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Gigi Une histoire de la naissance de la f minit et de l amour le chef d uvre de Colette r v le l emprise de l auteur de la politique de relations Avec la musique le th tre et le charme du fran ais fl chi

  • Title: Gigi
  • Author: Colette
  • ISBN: 9782253002840
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback
  • Une histoire de la naissance de la f minit et de l amour, le chef d uvre de Colette r v le l emprise de l auteur de la politique de relations Avec la musique, le th tre et le charme du fran ais fl chie, cette histoire nous montre la formation de la courtisane Gigi.

    • Unlimited [Comics Book] ☆ Gigi - by Colette ë
      382 Colette
    • thumbnail Title: Unlimited [Comics Book] ☆ Gigi - by Colette ë
      Posted by:Colette
      Published :2018-012-27T11:51:55+00:00

    One thought on “Gigi

    1. Madeline on said:

      Darling, so good to see you! How was Monte Carlo?Oh, just delightful. I mean, this is turn-of-the-century France and I'm a woman, so I got to watch people have fun. It was great. So what did I miss while I was gone?Oh my god, I have to tell you the news. You know Gaston Lachaille?The sugar heir? I'd like him to give me some sugar, if you know what I mean.No, shut up, I have the best worst news ever. He's getting married.Married? So his mistress finally locked that down. Good for her.It's even be [...]

    2. Teresa Proença on said:

      "Colette é de cair de cu."António Lobo Antunes Lobo Antunes como romancista tem um estilo tão enredado que me parte a cabeça; como homem "comum" é de uma simplicidade que me encanta e subjuga. Aquela frase, tão expressiva embora pouco literária, foi como um rastilho que me atirou para os montes de livros à procura da minha Gigi, o qual comprei por achar curioso ter tradução de José Saramago, mas que arrumei e esqueci.Os três contos (diria pequenos romances) incluídos nesta edição [...]

    3. TheSkepticalReader on said:

      I hate to call this “cute”, but it is a rather charming story. And ah the lovely writing. Such a delight, dear Colette.

    4. Laura on said:

      A lovely novella written by Colette.The book tells the funny story of a teenager who lives with her Grandmamma and Aunt Alicia. She is raised in order to become a stylist "coquette". And then Gaston comes up: is she going to marry him or not?A movie Gigi (1958) was made based on this book. Starring: Leslie Caron, Maurice Chevalier, Louis Jourdan. Directed by Vincent Minelli.According to Wiki Colette is directly credited with the discovery of a young, unknown Audrey Hepburn, whom the elder chose [...]

    5. Roman Clodia on said:

      Adorable ingénue meets eligible sugar millionaireThis story has been told so many times before, in different times, and in different registers from Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre to Georgette Heyer and, er, 50 Shades of Grey - but this has to be one of my favourites.Set in 1899 in the Parisian démi-monde, Gilberte (Gigi) is almost 16: all unwitting charm and raw beauty, she is totally unselfconscious as she romps with Gaston Lachaille, 33 year old friend of the family - and the most eligibl [...]

    6. Greg on said:

      Kind of a like Proust, if Proust had been into satisfying men, oh wait, that might not do. Ok, how about this. Kind of like Proust if you were finding out how Albertine was being groomed to be the way she was, well not all the ways she is, but the ways she is when she's around Marcel. I really liked this, there is something nice about turn of the century-ish era French society things. I have no idea if this is a whole story, or an excerpt from something else. It bothers me not to know, but not e [...]

    7. Karen Powell on said:

      At first appearances, the short novella is cute, light fare seeped in the richness of the Gilded Age in France. It soon turns into a witty satire of love and relationships. [return][return]Raised by her grandmother, Gigi is a girl on the verge of womanhood who is being primed for a life as a courtesan. She comes from generations of courtesans, with their own moral system and rules, of which Gigi must learn in her lessons with her Aunt Alicia. The hypocricy and silliness of these lessons is not l [...]

    8. Sophia Orachunwong-Pochet on said:

      Although I recognize this is beautifully written and a great depiction of an odd society from a (not so) ancient time, I was very surprised to discover the general acknowledgement of this novel as a "love story". A 15 yo girl is to marry her 33 yo "uncle"d the back cover says "Colettes happiest novel", leading to both a romantic movie and musical. I hope the true meaning of the story is a bit more sarcastic

    9. Manny on said:

      15 year old Gigi is being groomed to become a courtesan. I loved the following passage, where her tante Alicia, a great courtesan herself in her day, is evaluating Gigi's chances with her usual objectivity:- Fais attention à ce que je te dis : tu peux plaire. Tu as un petit nez impossible, une bouche sans style, les pommettes un peu moujikes- Oh! tante! gémit Gilberte.- mais tu as de quoi t'en tirer avec les yeux, les cils, les dents et les cheveux, si tu n'es pas complètement idiote. Et pou [...]

    10. Somya on said:

      I read it in English so I may not have been able to grasp all the substantial details which otherwise would've proven to be an advantage. However, 15 year old Gigi was perfectly charming in her ways and I think it's kind of wonderful how Colette could inculcate such humour while still trying to create a vital story with a character individualistically independent of all that was conventional and prudish at that time. The only problem I have with this book and the author is that it was so particu [...]

    11. Mom on said:

      It's amazing that they made such a fabulous musical from this book! It was a quick read and a nice collector's item. I would read it again.

