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Kelley Harvey

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So Bad

So Bad Danny I can look but not touch That s the rule That ll keep us all out of troubleand ensure our trust funds are secure But some women are worth the risk I try to protect her from him I should protect

  • Title: So Bad
  • Author: Kelley Harvey
  • ISBN: 9781516808717
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Paperback
  • Danny I can look but not touch That s the rule.That ll keep us all out of troubleand ensure our trust funds are secure.But some women are worth the risk.I try to protect her from him.I should protect her from me instead.Mo Manwhore and he s not afraid to let everyone know it.We aren t friends, not by any stretch,though I ve always secretly hoped for .Then he touchesDanny I can look but not touch That s the rule.That ll keep us all out of troubleand ensure our trust funds are secure.But some women are worth the risk.I try to protect her from him.I should protect her from me instead.Mo Manwhore and he s not afraid to let everyone know it.We aren t friends, not by any stretch,though I ve always secretly hoped for .Then he touches me and I m lost.But Danny isn t just an average asshole.He s bad to the core.So Bad.

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      106 Kelley Harvey
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    One thought on “So Bad

    1. Bookin' Around Town With Jocq on said:

      ***I was given an ARC of So Bad from the author for an honest review***So. Bad. Was, So. Good! Well, where should I begin? This was my first opportunity reading a book by this author. I always get skeptical about reviewing new books, but the cover sold me lol (being honest). I began the book on a lunch break and was overwhelmingly overtaken by the characters and the story. I could NOT PUT THIS BOOK DOWN.The story has so many moving parts, that you think it's about Danny and Mo(na), but it's so m [...]

    2. Jamie on said:

      Danny. He's the black sheep of a prominent, religious family.Mo. She's an orphan that was taken in by her best friends family.What happens when the black sheep notices the orphan? He stays away from her. She wants him, but keeps it quiet. What happens when said family leaves for a mission trip? Sparks fly. Beds, walls, lounge chairs catch fire.Danny is a manwhore, will he change his ways for the sweet girl his family took in? Will that sweet girl lower her walls and let the manwhore in?Read this [...]

    3. Joannahelms on said:

      I loved Mo and Danny's storyI stayed up all nightI couldn't put it downere are twists and turns. love and betrayal.g epic freaking read peoplew we need a book for Rachel and Sladeere honestly aren't words to describe how amazing this book isI'm so glad it's mine. that I can gock and re-read.eve me when I say it's one for the re-read list.lley Harvey freaking 10 thumbs up to u chickis book is amazing

    4. Rocky Perez on said:

      I was lucky to recieve an ARC for an honest review.Here it goes:Honestly, I had not heard of Kelley Harvey before I stumbled across a link to read and review this book. With that said, I will be checking out what other titles she has to offer because Danny and Mo drew me in! Their story is so great, he can't have the girl he wants so he acts like a whore. She thinks he's a whore, so she stays the hell away from him even though shes had a crush on him since she moved into his parents' home. Mo's [...]

    5. Rachael Fick on said:

      I was gifted a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.Wow. Just wow. I thought I knew what I was getting into with this book when I read the blurb, but I honestly have to say that I was surprised. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for bad boys, which is why I was so excited to get my hands on a copy of this book. All I can say is to not let the blurb fool you; there is MUCH more to this story than the typical reformed bad boy.Danny, the son of an extremely popular televang [...]

    6. Jelena Bosh on said:

      4.5Bloody hell was this an addictive and all things sinfully good that it felt bad type of book. JesusWill be posting the full review very soon!<3

    7. Jillian Esparza on said:

      No SpoilersThis story is written from Mo, and Danny's POV. I received an "unedited ARC" for an honest review the writing was flawless, and I didn't find any errors. I have read published books that needed more work than this unedited ARC. It was an absolute pleasure reading this story. I loved the banter these two characters had, I loved that they were strong, and didn't give up easily. I have to admit I fell for Danny almost immediately. This book grabbed me at the beginning and kept me until t [...]

    8. Penny Leidecker on said:

      I absolutely loved Mo and Danny's story. Danny is a manwhore and Mo has had a crush on him for years. Every time she turns around he has a different girl up against a wall, on a car hood, or somewhere. She knows Danny is a BAD boy, SO BAD, but that doesn't stop her from wanting him. She knows he 's not a relationship type of guy, but he is a fling kind of guy. This is their story!! I highly recommend this story to everyone!, You will not be disappointed!! I hope you'll read this book and fall in [...]

