Dangerous Spirits

Jordan L. Hawk

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Dangerous Spirits

Dangerous Spirits Book in the Spirits SeriesPrevious Book Restless SpiritsAfter the events of Reyhome Castle Henry Strauss expected the Psychical Society to embrace his application of science to the study of hauntin

  • Title: Dangerous Spirits
  • Author: Jordan L. Hawk
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 371
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Book 2 in the Spirits SeriesPrevious Book Restless SpiritsAfter the events of Reyhome Castle, Henry Strauss expected the Psychical Society to embrace his application of science to the study of hauntings Instead, the society humiliates and blacklists him His confidence shaken, he can t bring himself to admit the truth to his lover, the handsome medium Vincent Night.VinceBook 2 in the Spirits SeriesPrevious Book Restless SpiritsAfter the events of Reyhome Castle, Henry Strauss expected the Psychical Society to embrace his application of science to the study of hauntings Instead, the society humiliates and blacklists him His confidence shaken, he can t bring himself to admit the truth to his lover, the handsome medium Vincent Night.Vincent s new life in Balti with Henry is disrupted when a friend from the past asks for help with a haunting In the remote town of Devil s Walk, old ties and new lies threaten to tear the lovers apart, if a fiery spirit bent on vengeance doesn t put an end to them first.

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      371 Jordan L. Hawk
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    One thought on “Dangerous Spirits

    1. Adam on said:

      BR with Nick!Maybe 2.5 stars?I gave the first book in this series, Restless Spirits, 4 stars. It was a fun read, with a spooky haunting, some bloodshed, and an entertaining romance to top it off. So I was eagerly looking forward towards the sequel. But 'Dangerous Spirits', while still entertaining, just fell a bit flat.I liked the paranormal, that's for sure. It was interesting to see the Psychical Society at work and other members of the psychic world. The haunting had me hooked throughout. Jor [...]

    2. Sofia on said:

      Hawk writes a great mix of creepy, maggoty ghost story and the continuation of the family story. I say family because it is not just Henry and Vincent, I wouldn't want Lizzie and Jo left out, they are integral.A story of wishes, lies, hurts, manipulation, doubts, love. I like how Hawk writes her HEA, she makes them real because in her series she continually shows the problems that arise in relationships and working through them. This makes it closer to our own realities in that it is not just a [...]

    3. Kaje Harper on said:

      I really enjoyed the paranormal aspects of this case. As usual, the writing was a smooth, exciting ride, with great atmosphere. The secondary characters got a chance to shine again here, especially Jo. I enjoyed watching all the relationships shifting and realigning a bit. The bad guy was obvious, but the route to discovering him was not.The romance that seemed so promising in the first book becomes stalled out by a lie on Henry's part, and a major misperception on Vincent's (and it was Vincent' [...]

    4. Ami on said:

      It has been several months since the event at Reyhome Castle, where Henry Strauss was successfully test his Electro-Séance machine to help eradicate ghost haunting. He also had teamed up with medium Vincent Night and Elizabeth Devereux and formed Strauss, Night & Devereaux: Occult Services in his home city, Baltimore. With this, Henry thought that he finally would be able to join Baltimore Psychical Society. Unfortunately, they rejected him and told Henry he was partially responsible of the [...]

    5. K.J. Charles on said:

      Another terrific supernatural read. I really love Henry's scientific spiritualism, it's wonderful fun, and the horror is gloriously sinister. *subsides happily into Jordan's storytelling forever*

    6. Tess on said:

      3.5 stars, because after having loved Restless Spirits so much, this was a little disappointingI adored Henry and Vincent in Restless Spirits and was so excited that I could dive straight into the second book in the series. But, though I still love these guys, this book was a bit of a let down. My main problem here was that Henry lies to Vincent right at the beginning. I hate to read books where one MC lies to the other. As a plot device, I find this frustrating and predictable. (view spoiler)[F [...]

    7. Wart Hill on said:

      Definitely enjoyable.Sometimes the main characters' refusal to be honest with each other gets frustrating, especially since that seems to be Hawk's modus operandibut I love the characters and everything else so we're good.

    8. Bev on said:

      I do love Henry and Vincent, and couldn't wait for this one to come out BUT have to admit that in the end it fell a little flat for me. We already knew who the bad guy was going to be from quite early on in the story, and the more he criticised Henry and tried to turn Vincent against him, the more I was convinced I was right and couldn't wait for something nasty to happen to him in a 'Yesss!! **fistpumping**' kind of way, hehe. I love the way that Jo and Lizzie are always up for things even thou [...]

    9. R.J. on said:

      Classic Jordan - a mystery, spooky goings-on, and two fantastic lead characters. Enjoyed this so much I couldn't put it down.

