Love Mode, Vol. 1

Yuki Shimizu

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Love Mode, Vol. 1

Love Mode Vol Sakashita Izumi your typical straight high school student gets into a sticky situation with a gay translator Takamiya Katsura when he is mistaken for a male escort After a night of passion and rom

  • Title: Love Mode, Vol. 1
  • Author: Yuki Shimizu
  • ISBN: 9781598160109
  • Page: 234
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sakashita Izumi, your typical straight high school student, gets into a sticky situation with a gay translator, Takamiya Katsura, when he is mistaken for a male escort After a night of passion and romance, is Izumi developing feelings for another man Izumi s confusion and denial is catapulted into the stratosphere when Takamiya showers him with compliments and affectionSakashita Izumi, your typical straight high school student, gets into a sticky situation with a gay translator, Takamiya Katsura, when he is mistaken for a male escort After a night of passion and romance, is Izumi developing feelings for another man Izumi s confusion and denial is catapulted into the stratosphere when Takamiya showers him with compliments and affection and talks of taking a vacation together No worries Izumi s confusion is easy enough to remedy with a box of aphrodisiac laced chocolates in this volume s bonus chapter

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      234 Yuki Shimizu
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    One thought on “Love Mode, Vol. 1

    1. Summer on said:

      One of the best m/m manga series I've ever read. The story starts out when a young man name Izumi get's mistaken for a male escort with the same name. I know this sounds ridiculous, but this is manga so it's not the craziest thing I've ever heard. Izumi considered himself heterosexual before this one night encounter but rethinks things when he realizes he enjoyed it. The other man, Katsura, decides to court Izumi with quite a bit of resistance but Izumi eventually admits his feelings. Their stor [...]

    2. Sophie on said:

      In this case, the four stars are for the series as a whole - I'd rate this book with three stars.I'm pretty sure I stumbled across this series pretty early on in my manga reading "career", but for some reason I never actually read it. It's possible I was put off by the fact that it doesn't focus on one pairing, or because people said that the artwork wasn't to everybody's taste.In either way, I'm very glad I finally read it. It's not perfect, but it was still very enjoyable to read. Since I didn [...]

    3. Rhapsody on said:

      I love this series. Beautiful art and compelling love stories. Readers beware: this is yaoi, which means that the love stories are all between men and other men. This first one is about a high school boy who is mistaken for an escort by a man hooking up with a stranger through a dating service. Gosh that sounds so utterly disgusting But people, it's a graphic novel for crying out loud, it's not real-life stuff. I went with it and really enjoyed watching the misunderstanding resolve itself and th [...]

    4. Cat on said:

      This is a long series which starts with focusing on two couples and then expands from their lives to others they know. Its a very moving and in-depth series which isn't typical for most BL manga. Most BL manga have 1 or 2 volumes at most to handle their plotlines but Love Mode gets much more time to deal with a wide array of situations. Everything is handled decently and its very entertaining but filled with drama. The situations aren't exactly very original but the way they're handled and how d [...]

    5. Yuu Sasih on said:

      Typical age-gap story with nice, older seme and tsundere-like teenage uke, but I love the execution of this story. Shimizu-sensei really do knows that she was writing a homosexual relationship and stumble there without jumping into rape or forced-sex bandwagon. Well, it seems like that, at first, but that because Takamiya was mistaking Izumi for a host he asked and thought that Izumi's unwillingness to have sex is because he was acting as a good, typically-japanese host (yea, I love how Shimizu- [...]

    6. Vespertine on said:

      My favorite Boy's Love/Yaoi manga of all times !It may not have the best drawings of all times but it certainly has all that matters : expressive drawings, engaging romance, well-rounded and very likable characters, interesting dynamics, comedy, drama, hot and sometimes kinky sex, host club, dark past and simply PLOT !After reading this one, I tended to find other mangas of that genre pretty cliché, shallow and overdone.In a word : not the perfect manga but one that you'll remember and cherish. [...]

    7. Leila Anani on said:

      A boy gets mistaken for a rent boy, but gradually falls for the man who 'hired' him.This is actually better than it sounds. If you like older man/younger boy romance you'll definitely want to check it out. Artwork's not too bad, its fairly sexy, but there's enough character and emotional build to make this work.The somewhat manipulative owner of the escort service is a great character. Hope to see more of him in subsequent volumes.

    8. Sarah on said:

      Ahhh, Love Mode! What a great manga. I read it ages ago. It's a simple story of mistaken identity and ensuing awkwardness, which of course leads to typical yaoi hijinks. If you like yaoi, you have got to check this one out! Definitely worth the read. :)

    9. Teetee on said:

      I read the first few volumes a few years ago but the young age of the characters made me uncomfortable and I dropped the series. I'm a big fan of the other series by this author (Ze) although again there are some youngish parts that came later in the book that I had to skip over.

    10. DF on said:

      This is one of those stories everyone seems to love, but it somehow did not resonate with me the way I expected

    11. 78sunny on said:

      4 von 5 Sternen*Meinung:*Dies ist wieder einer dieser Mangas, die bei einer Rebuy-Bestellung mit in den Warenkorb gekommen sind, weil sie Yaoi waren und nur 0,99 € gekostet haben.Die Geschichte ist recht einfach. Izumi ist der Meinung er ist hetero, wird auf der Straße aber mit jemandem verwechselt und gerät somit an einen Mann, Katsura, der ihn verführt. Im Laufe des Mangas kämpft dann Izumi mit seinen Gefühlen und damit sich selbst einzugestehen, dass er auf Männer steht und sich in Ka [...]

