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Aarushi The murders that gripped the nationSeven years ago a teenage girl Aarushi Talwar was found murdered in her bedroom in Noida a middle class suburb of Delhi The body of the prime suspect the family s

  • Title: Aarushi
  • Author: Avirook Sen
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The murders that gripped the nationSeven years ago a teenage girl, Aarushi Talwar, was found murdered in her bedroom in Noida, a middle class suburb of Delhi The body of the prime suspect the family servant, Hemraj was discovered a day later Who had committed the double murders, and why Within weeks, Aarushi s parents, the Talwars, were accused four years later, they wThe murders that gripped the nationSeven years ago a teenage girl, Aarushi Talwar, was found murdered in her bedroom in Noida, a middle class suburb of Delhi The body of the prime suspect the family servant, Hemraj was discovered a day later Who had committed the double murders, and why Within weeks, Aarushi s parents, the Talwars, were accused four years later, they went on trial and were convicted But did they do it Avirook Sen attended the trial, accessed important documents and interviewed all the players from Aarushi s friends to Hemraj s old boss, from the investigators to the forensic scientists to write a meticulous and chilling book that reads like a thriller but also tells a story that is horrifyingly true Aarushi is the definitive account of a sensational crime, and the investigation and trial that followed.

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    One thought on “Aarushi

    1. Booky on said:

      I didn't want to read this book. The cover turned me off. The splatters of blood (laminated, for special effect) made me think it was some sensationalist cheap thriller based on a real crime. It's actually an intelligent, sensitive portrayal of the family and the crime, with scathing insights on the botched investigation and our populist courts. While I don't buy that the Talwars were entirely innocent (I mean, there were only Aarushi, her parents and a servant in the house at the time of the cr [...]

    2. Anupama Ma on said:

      First, repeat after me : My name is Reader and I am not a Judge. I am reading a book, not hearing evidence. I promise to read with an open mind, an open mind and nothing but an open mind so help me god. Ok. Yes, I’m a fan of American legal dramas and I wish that this book had been written by John Grisham or the case had been argued by Eugene Young, Plan B-ed and all. But then, who needs fiction when you have This.This book takes you back to that day in 2008 and tells you the story once more, b [...]

    3. Jasdeep Singh on said:

      Wonderful, Engaging Gripping Read.Throws light on the dismal state of affairs in policing, CBI, and Judiciary.Appalling how the foremost agency CBI cooked up facts, coerced witnesses to frame the parents of Aarushi. Overlooking the real suspects.Also informs about how the same forensic expert Dahiya has made an outlandish story about Godhra train tragedy too.

    4. Viju on said:

      This book is not an easy read. In fact, it is one of more difficult reads I have done in the last few months. However, it is not the writing that makes it difficult. It is the events, the careless handling of the high-profile Aarushi case by almost everyone associated with it and the aftermath of the trial which makes it a difficult read. I had some apprehension about reading this, but Avirook has managed to ensure that this is a thoroughly researched no-bias read. One just wishes that the case [...]

    5. Arun Divakar on said:

      The gruesomeness of the double murders of Aarushi Talwar and Hemraj Banjade was a rude jolt to people who followed the media. To compound to the horror, the murders occurred within the confines of a well-to-do urban middle class home in Noida. During 2008, the smartphone industry had not taken off in India and not everyone was connected to the internet all the time. Ergo, the very few news channels at work during this time and the print media had a field day following the discovery of these murd [...]

    6. Priyanka Tandon on said:

      Its hard to give a rating to a book like this. I thought for a good two days before I could even bring myself to say that I have read this book. Over the last two days have been reading many articles on the murder case again and emotions running high. a deep sadness for what happened to Aarushi and more importantly the way her parents are being treated and a bewilderment and helplessness at the state of our police and the judiciary system. The fact that the government bodies are steeped into cor [...]

    7. Dhiraj Meena on said:

      i am making an undesired assumption that every thing this book says is at least factually correct. Even if some of it isn't, my opinion won't differ significantly.Avirook Sen right puts it beautifully.'this case is all about what India looks like from ground'First of alls a piece of work which deserves lots of praise. collate some much of info from as many diverse, often hostile, sources is worthy of an award, to say the least!!this if what i felt after reading this .our 'sarkari' system is rott [...]

