilation of stories from mostly women who have at some point in time lived in Afghanistan. They were sad and hopeful. All the stories focused on the fact that education is the key to solving the destruction of an entire nation. Another point was made in that traditional gender roles can not be changed overnight and that the most sustainable changes will be made over time.

    13. Carolyn Thomas on said:

      Afghanistan has been described as the worst nation in the world to be a woman:"A person has two hands, left and right. In many societies the right is the man and the left hand is the woman. In Afghan society both right and left hand is the man.""You, as a girl, are like a piece of white fabric. If you do even something very small, it will put a stain on the fabric for all to see. Your brother is like a piece of black cloth, he can do anything and it will not be seen.""Even in the educated commun [...]

    14. Louisa Donovan on said:

      I took a while to read this because I needed to digest some of the memoirs before being ready to continue. Despite the differences in age, social class, education, and type of community they represent, each of these women is bound by the common experience of living in a country that has known war and brutality for over forty years. In their homeland, women have never been equal to men, nor do they have freedom of movement which most American women take for granted. Family honor is taken seriousl [...]

    15. Oraynab Jwayyed on said:

      Readers are introduced to some of Afghanistan's bravest women. Those who are working tirelessly to make a change for themselves and other women. Their demands are simple, universal, but the challenges they still face are tough. But after reading each woman's essay, you'll soon agree that one day in the near future, those demands will be met. The book starts with an introduction from former lady Laura Bush. She reminds readers, once again, of Afghanistan's history with brutal wars that started wi [...]

    16. Garryvivianne on said:

      Afghanistan, a small nation that has always been in turmoil, has produced many great people. This book has many stories told mainly by women that have always held a hope for their country, for their rights. The stories told are by women & actually one man who have all pretty much been exiled because of war, first by the Russian invasion, then have come back, then out again to escape the Taliban. But one thing they all wanted was to learn, to become educated. Most have all been schooled in th [...]

    17. Linda on said:

      The stories told in this collection are indeed intense and difficult and yet hopeful. They show the resilience of Afghan women, or perhaps women anywhere, when faced with terribly difficult circumstances and horrible injustices. At times I found the narration to be a bit slow and redundant but when listened to in a more individualized sitting,t they were uplifting and a call for all of us to action. I have read much of the plight of Afghan women but this collection seemed to resonate with me.

    18. Diane on said:

      Inspirational and heart wrenching first hand accounts of life inside Afghanistan by women and the obstacles they overcame to give back to their country and their fellow women. After the Taliban took hold in the the 1990's upon the departure of the Russians, only five thousands girls attended school. Now, more than 20 years later, the Taliban has been eradicated, schools have been built, more than 2.5 million girls attend school and the Parliament is represented by 28% of women. There is a long w [...]

    19. Anne on said:

      WE ARE AFGHAN WOMEN, with introductions by Laura Bush and published by the GW Bush Institute. AFGHANISTAN. Present day.Short essays by literate women of Afghanistan who share their experiences before and after the Russian occupation, the rise of the Taliban and the Afghan War after 911. Heartwarming and inspirational stories underscore these women's efforts to restore peace and security to their homeland.

    20. Aletha Pagett on said:

      This audiobook was received through .Although not a fan of audiobooks, We Are Afghan Women captured my interest from the very start. The reader, Pam Ward, was wonderful to listen to. The stories of the various Afghan women opened a window into a world I can scarcely believe exists. What exceptional women these are, leading lives of daily bravery and hope.

    21. Keliana Lily on said:

      I have to throw in the towel half way though. It's good and the stories do hold my attention but all the stories are predictable. They are all girls who are not allowed to do something and figure out how to keep doing it and want change. It's the same over and over and over again. I don't think I am gonna miss anything if I give up now.

    22. Elizabeth Reid on said:

      Excellent book! I'm still thinking about everything I learned from this amazing work. It tugged at my heart and inspired me to do a better job helping others. If any of my nearby friends want to borrow my copy, let me know!Deseret News review here: deseretnews/article/86

    23. Dori on said:

      A sad but well researched read about the plight of most Afghan women. The rest of the world should be aware of how much work there still needs to be done for human rights in Afghanistan. There were some hopeful stories but those stories were hard fought and usually came with a price.

    24. Darlene Franklin on said:

      I received this audiobook as a giveaway. Thanks to the George bush institute for bringing to light the changing roles of afghan women. Congratulations to the fine people helping to bring about these changes.

    25. Marianne on said:

      Never really became engaged with this book. None of the stories were very compelling.

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