The Witch's Daughter

Leigh Ann Edwards

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The Witch's Daughter

The Witch s Daughter Book Two of the Irish Witch Series continues the quest to end the curse of the Glade Witch Forced to contend with the possibility of an arranged marriage Alainn pronounced awlinn McCreary healer wi

  • Title: The Witch's Daughter
  • Author: Leigh Ann Edwards
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book Two of the Irish Witch Series continues the quest to end the curse of the Glade Witch Forced to contend with the possibility of an arranged marriage, Alainn pronounced awlinn McCreary, healer, witch, and commoner, struggles alone to control her ever growing magical powers and the yearning she feels for a man beyond her station Killian O Brien, virile, noble, betroBook Two of the Irish Witch Series continues the quest to end the curse of the Glade Witch Forced to contend with the possibility of an arranged marriage, Alainn pronounced awlinn McCreary, healer, witch, and commoner, struggles alone to control her ever growing magical powers and the yearning she feels for a man beyond her station Killian O Brien, virile, noble, betrothed to a dark eyed Scottish beauty, challenges the social fabric of 16th century Ireland and anyone who would dare dishonor the woman who has captured his heart Can Alainn lift the curse that dooms any future happiness before time runs out Will Chieftain O Brien keep their secret from Killian or use it to control her The Witch s Daughter weaves romance, adventure, and the supernatural into a tale of lust and longing that whispers darkly, What wouldn t you do for love

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    One thought on “The Witch's Daughter

    1. Al *the serial series skipper* on said:

      ***I received this book courtesy of Netgallery and the publisher in exchange for an honest review***OMFG!This is some book, I thought the first book was a fluke but this has proven me wrong. WTH. Nothing of worth happens, how can there be two books of nothing happening. I can't even recap the first book because I remember nothing about it except how painful it was to read it, this one was slightly better. Instead of the flight of ideas that was book one, this was only slightly coherent, just a t [...]

    2. Shereel2708 on said:

      The second book in this series was well worth the wait. The author continues to reach into the souls of her major characters, and to add depth to the supporting characters in this series. The addition of new characters and the page turning plot makes this second in the series even stronger the her first book in The Irish Witch Series. I can hardly wait for the next installment. Kudos to Leigh Ann Edwards, she has caught my attention!

    3. Catherine McNary on said:

      A fun read. Great for the beach. Keeper for RomanceAnd fantasy fans.Recommend for those who enjoy reading for plot.Looking forward to book 3.

    4. The Word Nerd Reviews on said:

      Book two The Witch’s Daughter continues the emotional journey of Alainn and Killian. Secrets are kept, and revealed, and a mystery is solved, but through it all danger is lurking in the background in an as yet unknown form only recognisable as a dark power seemingly linked to Alainn’s fairy heritage.I’m a huge fan of a character driven plot and I devoured this one in a single day. In fact, if I hadn’t had to work to pay those pesky bills I wouldn’t have put it down from beginning to en [...]

    5. Jean on said:

      A great series about a healer and the noble man she fell in love with. You suspect how it will end, but for the 2nd book in a trilogy, it has a lot of plot twists. It also describes what life in Ireland was like among the different classes of people.

    6. Michelle Randall on said:

      Reviewed for Readers FavoriteAll of her life, Alainn has lived between two worlds. Although she was of the servant class, the others didn't like her, thought she was too good for herself because she was given certain privileges, raised and tutored with the master's sons. When she falls in love with the heir, Killian, life gets even more complicated only for her to find out truths about her parentage. The Witch's Daughter is set in Ireland in 1536, and the historical imagery is amazing. The world [...]

    7. Kerry Croucier on said:

      I am hooked on this story. Book 2 picks up exactly where the first ends, with Alainn trying to start over, away from the O'Brien's, looking for a way to break the curse, while hoping that Killian will find happiness in his arranged marriage. It backfires when she runs into the one person she is trying to leave. As her powers grow, the two are fighting for their lives, both against mortal enemies, and the supernatural forces drawn to Alainn's growing power.The story, characters and setting kept m [...]

    8. Christine on said:

      I could not put this story down. So much happens in it that you are almost overwhelmed but at the same time disappointed that more did not happen! The story picks up where it ended in the previous book, Alainn on her way to town, away from Castle O'Brien. A great story that will have you wishing, believing, routing for the good and booing for the bad. Wow!I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

    9. Darlene-Jody Parsons on said:

      Oh it is safe to say I am hooked! I love the story, the characters, just all of it!

    10. Linda on said:

      An historical fairy tale romance laced with romance, magic and legends!“I have something far more powerful and effective than a mere man." She added in a whisper, "I am protected by fairies.” The Witch’s Daughter by Leigh Ann Edwards is the second installment in the author’s Irish Witch series. It picks up exactly where the first book, The Farrier’s Daughter, left off. The series is a magical fantasy set in sixteenth century Ireland featuring witches, a swoony hero, an evil curse, fair [...]

