I Swear I'll Make It Up to You

Mishka Shubaly

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I Swear I'll Make It Up to You

I Swear I ll Make It Up to You I Swear I ll Make It Up to You is Mishka Shubaly s apology for choices he wasn t sure he d live long enough to regret It is a story of drinking women punk rock and a journey so far down the low roa

  • Title: I Swear I'll Make It Up to You
  • Author: Mishka Shubaly
  • ISBN: 9781610395588
  • Page: 149
  • Format: Hardcover
  • I Swear I ll Make It Up to You is Mishka Shubaly s apology for choices he wasn t sure he d live long enough to regret It is a story of drinking, women, punk rock, and a journey so far down the low road that it took Shubaly years of running to come back.A misfit kid in the best of times, Shubaly had his world shattered when, in a 24 hour span in 1992, he survived a mass shI Swear I ll Make It Up to You is Mishka Shubaly s apology for choices he wasn t sure he d live long enough to regret It is a story of drinking, women, punk rock, and a journey so far down the low road that it took Shubaly years of running to come back.A misfit kid in the best of times, Shubaly had his world shattered when, in a 24 hour span in 1992, he survived a mass shooting on his school s campus, then learned that his parents were getting divorced After the departure of his father, a decorated rocket scientist, his remaining family soon lost their house In his first act to avenge the wrongs against his mother, Shubaly plunged into a 17 year love affair with alcohol.In this fiercely honest, emotional, and darkly witty book, Shubaly relives the best and worst of these adventures the disastrous events that fractured his life his imaginatively destructive romances his hot and cold career as a rock musician his travels across the country in search of meaning, drugs, and his family and the time he met his newborn nephew while tripping on cough syrup.I Swear I ll Make It Up to You is a memoir of a precocious young man trying to be good and failing and failing, and failing until, one day, he succeeds Taking a cab home one night after a bar fight, Shubaly decides to run five miles the next morning to retrieve his bike Thus begins a new, much healthier love affair with running, and eventually a new life And when Shubaly finally reunites with his distant father, he discovers the story of his childhood was radically different from what he d imagined Shubaly s muscular prose, big heart, and sharp humor inflect this grand story of mistakes, their consequences, and eventual redemption.

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    One thought on “I Swear I'll Make It Up to You

    1. Penny Schmuecker on said:

      I Swear I'll Make It Up To You is the story of Mishka Shubaly's 18 year battle with addiction and his ultimate triumph over the demons that should have killed him. This book reminded me of James Frey's A Million Little Pieces, a book that I actually liked in spite of the controversy surrounding his once-memoir, but later reclassified as a semi-fictional novel, that also dealt with addiction. For 18 years, Shubaly drank everything he could get his hands on and took every drug he could find. Like [...]

    2. Susan on said:

      Gritty putrid and hopeless Mishka manages to first almost destroy himself then miraculously save himself. From alcoholic addict to sober ultra runner. The raw honesty of this story is courageous and scary.

    3. Leanne Hengesbach on said:

      Initially I thought I would really like this book, but it was so repetitious--the same childhood stuff repeated over and again, the drinking and drugging years, the same stuff over and over. I'm surprised he could remember all this in such great detail. It felt like being on a long bender. As others have said, the character development of the many characters was really thin. His friends and family (except his father) (and especially the women) were like paper dolls. It sounds to me as though the [...]

    4. billy on said:

      There is often so much narcissism involved in the recovery process. And this book is definitely self-aware of that. But it also so often just bathes in it. Yet I feel like we end up on the right side together, being able to turn outward and see that there are people and sights around your view that are just as notable than another round of me vs. my self-pity. Also, describing the uglier elements of life and your low moments in the nastiest of details is not the same as keeping it real. Sometime [...]

    5. Serena on said:

      Shubaly reflects on how he fell into, then dug himself out of a deep group of addictions with candor and humor.wonderful, dark, self-loathing humor. Thru a series of misadventures, we learn what it feels like to be your own worst enemy. How bad does it have to get before we attempt change? The answer if you’re a stubborn punk is pretty bad. Circumventing the whole AA/NA route, he races out demons with a fairly brutal regimen. By the end of reading this, you’ll be ready to get off your own la [...]

    6. AmyLTK on said:

      THIS BOOK shot me straight in the heart in one of those ways that you aren't sure whether it is best to leave the dart, or pull it out. Beautifully and tragically honest, an ironic feast for those starving to hear the truths of life with addiction and then savoring the poison. My veins soaked up every word and they are still living with the effects.

    7. Crystal West on said:

      This was so raw and honest and human and vulnerable. It reminds me of that Hemingway quote "There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed" I really enjoyed 'The Long Run" because I like to run, but this surpasses that book by far. Mishka - thank you for sharing your trust and perfectly imperfect life with the world.

    8. Alison Simpson on said:

      I wanted to hug the author after reading this. He's been through hell and put himself through hell. It was very tough to read and I'm stoked that he found a higher place to stand. He is inspiring in his recovery journey, his running, and his straightforward and compassionate outlook on life.

    9. Bridget Quinn on said:

      If there's two things I'm a sucker for it's sports memoirs and addiction memoirs. Done & done in this one fabulous, rock n' roll, ultra-running, headlong sprint toward badass sobriety. What's there not to like?

