32 Lays Later: The List 2

Kate J. Squires

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32 Lays Later: The List 2

Lays Later The List Can passion and porn co exist Sexually adventurous Bethany is ready for a change After spending almost ten years as a nurse she craves work that will stimulate her amazing body as well as her quick m

  • Title: 32 Lays Later: The List 2
  • Author: Kate J. Squires
  • ISBN: 9781760301279
  • Page: 378
  • Format: ebook
  • Can passion and porn co exist Sexually adventurous Bethany is ready for a change After spending almost ten years as a nurse, she craves work that will stimulate her amazing body as well as her quick mind When she finds out her crush, the enigmatic film producer Ari, is actually the owner of an adult film company, Beth gleefully signs a contract to work for him She willCan passion and porn co exist Sexually adventurous Bethany is ready for a change After spending almost ten years as a nurse, she craves work that will stimulate her amazing body as well as her quick mind When she finds out her crush, the enigmatic film producer Ari, is actually the owner of an adult film company, Beth gleefully signs a contract to work for him She will live in a mansion for the next two months with a cast of smoking hot porn stars while filming 32 adult productions what s not to love But as Beth tries to guard her heart against falling for Ari, a new star enters the house Soon Beth is questioning everything she thought she knew about love and wondering if there s room in her heart, and in her bed, for than just one

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    One thought on “32 Lays Later: The List 2

    1. Olga therebelreader on said:

      **ARC kindly provided by Momentum Books - via NetGalley - in exchange for an honest review.**

    2. Veronica of V's Reads on said:

      This is the second book in a series, but I didn't struggle with not reading the books in order.2.5 Stars.Bethany is a rich Australian girl with cold-fish parents. She strikes out on her own, becoming a nurse because she thinks this is a job with purpose, but it turns out she is tired of being an arse-wiper--among other things. She does like patients and is a diligent caregiver, but there's no adventure in it, so Bethany decides to becomes a porn star. Because, reasons. No, actually Bethany's a b [...]

    3. Sharon Xuereb on said:

      This book was a DNF for me at the 20% mark. It reads just like a porn movie and the lead character Beth is hard to understand in respects to Ari. She's wanted him ever since meeting him and vice versa, and now she's willing to give that chance away to be a porn star. It just doesn't make any sense to me. The sass that comes out of Beth's mouth is laughable and I found myself rolling my eyes at this story a few too many times to continue reading.The writing wasn't the best I've read, very simple, [...]

    4. Carla on said:

      I got this book on netgalley for an honest review.I think this book is not for everyone, but I kind of loved it!She was a strong character who enjoyed her sexuality and couldn't wait to experience more.The way they described the porn industry captivated me, because we never know how it really is, the before and after sex can get weird.He, I'm not so sure if I like, he just went and "fell" for someone else, kind of a bad move.Stacys character brought them together in an amazing way, I found their [...]

    5. Lisa on said:

      An Australian nurse, Bethany, meets a man who has a porn production company. She decides she wants to be a porn star and becomes involved with a couple of people she works with. Tons of m/f, f/f, m/f/f, m/m/f sex ensues. Most of the relationships and scenes in this book felt contrived. In fact, reading this was kind of like watching porn since everything that happened was just a segue to sex. There was a bizarre aspect to this book that was distracting where Bethany would speak gangsta at times. [...]

    6. Jessica on said:

      This book was so awful that I couldn't even finish it. It was poorly written & the dialogue was simple. What I mean by simple is that it read like a 5 year old wrote it. This book was also very misleading. You'd think it was a ménage book but there want any ménage loving up in here. Three people fell in love with one another but, there was no ménage hot sexy times between them. I read the first 53% of this book before I had to just say screw it & put it down. I did skim-skip the last [...]

    7. Tabatha on said:

      I was expecting a fun and dirty book, but this one started out in a gross and very dirty way. The main character didn't even realize she had shit literally under her nails when she was two minutes away from walking down the isle as a bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding? Who in the world wouldn't notice that before getting to that point in the day, because it is highly doubtful she was rushing straight from work to get to this wedding. Unfortunately, that moment just led to even more issues w [...]