    8. Nivethitha on said:

      Whether you love crime stories and legal drama or not , this is a must read if not for anything but for how the legal system can fail ordinary citizens . What happened to Talwars was a travesty of justice . This book clearly calls out the multiple ways in which the investigation was botched up and the depths to which government agencies will go to hold up their reputation and egos . If the investigation makes you lose trust in the system , the trial , the prosecution lawyers, judges, and the hig [...]

    9. MissUnderstoodGenius on said:

      In all truth, I didn't much follow the Aarushi murder case. The social media has been buzzing with views, opinions and questions ever since Aarushi was murdered. This book was an intriguing read for me because it simply stated the facts and examined the course of the investigation. As a common (wo)man, it was hard for me to comprehend the nuances published in the newspaper and every news channel seems to be contradicting each other.To an interview question "Q. If the Talwars didn't do it, then w [...]

    10. Varsha on said:

      I was 15 years old (just a year older than Aarushi was then) when the ghastly Aarushi- Hemraj murders took place and had absolutely no understanding of how the criminal justice system worked. My information of the case, at the time, was entirely based on what I read in the newspapers and as the story stopped making page 1 headlines and was relegated to an inconspicuous column in the annals of a 23 page daily, I quickly lost interest. Six years later, I read this book as a qualified lawyer, with [...]

    11. Cbj on said:

      The whole book reads like one long hastily written article in the Times of India. The Aarushi Talvar (a regular middle class Indian teenage girl) murder case caught the imagination of the Indian nation. Her dentist parents were found guilty of the murder. They are now serving sentences in jail. Many prominent personalities like the British writer Patrick French (who was a patient at the Talvar's clinic) and noted journalists came to the Talvar's defense on TV and the print media. Avirook Sen's i [...]

    12. Sisyphus on said:

      Picked this one up with huge expectations. Sen is a gifted writer. My introduction to him as a writer was that Open piece where he recounts his days at NewsX. The book has the same easy flow of narrative and delves deep into the dramatis personae. However, there was quite a bit lacking as well. Sen starts over from the primary evidence collected by the police and the CBI, and traces how things got bungled up eventually. So far, so good. But as various reviews (particularly, the one in Fountain I [...]

    13. Neha Sharma on said:

      "पूरी सच्चाई एक विलासिता है।अगर आप इसकी तलाश में हैं तो अदालत का कक्ष ऐसी जगह नहीं है,जहां से इस तलाश की शुरुवात या अंत किया जाए।अदालत तो सिर्फ यही करती है कि कोई कहानी जितनी तरह से सुनाई जा सकत [...]

    14. Vidya on said:

      Such a sad morbid tale this is. A telling tale of how pathetic our justice system is and how desperately it needs a complete overhaul. It's the tale of parents who are running from pillar to post screaming their innocence. The author though tries to be unbiased in telling this story, obviously is siding with the parents and rightfully so. The evidence that was hushed up, the evidence that was changed, the evidence that was never collected all point to their innocence and yet court after court he [...]

    15. Debby on said:

      A chilling read of, once what I thought to be a "sensational" case, turned out to be a harrowing experience of how twisted the judicial system can be. A teenager who still has no peace even after dying, parents who still hope for a miracle to shatter the false accusations thrown on them, indeed makes it an emotional experience of reading. The author certainly has done painstaking research, showing how India is from the ground!

    16. Hiran Venugopalan on said:

      A sharp, detailed, clean, no-shit no fiction note on Nodia Double murder case.

    17. Saurabh Sharma on said:

      This is a wonderfully well documented and researched book on the shocking and extremely high profile double murder of 14 year old Aarushi and her servant Hemraj. The book to its great credit lays down in a coherent,detailed and lucid manner the entire case history including sensitive information used as evidence that was previously not easily available or accessible in the public domain. It is indeed a work of great labour, persistence and pain by the author and one which deserves the highest re [...]

    18. Anindya on said:

      Written by a journalist, you would expect that the account would be impartial. It is not. The tone is clearly sympathetic to the convicted Talwars. But it is also evident that the investigating agency and the judge were perversely biased against them. Bias of a journalist is of measure zero when compared to the bias of a system that is supposed to deliver justice to a nation of over a billion.I would have liked the book better if Sen had been completely objective and impartial in his iteration o [...]

    19. Ranveer on said:

      Name of the book: AarushiGenre: Non-fictionI generally do not read non-fiction. I picked this one up anyway, being intrigued by the description of the case on . Turns out, this isn't one. Written like a thriller, this book will get you hooked. You think our country's judicial system is messed up? It is. This book tells you just how messed up it is. Many argue that this book is written entirely from the standpoint of Talwars, the parents who have been accused of their 13-year old's murder. Maybe [...]

