ئاشنابوون بە ئەفلاتوون

Paul Strathern ڕێباز مستەفا

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ئاشنابوون بە ئەفلاتوون

In Plato in Minutes Paul Strathern offers a concise expert account of Plato s life and ideas and explains their influence on man s struggle to understand his existence in the world The book also

  • Title: ئاشنابوون بە ئەفلاتوون
  • Author: Paul Strathern ڕێباز مستەفا
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 126
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Plato in 90 Minutes, Paul Strathern offers a concise, expert account of Plato s life and ideas, and explains their influence on man s struggle to understand his existence in the world The book also includes selections from Plato s work a brief list of suggested reading for those who wish to push further and chronologies that place Plato within his own age and in theIn Plato in 90 Minutes, Paul Strathern offers a concise, expert account of Plato s life and ideas, and explains their influence on man s struggle to understand his existence in the world The book also includes selections from Plato s work a brief list of suggested reading for those who wish to push further and chronologies that place Plato within his own age and in the broader scheme of philosophy.

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      126 Paul Strathern ڕێباز مستەفا
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    One thought on “ئاشنابوون بە ئەفلاتوون

    1. Foad on said:

      بعد از این که دموکراسی آتن سقراط رو به جرم تشویش در اذهان عمومی به مرگ محکوم کرد، همه ی شاگردان سقراط مورد غضب قرار گرفتند. از جمله افلاطون. افلاطون از آتن فرار کرد و سفرهای دور و دراز خودش رو آغاز کرد. از جمله در این سفرها به ایتالیا رفت و با فیثاغورسی ها آشنا شد و اعتقاد به اعدا [...]

    2. peiman-mir5 rezakhani on said:

      دوستانِ گرانقدر، این کتاب از 6 بخش و چند فصلِ پیوسته به آن تشکیل شده است در این کتاب به زندگی نامه و زندگیِ زمانۀ «افلاطون» و همچنین به اندیشۀ وی و آثارِ او، پرداخته شده استاین کتاب، فرصتی به من داد، تا توضیحاتی هرچند کوتاه در موردِ «افلاطون» برایِ شما بزرگواران بنویسمعزیزانم [...]

    3. Joseph on said:

      Another freebie from Audible Channels. Like other books in the series so far there is an introduction followed by Plato's biography and followed up with quotes and (the same in every book) history of philosophy. Plato was a student of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle. He is best known for his work Republic which is a staple of every political science student. In it, Plato presents his "Allegory of the Cave." He also never speaks in his dialogs and uses Socrates as his voice. The title Repub [...]

    4. Mohammadjavad Abbasi on said:

      کتاب به دو بخش کلی تقسیم میشود.قسمت اول زندگی نامه افلاطون را شامل میشود از دوران کودکی ، روی آوردن وی به ورزش،شعر و در نهایت یادگیری فلسفه نزد سقراط تا خارج شدن از آتن به دنبال محاکمه استاد خود ،سفرطولانی وی به ایتالیا و شمال آفریقا ،بازگشت به آتن و تاسیس اکادمی .بخش دوم کتاب ه [...]

    5. KamRun on said:

      متناسب با عنوان اصلی‌ش : افلاطون در 90 دقیقه (و حتی کمتر). خیلی روزنامه‌وار اشاره‌های کمرنگی به اندیشه‌های افلاطون کرده و در مورد زندگی‌ش هم جسته و گریخته چیزهایی گفته. شاید کتاب به‌درد کسی که هیچ آشنایی‌ای با افلاطون نداره بخوره، اما باز هم بعید می‌دونم

    6. Kiana on said:

      اى كاش بيشتر به تفكرات و نقطه نظرات هر فيلسوف مى پرداخت نه اينقدر سطحى و كوتاه. به جاش بيشتر به زندگى نامه و شرايط زمانه ى فيلسوف پرداخته.ولى خب از اينجور كتاب ها نمى شه انتظار بيشترى هم داشت.

    7. Kara on said:

      Ninety minutes is the exact length of my attention span for philosophy. This survey of Plato was interesting and helpful. I feel smarter now.

    8. Paul on said:

      Corta biografía de Platón. Apenas y se menciona su fase como discípulo de Sócrates. Está bien para un primer acercamiento sobre la figura de Platón y un poco de sus ideas, pero aún así creo que el autor se pudo esmerar más en explicar más.Al final hay unas citas de Platón, que más parece que se hizo por rellenar el libro, y hubiera sido útil algunos comentarios sobre ellas, pero solo están copypasteados.Lo más rescatable es que se pone en perspectiva el legado de Platón, que repr [...]

    9. Kim on said:

      Paul Strathen provided me with a quick overview of Plato while I waited for my car to be serviced. I feel safe with my new air bags and enlightened philosophically.

    10. Valerie Kyriosity on said:

      Plato in less time than it takes to get a new car battery installed. Can't say it made me a big fan of the guy. Philosophy that misses the most obvious truths about human nature hardly seems worth the name.

    11. Tony on said:

      PLATO IN 90 MINUTES. (1996; CD 2003). Paul Strathern. ***.This is likely only the second book on tape I’ve attempted in my life, and – as in my previous attempt – the attempt was more- or less- of a failure. To listen to a recorded book – even one as well read as this one – requires an effort of attention that also needs training. I can’t imagine listening to one while driving, as many people do. It’s a wonder that there aren’t more accidents on the road. In this rendering of Str [...]