    10. Macky on said:

      Supernatural devilment strikes again for the intrepid ghostbusting quartet, in this equally fabulous follow up to the fantastic Restless Spirits. Only this time round, it's not just metaphysical mishaps they have to overcome.As well as having to face the full force of a vengeful spirit with murder and mayhem on her mind, there are also adversities of a more earthly nature threatening to dissolve Henry and Victors professional partnership and fast growing romance, including personal insecurities, [...]

    11. Gina on said:

      OMG OMG I loved this book! Jordan L. Hawk is definitely one of my fav authors, and she didn't disappoint!

    12. ♣ Irish Smurfétté ♣ on said:

      4.5 stars on Prism Book Alliance®This story begins with and maintains a steady climb towards the thrilling climactic third act. I won’t say it’s a slow climb, as the pacing and development are excellent, but it’s deceptive, never really letting on about what’s to come. I was roped in without even knowing. Yes! *pumps fist*The gangs all here for a return engagement and continuation of their lives in this burgeoning group existence, maybe even as a family? Henry and Vincent are a few mont [...]

    13. M on said:

      I really like this series as a paranormal investigation-type get-up. They're a great team; Vincent and Lizzie as the mediums, Henry as the man of science, and Jo as the plucky side-kick. However, the romance is just kind of meh for me. That said, I'd definitely read the next one.

    14. Chris, the Dalek King on said:

      Sure that his invention’s success at Reyhome Castle will impress, Henry Strauss goes into the meeting at the Psychical Society with eagerness. But when the presentation is over, it is not applause that meets him but a resounding No, and a door slammed in his face. With Vincent, Lizzy, and Jo depending on him to bring in customers and money, Henry doesn’t know what to do when it seems like neither of those things will be coming their way.So he lies.Before he can come clean and hopefully salva [...]

    15. Наталья on said:

      3.5С самого начала меня взбесили надуманная проблема и нежелание Генри признаться. И это чувство повлияло на мое общее впечатление от книги, так как этот секрет упоминался чуть ли не на каждой странице.И этому также не способствовало то, что главная интрига перестала быть т [...]

    16. Karen Wellsbury on said:

      Great continuation of this series.One again I found this delved much deeper into the psychology of the characters, Henry's lies and Vincent's insecurities - balanced by the supernatural detective mission.

    17. Tamika♥RBF MOOD♥ on said:

      4.5 starsClassic Jordan L. Hawk, amazing characters, plot and ending.She has shown us different races, ethnicities, and genders in this series.I love how they all come together, its definitely why she is one of my favorites. This is a really good continuation from book one. We start off 6 months after the tragic incidents at Reyhome Castle. Henry and Vincent have managed to combine their business and have a store in Baltimore. They are going strong with their work and Jo & Lizzie aren't far [...]

    18. K on said:

      4.5 Stars rounded upHenry and Vincent are back (along with Lizzie and Jo). This time, they are summoned to help a friend of Vincent and Lizzie's former mentor - who styles himself the Great Ortenzi. He has been injured while trying to banish a vengeful spirit in a backwater settlement of Devil's Walk, Pennsylvania. As the four head out, it's with Henry hiding the secret of his rejection from the Physical Society and his fear that Vincent will reject him. All is not as it seems in Devil's Walk, a [...]

    19. Michele Fogal on said:

      I loved this book!It had everything for me: gothic horror but without that gross layer of racism/sexism that often lingers like a stink in the air from bygone daysromance but not insta-love perfectness that sometimes makes me gag or check outfallible characters that are still so lovablegreat strong femalesmen willing to see their own asshattery and own up to it (if a tad late)surprise deviousness!great pacing and nail biting suspensehot love scenes with that heart clenching intensity - uncertain [...]

    20. Melyna on said:

      4.5/5.0I love the way Jordan L Hawk writes. She can create the best creepy monsters, ghosts and/or villains. Her writing is vivid and pulls me in to the story. I will admit that I was not happy with Henry for the better part of this book. I was a bit frustrated with the conflict in the story, but of course that changed. As the story continued and the action increased Henry really showed his mettle. I am enjoying the Spirits series and the way it blends magic/spiritualism with technology and a he [...]

    21. Tal on said:

      Even better than the first book. MC's are more developed, especially Henry. The ghost story was phenomenal this time out. The only off note for me was the niggling similarity to the plot of Threshold.

    22. Mindy on said:

      DNF I loved the first book but no so much this one. I read up to 38% just couldn't finish it.

    23. Michael on said:

      5 Stars. I really hope Jordan keeps this series going. I've fallen in love with Henry, Vincent, Lizzie and Jo.

    24. Rie on said:

      Sorry, but if not for the annoying MCs, I could give this book 4 or even 5 stars!

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