Shadows and Secrets

Kieron Gillen Salvador Larroca Adi Granov

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Shadows and Secrets

Shadows and Secrets Bounty Hunters on the attack against the Empire Vader has a new mission to do for the Empire Unfortunately it s completely at odds with his own mission What s a Dark Lord to do Plus Who is Tagge s my

  • Title: Shadows and Secrets
  • Author: Kieron Gillen Salvador Larroca Adi Granov
  • ISBN: 9780785192565
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bounty Hunters on the attack against the Empire Vader has a new mission to do for the Empire Unfortunately, it s completely at odds with his own mission What s a Dark Lord to do Plus Who is Tagge s mysterious new agent COLLECTING Darth Vader 7 12.

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      343 Kieron Gillen Salvador Larroca Adi Granov
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    One thought on “Shadows and Secrets

    1. Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin on said:

      Still loving these graphics and the story line. This second Vol and the first Vol are on Kindle Unlimited for those that have it. I am very much enjoying these books and will add the real paperbacks to my collection. Fin

    2. Alejandro on said:

      Darth Vader’s secret schemes continue!I got this storyarc on its single comic book issues but I chose to make the review using this TPB edition to make a better overall review. The story is set after the events of “Star Wars IV: A New Hope” but before the events of “Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back”. This TPB edition contains from the title of “Star Wars: Darth Vader” #7-12 in its new Marvel Canonic run.Creative Team:Writer: Keiron GillenIllustrator: Salvador LarrocaVISIT TATOO [...]

    3. Bookdragon Sean on said:

      BEWARE STAR WARS FANS! BEWARE LORD VADER!FOR A NEW ENEMY RISESHOLD! IT’S GENERAL ACKBAR-GREVIOUS! I scared you didn’t I? I can’t stop laughing at this guy. He actually thinks that he is going to kill Lord Vader and become the new dark power in the galaxy. Seriously though, this is pathetic. I mean fair enough on a character level he may be delusional, but I feel like in terms of the plot, this guy is actually being set up as Vader’s nemesis. I mean come on. Look at him. Look at him. In w [...]

    4. Kemper on said:

      It’s hard out here for a Sith Lord…Like the other current Marvel Star Wars titles this is set between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Darth Vader is on the Emperor’s shit list for the destruction of the Death Star. Vader now has to answer to another Imperial officer, and the Emperor has been grooming a group of dangerous candidates to be his potential replacement someday. Now Vader has discovered that the Force-strong pilot who blew up the Death Star real good is named Skywalker wh [...]

    5. Sam Quixote on said:

      May The 4th Be With You! What is it with Kieron Gillen and armoured characters? After thoroughly trashing Iron Man with his (overlong) run, he’s now doing the same with Darth Vader - someone stop him! Vader now knows Luke is his son who is on the path to becoming a Jedi - but doesn’t do a whole helluva lot with that knowledge (and can’t because of the big confrontation that takes place in Empire and this is set between A New Hope and Empire). Nevertheless he continues his clandestine plans [...]

    6. Trish on said:

      Another great volume about Darth Vader, bad-guy supreme!In this volume we get more of Vader's chase for the location of his son. We also get more of the cat-and-mouse game that had already started in book #1. There are some rivals pitted against Vader by Palpatine - though I'm not sure why because I can't imagine Palpatine actually thinking they could ever replace someone like Vader. Moreover, the human general is still Vader's boss, strictly speaking, and pairing him up with yet another adjutan [...]

    7. Sesana on said:

      Still really solid. This story kind of dragged on a bit towards the end, but it was still more than interesting enough to keep the pages turning. I'm still unconvinced about this Aphra character. I really like her and her murder droids, but I still don't feel like she really belongs in the Darth Vader comic. Now, give Aphra her own book, or make her a supporting character in one of the other Star Wars comics, and I'm all for that. But especially in this volume, when she and Vader are very rarely [...]

    8. Gianfranco Mancini on said:

      Maybe this volume is just as not good as previous one, storyline is essentially an "heist movie" in Star Wars universe, evil versions of fan favourite characters popping out of nowhere more and more start being too much cheesy and ridicolous (but for Triple 0 and Bt-1 that I just love!), but I'm still liking very much how Gillen totally nailed Vader's character and a few of his moments and scenes here depicted are just some of his best ones ever.Aphra and Thanoth (imagine Sherlock Holmes played [...]

