Finding Charity

Jody Pardo

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Finding Charity

Finding Charity Mark Lyon was a beast in the boardroom Building websites and branding corporations for success was his specialty and he was good at it Mark worked hard to earn his place at the top of his field He le

  • Title: Finding Charity
  • Author: Jody Pardo
  • ISBN: 9781515348122
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mark Lyon was a beast in the boardroom Building websites and branding corporations for success was his specialty, and he was good at it Mark worked hard to earn his place at the top of his field He let nothing stand in his way, not even Christmas.Charity Clarke captured Mark s attention with her dirty mouth at first meeting, but her giving spirit stole his heart withoutMark Lyon was a beast in the boardroom Building websites and branding corporations for success was his specialty, and he was good at it Mark worked hard to earn his place at the top of his field He let nothing stand in his way, not even Christmas.Charity Clarke captured Mark s attention with her dirty mouth at first meeting, but her giving spirit stole his heart without notice When she goes missing, will finding Charity be the gift with enough love and hope to save them both

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    One thought on “Finding Charity

    1. Jessi on said:

      I love Jody's books, she never disappoints and this novella is just as good as her first book. It is short, sweet and full of steamy sex!

    2. Books Laid Bare on said:

      It felt a bit odd reading a Christmas themed novella at this time of the year but that is where the negatives end for me, because this was everything you could possibly want for a story set in the Christmas season.I don’t say that in a detrimental tone, I say that in as much as the book was short as it broached social and economic issues that are pertinent throughout the year but which tend to play on our consciences more at the festive time, a time that we all hope to spend with the ones we l [...]

    3. Jessica on said:

      I received an arc in exchange for an honest review!4.5 Stars! I didnt give this 5 stars just because I truely wish the story was a full length book, I would have liked more background on Mark and CharityThis is actually the first book I have read by Jody Pardo. I look forward to reading more!This is a Christmas Novella.This is a HOT and Steamy Read. Charity and Mark have the chemistry hot enough to melt the snow during winter. This book opens your heart to things going on in our country. Mark is [...]

    4. Teresa Sewell on said:

      Finding Charity was a great quick read! Jody did an AMAZING job with this novella. Mark Lyon is a cutthroat business man who has never seen much need for the holidays. But when he goes to a company holiday event he is intrigued my a stunning woman. The chemistry between Mark and Charity is instant and HOT! He wakes up in the morning to find her gone. At first he just figured they both got what they wanted but she consumed his thoughts. He knows he needs to find her. And in a blink of an eye ever [...]

    5. Theresa Clarke on said:

      Very steamy Christmas romance that will leave you breathless. Charity and Mark sizzle enough to warm the winter months and melt the snow. The subplot brings the economic struggles of our nation to light and makes you want to give where you can. Perfect story for the season! Jody Pardo is definitely an author to watch and I cannot wait for more from this brilliant new wordsmith. 5, 10 and 100 stars, hearts and accolades.

    6. Jo on said:

      This was a super cute and sweet, quick read. I think it is my favorite Jody Pardo book I've read so far. I really enjoyed the characters in this book and the story line. It was a heart warming story. Many of the characters were just truly good people, which was wonderful to see. I am definitely interested in continuing this series!

    7. Aaly on said:

      *** ARC kindly provided by Jody Pardo for an honest review. ***How an workhaolic and self centered guy turned out to be the most caring and sensitive one by finding Charity!Sexy, fun and steamy read! Review to come.**********************************************************************Finding Charity is a sweet and sexy romance.How a workaholic and self centered man falls in love by Finding Charity!In this novella, we follow the journey of Mark and how in one night, he found his match; between so [...]

    8. Harlie Williams on said:

      For such a quick read, this is one hot book. Dang…more on that later.I will have to admit that I don’t like the whole instalove thing but Mark and Charity are made for each other. From their first meeting at a dinner to the end of the book, these two people needed each other and not just for the sex. That’s just a bonus. Mark needed to stop being a Scrooge and realize that sometimes people needed a bit of help even if you worked with them. Bonus for the plot thread with Lori, Christi and J [...]

    9. Kathy Wideman on said:

      This book was a fun quick read. Mark Lyon is a man obsessed with his work. He doesn't really do anything else. Charity Clarke is a mystery woman he meets while attending a work Christmas function. He didn't want to go to the function but he does because he is expected to attend. He is taken by how beautiful she is right away. Then he is pleasantly surprised when she shows interest in him and quickly leave together. When Mark wakes up the next morning and she is already gone he is slightly disapp [...]

    10. Lauren Jones on said:

      Finding Charity is such a wonderful short story, perfect for Christmas! I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. This story begins with a man named Mark Lyons who is not very fond of giving a helping hand to those in need. He meets a woman at a Christmas banquet who ultimately takes his breath away. After bringing her back to his place as a Christmas present to himself, he can’t seem to get her out of his mind. Without a phone number or any other contact information, he decides to h [...]

