Snail and Worm: Three Stories About Two Friends

Tina Kugler

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Snail and Worm: Three Stories About Two Friends

Snail and Worm Three Stories About Two Friends Combining deceptively simple art with clever wordplay Snail and Worm told in three comical episodic shorts and ranging in topic from adventuring to having pets will have both girls and boys delighti

  • Title: Snail and Worm: Three Stories About Two Friends
  • Author: Tina Kugler
  • ISBN: 9780544494121
  • Page: 465
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Combining deceptively simple art with clever wordplay, Snail and Worm told in three comical, episodic shorts and ranging in topic from adventuring to having pets will have both girls and boys delighting in the friends silly antics, making it a perfect book for readers transitioning between picture books and chapter books.

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      465 Tina Kugler
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    One thought on “Snail and Worm: Three Stories About Two Friends

    1. Erica on said:

      Online reviews are comparing these two new friends to Frog & Toad, Elephant & Piggy, and George & Martha and those reviews aren't wrongbut they're not quite right, either.Like those delightful BFFs, these two garden-variety bugs hang out and do things that are unintentionally funny. In this case, however, Snail is rather dim. Maybe just misunderstood. It might have an artistic soul. Worm is patient and encouraging. Or maybe also dim. Or maybe just the straightman (although worm! They [...]

    2. Julie on said:

      Snail and Worm are two great friends in the tradition of Frog and Toad or George and Martha. These deceptively simple stories are clever and honestly laugh-out-loud funny. The twists are satisfying and exceedingly smile-inducing. Kugler's happy green and bright orange-brown color palette are inviting and cheerful, and the facial expressions on the characters are hilarious. Highly recommended as a read-aloud and as an early reader. Lots to talk about in terms of expectations and friendships. New [...]

    3. Michele Knott on said:

      Every once in awhile you come across an early chapter book that is smart. It's written for the intended audience so they will love reading and find it accessible. This is one.

    4. Lesley Burnap on said:

      Hysterical! The "learning-to-read" set will love this! (The characters sound just like them!) More books to come! YAY!

    5. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* on said:

      Kugler, Tina. Snail & Worm: Three Stories About Two Friends. PICTURE BOOK. Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt, 2016. $16.99.Snail is playing with a rock and a stick when Worm comes by. They become friends and Worm encourages Snail to climb a flower. Worm is very proud when Snail gets to the top, but how will he get down? In the last story, Snail and Worm introduce their pets, Worm’s pet named Sam (who is a dog) and Snail’s pet dog Rex (who is a spider). Fans of Mo Willem’s Elephant and Piggie [...]

    6. Kristin on said:

      I didn't get this book at all. Yes, there was some humor, but I felt it was more for the adults who would be reading this with their children, than it was for the kids. The first story didn't have an ending and the other two were just weird and goofy. There are much better picture books out there about friendship than this one.

    7. Lynn on said:

      Simple with overly simplified language. Story is told all in dialogue. It may require some guidance to help very young readers infer who is saying what. On most pages, the speech of Snail is in one color, and Worm's words are in another. But on some pages, the dialogue is printed in white when it's over the green grass.The three stories are funny; my favorite is "Snail's Adventure."

    8. Suburban Homeschooler on said:

      I find this book to have two charming characters, but the humor requires the reader to make lots of inferences from the pictures that the young readers it is aimed at can't make. The text length and vocabulary lends itself to preschool, but teachers would have to do lots of explaining to help the children "get" the jokes.

    9. Mandy Robek on said:

      One of my second grade readers recommended this to me and I love it. These two friends are cute adventures child will connect with and will make readers smile.

    10. Dain Frisby-Dart on said:

      Snail & Worm are so awesome. This is a fun read aloud, but I'm not sure but I'm not sure it would be so great as a beginning reader. There's not a lot of repetition and the words are not in giant bubbles or anything. Having said that, it's still a super fun read because the story, characters and illustrations themselves are so engaging! Adults will love reading this aloud and more advanced early readers will be able to have fun with this as well.

    11. Ashley Biles on said:

      Kugler, T. (2016) Snail and worm: Three stories about two friends. Boston, Massachusetts. HMH Books for Young Readers.This book is quite literally a book filled with three stories of two friends. This book could be really good for kids reading with an older adult to help them understand the puns throughout it. Such as when Worm has a pet dog that snail thinks is a spider and he is scared of it, but snails pet is an actual spider that he thinks is a dog.

    12. Lynn on said:

      Clever and silly fun for beginning readers. The illustrations are inviting and comedic with warm colors and provide the punch line for the jokes. Each very simple sentence has an accompanying illustration to aid contextual clues. This is one beginning reader that doesn't underestimate its audience. Kids love the device of knowing more than the characters and it works well here.

    13. Sandy Brehl on said:

      Utterly and completely delightful. This is the ultimate combination of picture book, first "chapter" book, easy reader at the earliest level, and laugh-out-loud stories. I was thrilled to see that this is only the first of more adventures to com for the charming friends, Snail and Worm, because kids will love this duo and devour their stories.

    14. Melissa Mcavoy on said:

      4 1/2 stars An enthusiastic snail and a more observant worm play games, face a challenge and find their missing pets. The humor lies in the gap between what snail thinks is going on and what worm and the reader know is true. (Young Reader)

    15. Beth on said:

      This was fun and quirky, and I can definitely see young kids enjoying it enough to make reading worthwhile. It didn't immediately worm itself deep into my hearth, though. Cool eyeballs on snail, I must say.

    16. Kathy on said:

      The sequel just won a Theodore Seuss Geisel Honor award. This easy reader is fun, which is very difficult with such a small vocabulary. Silliness for early readers.

    17. Steph on said:

      Adorable! =) A few different stories in one picture book, almost like a Bink and Gollie style. =)

    18. Michal Hope on said:

      It is SO funny (my 7 year old says). We thoroughly enjoyed reading this together. He laughed and laughed. Snail and Worm have a very unique way of speaking to each other.

    19. The Brothers on said:

      These are indeed three very silly stories about a snail and a worm and their misconception of the world around them.Illustrations are cute.

    20. Kayla on said:

      Cute & funny, a little bit reminiscent of the Elephant & Piggie series.

    21. Mary on said:

      This book is really silly - the characters are enjoyable and endearing, and the finale to each story will leave readers simultaneously groaning and giggling. So fun!

    22. Laura Perry on said:

      A simple story of two friends who have a way of making mundane things seem funny.

    23. Cat on said:

      Just read this one; very funny! The kiddos will love it!! Heck! The grown ups reading this to the little ones will enjoy a laugh, too! Cute illustrations and wonderful characters.

    24. Miss Sarah on said:

      Two new friends have three silly adventures. preshool and up for humor.

    25. Brian on said:

      Simple stories with clever humor, though the humor may appeal to an older audience than the stories themselves.

    26. Dawn Rutherford on said:

      Quite enjoyable! I especially liked worm's deadpan expressions.

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