    11. Nicole on said:

      I received this book from net galley for an honest review. Thank you!!This novel was a good sequel to the first novel in the series. Several questions from the previous novel became answered, but several more have development. The story picked up right where the previous left off and you need to read the first book to understand what is happening now.Alainn McCreary is a healer and a witch with extraordinary powers. She has fled her home to try and protect the man she loves, Killian O’Brien. K [...]

    12. Marissa on said:

      I received a copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.The Witch's Daughter is the second book in the Irish Witch series. It picks up right where the first book left off. Alainn spends most of this book pining over Killian while trying to unlock more secrets of her past and her magical abilities. I found myself really wanting to backhand Alainn at times during this book. She just was so dense and stubborn about Killian. Considering she's supposed to [...]

    13. Paula on said:

      After all the revelations in the Irish Witch Series book one, The Farrier’s Daughter, I wondered if the momentum of the series would slow down with The Witch's Daughter. Absolutely not, it is moving at a full speed freight train. In fact, Leigh Ann Edwards’ second book is even better. This author is going to be a powerhouse writer, I am so impressed by her voice, her digging deeply into the souls of the characters and the complexity of the plot.The struggles of Alainn continue to escalate as [...]

    14. Ruby on said:

      These should be read I order. If not, you may be a little lost and give up on a good seriesAlainn McCreary is pregnant, common, and growing into a very powerful witch. With a shady past she is only now just learning about and a love for a man who is far above her in station, she continues her journey into the shadows of magic and cursed families. Her birth is in question and the baby she carries is heir to the family O'Brien. Will love win?These are wonderful books. If you are like me and love I [...]

    15. J Guzman on said:

      Not much better than the first in the series. I didn't find as many editorial errors, but I still feel as if the story was lacking.

    16. Sheila Wozniak on said:

      The Witch DaughterFANTASTIC!!! CANT WAIT TO BEGIN THE NEXT BOOK!!! Love thestory and the new adventure s which are novel! Love Irish folklore!

    17. Jessica on said:

      This story was interesting, it reminded me of "Outlander" mixed with "The Iron Druid Chronicles." Alainn has a knack for finding trouble. She is a witch, druid, and granddaughter of a goddess. She is in love with the chieftain's nephew, Killian, ever since she was little and throughout the series, they have to find their way back to each other. The first 3 books you learn to hate the chieftain and priest but in the end, you learn everything is not as it seems.

    18. Emma on said:

      The Witch’s Daughter by Leigh Ann EdwardsHealer, witch, and commoner Alainn McCreary battles valiantly to control her growing magical powers and to ignore her doomed yearning for noble Killian O’Brien, a man who is far above her station and betrothed to a noble, dark-eyed Scottish beauty. Alone, she continues her quest to break the bitter curse that dooms not only the powerful O’Brien Clan but also Alainn and Killian’s future happiness.Threatened by dark forces, a powerful chieftain, and [...]

    19. BookSnuggle on said:

      "The Witch's Daughter" by Leigh Ann Edwards is Volume two in the "Irish Witch" series. This story picks up where "The Farrier's Daughter" left off. This continues with Killian O’Brien and Alainn McCreary's story. What will these two people do for love?If you are into fantasy, supernatural, and witchcraft romance, then this is a story that you might enjoy. This is not my normal type of reading. Be warned this is not a standalone and continues in the next book in this series. FYI, includes matur [...]

    20. Shelagh on said:

      Book two in Leigh Ann Edwards' Irish Witch trilogy, The Witch's Daughter is an intriguing mix of history, legend, myth and fairy story. I found it a little confusing early on as matters covered in the first book in the series were revealed in order to set the scene for this story, however the further I read, the more I wanted to find out what would happen next. I really warmed to both Alainn and Killian, though there were times I wanted to knock some sense into them. This story works well, but r [...]

    21. Jean on said:

      This was a very captivating story. Alainn and Killian are reunited, but there is much standing in the way of their love. His uncle is determined to keep them apart. The level of drama and excitement in this story was very high. I couldn't wait to get to the end, and at the same time I didn't want it to end. The story still isn't over, and it ended in a very hopeful place. I'm looking forward to the final installment in this series.

    22. Elisabeth on said:

      "The Witch's Daughter by Leigh Ann Edwards is book two in The Irish Witch series. Book two takes off right where book one ends and it´s a good story. It´s a fantasy romance story with quite a young adult team going one. It´s also set in 16th Century Ireland so that explains a lot. It´s a good read.

    23. Paula Pugh on said:

      The second novel in the Irish Witch Romance series is full of romance, magic, treachery, and deceit. Alainn and Killian are broken apart by lies and deception only to find they cannot survive without each other. Their journey back to each other is almost magical in itself. The novel is replete with beautiful scenery descriptions and other lovely other worldly images.

    24. Enya on said:

      3.7 starsI really enjoyed this. The only problem I had with it was that nothing huge really happened, like there wasn't really a climax or downfall in the plot.But I judge books pretty harshly yeah. Still a great book. Will be reading the next one.

    25. Summer Peterson on said:

      Much better than the firstThe first book kept me interested but when it comes down to it, not much happened. This book was much better and I plan on continuing.

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