Only the Ring Finger Knows

Satoru Kannagi Hotaru Odagiri Sachiko Sato

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Only the Ring Finger Knows

Only the Ring Finger Knows It s the ultimate expression of love to wear matching rings with your significant other showing the world that you are a couple High school student Wataru Fujii also wears one though he is single W

  • Title: Only the Ring Finger Knows
  • Author: Satoru Kannagi Hotaru Odagiri Sachiko Sato
  • ISBN: 9781569709801
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s the ultimate expression of love to wear matching rings with your significant other, showing the world that you are a couple.High school student, Wataru Fujii, also wears one though he is single When he accidentally switches rings with popular and handsome senior, Yuichi Kazuki, they discover that their rings pair up Since then, Kazuki, who is known for being kind tIt s the ultimate expression of love to wear matching rings with your significant other, showing the world that you are a couple.High school student, Wataru Fujii, also wears one though he is single When he accidentally switches rings with popular and handsome senior, Yuichi Kazuki, they discover that their rings pair up Since then, Kazuki, who is known for being kind to all becomes strangely harsh to Wataru They alternate between hot and cold, as in between clashes they begin to sort their feelings for one another Are Wataru and Kazuki the worst of enemies or are they actually soulmates Already a popular genre in Japan, especially among females, Yaoi, also known as the Boy s Love genre, is becoming a rising phenomenon in North America As one of the top titles of its genre in Japan, Only The Ring Finger Knows, will sure to engage readers to a world of intimacy and unique emotion that is solely yaoi manga.

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      293 Satoru Kannagi Hotaru Odagiri Sachiko Sato
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    One thought on “Only the Ring Finger Knows

    1. Mary on said:

      This was my first intro into boy's love. It still is one of the most cherished and favorite manga I've read. Matching rings are the in thing at Wataru's high school-they signify whether your best friends, single, currently seeking or an actual couple. Wataru wears his ring, for none of these reasons but because he has a special attachment to the ring itself.Through a series of events he finds out that the prince of the school, Yuichi Kazuki, wears a ring that's a match to his! He doesn't underst [...]

    2. Bine on said:

      Ein wirklich süßer und spannender One-Shot Manga, den ich super schnell durchgelesen habe. Sehr niedlich, hat mich aber irgendwie enttäuscht, weil ich so hohe Erwartungen hatte, da viele diesen Manga in höchsten Tönen loben. Das ganze war zwar spannend, aber ich habe schon sehr viel Gefühlvolleres gelesen Der Zeichenstil war auch nicht 100%ig meins, sowie ich mit Kizami (ich bin mir nicht mehr sicher, ob er so hieß) nichts anfangen konnte. Die Auflösung war schön und das Zusatzkapitel h [...]

    3. Lör K. on said:

      Slight spoilers within this review – not hidden, please read with care.Good Reads recommended Only the Ring Finger Knows to me after I read お金がないっ 1 Okane ga Nai 1 . I thought that the plot sounded quite cute, romantic in a strange sense of the word, and I decided to give it a try.When dating someone, you wear matching rings with each other, on the left index finger (more commonly known as your wedding ring finger). Until then, you wear your ring on the right index finger to show y [...]

    4. Anne Freya on said:

      Akhirnya kubaca juga manga yg cukup populer ini, yg juga cukup berimbang antara bintang 1-3 dengan bintang 4-5 di GR, dan terutama ada sebagian temanku yg memberinya 2-3, sebagian lagi 4-5. Jadi kurasa ini lagi2 masalah selera dan juga masalah mood, imo, lol. Awalnya aku ragu buat mulai baca secara utk karya Kannagi-sensei ini kadang ada yg bnr2 kusukai, kadang ada yg tidak. Dan aku juga takut manga yg diadaptasi dari novel ini tdk bisa disampaikan dgn baik oleh illustrator-nya yaitu Odagiri-sen [...]

    5. Megan M on said:

      There is nothing wrong with Only the Ring Finger Knows. But there is nothing that makes it stand out either. It is typical yaoi manga. The story is cute, but not memorable. In this particular high school, the style is to wear matching rings with your partner. Wataru is shocked and a little nervous when he learns that his ring matches with Yuichi Kazuki, the super popular and handsom senior. Romantic? Ehh I didn't care for the main love interest. Sexy? Not really. The most you're getting out of t [...]

    6. Sophie on said:

      I'm actually feeling exhausted after reading this because. of. all. the. drama. The story is cute enough - about two high school student falling in love with each other, and it's handled rather well, but seriously, so much drama about a ring? It was a bit too much to take for me.

    7. L. on said:

      Very overrated since it was one of the first yaoi released under the yaoi-specific publisher "June". Mediocre but enjoyable.

    8. Theresia on said:

      If you're up to high-school bittersweet, mellow, happy ending romance, this one is for you. On a side note, I really like a determined uke who can take care of himself.

    9. Teetee on said:

      The first yaoi book I ever read! Loved this, thought at the time it was the sweetest most romantic book i'd read in a long time. I've reread this so many times, an absolute fav!

    10. Orestia on said:

      Very pretty artwork and a very sweet plot. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    11. Fangirl on said:

      First I read the mangas and then the novel. The story is very sweet and romantic.

    12. Margery Bayne on said:

      I picked this off the library shelf out of curiosity, having not read this genre of manga before. It hit y expectations. The plot had it's romance story type contrivances at times, as well as some character interaction tropes I recognize from reading shojo manga. The ending had some nice little twists that pulled many strings of the plot together. For someone who is looking to reading like a high school age yaoi romance, I think this would fit the bill for that reader.

    13. Alyssa on said:

      A cute story about two people falling in love. It shows the internal conflict of feelings you don't normally see in romance manga. I read it from a scan; I think it was hosted by mangafox. The quality was good but the pages were cut off a bit short at the bottom.

