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Maha Gargash

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That Other Me

That Other Me From the internationally bestselling author of The Sand Fish Maha Gargash s second novel is set in mid s Dubai and Cairo and tells the story of how secrets and betrayals consume three members a

  • Title: That Other Me
  • Author: Maha Gargash
  • ISBN: 9780062391384
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the 1 internationally bestselling author of The Sand Fish, Maha Gargash s second novel is set in mid 1990s Dubai and Cairo and tells the story of how secrets and betrayals consume three members an authoritarian father, a rebellious abandoned daughter, and a vulnerable niece of a prominent Emirati family.Majed, the head of the eminent Naseemy family, is proud to haveFrom the 1 internationally bestselling author of The Sand Fish, Maha Gargash s second novel is set in mid 1990s Dubai and Cairo and tells the story of how secrets and betrayals consume three members an authoritarian father, a rebellious abandoned daughter, and a vulnerable niece of a prominent Emirati family.Majed, the head of the eminent Naseemy family, is proud to have risen into the upper echelons of Emirati society As one of the richest businessmen in Dubai, he s used to being catered to and respected never mind that he acquired his wealth by cheating his brother out of his own company and depriving his niece, Mariam, of her rights.Not one to dwell on the past he sent Mariam to school in Egypt, what could she want from him Majed spends his days berating his wife and staff and cavorting with friends at a private apartment But he s suddenly plagued by nightmares that continue to haunt him during the day, and he feels his control further slipping away with the discovery that his niece and his daughter are defying his orders.Mariam despises Majed, and although she blames him for her father s death, hers is a strictly organized, dutiful existence But when she falls for a brash, mischievous fellow student named Adel, he might just prove to be her downfall.Largely abandoned by Majed as the daughter of a second, secret marriage, the vivacious Dalal has a lot to prove The runner up on Nights of Dubai, an American Idol type reality show for Arab talent, Dalal is committed to being a singer despite the fact that it s a disreputable career When her efforts to become a celebrity finally begin to pay off, she attracts the attention of her father, who is determined to subdue Dalal to protect the family name As Majed increasingly exerts his control over both Dalal and Mariam, both girls resist, with explosive consequences.An exhilarating look at the little known Khaleeji Gulf Arab culture, That Other Me explores the ways social s contribute to the collapse of one family.

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      331 Maha Gargash
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    One thought on “That Other Me

    1. Marjorie on said:

      Majed is the head of an Emirati family. He’s quite an unlikeable, angry fellow, full of himself and his power over others. Dalal is the daughter of his second secret marriage and has been abandoned by her father. Her dream is to become a famous singer, which is completely against her father’s wishes. Even though her father has abandoned her, he holds control over her as he attempts to stop what he feels will bring shame and embarrassment to the family. Mariam is Majed’s niece, the daughter [...]

    2. Barbara on said:

      This book is a very readable story that offered a very unique, inside look at Emirati society. The author has an excellent ability for writing descriptive scenes. The story centers on the Naseemy family of Dubai and is told from 3 perspectives that of, Majed, the patriarch, Mariam his niece (daughter of his brother) and Dalal his "secret" daughter. Without Majed's knowledge, Mariam & Dalal become friends in school. To provide a little background, Majed married Dalal's mother Zorah without te [...]

    3. Nada Sobhi on said:

      Note: I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. That Other Me by Emirati author Maha Gargash is a novel of beautiful prose handling the lives of members in one Emirati family and the workings within that family. It is a story of how very different women rebel against one man. Set in Egypt and the UAE in 1995, the novel covers various themes such as women, education, love, family, duty, and entitlement.It is narrated in the first person perspectives of Majed, his [...]

    4. Moushine Zahr on said:

      This is the second book I read from Emirati author Maha Gargash and totally different from the first one. While her first book was set in Dubai decades prior to finding oil, this novel starts in 1995 after the economic boom Dubai enjoyed. The novel follows 3 people: Majed, Mariam, and Dalal.Majed is a known sixty years old successful businessmen in the contemporary and modern Dubai, who knew how to benefit from the growing economy of Dubai, but hiding the dark secrets of having sacrificed the tr [...]

    5. Michelle Sibley on said:

      Brilliant! I’ve been in the Middle East ten years now and this book was so interesting to me. Based in Egypt and Dubai I found myself recognizing all the places featured, found myself really invested in all the characters and Arab culture. If you like Khalid Hosseni then you’d definitely enjoy this book. The Middle East at its absolute best. I could not stop turning the pages.