    12. Barbjo on said:

      I loved Love Mode, and volume 1 is probably my favorite. Sadly, it's out of print and hard to get hold of.Love Mode seems really different from contemporary Boys Love manga. It shines with an idealistic attitude toward love, the idea that your perfect prince may come along and find you, even if he may not be all that perfect.I just adore Takamiya, who is very gentle and also very comfortable in his own skin, even if he does have a dorked-out 90s hair style! :D

    13. Anne Freya on said:

      Yuki Shimizu adalah salah satu mangaka BL favoritku sejak pertama kali baca karyanya yg berjudul ZE. Setelahnya aku sempat menjajal vol 1 Love Mode ini, tapi tdk dilanjutin lagi ke vol 2 krn ada 2 alasan : pertama, gaya gambarnya yg kurang bagus yg sbnrnya wajar saja krn ini karya pertamanya di tahun 1996 sementara ZE yg dibuat di thn 2004 tentu saja sudah jauh lebih bagus gambarnya. Alasan kedua yaitu krn ceritanya tdk fokus di 1 pasangan utk seluruh volume di seri ini, tapi pasangan yg berbeda [...]

    14. Redfox5 on said:

      This was the first Yaoi I ever read. And I still loved reading it the much as I did the first time. Izumi is mistaken for a gay escort when he mistakenly picks up a rose dropped on the floor by the real escort. He decides to spend the day with Takamiya anyway as he's been stood up and has nothing better to do. They go horse riding, have some dinner and a have a little to much to drink and before you know it, Izumi is naked in bed with Takamiya.I didn't think about it much at the time but re-read [...]

    15. Jennifer Lavoie on said:

      I read this when it first was released in the US many years ago, and despite loving it, I was only ever able to get the first three volumes. Now I have them all, and I'm currently bed-ridden and I decided to read through them all - rather than do schoolwork. The story is just as good as the first time around. The art style is definitely old and not as pleasing to the eyes as other yaoi manga today, but I still enjoy it. I like the interactions between Izumi and Takamiya. Some might say it's unre [...]

    16. SaturNalia on said:

      This was simple and drama free. Izumi is picked up by Katsura, who thinks Izumi is an escort. Katsura is gay, Izumi is straight. Izumi is simple and childish, so he goes along with Katsura on this date. Not much of Katsura's character is revealed, he just thinks Izumi is cute. They have sex at the end of their date and Izumi is questioning his sexuallity, he watches straight porn but it has no effect on him but he claims to hate homosexuals. I didn't really like the relationship, Izumi hates wha [...]

    17. Janna on said:

      I actually don't know how to rate this, being it my first yaoi novel, but I liked it. And some parts I really liked. So, I go for 3.5 stars atm. Let's see how the other yaoi novels I have on the shelves will compare to it Next is either I Want To Be Naughty or Barefoot Waltz.

    18. Sarah on said:

      I love the series Love Mode but I totally forgot how bad the first volume was. The art is pretty rough, Izumi and Katsura do not work for me as a couple at all The only saving grace is Reiji.I'm also not happy about the first time Izumi and Katsura have sex, I mean it's rape. Never something I enjoy having to look at.Just I know it gets better but I remembered this Volume very differently. (I read it over 10 years ago.) The overall series is great - just don't expect this particular volume to be [...]

    19. ✟Roxanne✟(Death by Book Avalanche) ☠ on said:

      I have read 1-9 in this series so far and so this review covers 1-9. This is one of the best yaoi series I have read. I am defintely going to carry on with collecting the rest of the series as it hasn't let me down yet. I like all of the characters and the stories are all great in their own way. The first book is a little slow but book 2 picks things up very well. Highly recommended to lovers of Yaoi! I wasn't disappointed!

    20. Monika Robinson on said:

      This is the first yaoi manga I ever read, so it holds a special place in my heart. Even though I didn't really like the couple in the volume 1 (Takamiya and Izumi), I kept on reading. And when I started volume 2, I didn't regret it because Reiji and Naoya are my favourite couple of this serie (and the other couples are really great too).

    21. DeeNeez on said:

      I love this series. And no matter how many times I read Takamiya and Izumi's story, I fall in love with them all over again. The escapades of Izumi coming to realization of his love and sexuality are so sweet, funny and moving. Takamiya is so elegant, so patience, so sexy, always has a smile and a hug. They are without a doubt my favorite couple in this series.

    22. L. on said:

      The by far worst volume of the series. Either get through it and hang on as the storyline gets progressively better (leaving these boring characters behind) or skip this volume altogether and read 2 +. Don't worry, you won't be missing anything.

    23. Kathleen on said:

      A traditional yaoi: unlikely premise, old-school art, not much plot, outdated attitudes toward gays, slurs, etc. That said, it does have some touching moments; the lead's fears are real (to him.) And I liked that every chapter ends on a laugh.

    24. Laura (ローラ) on said:

      I don't read yaoi titles often. It isn't my genre. This is one I've read before, and I don't mind reading over. There's actually a bit of plot, and the characters and relationship dynamic are usually quite interesting.

    25. Kati on said:

      The power imbalance in this relationship - a teenage boy and a man (possibly) twice his age - was a bit too much for me. But the setting, the B&B Agency, was quite interesting and I know that the series gets better later on. Still, only 3 stars for this one.

    26. Miguel Vega on said:

      Really interesting, art was good and the story was funny, I really liked the Izumi character.2017 update: I am so trash for this series, especially this first one in general.

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