The Perfect Dog

Kevin O'Malley

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The Perfect Dog

The Perfect Dog Emily Easton at Crown has acquired Kevin O Malley s The Perfect Dog a picture book about a girl s quest to find the perfect dog which ends when the right dog picks her Publication is planned for spr

  • Title: The Perfect Dog
  • Author: Kevin O'Malley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 248
  • Format: None
  • Emily Easton at Crown has acquired Kevin O Malley s The Perfect Dog, a picture book about a girl s quest to find the perfect dog, which ends when the right dog picks her Publication is planned for spring 2016 Melissa Turk at the Artist Network negotiated the deal for world rights.

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      248 Kevin O'Malley
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    One thought on “The Perfect Dog

    1. Nancy Kotkin on said:

      Text: 3 starsIllustrations: 3 starsWhen her parents say she can get a dog, a little girl thinks about the perfect dog, considering many attributes and types of dog. In the end, her perfect dog chooses her. I'm not sure if she is in a pet store or animal shelter, but neither setting allows all the dogs to roam around free like that without leashes, pens, or cages. Some dog breeds are identified on the front and back endpapers, though this is not an informational book.

    2. Carrie Charley Brown on said:

      For any child that has ever experienced or dreamed of picking out a dog, this concept book celebrates a wide variety of dogs: From different breeds of dogs, which are featured on the end pages to attributes of dog sizes, hair, audibility, speed, and personality among others. The main character, a young girl, walks us through her thoughts as she decides which type of dog will suit her best. This concept journey will be very relatable for child readers whether just imagining what it would be like [...]

    3. Bethe on said:

      bookaday #65. What - no border collies anywhere in this book - how can it be about a perfect dog? Borderline concept book with the comparisons like big, bigger, biggest. Fun endpages with breed identified, but obviously missing one :)

    4. Dana on said:

      Bold drawings of all types of dogs illustrate this silly story of a girl choosing the perfect dog to adopt.

    5. Edward Sullivan on said:

      Little girl searches for the perfect dog until it finds her.

    6. Gmr on said:

      Great reminder that it's really the dog that chooses YOU, not the other way around. Perfect for the kiddos while bringing a smile to the faces of adults too.

    7. Donna Mork on said:

      LOVE this book. Shows all the traits of different dogs and what a kid would think is the best dog in each category. And then as often happens in the ende dog picks you.

    8. Becky B on said:

      A little girl tries to decide which kind of dog would be perfect as her new pet.The book repeatedly uses superlative adjectives with illustrations demonstrating these comparisons well. Great book when covering this in language arts. Also a good pick for dog lovers or families adopting a dog.

    9. Katie Fitzgerald on said:

      This review also appears on my blog, Read-at-Home Mom.The Perfect Dog (9781101934418) was a surprise hit with Little Miss Muffet. Though the book came to me unbound, which usually means I can't easily share it with her, we read it together multiple times, and every time I went to put it away, she would ask for it to come out again. I think what she liked most was learning the names of the different dogs shown on the endpapers. She also really responded to the predictable structure of the text, i [...]

    10. Barbara on said:

      The narrator in this picture book has strong opinions about what the perfect dog will need to be. But once she and her parents visit an animal shelter, there are far too many canines from which to choose. Not surprisingly, the right dog chooses her. Young readers will enjoy watching her state her preference for dog characteristics through a series of comparative and superlative adjectives that demonstrate how too much of a good thing may not be ideal. The illustrations, created with ink and then [...]

    11. Margie on said:

      A word was never spoken but she, with the sixth sense they all possess, knew. If I would quietly close a book with tears streaming down my face or sob when watching a movie, she would move as close to me as possible. Her body would absorb the sadness; perhaps she would offer me a quick kiss of reassurance. When this strength is missing from your life, this unconditional love, this flawless friendship, you feel it keenly. Never is having this relationship more important than when tragedy strikes. [...]

