ئاشنابوون بە کیرکەگۆر

Paul Strathern

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ئاشنابوون بە کیرکەگۆر

Kierkegaard akademik anlamda ger ek bir filozof de ildi Buna ra men bir ok insan n felsefeden bekledi i eyi retti D nya hakk nda yazmad hayat hakk nda yazd nas l ya ad m z nas l ya amay se ti imiz

  • Title: ئاشنابوون بە کیرکەگۆر
  • Author: Paul Strathern
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 359
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kierkegaard akademik anlamda ger ek bir filozof de ildi Buna ra men, bir ok insan n felsefeden bekledi i eyi retti D nya hakk nda yazmad , hayat hakk nda yazd nas l ya ad m z, nas l ya amay se ti imiz hakk nda Konusu birey ve onun varolu uydu Varolan varl k Kierkegaard n g r ne g re bu tamamen znel varl k, neden, mant k, felsefi sistemler ve hatta psikoKierkegaard akademik anlamda ger ek bir filozof de ildi Buna ra men, bir ok insan n felsefeden bekledi i eyi retti D nya hakk nda yazmad , hayat hakk nda yazd nas l ya ad m z, nas l ya amay se ti imiz hakk nda Konusu birey ve onun varolu uydu Varolan varl k Kierkegaard n g r ne g re bu tamamen znel varl k, neden, mant k, felsefi sistemler ve hatta psikolojinin bahanelerinin menzili d nda yer al yordu Buna ra men, b t n bu konular n kayna yd Kierkegaard n ortaya kard felsefe dal varolu uluk olarak bilinir oldu.90 Dakikada Kierkegaard da, Paul Strathern Kierkegaard n hayat ve eserlerinin zl ve uzmanca bir tarifini sunuyor ve insan n d nyadaki varolu unu anlama sava ndaki etkisini a kl yor.

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      359 Paul Strathern
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    One thought on “ئاشنابوون بە کیرکەگۆر

    1. Foad on said:

      کتابهمچنان بهترین کتابی که برای شروع کیرکگور معرفی میکنم،فلسفه کیرگگور هستش. این کتاب هم خیلی خوب بود، اما نه ترجمه ی روانی داشت و نه توضیحاتش کافی و وافی بود. نکته ی مهمی که قبلاً نمیدونستم، این بود که لغت "اگزیستانسیالیسم" اولین بار توسط کیرکگور ایجاد شده. میدونستم که پدر فل [...]

    2. Hamêd on said:

      کتابی نسبتا خوب برای آشنایی با سورن کیرکگور. در این کتاب شرحی از وضعیت خانوادگی کیرکگور و کودکی اش داده می شود و خواننده را تا حدی با جهان او آشنا می کند. به برخی از اتفاقات مهم در زندگی کیرکگور نیز اشاره می شود. سیر اندیشه ی او در آثار مهم اش همچون این یا آن، ترس و لرز، مفهوم دلهر [...]

    3. John Martindale on said:

      One thing I did like about this book was that Strathern showed how the well known, bizarre and tragic life of Kierkegaard greatly shaped his philosophy, of course, one truly can't confidently say A caused B, one can only speculate, but it was interesting nonetheless.One thing I don't appreciate is Strathern's utter contempt for theism, it is something that shines forth in all Strathern's writings that I've read so far. He assumes no rational person could believe in a God and that all such belief [...]

    4. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      Kierkegaard in 90 Minutes, Paul Strathern عنوان: آشنایی با کیرکگور؛ پل استراترن؛ مترجم: علی جوادزاده؛ تهران، نشر مرکز، 1378، در 79 ص، مصور؛ مجموعه ی آشنایی با فیلسوفان؛ شابک:9643054756؛ موضوع: فلسفه قرن 19، فیلسوفان دانمارک، سرگذشتنامه، قرن 20 م

    5. Don Incognito on said:

      I have generally found the Philosophers in 90 Minutes series very informative, but this is the first volume in the series that failed for me. Reading it did not aid my understanding of Kierkegaard's philosophy, and I found my other source on Kierkegaard and theistic existentialism (The Universe Next Door, by James Sire) more illuminating.The only thing I really learned from the book is that like many thinkers, Kierkegaard was tormented by psychological problems (stemming from a difficult relatio [...]

    6. B.A. Wilson on said:

      Based on how many times I've proclaimed that I'm having an existential crisis, it seemed only appropriate that I learn more about Kierkegaard. Even though the word existentialism wasn't claimed until Sartre about 100 years later, Kierkegaard was definitely an early existentialist. He also lived a messy, difficult life and was quite a unique individual, as a result. That's the nice way of explaining his eccentricities and uncommon mind. It sounds as if half of what he wrote was pure rage at the w [...]

    7. Jason Robinson on said:

      Concise and clearly written overview of Kierkegaard's life and work. Sometimes known as the "Father of existentialism".

    8. Tom Morris on said:

      Didn't really learn anything from the book: I've ready plenty of Kierkegaard in the past. It was quite interesting, and did bring one potentially good idea forward - the concept of the religious sphere (I prefer 'sphere' to 'stage') being a balancing of the ethical and the aesthetic rather than just being a further progression than the ethical - and this seems very true. Most people don't live a purely aesthetic or a purely ethical life - they mix the two together. Religion helps one do that, bu [...]

