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Paul Fleischman

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Mind's Eye

Mind s Eye Eighty eight year old Elva and Courtney an attractive sixteen year old with a severed spinal chord lie in adjacent beds in a grim Bismarck North Dakota convalescent home Ignored by the world the o

  • Title: Mind's Eye
  • Author: Paul Fleischman
  • ISBN: 9780805063141
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eighty eight year old Elva and Courtney, an attractive sixteen year old with a severed spinal chord, lie in adjacent beds in a grim Bismarck, North Dakota convalescent home Ignored by the world, the only resource they have left is their imagination.As Elva and Courtney go on a fantasy trip to Italy accompanied by Elva s long dead husband and guided by a 1910 travel book Eighty eight year old Elva and Courtney, an attractive sixteen year old with a severed spinal chord, lie in adjacent beds in a grim Bismarck, North Dakota convalescent home Ignored by the world, the only resource they have left is their imagination.As Elva and Courtney go on a fantasy trip to Italy accompanied by Elva s long dead husband and guided by a 1910 travel book , Elva shows Courtney a new way to envision love But to accept it, and the gift of the imagination, Courtney must make the trip her own even if she destroys the art Elva holds most dear.Written entirely in dialogue, Mind s Eye can be performed as reader s theater, but it is a fully satisfying novel In this extraordinarily innovative, profound, and yet readable book Paul Fleischman makes us all feel what a powerful and dangerous tool the imagination can be.

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      165 Paul Fleischman
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    One thought on “Mind's Eye

    1. GraceAnne on said:

      one of the saddest and most beautiful books ever written for young people - or anyone else.

    2. Becca on said:

      Bizarre but beautiful little read. How does one’s mind save you when all else is falling apart around you? Told in all dialogue with some interesting characters in a nursing home/rehab facility.

    3. Josiah on said:

      "But determination can make the miraculous possible." —Mind's Eye, PP. 70-71 I'm really tempted to consider giving three and a half stars for this book. In his always innovative style, Paul Fleischman has blown the cover off the traditional novel format, and created a new type of experience for us. I didn't know if a story told in play dialogue could be as powerful as it might be in normal prose, but in the skillful hands of Paul Fleischman this story became enchantingly evocative, powerfully [...]

    4. Beth on said:

      Courtney, age 16 and paralyzed from a riding accident, is dragged into a fantasy game by Elva, her nearly blind elderly roommate at a convalescent home. Elva believes that Courtney's life is far from over and encourages her to cultivate her mind, now that her body has failed her. The two embark on an imaginary tour of Italy in the early 1900's with Elva's now deceased husband joining them. The former teacher gladly takes on a role as mentor. Courtney plays along reluctantly at first. Her bittern [...]

    5. Janessa Brown on said:

      Courtney's a sixteen year old when her world is turned upside down after an accident leaves her paralyzed from the waist down. With her mother and father dead, she ends up in a nursing home resting beside 88 year old Elva. Elva, a previous school teacher, has the imagination of a child backed with the wisdom found in the poetry and books she's absorbed throughout her life. She convinces Courtney to accompany her on a trip to Italy- a place she promised her husband she would go. It's not your ave [...]

    6. Ellee on said:

      Quick read as it's in a play format - without most of the set descriptions & stage directions. The main character, Courtney is not very likable, but neither was Pollyanna right after her accident, so I can cut her some slack. Overall, it was a good book about imagination & the value that literature can have for an inner, mental life that other forms of entertainment don't always provide enough substance for.I would definitely recommend this book to teens who need to do a book report in a [...]

    7. Marc on said:

      This story is about a sixteen year old girl, named Courtney who has been recently paralyzed in a terrible accident. The injuries no longer allow her to do many things such as walking, dancing, and running, and as a result, she is confined to her bed at a nursing home. Her parents are dead and she is alone with anger. An elderly woman, named Elva, tries to share with Courtney about her experiences with poetry and art, but that does not comfort Courtney at all. So Elva decides to read aloud a 1910 [...]