    12. João on said:

      O conto que dá o título ao livro, Gigi, é verdadeiramente delicioso, cativante, com uma bela descrição do que era ser uma adolescente casadoira que não nasceu em berço de oiro na sociedade parisiense de finais do século XIX.Os dois restantes contos são interessantes, sendo o segundo, O Menino Doente, uma espécie de ensaio de escrita criativa sobre as emoções de um rapazito paralítico, e o segundo, A Senhora do Fotógrafo, um texto perspicaz sobre a vida (e a morte) do ponto de vista [...]

    13. Elise on said:

      Being very familiar with the musical based on this short story, I was curious to see what the original was like. I was surprised by how closely the film followed the text, at times down to the very dialogue. The most notable differences were the presence of Gigi's mother as a character and the absence of Gaston's uncle Honore. I liked the written version very much. The overall message of the story is so beautiful and I appreciated the complex relationships it manages to present in so few pages, [...]

    14. Nan on said:

      What a lovely story, but not for the reason so many people seem to latch onto. I don't agree that this one has a happy ending, particularly (SPOILER) given Colette's own views on marriage. Honestly, I'd be disappointed if the ending were cut and dried and cute (like the musical adaptation) and not a tad bit ambiguous. The characters are so delicately observed, and the details take you directly to a bygone Paris, where the last of the courtesans try to make sense of the changing world. Sweet and [...]

    15. Louise on said:

      J’ai enfin découvert Colette et je suis heureuse d'avoir laissé mes préjugés de côté. Pour moi Colette, c'était la femme canaille du début du siècle, une gouailleuse romanesque qui ne s'en laissait pas compter, une femme multi talents, célèbre pour avoir piétiné beaucoup de conventions de son époque sans s'excuser d'être ce qu'elle est.La Colette femme de lettres m'intriguait, elle devait être rigolote et pittoresque, un peu frivole et attachante. Elle est bien plus que ça. Je [...]

    16. Louise on said:

      Je n'ai pas beaucoup aimé ce texte n'ai trouvé ni Gigi ni les autres personnages d'être les personnages sympas. L'oncle me perturbe. Le cadre de ce romain, c'est ce que j'ai adoré! Si vous aimez la culture française, et particulièrement celle de cette époque, ce petit romain mérite une lecture, mais féministes: attention! Ne lisez pas cette histoire en tenant l'espoir qu'elle engendrera une catharsis qui réchauffe le coeur

    17. Lara on said:

      This is an intimate study of the training of a young woman to be a mistress in 1899 Paris. The movie Gigi captures nearly all of the dialogue, and adds some scenes from Gaston's perspective, as well as that of his uncle. I really enjoyed the story, but was glad that I have seen the movie because it made it much easier to picture the scenes described, as it was truly a different world.

    18. Latosha on said:

      Timeless. That is this book. I recently told my younger sister to read this book to understand the who, and whys in life. Did she want to be the courtesan or the wifey. I think young ladies should read this book so they can identify what role they want to play in their long term relationships. I know it is a stretch but when applied to modern living this book is timeless.

    19. Chiara on said:

      Ho comprato questo libricino perché conosco a memoria lo spettacolo teatrale, che adoro. Alla fine non mi ha dato molto di più di quanto viene raccontato nello spettacolo. Comunque la scrittura risulta piacevole.

    20. Anne on said:

      Precioso. Inolvidable.Inolvidable la frase de Gigi: "Prefiero ser desgraciada contigo, que desgraciada sin ti". Taaan bonito.Ojalá pudiera encontrarlo, me encantaría releerlo otra vez (lo habré hecho unas 5 veces).

    21. Iris on said:

      Very straightforward, but no less entertaining than the delightful musical. Colette is brilliant and sweet, though I don't think she intended to be the latter.

    22. Elizabeth on said:

      I'm cheating somewhat, because it turns out the actual story of Gigi is only about 60 pages so my edition had a bunch of shorter stories after the main one, but I decided to stop reading once I finished the main novella because making myself read Colette in the first place was an awful chore and I just couldn't keep doing it to myself.For French learners reading in French: as I mentioned before, Colette's writing doesn't have any complicated grammar but she uses a lot of vocabulary that can be u [...]

    23. Meghan Edmonds on said:

      This is a novella, not a book. Probably would be better in French. Nice twist at the end. Colette's writing has to be taken in the context of the period she wrote in. Seems a bit stiff to us in 2013 but was racy for her day. She thrives on description and my copy included the short story "the Cat" which was more interesting although the protagonist was not a character you could embrace. I suspect these were written before her Claudine series and I see elements of Claudine in the character of Cam [...]

    24. Diana Cramer on said:

      Charming story, but also surprisingly dark, especially if one compares it to the delightful movie with Leslie Caron.

    25. Nicole on said:

      It is a short quick cute romance centered around a family and Paris. It could be a very good book, however by the time you actually really get into the characters the story is almost over. It would have been a wonderful romantic story centered around an eccentric family who live in Paris if it was longer and more in depth. But since it isn't it reads more of a short version or summary of a story something like sparknotes, except with more detail. What I had expected the novel to be it did become [...]

    26. Andrea on said:

      This short story was, well, odd! As a short story, it doesn't take the time to really get into the characters too much. As a result, it really did feel like coming into the story "en media res". If I hadn't seen the movie, I would have been a little lost. It is hard enough to get passed the idea that a 15.5 year old girl would be ready to marry or otherwise, but times have changed. The whole idea of her being either a "kept woman" e.g. a courtesan or married is sort of lost in the short story. B [...]

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