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Linda Howard

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Lake of Dreams

Lake of Dreams Dreams and reality collide with potentially deadly consequences in this stunning novella from New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard available for the first time as a standalone ebook at an u

  • Title: Lake of Dreams
  • Author: Linda Howard
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dreams and reality collide with potentially deadly consequences in this stunning novella from New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard, available for the first time as a standalone ebook at an unbeatable price House painter Thea Marlow hasn t been sleeping very well Her nights are plagued by dreams, the setting by the water and the mysterious man who appears in themDreams and reality collide with potentially deadly consequences in this stunning novella from New York Times bestselling author Linda Howard, available for the first time as a standalone ebook at an unbeatable price House painter Thea Marlow hasn t been sleeping very well Her nights are plagued by dreams, the setting by the water and the mysterious man who appears in them always the same But the outcome of the dream changes nightly sometimes the man loves herd sometimes he kills her Desperate for some much needed relaxation, Thea travels to her family s remote country lake house Imagine her surprise when a knock at the door reveals the man from her dreamswho happens to have just rented the house next door.So will he love her or will he kill her Originally published in the anthology Everlasting Love by Linda Howard, Jayne Ann Krentz, Linda Lael Miller, Kasey Michaels and Carla Neggers.

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      424 Linda Howard
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    One thought on “Lake of Dreams

    1. Jen on said:

      2.5 StarsLinda Howard may have been the author of my very first romance read. My mom was a huge fan and as a teen and then again as a college grad finally getting the chance to read for fun again, I'd sneak her books and devour them. LH books are finally being released in eBook format and I couldn't he happier.Lake of Dreams was originally released as part of an anthology in the mid nineties and at the time I requested the arc, I didn't recall reading it. Unfortunately that changed after five mi [...]

    2. Jill on said:

      Originally published over twenty years ago, unfortunately it reads like it. It's a novella, so everything happens fast. I know they're soulmates so that may be a reason for the insta-everything, but the guy's grabby hands just came across as creepy.SoDated + instalove/lust = nopeARC courtesy of Pocket Star via NetGalley

    3. ♥Rachel♥ on said:

      Very different from the usual Linda Howard I've read, but I loved it! Thea has been having disturbing dreams for the last month, all starring a man with striking aquamarine eyes. Her encounters are vivid and alternate from passionate ecstasy to terror. When she fears that her sanity can't stand another night of this, Thea takes a vacation out at the family lake house only to meet the man of her dreams on her doorstep the day she arrives. I've never read a paranormal romance by Linda Howard so I [...]

    4. Julie on said:

      Lake of Dreams by Linda Howard is a 2016 Pocket Star Books publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher, as an XOXpert, the official street team of XOXO After Dark. Lake of Dreams was originally published way back in the mid-nineties, but is now available in digital format. This book is a short story/novella length paranormal romance centered around Thea, a woman haunted by vivid dreams, alternately sexual or nightmarish, in which her dream lover expertly makes love to her, o [...]

    5. Geri Reads on said:

      3.5 stars!Being a fan of Linda Howard, I still had no idea that this was a reissue of an old title of hers. Lake of Dreams has an interesting premise that deals with reincarnation and love. Thea Marlow is a house painter who gets plagued by dreams about a mysterious man. The dream is always the same and as well as the man that appears in them, except for the outcome because on some nights he loves her but in others, he kills her. When a trip to her childhood lake house brought her face to face w [...]

    6. Susana on said:

      DNF at 50%Arc provided by Pocket Books through NetgalleyRelease Date: May, 2ndPart of the Netgalley description says: "available for the first time as a standalone ebook at an unbeatable price!"I admit that that should have given me a hint so my bad. Had I done that, I would've discovered that this book was originally published in 1996. Twenty years have passed, so give it some slack, some people might say.The problem is, this doesn't feel as if it was written in the nineties. It feels as it was [...]

    7. MBR on said:

      I have been undergoing a vicious dry spell in my reading the last couple of months. Every single book that I have picked up to read (some even from my favorite authors) have proved to be lackluster in some way and I eventually put them on hold. There were times I kept wondering whether romance genre altogether had lost its appeal to me. Maybe I had come to my saturation point where my beloved genre was concerned – all very alarming conclusions of course for someone who seldom goes on to read o [...]

    8. Anita on said:

      ARC provided by the Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.It was way to short with little character development and almost no plot to speak of. You are dropped into the middle of a very erotic dream and spend the rest of the story trying to figure out why. Linda Howard has used the dream lover in other books, probably later ones. She got it better in the later books. Expectations are nasty little buggers. I expected more depth in the characters and some reason - like being cha [...]

    9. Ira on said:

      I can't help it, one-clicked this one less than two hours ago and finished stright away!It's a Paranormal love story, about reincarnation.If you can suspend your disbelief for this type of story, you will love this sweet story full with past tragedy. Our H and h had many lives together within two millennia, they just normal people so they didn't get to live for thousand years. Hence the so many lived together.Now their last chance to make it right, in a normal situation you can call this insta-l [...]

    10. Eve on said:

      Lake of Dreams by Linda HowardLAKE OF DREAMS was good blend of romance and mystery. As it was short story, then no character development, and no plot -- its just very sensual short story of destined soulmates that just can't seem to get it right. But they have been given last chance to find trust and love

    11. Lady Heather on said:

      Publication date: May 2, 2016"A copy of this book has been provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review"Very good short, fast read. I love these kind of mystery - suspense - romance stories.Great ending!