    8. Fatima on said:

      I thought this book was very good. I enjoyed that it was informative and gave me a chance to learn some really cool facts in a non-boring, "reading from the text book and forgetting what you read five minutes later" kind of way. It was a very quick read, and I enjoyed the layout of the book,personally I haven't read many books that are layed out in dialogueke this one was. I think it is a good thing because you are allowed to hear both the character's thoughts. I learned some really neat stuff i [...]

    9. Mary on said:

      Play form. Courtney, age 16, paralyzed below her waist, finds herself in a nursing home with octogenarians. Elva is delighted for a roommate who can see to read. She found a 1910 travel guide to Italy and wants to travel there, in her mind, as she and her sister played years ago. Elva is an anomaly to Courtney for a while as she works through her trauma. The beautiful surprise comes when another old lady moves into the room.

    10. Laken Francis on said:

      This was a lovely book, but it is really confusing unless you pay a lot of attention to it. When the chapters would change, it would change moods and the topic all the way around. The book was very depressing too because it deals with death and pain. She got severely hurt in a horse accident and was paralyzed for the waist down, I would recommend this book if you like to explore within words and traveling. If not, then I would not recommend this book.

    11. Becky on said:

      I picked this book up at a library book sale, mainly because of the name of one of the main characters, Elva. It is not a common name, but it is my mother's name - and that made me want to read it. I am really glad that I did - and I look forward to sharing it with her. pg 105 "Elva taught me that. She compared a person's mind to a pantry. Every poem or book or painting you know is another jar on the shelf." and I heartily agree with this statement.

    12. Krisanne Stewart on said:

      Paul Fleishchman writes delicious little books that can be devoured in less than an hour. This one was not one of my favorites, but the premise is original: a paralyzed teen-age girl and an elderly almost-blind lady strike up a strange friendship in a nursing home and they take a virtual trip together, all in their minds' eyes. Even though it wasn't one of my favorites, I still adore Fleischman!

    13. Shaya on said:

      This is a lovely little book, written like a play. It's about a teenage girl who is paralyzed and has to live in a nursing home. Her roommate is a peppy older woman who wants to take an imaginative journey to Italy. The book is about their relationship and what the older woman teaches the teenage girl about life. Well worth it.

    14. Kristi on said:

      Paul Fleischman is good at not writing in a normal way. He won a Newbery Medal for a book of poems for two readers. This is written like a play (dialogue only) and so it takes just a minute to get used to, but once you do, it's great. A quick read, but strong words. Proof that books don't need to have a certain number of pages to tell a story.

    15. Brooke on said:

      This is an excellent book! It has taken me a year or so to finally get the title. At first i was so disappointed because 16-year-old Courtney is not going anywhere and an imaginary trip to Italy didn't appeal to me either. But just as 88-year-old Elva wins over Courtney, so did Fleischman win me over. Excellent.

    16. Hannah Brooks on said:

      It was short but worth reading. The setting was phenomenal and the voice was powerful. The format of the writing was effective because you were able to hear the characters' voices so clearly and powerfully. Great read!

    17. Mrs. Miriam on said:

      The concept of a paralyzed girl being mentored on a journey of the mind by a blind senior citizen caught my eye. This play held my attention as an adult, but I am not sure it would have held it as firmly as a teen.

    18. Bryan on said:

      Just to be stuck in Convalescent home all day gets boring, imagination is the way to go.

    19. Kate on said:

      I read this ages ago, but it was so powerful it's about a girl, paralyzed from the waist down, imagining the "outside" world and a place for her in it.

    20. Michelle on said:

      strange but rather interesting--paralyzed girl learns about life through taking imaginary tours to Italy with her blind, senior-citizen roommate

    21. B on said:

      paralyzed 16 year old girl goes on a "mind trip" to Italy with her elderly room mate. Riveting dialogue.

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