    8. Kelly on said:

      **ARC kindly provided by Momentum Books - via NetGalley - in exchange for an honest review.Bethany is tired of being a nurse and the responsibilities it holds, she has bet Ari, a mutual friends of her best friend Cat(from #1 book in series) and her husband. Ari and Beth are very attracted to each other and Ari tries to convince her to begin a relationship, that Ari is looking for love, but Bethany does not believe in love due to her parent's horrible marriage. Ari owns an adult film company, and [...]

    9. Steph on said:

      This story begins with Bethany at her best friends wedding, finally given the opportunity to hook up with her dream conquest Ari. But Ari wants more than Bethany is willing to give so she walks away, but not before learning what he does for a living.Tired of her life as a nurse Bethany decides to parlay her adventurous sexual nature into a new career pathl she has to do is get Ari to give her a shot.Based on the synopsis, I knew what I was getting into when I started this book. With erotic stori [...]

    10. Paul Franco on said:

      Rich girl trying to make it on her own as a nurse decides to go into porn; hilarity, and love, ensues. It took me a while to realize this was set in Australia—it was probably established in the first book of the series—but it really didn’t make much of a difference, since most of the story takes place in a mansion where all the filming occurs. Most of the porn stars—though not all of them, of course—are fun to learn about, and nicer than you’d expect, with interesting quirks that hum [...]

    11. Michelle (Michelle's Book Ends) Shealy on said:

      "We walk away no worse off than we are right now, but at least we will have tried. I'd rather say yes to love than throw it away without even attempting to make it work" Bethany is looking for a change in her life. She's going from nursing to a new career in the porn industry. A crush on film producer Ari leads her into temptation she can't refuse. He's offered her a chance to live in a mansion for the next two months and film 32 adult movies over that time. Bethany is about to get a crash cours [...]

    12. Amy on said:

      2.5 stars!ARC kindly provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I wanted to like this book. I enjoyed the 1st book and was looking forward to Ari and Bethany's story. I guess I knew what I was getting into with the description, but it fell slightly flat for me. I couldn't really connect with the characters. I thought about giving up around the 60% mark, but I promised an honest review so I kept on going. It didn't pull me in, and sadly felt like more of a chore or job t [...]

    13. Daniela W on said:

      This is a book about porn, so expect lots of sex scenes - hot sex scenes, I may add. But it takes a look behind the filming as well. The interactions between the characters are very interesting and I especially like how there is no hating on other female characters without any reason to. The side characters were so well done, that I'd like to read everyone's story. They really have personalities and aren't just for decoration.It is not overly complicated written, so 32 Lays Later makes a nice re [...]

    14. Grace Morales on said:

      **ARC provided by publisher for honest review***This was so good on it own, but first let me begin with my disappointment. I LOVED the first book. I loved how it was funny and awkward and totally crazy. I expected the same thing with this one. I was disappointed in that. This is nothing like the first and I hate to say I am fearful for the release because I feel like there will be bad reviews from people picking up part 2 and expecting a redo of part 1. So let me be the first to say that if that [...]

    15. Julie Barrett on said:

      I hate not being able to finish books, I feel like I've failed when I don't read the whole book. Unfortunately I really didn't like this book and threw in the towel at the 30% mark. The main problem I had was with the heroine - she seriously got on my nerves! I also found the dialogue to be quite stilted and simplistic, it didn't feel very natural to me.Bethany has lusted after film producer Ari for months, but he's been holding her at arms length. Now that Ari is able to commit to a serious rel [...]

    16. Sharon on said:

      I read this as a standalone, but I will go back and read book one since this one was pretty good.This is a story focused on Bethany who is ready to give up nursing for something more stimulation. She learns that her friend Ari is the owner of an adult film company and she auditions for a position in his cast for a 2-month contract living in a mansion to film 32 movies.She finally realizes she needs more of Ari in her life, but it is too late and hi is in a relationship. Suddenly a new co-star fo [...]

