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Pepper Pace

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Wheels of Steel Book 4

Wheels of Steel Book Pepper Pace s long awaited fourth book in the Wheels of Steel saga finds Robin and Jason reunited after a betrayal that Robin could not forgive Too much drinking partying and drug use leaves Robin wi

  • Title: Wheels of Steel Book 4
  • Author: Pepper Pace
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 210
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Pepper Pace s long awaited fourth book in the Wheels of Steel saga finds Robin and Jason reunited after a betrayal that Robin could not forgive Too much drinking, partying and drug use leaves Robin with wavering control And Jason has vowed that no matter what, he will never again lose the woman he loves Their tentative reunion is put to a test when tragedy requires themPepper Pace s long awaited fourth book in the Wheels of Steel saga finds Robin and Jason reunited after a betrayal that Robin could not forgive Too much drinking, partying and drug use leaves Robin with wavering control And Jason has vowed that no matter what, he will never again lose the woman he loves Their tentative reunion is put to a test when tragedy requires them to travel to Japan where Robin is finally forced to face the one person whose betrayal she cannot forgive In book four Pepper Pace brings together the entire Wheels of Steel crew along with new players as well as new betrayals On the edge of becoming famous the Wheels of Steel crew have to navigate the Japanese nightlife, partying, drugs, the Yakuza all with the backdrop of their creative music Warning This book is intended for adult readers only and contains graphic language and sex All characters are 18 EXCERPT After a nine hour flight the plane finally landed at Haneda Airport in Tokyo Jason grimaced when he stood His body felt stiff and he was just grateful for a flight with no layovers thank you James Edelson He and Robin were allowed to be the first to disembark and Mr Edelson said that there would be a car waiting for them Jason had earned a jab to the arm when he advised Mr Edelson to make sure the car was big enough to accommodate Robin s entire luggage Robin was just happy that she had packed as much as she had She had looked at the prices in Tokyo and she would not be going on any shopping sprees As the two made their way to the terminal Robin saw a sign that said simply WOS, being held over the head of a young Asian man that looked like a teenager Is that us she asked as she began to walk in that direction Jason caught her hand No Mr Edelson is over here Robin turned and saw that indeed, the neatly dressed white haired man was waiting for them with a broad smile Robin then noticed that there were other people holding signs over their heads Some said Top, some said Wheels of Steel and a few signs read Soul Horizon, which was the name of the first collaboration album between Wheels of Steel and Akita Tom Robin stared with her mouth agape until Jason tugged her arm and urgently whisked her in the direction of Mr Edelson who quickly boarded them into a mobile luggage cart A driver in uniform was already behind the wheel A moment later a girl screamed TOP It s Top By then they were already driving away Jason and Robin craned their necks at the twenty or so teens that were trying to catch sight of them Uniformed security kept the fans from chasing the cart Robin looked at Jason who was equally as surprised Jeez, she said, Did you know you had groupies Jason s mouth was still open as he shook his head J just said that there would be a luggage cart waiting so that I wouldn t have to try to navigate through the crowd Mr Edelson placed a hand on Jason s shoulder We have no idea how they figured out which flight you were arriving on We got Belinda and Peter through easily with only a few fans waiting in the terminal Mr Edelson didn t seem surprised that there were fans waiting for Jason as he gave a quick glance at the disappearing throng of yelling people Jason looked at Mr Edelson J, maybe we should go back so that I can sign some autographs Mr Edelson smiled No, that s not a good idea You can sign autographs at the events that way we ll have the adequate security available Security Robin thought, still in a state of disbelief Jason wasn t a shooting star He was already a star.

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    One thought on “Wheels of Steel Book 4

    1. Marviette on said:

      I was so happy to read this installment. However, I felt like I waited forever for a book that did not really move the story forward. Two main characters who just got back together never attempted to work through their issues. Robin and Y's budding relationship was annoying b/c I did not find it realistic or necessary. Is this payback? There are so many relationship stressors to choose from, why that one? Robin kept saying she had changed, I kept waiting for her to show me how mature she was and [...]

    2. Ladee Jagger on said:

      Interesting!!!This book was different from the others, BUT I loved Y's story. he was a mysterious character and I enjoyed it. more importantly, I look forward to Top/Robin's next journey.

    3. Erica on said:

      I have a lot of mixed feelings with this installment. Mainly because Robin & Y. (I will come back with more details later.) But I am interested to see where this will go. Hopefully the author won't take as long to put part five out.

    4. Dragonpoetikfly BlackHippyPoet310 Poetry on said:

      This was the best installment of the series!! More drama,romance, and adventure!! I can't wait to book 5 comes out!!

    5. Avid Reader on said:

      Really enjoyed the other books in this series but found this installment very lacking. If I didn't enjoy this author's body of work this book would actually be a 1-star book.The two main characters didn't really grow, there was no real plot, and there were too many storylines left unfinished. It is a slow moving book probably because the author doesn't have much to say. Also, some proofreading and editing would have helped with reading this book.We know from previous books that Robin was Jason's [...]

    6. Tamara on said:

      The band is back together again and I loved Every bit of it! Now I am waiting to see where this thing with Y and Robin will go. Glad to see that Robin has matured a bit and that whole Georgia Reign singing scene was EVERYTHING Robin was giving them all something that they were not ready for! Jason absolutely loves Robin, almost unhealthily.Robin and Amberly made their peace with each other. Robin and Belinda's relationship is stronger than ever.The whole Yakuza angle was a different one and a li [...]

    7. Samantha on said:

      Drama in JapanReally love this series. It's really different. I love the drama and romance. In this book i think all them are getting caught up in the fame. Being in the lime light will test them all. Robin and Jason are good together and I love how they are growing independently and together. Belinda, I think something is going on with her. I think she depressed but trying to put on a brave face for her friends. I still don't trust Amberly but I do feel bad she married a man who she might not b [...]

    8. Helen Bowen on said:

      Enjoyable read, nice catching up with Jason, Robin & Crew!I love this series. I will always want to know about my friends. I want to be there as they grow and experience all that life has in store for them! Jason & Robin have my heart and I can't wait for the next installment! I got a feeling Y will be a favorite new mafia king juggling good, evil & his feelings of finally belonging!

    9. Robyn on said:

      4 stars because I kinda got lost with the music group and things in Japan but quickly got caughtck up with the relationship Y and Robin formed. I wrong that I kinda wanted them to pursue their curiosities.m waiting on book 5

    10. Luv_a_good_story on said:

      Nice to hear from old friends. The plot was not what I expected, very interesting,

    11. Genney Blass on said:

      I have read 1-3, now I was ecstatic, about this book, but the beginning was good, then, the middle was wow, okay, great, but the ending is like dayum. WTH!, Still a fan

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