    12. Didi on said:

      Previously published as part of Everlasting Love anthology, this book is a very Linda Howard story; intense and sultry. That saying, I'd prefer her romantic suspense novel better. This one was too predictable and swift; yet left a number of untold elements, like what in their previous life made them being granted chance after chance to outwit fate, what changed in their previous life made the scores more in their favours. There wasn't much here for me to like the characters, nor to dislike them. [...]

    13. CD Boulder Blvd on said:

      I was really looking forward to this novella and was provided an ARC via NetGalley and Pocket Star publishers.And I was really, really disappointed. I started this last night and didn't finish and just set the book aside and went to bed. Hard to believe I set a Linda Howard book aside when I wasn't even that sleepy but I had started to skim due to lack of interest and (dare I say) I just didn't like the story.For most of this novella our heroine is, again dare I say, pathetic, sniveling weakling [...]

    14. Becky ♡The Bookworm♡ on said:

      What a neat story! I really enjoyed the mystical aspect of Richard and Thea's relationship. It created emotional intimacy right from the start, making this novella a very satisfying read.

    15. Sumeetha Manikandan on said:

      Hmmm didn't realize this was a novella when I picked it. Loved it though.

    16. Eva • All Books Considered on said:

      Review originally posted at All Books Considered: 3.5 STARSThis book was originally released as part of an anthology and, accordingly, it's very short; I would categorize this as a novella. You already know by now that I absolutely love Linda Howard and have read everything she's ever written. I hadn't read this one for many moons and so I was excited to re-read it as a standalone e-book. Although Lake of Dreams is not as much of a romantic suspense as the books that I love from her the most and [...]

    17. Sonya Heaney on said:

      Also posted HERE.This novella, a mix of a contemporary romance, a paranormal romance and a reunion romance, is just long enough for what it is. It is a little old-school, as it was first published more than twenty years ago, but I happen to like that!Linda Howard has written some of the most iconic books in the romance genre, and they still hold up today. This is nowhere near long enough to be one of her best, but it’s one I will remember all the same.In this story our heroine is being haunted [...]

    18. Laura on said:

      ***ARC Provided by the Publisher and NetGalley***I am not sure if it really qualifies as an ARC, if it is a reissue, but oh well this version is not technically out, I am going with it. Just in case.Linda Howard is fun. Her writing is strong, her characters are compelling, and you quickly find yourself drawn in to their story, into wanting to know what happens to them.This is a hard book to review, as saying too much gives too much away is well worth the read, it stays with you after you finish, [...]

    19. Lena on said:

      Linda Howard is my favorite romance novelist because of her balance between suspense, comedy, romance, tension, and heat. This short story is a departure that focuses on fateful romance with some heat. It's a bit like On a Clear Day You Can See Forever.I know I have read/watched other past lives romance stories but that was my first and the one I always remember. It's a lovely thought and a nice afternoon read.

    20. Nara on said:

      I love this not-so-real plot. I love to read Linda Howard's books. Period.

    21. Lauren at Live Read and Breathe Reviews on said:

      This one is hard to review properly. I've heard so much about Linda Howard that I jumped at this opportunity to finally read something from her. For what was written it was brilliantly done. The reason its hard to review is because once I was getting into the story it was done. It was just too quick to completely leave me with something to properly review. Was it well written? Yes. Would I read more from this author? In a heartbeat. Do I wish I had more from this story? Yes. But the idea of the [...]

    22. Sheila Melo on said:

      “It was as if he had been stalking her in her dreams, inexorably moving closer and closer to a conclusion that she already knew. Because, in her dreams, only sometimes did he make love to her. Sometimes he killed her.”FINAL DECISION: I love gothic romances where there is a question of whether the love interest is the hero or the villain. This story is so good that I was sad that it was resolved so quicklyE STORY: Thea Marlow has been having unsettling dreams which haunt her. She keeps dreami [...]

    23. Chrissy on said:

      Lake of Dreams is a fast paced novella that has some surprising twists!Thea has started having these dreams each night, where she either makes crazy passionate love to a mystery man, or he ends up killing her. With the dreams taking over her mind lately, she decides to take a vacation at her family’s lake house, and as soon as she arrives she meets Richard, who is the man in her dreams.At first Thea is scared of Richard, which is understandable, because well in her dreams he has killed her a f [...]

    24. Lisa on said:

      There's not much that can be said without giving everything away, This is a very short novella length story. It's actually not that easy to figure out where the author is going with the story. It's like a really good book but condensed into a short story. I found it interesting and intriguing but without enough details. I wish it would have been expanded some so it would not have been so rushed and the story line rolled out slower. What i can say is i did enjoy what there was to read. I decided [...]

    25. Sue on said:

      Lake of Dreams by Linda Howard is a scary at times, suspenseful, and passionate read. I really enjoyed this novella, and felt that the length was perfect for the story being told.Linda's descriptions of the main characters, especially how Thea sees Richard brought them vividly to life and at times I felt I was right there with them.Lake of Dreams has a good blend of paranormal, suspense, and romance. The plot took a turn I didn't see coming and I loved this! The conclusion made me feel satisfied [...]

    26. Macaron on said:

      Reincarnation & eternal love. Wonderful love story with a touch of suspense.

    27. Lauren James on said:

      This is a rerelease of a nineties novella, and it reads like it. It wasn't my style at all, unfortunately.

    28. Louise on said:

      As Shown on Books and Boys Book Blog.I am not much of a reader of novellas and this is what this book is. It’s a short quick read with mystery and intrigue and I give it 3.5 stars. This is a rerelease of a book printed 20years ago but it is now made available in the ebook format. It was quite difficult to grasp what was going on to begin with as I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a paranormal book, mystery or romance but found it was a bit of all that. It was definitely not something I hadn [...]

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