    9. Raoofa Ibrahim on said:

      actual rating :3.5 Vader is trying to find Luke without letting anyone know! the illustrations were really good but there are things I didn't understand such as (view spoiler)[ how inspector Thanoth didn't expect that maybe Vader was behind the robbery?! it's really obvious! (hide spoiler)]

    10. Paul on said:

      While I still really enjoyed this book (the artwork is amazing and Gillen really nails Vader's 'voice'), I didn't get as much out of it as I did the first volume. It seemed a little meandering, as if it wasn't a story in its own right but was rather building up to something Oh, wait! What's that on the last page? 'To be continued in 'Vader Down'?For fuck's sake, Marvel! You're even going to start putting crossover 'events' in your Star Wars books now?I'm going to go and have a little cry now

    11. Andrew on said:

      I still hate Larroca's artwork, and parts of the "Vader investigates himself" plot are silly, but Gillen is making the most of his exploration of the odd corners of the Star Wars universe, and his original character Dr. Aphra is more interesting than any of the characters in any of the new Star Wars movies. Plus, the evil version of C-3PO still makes me laugh every time.

    12. Matthew on said:

      To check out all my reviews: dancinginth3darkDisclaimer: I read the individual comics.When it comes to Star Wars comics, I believe Vader is by far one of the best that Marvel has produced and while it maintain a level of authenticity and kept my captivation I felt like this volume showcased a wimpy version of this mysterious and evil Vader that we have come to love and appreciate. With the events of the previous volume, we learn that Vader knows that Luke Skywalker is the one who destroyed the D [...]

    13. Donovan on said:

      Hmm. I didn't like this as much as Volume 1. In Volume 1, Vader was trying to prove himself to Palpatine following his failure with the Death Star blowing up and the rebels getting away, he was nostalgic, he was heartbroken over Padme, he was powerful but exhibiting self-doubt. It was a humanistic portrayal meanwhile Vader searched for "the missing pilot" with Doctor Aphra, and he had suspicions of the pilot's importance and connection to the Force, i.e. Luke his son. This is nothing like Volume [...]

    14. Erin the Avid Reader ⚜BFF's with the Cheshire Cat⚜ on said:

      The only character in this compendium I found interesting was Triple-Zero, the protocol droid that specialized in torture who possessed a psychopathic personae. (can you put those two words together)?He's genuinely the only one I found fascinating, and I would love to see a graphic novel written solely about him.The rest ist good. The main villain who wants to usurp the power away from Darth Vader looks likes a garish amalgamation of Admiral Ackbar and General Grievous. His plans are also nonsen [...]

    15. Matthew Quann on said:

      Unfortunately, the second collection (issues #7-12) of Darth Vader don't live up to the excitement promised by the first instalment. Gillen continues to be a good fit for the most famous Sith of them all, but he spends a great deal of his time with Vader's supporting cast. This is not to say that they aren't interesting, it's just that I expected a lot more Sith-ing and less intrigue in this volume.Though the story in this one wasn't incredible, it is really the art that drags this book through [...]

    16. Jordan on said:

      New Star Wars comics! No time to chat!Still reeling from the revelation that the pilot who destroyed the Death Star is named Skywalker, Darth Vader redoubles his efforts to track him down off the books. For that, however, he's going to need funds. Staging a heist is easy. Getting away with it is less socially when he's partnered with a genius investigator and ordered to solve the crime at all costs! Vader is soon forced to play a deadly game, one in which his catspaw Dr. Aphra may just become a [...]

    17. Alex Sarll on said:

      Part of what I love about this series is that it reminds me how comics used to be. Vader's new supporting cast develop, he plays a dangerous game going up against the Empire on a mission of his own, we finally see the other side of the Luke/father revealbut at the heart of it all, Vader remains Vader. His personality doesn't get flipped by a MacGuffin. His identity isn't assumed by one of his mates. Reworks and gimmicks are for the lesser characters; the really iconic* ones can stand just fine w [...]