    9. Annie on said:

      This book is hot, hot, hot! Danny is a man-whore and proud of it. He is the hot boy who can't get the girl he wants so he throws a tantrum by going on a sex rampage.Mo is a sweet girl on a mission to protect her heart at all costs.Without giving anything away, this was an interesting read were the characters have to learn to trust their own feelings as well as one another and the back story to it with Danny's family was quite different and I had not read anything with this kind of background yet [...]

    10. Tracy Comerford on said:

      aww i loved this book, in some places it seemed fast paced but that was probably because it was ending and i didn't want it to, the sex was off the charts i dunno why but this book sucked me in and it rarely happens to me but i loved it so much i read it in a few hours, actually that not true i stayed awake half the night reading it because i could not put the bloody book down, Hot, Sexy alpha male super hot cover and hours of bliss he'll yes not one to forget anytime soon, well done kelley 5 st [...]

    11. Alexa Ayana on said:

      Kelly Harvey is a new author for me, but she gave big chance to know her better from her new book. I never regret reading SOD; it's like I found a buried treasure. She gives a unique touch and different vibe than other similar books with this genre.Danny Jennings is a sinful package of six feet who succeed burn my eyes since his first appearance. He’s sexy and realizing his charm, a manwhore who proud of his status, he’s cocky flirty and satisfied with his skills. Danny is a living wet dream [...]

    12. Sara Smolarek on said:

      I received an unedited advance review copy of this book from the author, in return for an honest review.Kelley Harvey is a new author to me, but she was recommended by another member of my online book group. I like discovering new authors to follow and don’t mind doing reviews, so when an ARC was offered, I accepted.I wasn’t sure what to expect with the ARC being an unedited version. I do some proofreading for indie authors on occasion and have seen some pretty rough drafts, but I was pleasa [...]

    13. Julianna on said:

      Kelley Harvey is a new author to me and I received this copy for an honest review. Danny is sexy and a naughty rebellious manwhore that you just couldn't get enough of that you'd bend over and take whatever you can get from himeven if your being used. He has a charisma but further more he has a heartbreaking story to why he rebels especially towards his father. Danny is a man that I instantly loved. He wasn't sorry for who he was and just went after what he wanted. To read about a guy like that [...]

    14. Corey Clancy on said:

      This author renewed my love of books. SOD. by Kelley Harvey is a phenomenal read! This book was a step outside of my normal go-to genres. I would classify SOD. as contemporary erotica romance, which unless it has a dark element added in is not a preference of mine. There was a major drama going on but it played second fiddle to the emotions of a traumatized young woman. Not trama to her person but psychological trama dealt to her by a parent. Kelley Harvey was able to bring the erotic parts of h [...]

    15. Mark Aberdeen on said:

      I'm a little over half way and I'm enjoying this book emensely. much more than I thought I would. Let me explain. I'm a science fiction and urban fantasy author and reader. I do read a lot outside my genre. I love biographies, history, historical fiction, mystery, thriller, horror, pretty much everything, but I've always shied away from adult fantasy/erotica. I've been missing out.This is my first true adult fantasy novel and my first time reading Kelley Harvey. I was a little thrown by the 1st [...]

    16. Cee Cee Houston on said:

      This was my 1st book from Kelley and it certainly won't be the last, she's a brilliant writer. This book was not quite what you'd expect from the bad boy image we imagine. The male lead is a best friend's brother rather than a stepbrother. Danny is sexy, muscular and crazy about his twin sister's best friend who just happens to stay in his family's guest house so she around all the time. Unfortunately for Danny, he's been warned off of Mo, by someone close to him and what a piece of work they tu [...]

    17. Kat Loves on said:

      I was lucky enough to receive an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review and I gotta say it really blew me away. Ok so Mo has been living with her best friends family since her mum passed away. The father is a preacher and the mum is an alcoholic. The best friend, Rachel is off to Africa leaving Mo and Danny (Rachel's brother) alone for the summer. Mo has had a huge crush on Danny for as long as she can remember but for some reason Danny turned into a real jerk 3 years ago and is now a [...]

    18. Sarah on said:

      4.5* Well I found a new author to read!So. Bad. was my first book by Kelley Harvey.  It was a cute, sexy, quick read that I adored. Quick synopsis:Danny is Mo's best friend's brother and the son of the family that took her in when her mother passed away. Mo has had a crush on Danny since she was young, but Danny is now the biggest manwhore she knows.  So.Bad. follows their journey as a couple from the beginning and has laughs, tears and swooning along the way. Seriously, Danny is one sexy, str [...]