    20. P A Sivachander on said:

      Avirook Sen has taken painstaking attempt to cast light on the infamous Aarushi - Hemraj case which became a sensation in the year 2008 thanks to the media. this book is a must read for everyone who ought to know the current situation of our age old jurisdiction system. the one thing the author has tried to instill in our minds is that the Talwars are not guilty. I too have come to a partial conclusion that they are not guilty too. this book displays how careless investigations of the case took [...]

    21. Bharath Ramakrishnan on said:

      I rarely watch the movie before the book on a subject. But in this case I watched the movie Talvar before reading this book. Should you read the book if you have watched the movie already - I certainly recommend it.Avirook Sen's book Aarushi is filled with facts, and also has very good analysis. The sad part of course is other than the bungling in the initial stages of the investigation, is the determination of the CBI second team to pursue a line of thought even if the evidence is not quite the [...]

    22. Dilshad on said:

      'This case is all about what India looks like from the ground' - Avirook Sen.The infamous murders of Aarushi and Hemraj wrecked havoc in the lives of the Talwars.Avirook Sen, without personal bias or assumptions, painstakingly documents the events that followed the incident and the harrowing experiences faced by the Talwars who were convicted of murdering their daughter and servant, seven years ago.A case sensationalized by the unscrupulous media, highlights the utter depraved state of the judic [...]

    23. Tushar Kulkarni on said:

      Classic case study of what happens when media, bureaucracy and judiciary creates one impression in mind and act accordingly. This book doesn't give an answer of murder mystery but shows what factors lead to the conclusion. If you are thinking why should I read this book if already movie is released then you are right. No need to read this book but if you want to know how investigation done and how was court trial in this particular case then it is definitely good read. The book is divided into t [...]

    24. Nisha Agarwal on said:

      I am not into reading thrillers, but because Arushi-Hemraj murder case was a high profile Indian case which left almost every Indian question about the law & order in the country and also about the society we live in, i HAD to read it. The cover itself is very heartbreaking, blood splattered all over and covered with plastic to make it more appealing, it hurt! And the story hurts too. Avirook sen has done an excellent job in bringing out the minute details of the investigations, trials and t [...]

    25. Taran Sikka on said:

      At one point I had lost faith in Indian authors then I came across this. Engaging and gripping as it is, the novel gives a deeper and unbiased view on the infamous Aarushi-Hemraj double murder case. This novel is not a regular Whodunit novel. It's more about who has not done it. It depicts the sorry state the CBI and the judiciary is in. A story of fabricated evidences and stories spun around it. The book gives unbiased accounts of everyone involved in the investigation and trial. It also depict [...]

    26. Gayatri on said:

      Last year Talvar movie was released and that time everyone was talking about Aarushi murder case again. I came across this book when I was searching for details of Aarushi case on the internet. This book is truly unbiased account of the case and if the actual authorities were as thorough and unbiased as Avirook Sen, Talwars wouldn't be in jail right now.Reading this book was really hard and emotional.I have immense respect for Avirook Sen's hard work.

    27. Sharmilee Patel on said:

      "There are crimes that are quite simple to open up. There are crimes that are difficult to open up and there are some crimes that are in between that never get opened up even if they are simple cases. This is one of those."~ Vijay Shankar, Former CBI director (From Aarushi by Avirook Sen)Simply awesome book on much discussed Arushi -Hemraj double murder case. All points are very well portrayed.

    28. Aakshey Talwar on said:

      Sheds some light on the conspiracy by the beaurocracy against the innocent family.The conspiracy by the beaurocracy, government and the media has been really deep at every level and all of them have been working hand in glove to please the other's butt. Nevertheless, this book does shed some light on the truth and proves the innocence of the family.

    29. GRV on said:

      AARUSHIRating 3/5The book is divided into three parts1.Investigation2.Trial 3.Dasna Diaries1st & 3rd parts are good.Felt little bit bored in the middle of part 2 with unnecessary details of characters.Other than that worth reading about the real incidents.

    30. Ashok Rajagopal on said:

      I am not criticising the form or the content of the book. I am criticising the intention of the book. It is every bit the same that it intends to accuse the system of - biased , judgmental and not allowing for reasonable doubt.

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