    18. Robert on said:

      Not quite as epic as the previous volume, though we get to learn a bit more about Dr Aphra's backstory and watch Vader scheming and spinning plates in his quest to be first to a certain Tatooine-farmboy-turned-rebel-pilot whose name eludes me

    19. Jordan Lahn on said:

      Dr Aphra is an interesting and likeable addition to the Star Wars universe, and her interactions with Vader are skillfully handled. Hard to root for Vader when he's slaughtering Rebels, but it's fun watching him deal with corrupt Imperial elements.

    20. Lance Shadow on said:

      So I foundVol. 1: Vader to be quite awesome. (review here: /review/show). It had a compelling story, some excellent new characters, and wonderful artwork. And after seeing the progress Marvel's other major comic series, Star Wars, made withShowdown on the Smuggler's Moon, I was hyped to continue this series. After an incredible first volume I was really looking forward to seeing how the story would continue and the characters would develop. After reading it though. I was pretty dissapointedE STO [...]

    21. Stephanie on said:

      I liked this one way more than the first!!! The story is really interesting- I like watching Vader try to sabotage everyone else while accomplishing his own plans. Aphra was more interesting and likeable here, too.

    22. Stephen Paul Thomas on said:

      Good story nice drawingI enjoyed it, quality drawing, some characters are not good enough for this level but still like it. I will buy the next one.

    23. Dimitris on said:

      What the stars are saying. It was ok. Was expecting more. You can't expect me to like a Darth Vader title after all this time, also being back to Marvel with the whole franchise, and to barely have any Vader in it, all the while I'm forced to read about this con-artist kinda girl who's boring as hell and has nothing interesting to tell me.Anyway, since I've already started the next "chapter" in all of this, and also the Vader Down arc, I'll say this, read it just for the heck of it, because what [...]

    24. Chris Lemmerman on said:

      Darth Vader's struggle against his master's chains continues as he tries to discover the whereabouts of Luke Skywalker before the rest of the Empire - but when his investigation (with the aid of Doctor Aphra and her murder-droids) collides with the investigation he's actually meant to be heading up, things get a littleexplosive.Circles within circles, wheels within wheels in this volume as Vader's true motives and the motives he wants to communicate to the Emperor collide; Kieron Gillen layers t [...]

    25. DarkChaplain on said:

      While I quite enjoyed the ride as a whole, there are a lot of things about this series, and especially this story arc, that I do not like.Simply put, it adds a lot of unneeded complexity and characters to the time between episodes IV and V of Star Wars. Most of these characters aren't just reminiscent of others from the movies, like General Grievous, Chewie, R2 or C3PO - they're really in-your-face with it. It felt a lot like ticking off boxes as to what readers may expect to see, while invertin [...]

    26. Travis Duke on said:

      The empire is cunning but Vader is always one step ahead. In this volume we see the continuation of Vader stealthily playing along with the empire while fulfilling his own goals. The empire is hot on the track of hunting down the Rebels, looking for the pilot who took down the death star, and searching for a thief who took a large sum of funds in transit. Little do they know Vader is double crossing them in a brilliant way while appeasing them. I have to give Gillen credit he really weaved a gre [...]

    27. Joe on said:

      "Star Wars: Darth Vader, Vol. 2: Shadows and Secrets" continues this series surprisingly effective streak. Vader, his archeologist helper and his two killer droids plan an Ocean's 11 type heist where they steal credits from the Empire in order to finance Vader's secret plans. The heist goes off without a hitch but the Empire assigns a special investigator to work with Vader to figure out who took the credits! The investigator is no slouch either, immediately putting Vader back on his heels.The a [...]

    28. Sorina on said:

      I liked it almost as much as the first volume. I think, more than anything, I am rating this based on an emotional response - I like Dr. Aphra and Vader's relationship, I like the juxtaposition of the flashbacks, I like how Vader's desperately trying to uncover the secret behind Padme's death. It's also an interesting time for Darth Vader's character because he's not the Vader we saw in A New Hope anymore, but he is not yet the Vader we see in Return of the Jedi either. He's in this grey in betw [...]

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