A Taste of Honeybear Wine

Jacqueline Sweet Eva Wilder

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A Taste of Honeybear Wine

A Taste of Honeybear Wine When he broke into her house he never expected to meet his mate When Alison Meadows inherits an old farmhouse it s the perfect opportunity to put her bad breakup behind her and start anew The house

  • Title: A Taste of Honeybear Wine
  • Author: Jacqueline Sweet Eva Wilder
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When he broke into her house, he never expected to meet his mate When Alison Meadows inherits an old farmhouse, it s the perfect opportunity to put her bad breakup behind her and start anew The house is hers, free and clear There s just one catch she has to find a mysterious lockbox amongst the mountains of junk her grandfather hoarded Michael Morrissey is a bear shi When he broke into her house, he never expected to meet his mate.When Alison Meadows inherits an old farmhouse, it s the perfect opportunity to put her bad breakup behind her and start anew The house is hers, free and clear There s just one catch she has to find a mysterious lockbox amongst the mountains of junk her grandfather hoarded Michael Morrissey is a bear shifter with a big heart, a sexy shrug, and a clothing optional lifestyle The night he breaks into an old house looking for lost family treasure That s when he comes face to face with his mate She s beautiful and sassy and curvy in all the right places When a raven steals the lockbox they both want, Alison and Michael are in trouble Now they ll have to enter Bearfield s dark shadow world, outsmart a trickster, and steal back the treasure they both need from an evil shifter Can they keep their heat in check long enough to get the job done A Taste of Honeybear Wine is the second standalone book set in the sleepy and mysterious town of Bearfield The Bearfield books can be read in any order and feature happy endings and no cliffhangers.

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      166 Jacqueline Sweet Eva Wilder
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    One thought on “A Taste of Honeybear Wine

    1. So, I Read This Book Today on said:

      With so many shifter paranormals out there in the self-publishing world, it is hard to know which will be good, bad, or just so-so. As a bear enthusiast, I am always open to trying bear shifter books, only to find myself too often disappointed. Not with “A Taste of Honeybear Wine.” The only thing was, I wanted more! Alison has moved to Bearfield to open a bed and breakfast and brewery at her grandfather’s old home. Her mother has promised that, should Alison do one thing – find a lockbox [...]

    2. Kristy on said:

      I received an ARC of A Taste of Honeybear Wine from the author, in exchange for my honest review. I loved being back in the cosy Bearfield, I don't want to leave this magical place. If you haven't read book 1 of the "Bearfield" series, than please do, you wouldn't want to miss out on any of this story.Alison has inherited her grandfathers house, but only if she finds something of her mothers, having arrived in Bearfield & upon entering the house, Alison decides to sleep instead of starting t [...]

    3. Michelle Sanders on said:

      ARC Review. This is a phenomenal series. It just keeps getting better and better. I love heroines who aren't helpless Heroes who can do more than just be hot and growl, and a book that can make me laugh, sigh, and still steam up my glasses. Author delivers! The characters in this book are fun as well as sexy Must read book, must read series Heck must read author! 5 bodacious honeybear stars!

    4. Amber J. on said:

      Book two in the series was just as sweet and even funnier than book 1. In addition, I really loved Micheal and enjoyed seeing more of his personality. The fact that he is always naked had me cracking up!! Again I would love to see a deeper dive into the MC's, but overall a great and quick read.

    5. Patricia H. Phelps on said:

      Michael and AlisonAlison is in her late grandfather's home when she hears someone break in. She grabs her grandfather's shotgun and heads downstairs only to find a gorgeous naked man. During their discussion the shotgun accidentally goes off. She brings him upstairs to the bathroom as she is sure he is wounded. He is not. They hear noise downstairs and go to see what it is as the house is filled with boxes and stacks as her grandfather was a recluse and border. They see a man take the lockbox an [...]

    6. Cheryl Mcknight on said:

      This is Michael and Alison's story . Alison's mother tells her if she can find a metal box in her grandfather's old place the the place is her's . So she heads to check out the house and is upset at the condition of it . Once she opens the door she is shocked to find boxes and boxes stacked everywhere !!! There is not even much of a walkway so she head around back just to be able to walk through it . Michael loves to hunt for treasures and he is sure there are some in the old house so he decides [...]