    9. Joshua Lawson on said:

      “The first thing to understand is that you don’t understand.” It is aphorisms like this that really endear me to Soren Kierkegaard. This book is a succinct summary of his life and an interesting overview of the major factors that led to his appearance on the philosophical stage as the forebear of modern existentialism.

    10. imsocrafty on said:

      My expectation was that I would learn more about Kierkegaard's writings. What I got was a detailed life history with some of his writings thrown in. It wasn't bad, but not what I thought I'd get from the book description.

    11. Christopher Hellstrom on said:

      Very good entry in the series. Audio version. 72 minutes at 1.20x speed. :)

    12. Realini on said:

      Kierkegaard in 90 Minutes by Paul Strathern Kierkegaard’s thinking is not considered a “philosophy” by some scholars, even if he is the father of Existentialism.Nietzsche was an existentialist without knowing it. Sartre was the first to declare himself existentialist. With humor, Strathern says that Sartre spend his existence thinking about his existence in the cafes of Paris.In the life of the great Danish thinker, there is an important and only love affair, which oddly may have started w [...]

    13. Jimmy on said:

      One of the better books in this series. These books make great reviews if you don't have the time to reread the entire works of a philosopher. Kierkegaard's father was a serf for a local priest and had to tend sheep. One day he cursed god and his luck turned for the better thanks to an uncle in Copenhagen. Soren's mom was a maid that the dad played around with. He had a total of seven children, and the father expected all of them to die before he did because of his sins falling on the children. [...]

    14. Cherise on said:

      Nothing better than short straight-forward introductory novels . The book can easily be read in 60 but it's well worth the extra time to check out the information after Strathern's afterword . The Father of Existentialism , Kierkegaard is in my opinion far better than the more recent Jean-Paul Sartre for two reasons , he allows for faith and reason and . . . he's Danish :) I am drawn to his self promoting notoriety and feel a kin to his long enduring angst at his own , ironic , free choice . I h [...]

    15. Lincoln on said:

      [Audiobook] I enjoyed the first half, which gives a biographical sketch of Kierkegaard, very much. People are interesting. The second half, which outlines his philosophy, was tougher to enjoy. It was hard understand. But that's to be expected, I guess. In the context of his life story, his philosophy seems to me so clearly to be an anguished attempt to rationalize his personal sufferings. I may or may not ever read him directly; haven't decided yet. But I'm glad I read this book if only to get a [...]

    16. Ray on said:

      A concise, highly readable and helpful introduction to Kierkegaard's life and ideas. Drawing on his incisive philosophical intellect and penetrating psychological introspection, the Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard created existentialism, a school of thought where subjective truth trumps objectivity and reason in determining how one should live one's life. This brief book did an excellent job of presenting Kierkegaard's ideas, and also of showing the painful experiences that were the crucibl [...]

    17. Joshua on said:

      An informative, if intentionally slight, introduction to a complex man and his complex ideas. The book tends to make assumptions and connections between Kierkegaard's personal life and work that, though enlightening (if they are true), are not backed up by good hard evidence and are specious enough to make one question the validity of them. However, the pared down descriptions of his ideas are both concise and interesting. A fairly good read for someone who wants a broad overview of Kierkegaard' [...]

    18. Vince Ciaramella on said:

      Not a bad book if one wants the story on Kierkegaard but it doesn't go much into his philosophy. I guess you should know about his personal history in order for his books to make much more sense. He is a pretty gloomy and negative fellow but I like reading him. I would say read this if you are serious about wanted to learn about what makes him tick. It's short and will give you an insight into the man that created some of the coolest philosophy ever.

    19. Maggie on said:

      this episode in the digest of authors and philosophers has been the most informative because i have known the least about the life and ideas of kierkegaard. so the series continues to get approval ratings from me with this one being the test case: clearly presented valid perspective in digest format for a curious person who wants a reasonable amount of sureness of how this thinker thought.

    20. Kessia Reyne on said:

      I could have used a little less psychologizing and sitz im leben, and a little more philosophizing. But it was a concise overview of Kierkegaard and placed him well in the setting of his life. Worth the 90 minutes.

    21. Tim on said:

      Strathern is mostly interested in explaining Kierkegaard away psychologically and in the usefulness of his thought for modern existentialism, while is outright dismissive and condescending to most of his religious thought. Okay for brief biography, very limited in its philosophical worth.

    22. Abel on said:

      I am not sure if these are good introductions into someone's body of work but, for their length of time, they are inherently efficient and analytically succinct. I would recommend these to anyone who wants a broad overview of Kierkegaard's work in relation to his life and times.

    23. Sergey on said:

      Свою миссию книга выполняет. Но зачем я это читал?

    24. Keith Bell on said:

      Interesting and timely as I was in the midst of this book when a friend asked if I had read his treatise on Abraham and Isaac. Gonna have to revisit it to fully absorb it but still a great read.

    25. Artem Huletski on said:

      Грустно было жить в Дании, ещё и под влиянием гегельянства

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