    6. Susan Goveas on said:

      It's an excellent book! It was a special book to me because I grew up in Dubai and it took me down memory lane with all the places mentioned in it ❤️Majed is a mean spirited, evil and a cruel person. I despised the character of him. In a nutshell, you will read about Khaleeji cultural values and usual family drama dealing with family run businesses.Overall, it kept me entertained and it was a quick read.

    7. T on said:

      Finally finished this Emirati novel. Was not surprised by the violent sexual abuse and consequent payoff by the patriarch. The glimpses into student lives of Emiratis in Cairo were different.The dramatic plot was uninspired. In one instance characters accuse each other of being selfish. The one that is actually not selfish, defends himself by saying "I could be with my friends, sipping coffee at Gerard's or playing cards right now! So tell me again that I'm selfish." This completely confuses his [...]

    8. Heba Alsousi on said:

      This book offered a unique look at different cultures and mindsets. It was really confusing in the beginning, but after I understood the relationship of the characters to each other, I started liking the book.

    9. Courtney on said:

      A look into family structure in the Arab world, I felt transported to Cairo and Dubai. The culture, language, lifestyle, all painted eloquently to provide the backdrop for familial engagements and how it all intertwines. I consumed the entirety of this book in one weekend, feeling empowered to stand up to those who may treat me unfairly or hold me back from my dreams. Being from a supportive family, I cannot imagine what it could be like for Dalal and Mariam, being constantly directed into what [...]

    10. AlAbeer on said:

      A story of a typical wealthy Emirati family in Dubai in 1980's that captures the story of a man who had struggled to build the family fortune and died because of his brother Majed's betrayal. Then the story goes on describing Majed's life around his wife, daughters, sons,niece, his secret wife and daughter, friends, and the tragedy ending.Very easily readable story line, getting the reader a picture of Dubai's families at that time. The first around 250-300 pages of the story were kinda of going [...]

    11. Den on said:

      Around the World - United Arab EmiratesAlthough parts of the book gripped me, a lot of it didn't as I was so angry at Majed and the way he treats everyone. I was still fuming at him as I went into the next chapter and had just calmed down and was beginning to enjoy the book again, when his ugly character rears his head again. He likes being in control of everyone and uses his power to get his own way.I did appreciate how it showed typical Emirati life and feel honoured to have been allowed to fo [...]

    12. Amy Shannon on said:

      Incredible!An incredible peek into the Khaleeji (Gulf-Arab) culture. The reader doesn't have to be part of the culture to enjoy this great story. Dalal and Mariam are bound in their families, set in a showbiz glamour world of Arab. Riddled with secrets and internal corruption, the girls have their own dreams as they strive for freedom. It's an amazing story, with greatness of characters. It's a story that is told from different perspectives of different characters, and that can be difficult and [...]

    13. Teresa on said:

      I cannot recall another 1-star review in recent years! Quite honestly, until page 250 the story just wasn't interesting in the least, which is a shame given the rich possibilities noted on the back cover. Far too much of it is emotionally flat with characters doing/saying nothing of importance. Given that there are two, count 'em two!, nearly identical date-rape scenarios, there's just so much more that could be developed. At around page 250, it's as if another, better author took over. The diff [...]

    14. Erica Sand on said:

      Full of raw insight into the realities of Emirates and Egyptians, this book presents the complexities of its characters with strength and emotion. Told in third person, it gives insight to the segregated genders of Emirates and the quick journey from traditions to riches. It makes you angry at one Emirate who uses power to tilt his world, and then makes you applaud his secret daughter who boldly steps onto the stage for all to see and hear. Each time I opened this book, I embarked upon an exciti [...]

    15. Sana Abdulla on said:

      There are three main characters,the patriarch who is a typical arab male, who has the upper hand in the family and allows himself all the liberties but discreetly to keep up his good name. An orphaned girl who is a mixture of innocence and passion but is compelled to abide by her guardian's wishes. And finally a girl with gusto made more rebellious by her status as a daughter of a secret second marriage. Set in Cairo and Dubai , it is a good and sometimes hilarious depiction of opposite lives in [...]

    16. Loren on said:

      An interesting premise; uneven narrationI was intrigued by the basic plot of this novel, two young women in the same wealthy UAE family rebelling. However, the inconsistent narration, especially at the start, nearly caused me to give up on the book. I'm glad I finished it, but more because I hate to leave a reading incomplete.

    17. Debbie Adreon on said:

      Just loved "discovering" another culture. Any time I read of a woman who is a bit of a rebel, I can relate. Couldn't put this down.

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