    14. 78sunny on said:

      Kurz-Meinung:Der Inhalt hat bis auf Gay-Romance nichts zu bieten, aber das war okay. Das Cover ist passend dazu gewählt und auch die Inhaltsangabe stimmt einen schon darauf ein. Alles ist typisch japanisch kitschig, was ich eher nicht so mag, viele Mangaliebhaber aber besonders mögen. Daher denke ich das meine Wertung hier nicht ganz so die allgemeine Meinung treffen wird. Für mich persönlich war es einfach etwas zu langatmig und vor allem zu kitschig.Der Zeichenstil war schön, aber hier gi [...]

    15. Miss on said:

      once is a coincidence. twice is a plot. i am here today to tell you there is a book mutilator at large at the the north york central library and they must be stopped. i am calling you out villain, right here in front of god and ! stop ripping pages out of manga i want to readwith regards to the book: it was okay. mostly it had me thinking about the structure of the romance novel -- how the male love interest is a figure of mystery and part of the satisfaction in the resolution is meant to come f [...]

    16. Anna on said:

      A decent yaoi manga. Going through this genre again makes me more aware of the stereotypes that Japanese manga like to employ - the seme and uke characters are ridiculous and manipulative. I believe that characters like Yuichi are written to satisfy a girl's bad boy fantasy, and Wataru's submissive shyness reflects not only what the Japanese men want a Japanese woman to be, but how even an American girl would act in the face of a guy like Yuichi.That said, the translation was very good and the a [...]

    17. Rick on said:

      Another delightfully sweet manga. High school romances of this type were something I could only have dreamed about when I was in high school and it's wonderful that an entire genertion of kids now have an option for seeing/reading such a story. Lovely art, nice pacing, good characterizations, nice blend of humor and drama. All it needed was a Glee soundtrack and dancing and it would have made a great TV series. There are some cultural translation issues, but overall it's a wonderful light-hearte [...]

    18. Leila Anani on said:

      One of my favourite yaoi titles - This is a stand alone manga adapted from a series of novels. Wataru is freaked out when he finds that Kazuki the most popular boy at school, and an upperclassman to boot has a matching ring to his own. What he doesn't know is that Kazuki had the ring especially made because he has a crush on Wataru that he's too afraid to reveal. Full of angst and real emotion. I love how Kazuki is so arrogant and cruel to Waturu in an attempt to hide his feelings that are in fa [...]

    19. Viridian5 on said:

      How can I root for a couple to get together and stay together when I think one of them is far too arrogant and mean, even aside from how he does things verging on non-con? If one character is saying "no, no, no" and the other character just becomes more forceful in response, I am not a happy camper. Stalking the uke prior to that does not make it any better. Also, is every shorter boy in Japan prone to loud, awkward, public, emotional outbursts? And do we really need sub-soap opera plot twists a [...]

    20. Josephine on said:

      I couldn't remember anymore how many times I've read this manga since 2009, suffice to say that this is among my favorites. I specially love sensei Hotaru Odagiri's art. And then there's the story that really got me hooked.For me, Only the Ring Finger Knows is very romantic [must be all that angst!], angsty, and funny rolled into one. The manga tells the love story of Wataru and Yuichi and how rings were all the rage in their school and how a ring became instrumental of their love.

    21. Yuu Sasih on said:

      2,5 stars.Cute, but I think it's a bit fast paced and in some pages left me confused. Tried to read the continuation (in light novel format) but it seems I would dislike the story--with easily-fall-to-prey-naive-uke and all that jazz--so I decided to stop with just this one-shot manga.I start to think I read more yaoi again because I'm so fed up with my thesis writing--which ironically about m/m-romance and yaoi reading. lol. I am sure a masochist.

    22. Ana on said:

      Hotaru Odagiri was a great choice for an illustrator. Her artwork is amazing. The story itself is pretty typical. It's cute but can have lots of drama at times. Both the characters are likable enough, although they have some misunderstandings that hinder their romance. It was a good read and definitely worth adding to your collection.

    23. Gigi on said:

      this book is so full of tired clichés ( because of those rings, the girls and the gossip) I mean how many can you fit into a book? I must say, this book smoothes over the lumpy clichés with a whisk full of drama. OMG this book is leaking with the drama! it was tiring to attempt to make it to the end of this book but I done it!!

    24. Unapologetic_Bookaholic on said:

      I liked read this version of yaoi [yaoi manga:]. The characters were enjoyable as was the storyline of the rings. If you wear a paired ring on a certain finger it has a certain meaning. Wataru happens to find out that his ring matches with a popular boy in school named Kazuki. I would label this sweet M/M romance and read more by the author[s:].3.5 rounded up to 4.

    25. Nova on said:

      FF'e döndürmek istediğim ilk shounen-ai konusu. Yani tabi ki ilhamlanıyorum falan ama bunu doğrudan "BEN SİZİ FF YAPACAĞIM" diyerek okudum. Tam bir high school au ff tadında.Sadece liseyi saran yüzük furyası ile okulun en cool çocuğu ile durduk yere adı dedikodulara karışan bir çocuğun hikayesi diyeceğim. Daha fazlasını söylersem spoiler olur ve cidden güzelliği kaçar.

    26. Bouvardia on said:

      The Manga and Novel are pretty much word for word and I read the novel first so it was fun to go back and see it all drawn out. This is one of my favorite series. The two main characters are just so cute together!

    27. Maverynthia on said:

      The manga version of the first novel. It cuts out bits to get to the main plot. Overall it just feels kind of watered down compared to the novel. Things happen but you don't get a deeper understand for why they matter, or really what's going on.

    28. Juanita Tejeda on said:

      I thought it was really sweet. It will forever have a spot on my book shelf.^_^,

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