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Joss Stirling Sandra C. Hessels

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Hunter & Pearl

Hunter Pearl Kate Pearl is goed in verdwijnen En dat is maar goed ook na een mislukte missie in Indonesi voor de Young Detectives Agency waarbij ze moest infiltreren in een gewelddadige bende moet ze vluchten vo

  • Title: Hunter & Pearl
  • Author: Joss Stirling Sandra C. Hessels
  • ISBN: 9789020679830
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kate Pearl is goed in verdwijnen En dat is maar goed ook na een mislukte missie in Indonesi voor de Young Detectives Agency, waarbij ze moest infiltreren in een gewelddadige bende, moet ze vluchten voor haar leven Ze wordt verdacht van moord en de meedogenloze bendeleiders willen wraak.Nathan Hunter krijgt van de YDA de taak om Kate te vinden, voordat haar vijanden datKate Pearl is goed in verdwijnen En dat is maar goed ook na een mislukte missie in Indonesi voor de Young Detectives Agency, waarbij ze moest infiltreren in een gewelddadige bende, moet ze vluchten voor haar leven Ze wordt verdacht van moord en de meedogenloze bendeleiders willen wraak.Nathan Hunter krijgt van de YDA de taak om Kate te vinden, voordat haar vijanden dat doen Hij is een professional, maar als hij Kate vindt, gebeurt er iets wat niet de bedoeling was hij wordt stapelverliefd Maar kunnen ze elkaar wel echt vertrouwen En, nog belangrijker, lukt het ze om in leven te blijven

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      254 Joss Stirling Sandra C. Hessels
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    One thought on “Hunter & Pearl

    1. Sarah on said:

      2.5 stars(Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to Oxford University Press Children's Books, and NetGalley.)"We failed Kate badly. I had sent a team to extract her, but we didn't move quickly enough. Kate disappeared."I had hoped that this book would be better than the first in the series, but unfortunately, I think it was worse.I liked Kate at first, she seemed like she was into self-preservation, which is always good, and I felt quite sorry f [...]

    2. Jane on said:

      asdfghjkl;ANOTHER BOOK?YUS.Yus.Yus.Yus.Yus.Yus.Yus.Yus.Yus.Yus.*intense Fangurling**dies**reincarnates**Continues with fangurling*

    3. Tanja Voosen on said:

      Man nehme zwei Teebeutel. Einmal die Sorte Pute-Kate-Drama-Rama und dazu noch Boring-As-Fuck-Nate. Schön in eine Tasse rein und heißes Wasser drauf. Drei Tage ziehen und lassen und KABOOM Insta-Love! Zum Insta-Tee, ehm der Insta-Luuuuv werden dann noch so appetitliche Sachen serviert wie This-Is-Lame-Cookies und Meh-Meh-Kuchen. Am Ende behauptet man dann SICH BIS ANS ENDE DER WELT FOREVER AND ALWAYS ZU LIEBEN #manlebtnureinmalKrieg ich jetzt mein Geld wieder? Ich benötige das dringend, um ma [...]

    4. Marjolein on said:

      The book was quite amusing but I didn't like the relationship between Kate and Nathan at all. I mean, when they knew each other for like, 3 days, they already said they loved each other It just didn't work for me!

    5. Amelie on said:

      Die YDA geht in die nächste Runde und nachdem Raven Stone das Buch von Joss Stirling war, das mir bis zu diesem Zeitpunkt am wenigsten gefallen hatte, hatte ich auch hohe Hoffnungen in Stung gesetzt. Leider wurden meine Hoffnungen enttäuscht, denn Stung war auch nicht besser als Struck.Während ich bei Struck die Liebesgeschichte unheimlich gern mochte und mir der ganze Rest zu wenig Action bot (und mich das mit dem Mobbing etwas genervt hat), war es in diesem zweiten Teil eher andersherum. Ic [...]

    6. Veronique on said:

      Dit deel vind ik beter dan deel 1. Veel meer actie en begint meteen goed

    7. Abbie on said:

      (I received a copy from Netgalley, In exchange for an honest review.)The characters in this were alright, but I didn't love any of them.The first book in the series took a while to get going. While this one didn't take quite as long, It still took a fairly long time. By the time it got going, I wasn't very interested in it, and after a few chapters, I lost interest completely. Overall, Not a series I've enjoyed very much unfortunately.