    7. Laura on said:

      12 Shades of Shifter AnthologyMichael is a bear shifter who breaks into what he thinks is an abandoned house hoping to scope out some treasure. Alison is occupying the house and for the most part doesn't really mind the naked man's intrusion. The two have to team up to get back a lockbox taken by a raven shifterif they can focus for like 2 seconds. This just wasn't cute. When all of the characters are "quirky" then no one really is and they are just ridiculous and annoying.

    8. Terri on said:

      A Taste of Honeybear WineA great read. Book 2 in the series . Definitely filled with action, drama, and angst. This is Michael story and he's the youngest. It makes y I u want to read the rest.

    9. Corrie Taylor on said:

      AwesomeI love finding a new author who can make me laugh and keep me entertained thank you very much I am looking forward to reading the rest of your books. P.S. I hope there are a lot more

    10. Kimberly Smith on said:

      A real sweet storyMichael and Allison are a cute couple and this story is filled with lots of interesting characters that I can't wait to learn more about.

    11. LuDena Radford on said:

      FunBear shifters, raven shifters , wolf shifters , magic and mayhem make this novella a fun read. Looking forward to reading more bearfield books.

    12. Cassandra Rodgers on said:

      Good bookThis was a good story n this series, definitely worth the read. I'll enjoy the next book in this series, I can't wait.

    13. Cindy on said:

      Loved itWow what an awesome story. Got hooked on this story from reading the first book in the alpha collection and I fell in love going to read the next book now

    14. BarbaraBrice on said:

      A really great bookOnce I started reading this book I couldn't put it down. I love it and if you like a great book read this book

    15. Sue Davis on said:

      I WAS GIVEN THIS BOOK FOR AN HONEST REVIEW AND THIS IS MY HONEST REVIEW OVER 18 READERS A TERRIFIC STORYFUN FOLLOWING THEIR TRIPLOVING THE ENDDON'T MISS THIS SERIES Well we are still in Bearfield but this is a whole new story about Matt 's younger brother Michael ( he has many jobs, drives the wrecker,ran a perfectly clean,priced and sorted junk shop,automotive repair) AND HE LOVE FIND TREASURE IN OTHER OLD JUNK. He dreamed of going though old man Carlisle Jackson- the oldest human in Bearfield [...]

    16. Linda on said:

      What a sweet story! Alison is looking for a new opportunity when she moves into her deceased grandfather's home to start a business. She doesn't expect to find a naked man prowling around the house at night. Michael is a bear shifter and loves to uncover new treasures. He thought the house was empty and the treasure were his for the taking. The naked guy is a pleasant surprise but neither expect a man to turn into a raven and fly away with the box they were both looking for. An agreement is made [...]

    17. Cassie on said:

      Second story, just as fantastic as the firstThe second book in the series and sucks you in just as fast as the first one.The beginning of this story, we meet Alison who is driving to Bearfield to inherit her grandfather's old house. When she first sets foot inside she is surprised by how much stuff he has (although if it was me and I liked to keep stuff McDonald's toys it would be on the top of the list). Then while sleeping in the house the first night, she meets Michael, the youngest son who o [...]

    18. Sherill on said:

      A Taste of Honeybear Wine is the 2nd standalone book in the captivating Bearfield series. I love series, they're TV miniseries only in a book, you get to know and love all the characters, and the characters in this series are charismatic and full of unexpected surprises.With vivid descriptions of each scene the reader is lured into the supernatural world of Bearfield.Alison, an audacious, sexy, curvy beauty is awakened from sleep in her deceased grandfather's house. Picking up a shotgun and inte [...]

    19. Jeanne Meaux on said:

      Jacqueline Sweet did a great job with this "sweet" romantic story that contains a little adventure, humor, and a whole lot of lust.Alison Meadows has always been the "fat" sister of seven, never able to meet her demanding mother's expectations. Given the chanceto strike out on her own, she stakes her claim on her deceased grandfather's home in Bearfield. The catch is she has to retrieve a lockbox forher mother to get it. Michael Morrissey is a handsome bear shifter that breaks into the old home [...]

    20. D Thomas on said:

      A Taste of Honeybear Wine (Bearly Legal, #2)by Jacqueline SweetAlison Meadows goes to her deceased grandfathers house to look for a lockbox for her mother. After she finds it and gives it to her mother the house will signed over to her and she can start a bed and brew business. Her first night there she is jolted awake by a naked man breaking into the house. After talking a bit, she accidently shoots him, she thinks. While she and the man are talking they hear another noise and watch as a man sh [...]