    12. Mostafa Nasiri on said:

      اولین کتابی بود که از این مجموعه خواندم. همانطور که از تعداد صفحات آن می شود حدس زد این کتاب خیلی خیلی خلاصه است و اگر کسی بخواهد فقط در این حد با افلاطون یا هر فیلسوف دیگری آشنا شود می تواند با مطالعه یک مقاله نه چندان طولانی در اینترنت به این حد از آشنایی برسد و به نظرم نیازی به [...]

    13. Matt Randall on said:

      Plato is one of those things that a person can spend a lifetime studying. A 90 minute overview was nice, but one simply can not dive into a lot of the details from such a short lesson. For someone who has never studied philosophy could really get a bunch out of this short book. I picture it as the cliff notes version of Plato.

    14. Rizwan on said:

      I'll give the series another try, but really, there is no depth in argument. Here you are given a prepared set of views on Plato's philosophy rather than an objective deconstructed series of thoughts.

    15. Mark Valentine on said:

      Strathern writes more about Plato's biography than his philosophy, but for 90 minutes worth, I got what I bargained for--basic fare.

    16. Aaron Bolin on said:

      The book delivered what it promised. I'm not really a philosophy enthusiast, so a 90 minute summary was nice.

    17. Jimmy on said:

      Nice easy to read book that focuses mostly on Plato's life. Has some interesting facts in it. Connecting Plato to Hitler and Stalin is a bit over the top however.

    18. Maggie on said:

      still replete with snide remarks rather than substance of life and thoughts of plato, but also with a fair amount of substance with this philosopher.

    19. Kiseruyoru on said:

      This entire series is shit.In brief: A mediocre philosophy professor discusses philosophers, one by one, from a purely historical perspective (minus the occasional personal judgement of the subject character) -- and he's a really shit historian.

    20. Joshua Lawson on said:

      Hello, Plato. Who would have thought one of the world's most influential philosophers had a knack for wrestling? Biographical nuggets like this are the strength of Strathern's 90 Minutes series, limited though they are in other respects.

    21. Mark on said:

      Very good summary of Plato and his thought. Strikes a good balance between telling Plato's history and also the way in which that may have influenced his philosophy. Much better than the Aristotle in 90 Minutes in the series.

    22. Matt on said:

      No idea if Strathern is a reliable guide when it comes to summarizing and critiquing Plato’s thoughts, but this was reasonably engaging and solid for getting a basic bio and placing Plato in his historical context.

    23. Realini on said:

      Plato in 90 Minutes by Paul StrathernNec plus ultraPlato is the nec plus ultra for this reader. It is as far as I can go with reading philosophy in the original, unadapted, unabridged or explained version. And I know few other authors who have expressed such beautiful, mesmerizing ideas.The fact that I had Plato in my hands when I was about twenty is one of the luckiest events of my whole life. It transformed me. Mind you, I did not turn into a wise thinker. With the genes I have, that would hav [...]

    24. Oliver Cerwyn on said:

      Paul Strathern condenses the philosphy and life of Plato very well, allowing for an easy glimpse into the world of philosphy. It does not take a lot of mental legwork to process, it is very quick, and funny at times. For people that to do not have the time to completely experience Plato's philosophy this is great and, in my subjective opinion, the antithesis of boring for a non-fiction book about philsophy.

    25. Adam Uraynar on said:

      'All is number.'--PythagorasSocrates taught not so much a philosophy as philosophic method: clear thinking.Most humans live as if in a dim cave. We are chained and facing a blank wall, with a fire at our backs. All we see are flickering shadows playing across the cave wall, and this is what we take to be reality. Only if we learn to turn away from the wall and the shadows, and escape from the cave, can we hope to see the true light of reality.In more philosophical terms, Plato believed that ever [...]

    26. Odd_bloke on said:

      The Essential Plato is another in the Virgin Philosophers series by Paul Strathern. I have previously read and reviewed (earlier this evening) his "The Essential Confucius", so this review will naturally reference that in some respects.[return][return]This book is short, only 56 pages including chronologies, recommended reading and a number of quotations, but Strathern manages to give a fairly complete history of Plato's life, showing how his life affected his philosophy while exploring, albeit [...]

    27. Jimmy on said:

      This is the second work in the Philosopher in 90 Minutes series that I have finished, and it gives me hope that perhaps the series is not altogether hopeless (see my review of Aristotle in 90 Minutes). As a result, I am open to considering other titles in this series. Once again, the author Paul Strathern does a good job giving the readers a biographical sketch of our philosopher. This is not a work that just tells you what Plato believes and leave you bored with philosophical details. However, [...]

    28. Ashley Adams on said:

      A lovely little biography written with a bit of humor, and a helpful chronology of historical context. Looking forward to others in the series!

    29. Eric on said:

      A 10,000 ft view of Plato's philosophy. The author writes with humor but explains clearly two key concepts of Plato. One, is that what we see is not reality but only the image of the Perfect thing beyond our senses. He believed that the IDEA of anything, whether Equality or Beauty or Straight or Level or anything else actually existed but not here and now. Because he wanted order though he laid the basis for all the tyrannies of the modern era: "is should remain the highest law: the need to rule [...]

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