    8. Siobhan on said:

      I would like to start with a thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me an advanced reading of the book. I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I was given the chance to read it.I should probably admit that upon requesting to read the book I was unaware that it was the second in a series. However, the book works perfectly fine as a standalone novel. From what I can gather at looking at the first book in the series, the first is an introduction to the establishment and tells the story o [...]

    9. Kirke on said:

      3.5 starsI really do love a good mystery novel. Joss Stirling has a knack of spinning a tale that you have no idea what is coming next. She writes characters that you will love, though I have to admit things between Nate and Kate were a bit too instant love for me. Still, plenty of realistic action, figuring out the mystery along with the characters and fun dialogues to keep you entertained.With Stung the dynamic between Kate and Nathan was very interesting. He's tasked with bringing her in, and [...]

    10. SJH (A Dream of Books) on said:

      Joss Stirling is one of my favourite UK authors and I'm always excited when she has a new book out. I adore her Soulfinders series but I'm turning into an equally big fan of the titles in her new Young Detective Agency series. Last year's 'Storm and Stone' (renamed Struck) was a brilliant read and I was hopeful that she would write another instalment. My wishes were granted with 'Stung' which follows two other members of the team, Nathan and Kate, as they find themselves in danger and on the run [...]

    11. Zwaantina De Graven on said:

      Minder leuk dan het eerste deel, maar nog steeds een prima hap-slik-weg boek. Er zitten niet echt verrassingen in het verhaal en sommige dingen zijn niet echt logisch.

    12. Nat the WolfGirl on said:

      Thank God, this is soo much better than the first one (Storm and Stone. Throughout the entire novel I was dying to know who betrayed Kate back in Indonesia. I caught myself not trusting anybody but her, Nate, Rave and Kieran. Sweet Jesus, I started getting crazy not knowing whom to trust. I honestly bet on edgy Damien and sweet Julian a lot of times, and also Isaac's asssistant, Ms. Mac. For a very short period of time, I also thought Nate's Das Jim might be behind all of it. Guess you have to s [...]

    13. Nitzan Schwarz on said:

      3.5 starsOriginally published on my blog on March 27, 2015First of all, I'd like to thank Oxford University Press Children's Books and Netgalley for giving me a chance to read this book ahead of time! As a huge Joss Stirling fan, I can't thank you enough!I'll start by saying this: I highly recommend Joss Stirling's books. I've read them all, so I can honestly tell you they'reall great fun, with swoony characters and engaging plots. You get sucked right into them, and they tend to keep you [...]

    14. Luu on said:

      Me rompió el corazón todo lo que sufrió Kate, pero me encanta la pareja que hace con Nathan. Sin dudas me encantó que no estén en un lugar y que Kate tenga en claro las cosas.

    15. Sarah on said:

      As a member of the Young Detective Agency Kate was sent to Indonesia on a mission to infiltrate the Scorpion gang and help put a stop to their human trafficking operation. She was betrayed by her partner though and is now being hunted by dangerous criminals. The YDA have been trying to find Kate since she disappeared a year ago and now that there are rumours she has returned to England Nathan and his team are sent to bring her back to safety. Kate has good reason to believe that there is a mole [...]

    16. Sienna Logan (Lost to Books) on said:

      More reviews at losttobooksActual rating 4.5When I won an ARC of Storm and Stone (now Struck) I was ecstatic, so when I got approved to read this book in advance I was equally excited. Joss Stirling is my favourite author--no matter what name she writes under--and I couldn't wait to read more about the YDA, hoping Raven, Kieran, and Joe still featured. I think the spy genre is one of this author's strengths. She creates believable situations and there are no flashy gadgets or miracle solutions t [...]

    17. Suze on said:

      Eigenlijk: 3,5 ster.Laat ik één ding rechtzetten: ik heb van alle andere boeken die ik van Joss Stirling heb gelezen (zeven stuks) er nog geen één met minder dan vier sterren beoordeeld.Wat mij betreft is Joss een van de betere YA-auteurs. Haar schrijfstijl is uitzonderlijk meeslepend: als je eenmaal begint met lezen, is stoppen amper een optie meer, en dat geeft niet, want haar boeken laten het heel goed toe om op ieder moment het verhaal weer op te pakken. Haar vlotte dialogen en de slimme [...]

