23 Minutes

Vivian Vande Velde

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23 Minutes

Minutes Fifteen year old Zoe has a secret ability she can travel back in time twenty three minutes to relive events she wants to change But Zoe has learned from experience that this is curse than gift Things

  • Title: 23 Minutes
  • Author: Vivian Vande Velde
  • ISBN: 9781629794419
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fifteen year old Zoe has a secret ability she can travel back in time twenty three minutes to relive events she wants to change But Zoe has learned from experience that this is curse than gift Things almost never end well and people just tend to think she s crazy.But when she steps into a bank to get out of the rain and finds herself in the middle of a robbery goneFifteen year old Zoe has a secret ability she can travel back in time twenty three minutes to relive events she wants to change But Zoe has learned from experience that this is curse than gift Things almost never end well and people just tend to think she s crazy.But when she steps into a bank to get out of the rain and finds herself in the middle of a robbery gone horrifyingly wrong, Zoe knows she s the only one who can help The problem is, she has only a limited number of tries to make things right Plus, a single mistake could get her killed and not even time travel could bring her back from that.Zoe has always considered herself a loser, about as far from a heroine as a girl can get Now she has to dig deep to find a strength she never thought she possessed.

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      237 Vivian Vande Velde
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    One thought on “23 Minutes

    1. Cheryl on said:

      Yes, it's a YA Time Travel thriller. But even if you don't like all those motifs, you'll probably enjoy this. Vande Velde is a wonderful writer, no matter the genre or age level she is exploring. Style and story both are thoughtful & fun. I will continue to read everything by the author.

    2. Kira Simion on said:

      I honestly did not think was going to be good. (I am sorry for my preconceived misconceptions). I saw the cover and the shortness of the book/novella and thought 'meh.' I was wrong; I am happy. 4.5/5 stars rounded up! (Would read again haha)NS:•First of all,the cover.I picked up this short story and my first thought was that the cover was pretty ugly. I'm sorry (somewhat) but I don't like it. (My opinion). The orange doesnotgo with the black and white look. It just looks silly. If you wanted s [...]

    3. Amani A on said:

      23 Minutes by Vivian Vande Velde is a science fiction book. It is about a girl named Zoe who experienced a bank robber scene that killed multiple people. Luckily for her, she has the gift of turning back time. By putting her arms around herself and saying the word, “playback” she can go back in time 23 minutes. Her goal is to stop the bank robbery without anybody getting killed in the process. However, she has only ten tries to get it right. This book is filled with suspense and it is so int [...]

    4. Brina on said:

      "Nie wieder zurück" hat mich schon lange vor dem Erscheinungstag angesprochen und war auch bei vielen Buchbloggern in aller Munde, sodass ich schnell neugierig wurde und dem Buch eine Chance geben wollte. Geschichten über Zeitreisen fand ich schon immer sehr spannend, dementsprechend hoch waren auch meine Erwartungen und ich muss sagen, dass ich nicht enttäuscht wurde.Vivian Vande Velde besitzt einen recht angenehmen Schreibstil, der sich spannend und flüssig liest und ich somit durch die ge [...]

    5. Aldiejo on said:

      I enjoyed reading the start of this book. The problem was it was a bit repetitive. Yes I know its about a girl who can go back 23 minutes. But still. Also I feel like the ending was so sudden. Yes there was some good interesting plots. But, I wish it was more interesting. I loved the character Zoe, and how different she is compared to other YA books.I did like it but, I wish there was more.

    6. Ed on said:

      I love the theme, how this girl has to stop anyone from dying in a crime scene, as she learns a lot of things during the adventure.

    7. Bookworm Emmy on said:

      I really liked this book!😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀\(◎o◎)/

    8. Emily Ann on said:

      4.7/5.0 This book could be extremely frustrating sometimes, but it was a good quick read.

    9. Nicole Gozdek on said:

      "Noch ein Zeitreise-Roman?", werden einige von euch vielleicht sagen. Doch dieser hier ist anders, denn der Roman entführt uns Leser nicht in vergangene Jahrhunderte, sondern in eine Zeitschleife. Die fünfzehnjährige Hauptfigur Zoe hat nämlich die Gabe, eine Zeitschleife von 23 Minuten Länge auszulösen. Genau diese Zeit kann sie in die Vergangenheit reisen und versuchen, Ereignisse, Fehler oder Katastrophen zu verändern oder ungeschehen zu machen. Leider hat sie jedoch nur 10 Versuche, we [...]