    12. Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book* on said:

      O'Malley, Kevin The Perfect Dog. PICTURE BOOK. Crown Books for Young Readers (Random House), 2016. $17.99.When a girl is finally allowed to get a dog, she's certain she knows what qualities would make a perfect pet. But it turns out that the perfect pet finds her instead of her finding it.Both the pictures and text are humorous, and would make for a great whole-class read-aloud. It would work especially well for a discussion on pets or on how you might not know what you're searching for until yo [...]

    13. Clare Rossetter on said:

      Choosing the perfect dog can sometimes be a problem, but Kevin O'Malley puts it in a fun perspective.Using comparison words ending with er,iest to look at what kind of dog a little girl wants is delightful She pictures a different dog for each description and none of them seem just right. In the end it is the dog who picks the owner and that makes him the perfect dog. The illustrations are simple and the colors match the thought process the girl is going through. She is thinking through each typ [...]

    14. Nicole on said:

      A girl is searching for the perfect dog, big but not too big, fast but not too fast, etc. This book was essentially illustrated comparisons with captions. I wanted a story line or some sort of substance to go with it. But if you're looking for side by side dogs to illustrate "big" and "small," this book does do that.

    15. Jana on said:

      This is a cute picture book in which a little girl is trying to pick the perfect dog. There are adorable illustrations as she is looking at all of the possibilities. There are loads of good descriptive words and comparison words: big, bigger, biggest. Young readers will enjoy trying to find out which dog she winds up choosing.

    16. Jess on said:

      My thought at the close: "aww. that's nice." A nice book about picking out a dog. Short and a good readaloud.

    17. ReadRibbet on said:

      A fan of Kevin O'Malley's work (Miss Malarky and Gimme Cracked Corn), The Perfect Dog is his newest effort. The end pages celebrate breeds of dogs, but the narrative story presents qualities of dogs in superlative and comparative forms. A great book to teach structural forms of adjectives by inviting kids in through a love of dogs.

    18. Darcie Caswell on said:

      This book was adorable. What makes the perfect dog? Using few words, the narrator runs through what a perfect dog should and shouldn't be. Great for dog enthusiasts and for the earliest readers, as many words are repeated throughout.Great if adopting a dog.Readers: k-3

    19. Alice on said:

      3.5 starsI like this book on a few levels. The subject matter is fun, (Who doesn't want a dog ) also the big, bigger biggest, and then NOT THAT BIG! Good way to talk about variations. It got a smile from me (who is not in a great mood).

    20. Nanci Booher on said:

      Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for early access to this story. Adorable illustrations guide us through finding the perfect dog. Will it be big or little, hairy or not? I can't wait until this is published!

    21. Traci Bold on said:

      I finally got to read this perfect book about dogs. It's funny and thoughtful and makes you think about what would be your perfect dog.Written and illustrated by Kevin O'Malley, published by Crown Books for Young Readers.#mustlovedogs #PB #silly #fun

    22. Juliana Lee on said:

      The girl takes you on her personal journey choosing the perfect dog. Dog of all sizes, shapes, and colors each have their own special place in her selection process. Great book for learning about and using comparative adjectives. But in the end the perfect dog is the one who chooses you!

    23. Donna on said:

      Fun story about choosing the perfect dog. Love how the illustrations complement the different qualities she is looking for in a dog. Also like how various breeds are labeled at the front and end papers.Children who like dogs will enjoy this book.DRC from Edelweiss.

    24. Miss Sarah on said:

      A cute book for toddlers and up about a girl describing what her dog should be and it should always be bigger, louder, etc. What dog will she ever choose? Simple text and very illustrative pictures.

    25. paula on said:

      Adjective festival! Messy, fancy, big, small, happy, happier, happiest and perfect.

    26. Angie Quantrell on said:

      Funny book about choosing a new dog. Big, bigger, biggest and other comparative words paired with bright illustrations make this a fun read.

    27. Katie on said:

      Really cute. Good for a story time about how to compare things (big, bigger, biggest). Very sweet ending too!

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