    18. Hannah L (Reviewer) on said:

      This epic secret agent romance is cut throat and wonderful. In Stung, Kate has been running away from the powerful gang known as the Scorpions for about a year, and believing that the scorpions have a infiltrator in the YDA, she runs from her former friends and partners too. Nathan loved Kate before she dropped off the map in a botched job with the dangerous Scorpions, and when she is sighted, he goes after her. This epic love story in chock full of great chase scenes, action scenes and *wink wi [...]

    19. Pati Kantún on said:

      Es la continuación de la saga Struck pero al igual que con su saga Finding love no se necesita leer el libro anterior puesto que cuenta una historia nueva con distintos personajes principales aunque hay apariciones de los personajes principales anteriores, en realidad son nulas y aunque historia es de cierta manera diferente y similar, en ningún momento sentí aburrimiento. Como todos los libros de Joss Stirling, este resultó ser ágil, agradable y con una historia que se disfruta y se lee po [...]

    20. Odette Knappers on said:

      I haven't enjoyed this book as much as Storm & Stone. In that book, it was really like 'when will she find out', but in this book everybody is from the YDA :P So I missed that element a lot. There were some cool things in this, like how did it all get to this point, but I liked the setting of the other book a bit better. It was still nicely written and I liked the plot developments in this, but I didn't felt really special or anything. I do like to see Storm & stone back in this book, an [...]

    21. Catherine on said:

      Thanks to Netgalley for a copy of this novel in return for an honest review. This book was a whole lot better than the first book in this series. The characters were way more complex and interesting in this book than the last, and they didn't annoy me anywhere near as much. I thought the story was a lot better also. Because we knew what the YDA was it took a lot less time to get going, and it was straight into the action and mystery. I felt this book was a lot better defined, genre-wise, than th [...]

    22. Christina on said:

      A bit different to the first book in the series, but still great - more like a James Bond film where the bad guys (an Indonesian mafia type gang called the Scorpions) are hunting the heroine because they think she has vital information that could take their organization down. They want her dead or alive, and the hero together with his pals from the YDA (Young Detective Agency) step in to try and save her (even though initially she doesn’t actually want their help). There was plenty of chemistr [...]

    23. Marinka Van wingerden on said:

      How does she does that? Always the thrilling excitement mixed with those beautiful romances, Again in Stung!What I love about Joss Stirling is what she does with the main characters in the books, like the Soulmates serie's she always brings back the Benedict brothers, And with this serie I see it's always about the YDA! I just Can't wait to her other book! <3 Yeeeyy to Joss my favorite writer so far <3 Thanks for brining Zed in my life, My all time hero! hihi Thanks for brining new books! [...]

    24. Rocio Juncal on said:

      No hay duda Joss Stirling no me decepciona nunca. En esta nueva saga, Joss nos presenta a cuatro chicos; apuestos, brillantes a su manera y son agentes de una agencia de jóvenes detectives. En el primer libro, conocimos a Kieran y, como dice la sinopsis y se nos da a entender, cada chico encontrará a una chica y si sumamos dos más dos nos da un libro con operaciones de agentes secretos y romance. Cosa que en la otra saga de Joss "finding love" vemos que esos temas se le da bien. Como segundo [...]

    25. Serena on said:

      3.5/3.75en español para seguir con la racha.Me gustó, pero me costó muchísimo conectar con Kate, es como que no encontré en ella nada con lo que identificarme. También fue difícil acostumbrarme a Nathan, porque en Struck fue re re re secundario y no me había encariñado ni un poco con él.Pero la historia me gustó, qué sé yo. Por ahí es un poco ofensivo que los blancos desbaraten la red de mafia de los POC, pero con Joss Stirling no hay que pensar mucho en eso.El romance y la químic [...]

    26. Angelina Núñez on said:

      A pesar de ser una serie que a simple lectura parece sencilla, entretiene y se lee rápido. Me gustan los giros argumentales y los momentos de pasar a la acción en los dos libros que he leído hasta ahora de la serie.

    27. Meg on said:

      *Contains some MILD spoilers*If I were to describe this book in five words, I would say it is: Exciting, entertaining, intense, thrilling and romantic!!!This novel is filled with so many likeable and brilliant characters. The plot is fast-moving and intriguing throughout. The relationships between so many of the characters were moving and sweetking this book simply IMPOSSIBLE to put down!!!I absolutely LOVED Nathan and Kate!! <3 I would definitely say that NATHAN HUNTER was my favourite chara [...]

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