    10. alicat on said:

      This might have been the fastest I’ve ever read a book. I finished this sci-fi thriller in a couple hours and enjoyed the fast-paced and high stakes ride it took me on. Zoe has a special power that allows her to travel back in time twenty-three minutes to relive the past and change the future. She can use this ability she calls “playback” up to ten times with a few other minor rules explained within the book. However, going back doesn’t always improve the outcome of events and once the f [...]

    11. YALibrarian on said:

      Zoe has the ability to relive the last 23 minutes of her life whenever she wants. This would be an excellent secret ability, except for all the times she tried to convince other people she had it and they labeled her crazy, and that she can only relive the same 23 minutes ten times before the timeline is fixed. All of her street smarts as a kid in a group home are put to the test when she’s accidentally a victim of a deadly bank robbery. Zoe valiantly tries to avert crises, but how many times [...]

    12. Angie on said:

      Book talk:Imagine you had a secret ability. What if you could travel exactly 23 minutes back in time? You would have the chance to change anything that happened during those 23 minutes. But what if the thing you tried to change only got worse, not better? You could try to play back those minutes again, and again, until you got it right. But what if you only had a certain number of times to go back in time, and once it was over, the chance was gone forever?That’s the kind of power Zoe has. She [...]

    13. Elevetha on said:

      2.5 stars.A fairly short offering from VVV, towards which I was mostly indifferent. It was very much an in-between book. I appreciated that it was emphasized that there wasn't, and really couldn't, be anything between Zoe and Daniel at this point in time, but I also found how the crush was played up to be somewhat problematic. Daniel being 24 and Zoe being 16, or something along those lines. Maybe it was just me, but I prefer either there to be something there/the possibility of, or notbut not t [...]

    14. Jenny Ashby on said:

      When Vivian Vande Velde gets it right she does a great job of putting together an exciting story with a small page count. This is one of those books. It seems like it might get boring or repetitive watching Zoe relive the same time frame over and over but each time there are new twists to keep you interested. As a reader it also seems like the thing to do to fix the situation is obvious - call the police, duh! - but Vande Velde goes through all of those choices and shows how they just make thing [...]

    15. Kim A on said:

      I won this book from a contest, and it arrived in the mail on Friday. I wasn't going to read it, as was already reading 2 different books. I picked it up later that evening, after the first few pages, it really started to flow. The next day it was finished. Zoe has the ability to playback time for exactly 23 minutes, but there's a limit to how many times she's allowed. I had to find out if Zoe could make everything work out for everyone involved.

    16. Christie Burke on said:

      Well, that was quick. Fast-paced YA page-turner would be a good choice for reluctant readers - time travel is the only unrealistic aspect of the story, which starts out pretty gritty and ends up a little gentler but still acknowledges the rough edges of real life. Recommended.

    17. Misty on said:

      Ahh, this sounds interesting. Review coming as soon as I can get my hands on this book.

    18. Klaudia on said:

      InhaltEin Überfall auf eine Bank, eine Liste mit den Namen der Rentiere des Weihnachtsmanns, ein Mädchen, das die Zeit zurückspielen kann. Was hat das alles miteinander zu tun? Zoe hat nur 23 Minuten Zeit, dieses Geheimnis zu lüften und die Geschehnisse wieder zu ordnen, um einen möglichst glimpflichen Ausgang für alle Beteiligten zu finden. Denn der Bankräuber hat eine Waffe, die ihm nicht nur zur Dekoration dient, und Zoe hat nur zehn Versuche, die Zeit für ihren Vorteil zu gebrauchen [...]

    19. Sawyer S on said:

      Title: 23 MinutesAuthor: Vivian Vande VeldeGenre: Fantasy/ MysteryNumber of Pages: 17623 Minutes has three main characters. Zoe, Daniel, and Bobby. The story is formed around Zoe and her useful power. She discovered when she was 13 that she could turn back time. She can only turn it back 23 minutes. When she says “playback” time resets 23 minutes. Everything goes back to normal and no one remembers the future 23 minutes except her. She has figured out that she can only turn back time 10 time [...]

    20. Ricarda Scola on said:

      Meine Meinung:„Nie mehr zurück“ von Vivian Vande Velde ist eine kurzweilige Zeitreise-Geschichte, in der die junge Heldin Zoe versucht, mit ihrer Fähigkeit, die Zeit um 23 Minuten zurückzuspielen, einen Banküberfall, dessen Zeugin sie wird, mit so wenig Blutvergießen wie möglich ausgehen zu lassen.Die so von ihr kreierte Zeitschleife ist ein spannendes Gedankenexperiment, das auf rund 200 Seiten perfekt ausgearbeitet wurde. Durch die Kürze des Romans ist natürlich alles sehr zentrier [...]