    19. Lenny on said:

      I've received an ARC from the author in exchange of an honest review.No matter how the boy is bad it has a heart of gold!! I thought Danny's dad was a hypocrite, those religious people who pray for the sinners and bumps his fist against his chest but to be a fucking perve!? When he took the doll to Mo, I suspected he was putting a camera but to catch them on the act and use it against them and not be*shudders* I can't even say it!! Danny should've said something immediately! About the cameras bu [...]

    20. L.A. Taylor on said:

      I was given an ARC of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review!This book was short and sweet. The perfect amount of sexy and drama.A hot male lead who was a bit stupid (as all guys can be) but not too douchebag-yAnd a sassy female lead who wasn't so annoying that it makes you want to hurl your kindle at a wall (which is the case alot of the time - and tbh most of us girls read these books for the hot guy not the girl, right?! ) This book, though a work of fiction, will serve as a [...]

    21. Thi on said:

      This is the first book I have read from this author and it won't be the last. This was was an excellent read. I completely fell in love with the characters. Danny is now one of my favorite book boyfriends. He is sweet, funny and just too damn hot for his own good. I hope Rachel and Slade will have their own book soon. ARC provided by author for an honest review.

    22. Nina Piatt on said:

      If you are looking for a hot read with substance than this is it. I loved it. Danny is a bad boy but when you learn more about him you may change your mind. Mo finds herself drawn to him but is disgusted at the manwhore.Following Mo and Danny is not what I expected and I liked that. This was a bit refreshing and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    23. Terri Williams on said:

      An honest ARC reader review: Kelley has delivered yet another 5 star book! Danny and Mo are a refreshing read from start to finish for any adult reader. With both a sense of humor as well as a deep connection that make you scream for them to be together from the beginning, you can’t help but fall in love with these two from the start.The beginning portrays Danny as the man-whore that you can’t help but love to hate. You just want to reach in and slap him upside his head! Of course his antics [...]

    24. 2kasmom on said:

      Danny had known his little sister Rachel's best friend Mona Lisa, for many years. He has teased her, tortured her, and tried not to hate or resent her. In reality, he would do anything for her.Mona Lisa aka "Mo", thinks Danny hates her. He is a bit of a manwhore who parties too hard and too much. His preacher father and frail mother are not sure what to do with him. Mo just wants to kiss him all over and daysdreams about how hot he is. Danny had made a deal with the devil, better known as his sk [...]

    25. Sue on said:

      This is one of those little books that combines taboo themes with steamy sexual awakenings, strong friendships and tragic childhoods.Mo is living with her BFF's family after having been left alone as a teenager when her mother diesleaving her to be in an environment where she has to behave in a way fitting for a Minister's family, all while avoiding the advances of her friend's hot brother.There was a lot of sex in this booklo as well as coupledd a dark twist of a perverted secret comes to the s [...]

    26. Tina Taylor on said:

      I was lucky enough to get an arc of this book,for an honest review, so here goes. The story is based on bad boy Danny and Mo. Mo moves in with her best friend Rachel's family after her mum passes away. Danny knows that he wants Mo, but knows that he can't for certain reasons,so he act's like a manwhore, Mo wants Danny,but having witnessed some of his shenanigans,is scared of showing her true feelings,so begins the start of the journey of Danny wooing Mo,pulled me in right from the very beginning [...]

    27. Kristin Smith on said:

      Kelley Harvey delivers again. I absolutely love Mo and how innocent she is until BAD BOY Danny gets his hands on her. Danny, Danny, Danny I would like to take a dip in his pool. This gem is super, super hot and steamy! Do NOT miss out on this one! ARC for honest review. This book will not disappoint!

    28. Anne OK on said:

      'Nuff said about this ninety-nine center. Really wasn't for me. I need a little more storyline and character building with my porn.

    29. April Symes on said:

      **A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for my honest review****Wow, this is such a great great READ! Danny- he is such a skirt chaser, it’s not funny. Danny comes from a pretty rich family and they are super religious. He loves the ladies, loves to seduce women into his bed until he meets this one girl who makes him sit up and take notice—Mona. Mona is such an innocent, lovely sweet girl. She is his twin’s best friend and he sees her and all he wants is her. There is a reason Danny [...]

    30. Erin Lewis on said:

      4 star Review - So Bad (Bad Boy Next Door) by Kelley HarveyKelley Harvey is a new author to me. Mo is left all alone in the world when her mother dies. Her best friend Rachel’s family take her in. Like a lot of families, they have secrets.Danny is Rachel’s older brother and knows he can’t have Mo, so he sleeps around and is in essence a man whore. Mo is attracted to him but knows she shouldn’t be. Mo is shocked when Danny starts to take an interest in her. Both of them fight their mutual [...]

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