    21. Cilicia White on said:

      This is the next book in the Bearfield world and features Michael, the younger brother of the H in the last book and Alison the granddaughter of a human who lived in the town. Alison has come to town to start a beer and breakfast at the home of her deceased grandfarher and to search for a box that her mother wanted. Michael wants a peak at the home and the antiques that the old man kept at his home. When Michael breaks into house believing that it is empty he comes upon Alison and she is shocked [...]

    22. Karen on said:

      **Copy received in return for an honest review**This standalone is book two in the Bearfield Series, where three bearshifter brothers come to life. This book belongs to Michael, the youngest brother and a junk dealer who decides to take a look at the contents of the house of a recently deceased recluse. Thinking the house is unoccupied, he shifts from bear to man, wearing only his shoes and a backpack, while he looks for a pendant that rightfully belongs to his father.Alison, grandaughter of the [...]

    23. MarieBrown (Marie's Tempting Reads) on said:

      Marie's Tempting Reads ARC Review:I freaking laughedHARD with this book! I also had to have a fan because things were freaking HOTTER then I anticipated. I freaking adored Alison and her spirit and Michael was a real hoot as well as one damn sexy manhell even his bear was AMAZING!If your looking for a seriously fun, outrageously sexy, and sinfully delicious paranormal romance that can make you smile and sigh with delight, then your in for a treat with Jacqueline Sweet's A Taste of Honeybear Wine [...]

    24. Donna Vaughan on said:

      A TASTE OF HONEYBEAR WINE by JACQUELINE SWEET I am loving these bear brothers so far two out three are have mated. Jacqueline Sweet keeps coming up with great reads with sexy werebears. Full of page turning adventures, drama and sizzling sex. She introduces more shifters this time around some ravens with attitude and some werewolves that were either stolen or the omegas of the packs that were unwanted.Michael is the next bear to find his mate when he breaks into Alison Meadows house that she has [...]

    25. Nicole Smith on said:

      This is the second book in the series. It's bear shifter Michael's turn to meet his mate in an unexpected way and a compromising position. Alison has come to Bearfield to renovate her grandfather's house into a her dream, but everything hinges on the lock box which becomes stolen. Now Michael the youngest brother and Alison go on an adventure to retrieve it. Alison has no idea about shifters, but she's soon going to be quickly introduced. What will her reaction be once she finds out she mated to [...]

    26. Cheryl Drake johnson on said:

      I received an Arc for an honest review. We are back in Bearfield again because Alison's grandpa has died and left an old house that she wants and her mother told her that if she finds something for her in the house that is in a lock box that she will sign over the house to her so Alison is spending her first night in the house she is in a room upstairs sleep and then she hears someone come into the house and come up the stairs she gets the old shot gun sitting by the bedroom door and goes into h [...]

    27. Stacey on said:

      Alison someone who has a house to go to but with a catch from her mother . her grandfather passed away . and in order for Alison to keep her grandfathers house is to find a locked box . but what is in the box . and why does her mother want it . Michael a bear shifter who goes to Alison's home though he does not know she nor anyone lives there . and why does he too want the locked box . and what about a raven who is a theif and why did he steal what he had . and this is part of the RONANCE ARCADE [...]

    28. Sheryl on said:

      I was given a complimentary copy for an honest review by author Jacqueline Sweet. This is from the Bearfield books from the author.Alison Meadows comes to Bearfield to look for a lock box. If she finds the box she gets the house but when she gets there she finds more then she bargained for. Michael Morrissey breaks into the old farmhouse looking for a pendent that belongs to his family but what he finds is his mate. Together they have to get the lock box away from a raven who wants to take over [...]

    29. Elizabeth holmes on said:

      I got this novella in exchange for an honest review.This is a very pleasant story that I enjoyed reading. It isn't a story to draw out emotions from the reader, but it is a nice light read. It's what I call a story that you can read with only half of your brain.It is not the first in the series but it can be read as a stand alone novella. That being said there were references to the previous story and there were cross over characters.The plot is light and there is not much depth to the character [...]

    30. Laure on said:

      I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.Alison Meadows is dreaming of her own business. When her grandfather dies, she convinces her mother to let her turn the large Victorian house into a business. Her first night there she is awakened by Michael Morrissey, who doesn't know anyone is there, and wants to see what he can buy at the auction when the contents of the house is sold. Their meeting, Alison is pointing a shotgun at Michael, is interrupted by yet another per [...]

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