    21. Tyler Herges on said:

      Rating: Three StarsWarning: Contains Spoilers!Book Review of 23 Minutes by Vivian Vande Velde 23 Minutes, by Vivian Vande Velde, is an inspiring story about a girl who has the ability to time travel. Zoe, the protagonist, can go back 23 minutes in time and replay that time slot. She has ten replays if the first time doesn’t work out. Zoe finds herself in the midst of a bank robbery in which a man named Daniel (whom she had grown to like) got shot and killed. She then travels back in time to tr [...]

    22. Tracie D'angelo on said:

      ** 2017-2018 Maryland Black-Eyed Susan Nominee **Zoe Mahar is a blue-haired, 15 year-old who lives in a group home. She has the amazing gift to be able to transport herself exactly 23 minutes back in time. There are rules to such a gift though as well as pros and cons. Zoe can only go back 23 minutes. After the 23 minutes, the story is played out and she can not go back. Also, she can only do this 10 times so she has to plan carefully. Zoe calls her time relapses “playbacks” and to rewind a [...]

    23. Laura Vandebuerie on said:

      De vijftienjarige Zoë heeft een geheime kracht: ze kan drieëntwintig minuten terugreizen in de tijd. Deze kunnen bij iedereen wel eens goed van pas komen, bijvoorbeeld om terug te keren naar momenten die je wil herbeleven of veranderen. Maar Zoë heeft door haar ervaring geleerd dat dit meer een vloek is dan een gave. De pogingen om de wereld te verbeteren eindigen bijna nooit goed en de mensen neigen te denken dat ze krankzinnig is. Dat verandert echter wanneer Zoë een bank binnenstrompelt o [...]

    24. Deborah on said:

      I loved the premise--a teen with the ability to rewind time 23 minutes, potentially correcting mistakes, but in practice it more often results in worse outcomes. It's actually a terrific exploration of chaos theory, how complex systems can be dramatically effected by the seemingly most insignificant changes. The trick is directing the alterations in the time line. For Zoe, it's mostly trial and error. Lots of error. In fact, she's not keen on using the power, she's dubbed "Playback", ever again. [...]

    25. Libby on said:

      I was a little worried that this one would take me awhile to get into, with the "Groundhog Day" plot point, but it really moves very quickly. It helps that Vande Velde decided to have Zoe already know about her ability and how the rules work--it means that we aren't dragged along while she figures it out, and it also raises the stakes on the situation some. She already knows she doesn't have an infinity of do-overs, and she already knows that things often work out worse instead of better when sh [...]

    26. Karen on said:

      For the right reader, this is a short, action-packed page turner. For me, though, I had two big problems with it. 1) Victim blaming. Teens do not need the kind of message that this book seems to be sending about do-overs. The main character (who survived an abusive childhood) keeps reliving that bank robbery over-and-over. Each time, she changes just one small thing to create a completely different outcome. She seems to feel that the responsibility for all that violence and murder is hers, not t [...]

    27. Megan on said:

      Plenty of the usual Vivian Vande Velde tropes are to be found here - younger girl crushing hard on an unattainable older guy, broken homes, isolated, hard-edged heroine, side characters holding unexpected surprises, and a video-game sensibility. Here, she revisits the "reset" story-telling she explored in Heir to the Throne , though this time through time travel, not virtual reality. While I never quite understood why "playback" only works in 23 minute chunks (Let's say Zoe uses her ability to r [...]

    28. Meggan Bobrow on said:

      *Middle School Battle of the Books*If you like groundhogs day you'll love this book. I thought the book was well written and it was a page turner for me. One of my biggest hiccups is the audience for which it's written. My 10 year old is supposed to read this for Battle of the Books but in the first chapter and first pages the reader experiences a bank robbery that results in the graphic deaths of two people. There was also a lot of language throughout. Thankfully, this was a clarifying book. My [...]

    29. Sinnadone on said:

      Interesting and fulfilled premise, and just the right length for such a time-travelling limit. But Dear Lord, I have not read such a stereotyped and jokingly homophobic "ha ha he's gay get it" portrayal of a gay character since I've read a Russian paperback detective airport novel five years ago. OK, extravagantly bad fasion sense, OK, limp wrist and general expressiveness, but I really could do without all the "gay man is agressively gay towards a straight man, makes him more uncomfortable with [...]

    30. Laura Peregoy on said:

      A nice one-night read. I liked the use of time travel, and the rules placed around it so the time travel doesn't get abused. I initially didn't like the use of third-person present tense, but once the time travelling started, the use of present tense made the time aspect more of a "weebly-wobbly, timey-whimey" thing, able to be changed, and less of a set timeline. Still not sold on pairing it with the third-person, though. It would have worked better as a first-person, especially due to the flas [...]

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