    10. Emlymoor on said:

      I listened to this with Audible. It was very long- and depressing. But- in a way- worth it.

    11. BMK on said:

      It is well written and interesting, but I felt it dragged on a bit and for the last fifth or so I just wanted it to be done.

    12. Uros Abaz on said:

      I really enjoyed reading this book. Interesting life story and written in a very entertaining way.

    13. Elaine on said:

      I won a copy from .A memoir about addiction is nothing new. In fact, it was hard to keep reading because a part of me, less than 1/3 of the way in, felt just like the doctor in the clinic when the author shows up for a health eval: What the fuck are you doing with your life?Surviving a broken family is not new (newsflash: most families aren’t intact so get over it, you’re not the only one.) Surviving a school shooting isn’t conducive to one’s mental health, either. But I felt the author [...]

    14. Stephen on said:

      When oh when will allow 1/2 stars? I would love to give I Swear I'll Make It Up to You 3.5 stars. It is funny, disturbing, thought provoking and well worth reading for those with a taste for true stories of personal redemption, particularly stories of those people whose lives are rooted in the literary and/or musical arts and whose recovery is without a basis in religion or the twelve step programs. Shubaly's path from a despair filled and Bukowski like level of alcohol and drug abuse is found [...]

    15. K2 ----- on said:

      A gritty memoir, very well-written, and worth reading.86% of women in prison are victims of child abuse, it can be said it is "the gift that keeps on giving." As this story unfolds you will see that in this man's life it is the gift that keeps on giving too. Some would say that the carnage that transpires in his life may be rooted in abuse. The way he treated others around him way into his adulthood, not to mention his own body and spirit was a result of past abuse.Shubaly, who evidently is a st [...]

    16. Brittany on said:

      BRILLIANCE. I've been a fan of Shubaly since his Kindle Single days, so seeing this on a random bookstore trip was fabulous, and did not disappoint! I only put it down last night when with a friend and have been absorbing his soulful storytelling since then. The heart of his stories is a bit further explained here in this novel. I Swear I'll Make It Up to You is like a long, weekend beach trip with a friend you previously just hung out with for a late night out. You get more personal, it's not j [...]

    17. Dodey on said:

      I really liked this book. I didn't go through all the stuff he did, but he way he felt after getting himself to run and how he joined the real world, is similar to how I felt after taking up biking, gave me a sense of self confidence I'd never had before. He has a way of getting right to the heart of things in a cutting, gritty sarcastic kind of way. However I thought the ending kind of went on a little too long. I loved his singles and would look forward to a new book of his anytime

    18. Maggie on said:

      Mishka Shubaly is extremely talented and the kind of new writer where you not only greatly enjoy their obvious gifts, you are excited for what they will do in the future as they gain even more mastery. This book is not perfect, but it is full of places where the paragraphs zing like hot oil in a pan, where the sentences are music, where the observations strike you, where the rawness and honesty overwhelms any judgements that come bubbling up. Well done.

    19. Rachel Stansel on said:

      A gritty memoir. Throughout the lows, very lows, and some highs, the author speaks with an honest voice. Some parts are rough to read, and he pulls no punches. But there are moments of insight that kept me reading and made me think. Although my life experience is very different, I felt connected to his story and rooted for him. Full disclosure - I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

    20. Chris on said:

      Completes the story started on his other booksI really like how Mishka writes, and this book did not disappoint. If you've read his other books, this is a more complete picture that ties together what he's shared elsewhere. His misperceptions of himself and how he believes others see him was interesting. He's beaten himself up for years for things that may not be as he saw them. Quite a powerful realization that more of us might benefit from considering as well.

    21. Lizzie Sager on said:

      A huge fan of his kindle singles the Long Run and Shipwrecked, not to mention his many appearances on the Rich Roll Podcast, this memoir does not disappoint. A vivid writer who details the darkest days of his addiction with extreme candor and sometimes humor. This is a story about the dysfunction of family as much as it is a personal story of addiction, recovery and ultra running.

    22. Mira Lelovic on said:

      First full length memoir by Mishka describing the difficulties he overcame with his addiction and the broken relationships within his family. I found reading about his life to be very interesting and inspirational. He is a witty and entertaining writer. I've enjoyed all of his Kindle singles and can't wait for more!

    23. Kate Gaskin on said:

      I Swear I'll Make it Up to You is as charming as it is harrowing to read. Shubaly writes with equal parts tenderness and rage about a childhood and young adulthood that is at times volatile and haunting but never boring. He's at his best when his writing turns reflective. There's a deep well of humanity at the center of this book. I enjoyed reading it very much.

    24. Sara on said:

      Another raw and honest book by Mishka. I've read his others so I knew some of what to expect, but there was a lot of wow, people do those things, I'm surprised he's alive moments in this one. I've taken a page, 238, and have it hanging on my refrigerator as a motive to run and not to give up, although the I know there will be moments of failure too; he has taught me that too.

    25. Kathy on said:

      IncredibleI don't give out five stars lightly. This book is so well written. It's a definite roller coaster of honesty, emotion, sadness and joy. I loved it.I hope he writes a fiction novel soon because he has the talent.

    26. Heather Hively on said:

      A memoir that holds up the mirror, to look not only at ourselves more closely, but at our families too. I loved it.

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