    17. Amy Barber on said:

      While this story took me a little while to get into, I did end up enjoying it. The way the characters spoke was so formal at times and at other times they used current slang like "awks". Looking past that, I liked Bethany and wanted to see where this adventure took her. Do not confuse this with a contemporary romance, while there really is a great story here there is also a lot of sex and I mean a lot! For the right reader that is definitely not a bad thing ;) I had never read anything by Kate J [...]

    18. Lab on said:

      Before you read this book, you know this is going to be a very erotic read. After all the setting is the porn community. The premise is that Bethany wants a change. I’m not sure how she woke up one day and just decided on becoming a porn star but I guess she felt this would definitely bring her alive. I thought this was a little unbelievable. One day she is a nurse and then the next she finds herself in threesomes and girl on girl action. While the sex was hot, if a little crass at times, this [...]

    19. Tiffany on said:

      DNF @35%I went into this book really expecting to like it. I loved the first book with Cat & Jackson and was really looking forward to Bethany’s story. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get into it. While the first book was a lot of sex, it was also a story of finding one’s self. I felt like this book was literally all about the sex. And while it was hot at times, other times I was just really turned off. I particularly had an issue with Honey, another one of the film stars. I also couldn [...]

    20. Katlynn Parsons on said:

      I recieved this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.I read Part One a little while back and really enjoyed it. I liked the characters, including the two main characters in Part Two.Unfortunately I did not enjoy this book. The concept was unique and the titles of the movies were hilarious, but I found it to be off. There seemed to be no connection between the main characters and all three were annoying and immature in their actions. The entire book is one big sex scene and whi [...]

    21. Emma bramley on said:

      I had not read the first book before starting this one. its a good story, with lots of steamy scenes but I was a little disappointed in it. I would recommended to others. the story is good and its written well but I just couldn't get hooked will probably read the first then come back to this oneobsessedbookreviews.wordpressfacebook/obsessedbook

    22. Toni Lewis on said:

      A really good book that is all about the life of regular ole people becoming porn stars . Or for Bethany she was tired of living life being a nurse and decided to try her hand at something different d that's where Ari came into play Only thing she wasn't expecting was falling in love with two people

    23. Dimaris rossy on said:

      What's good about the story is that it makes you feel ups and downs and a tornado of emotions. If I were reading a paper back instead of an ebook, I would have thrown it to the other end of the room just because sometimes I felt emotional. I either felt things were unfair or wanted to shake one of the characters, or 2 or 3. I would say that makes it an entertaining read.

    24. Kendra on said:

      Steamy hot sex scenes. Behind the scene descriptions of what happens at an adult filming session. Oooh! Amazing! I could hardly put it down; that's how much I loved it!Beth's adventure is outstanding! She's the perfect character for it. I'm pretty sure I liked this book even more than the previous one!*I have received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

    25. Danielle on said:

      In all honestly this book was not that great. It was way over the top, the characters were immature and the writing was choppy. It was kind of a hot mess and I struggled to get through it. I didn't find it hot or sexy at all.

    26. Becky on said:

      Wow, if you can think to do it - it happened in this book. The good, the bad, and the not-so-glamourous aspects in the making of adult films is all laid bare. Is a relationship possible when sex is your paycheck? How do you choose? Who do you choose?

    27. Tonia on said:

      Wonderful read! Three people who have had a hard time finding love finally find the missing puzzle pieces. For some, it may be a bit unconventional. I thought it was genius! They were able to find each other doing what they love. Can't wait to read more by Kate Squires!

    28. Mary Fraser on said:

      Filthy! In a fun way but what do you expect when it is about porn stars!! I enjoyed this book as it was so different but lacked the sweetness of the 1st book. I didn't understand the open love, relationship aspect!

    29. Nancy Riggleman on said:

      I really liked this book. excellent plot with steamy scenes . I definitely recommend for romance fans that like a little spice.

    30. Alisha on said:

      This was a good book, like I've never read anything like it beforeterally the relationship is unconventional but it works for them.

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