    11. Tracy on said:

      ***I received an ARC of this novella in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts are 100% my own.***I don’t normally review books under 100pgs on my blog. I did receive an ARC for review, so I’m putting it up here.Mark Lyons is a busy man. He’s self-made and he doesn’t have time for laziness on any level, and the holidays are just an excuse for most people to be lazy in his estimation. And though he tolerates it some out of his assistant, he’s not as tolerant of others. But the nigh [...]

    12. Monique Machuca-Austin on said:

      Finding Charity is a short wonderful Christmas theme novella!Mark Lyon is all about business in his corporate world and goes through the motion of the Christmas holiday, especially when he attends the company’s Christmas holiday party. What Mark did not expect was to cross paths with the intriguing beautiful woman that he felt drawn to – Charity Clarke.After an amazing HOT evening, Mark finds Charity gone! Mark knows he wants to see her again, so feeling confuse he decides to go find Charity [...]

    13. Lora on said:

      3 out of 5 starsI enjoyed this book, but there were times where I felt like there was just too much sex and not enough story. Mark Lyon is a selfish businessman who doesn’t even realize it’s Christmas time. Charity Clarke is a client of Mr Lyon and meets him in person at his annual holiday party. Their attraction is instant and within two hours of knowing each other, they were hot and heavy in his car on the way to his place. At 16% I was not happy with the amount of adjectives used to descr [...]

    14. Amy Neighbors Senethavilay on said:

      A short, sweet, little novella about finding joy and compassion…and, of course, a little heat and passion. Jody Pardo added a bit of passion, drama, suspense, and romance in a cute little package.With great promise and Mark and Charity's quick burning chemistry, I had high hopes for this short novella; however,it moved a little to quickly to completely develop the characters the way I would have liked. I wanted a deeper level of connection with Mark Lyon; I wanted to understand what made him b [...]

    15. Lovebites Andsilk on said:

      I read this book a few months ago but for some weird reason I missed on doing the review then. Probably because I was thinking to myself 'why are you reading a Christmas story in September?' Unfortunately I'm one of those people that only gets in the Christmas spirit at the last minute. So finally it's Christmas Eve and I remembered this story.Mark is an interesting character. He is a great business person but a few days from Christmas he had no 'cheer'. All he could think about was work. He def [...]

    16. Amazeballs Book Addicts on said:

      This is a short quick read. It has a Christmas theme. I'm not a big fan of Christmas time but neither is Mark Lyon. I loved this book right from the beginning. Mark starts with letting us know he hate the Christmas season, right then I know I was going to like him. His take on the holidays are funny. At a Christmas party he crosses paths with Charity Clarke. There share a steamy night but Mark wants more. The next morning she leaves before he gets up. Charity is an amazing person she volunteers [...]

    17. Marissa on said:

      Kindle Copy for ReviewMark Lyon is a work alcoholic striving his corporate to the top. Christmas is just another as he plans to work even if it falls on a Sunday.But then he meets Charity Clarke who captures his attention right before Christmas with her dirty mouth as they quickly end up in bed. But the next morning she leaves him a note telling him she is volunteering at a local church run soup kitchen. He finds himself also volunteering to his dismay.When she suddenly goes missing on her way t [...]

    18. For the Love of Books on said:

      This novella manages to fit it everything you could want from a book, without feeling rushed. It is a romance book at it's core but, passionate, sexy and heart throbbing romance. However on a deeper level Jody Pardo alerts us to the problems of homelessness in our society. This, in my opinion, is done extremely cleverly, without taking away from the feel of the book. I congratulate you on this Jody!!! I loved all the characters but Mark and Charity have a sexual chemistry from their first meetin [...]

    19. Tiffany Willams on said:

      What a great story!!!So much was packed into such a short read!Charity and Mark's chemistry was hot from the get-go! I mean those sexy time scenes aloneLAWD! But I like how with just one night with her, he was suddenly seeing things in a different light. This high-powered business man who didn't get into the whole Christmas spirit was captivated by this giving woman who spent her holidays helping those less forturnate.This book had laughter, romance, sexy-as-sin moments, suspense, and a collecti [...]

    20. CrazyDaisy on said:

      4.5 Crazy Ass Stars!!!My first thought while reading this was "Christmas stuff already. It's not even Halloween and Christmas is is being shoved at me." That was the last thought like that that I had once I got into the story. Mark and Charity's story sucked me in and helped me escape from my problems for a while. I enjoyed reading this send before I knew I was done. It was quick. It was hot. It even got me onto the edge of my seat, biting my thumb nail waiting to see what happened to Charity. I [...]

    21. Lisa on said:

      Finding Charity was a cute and suspenseful short novel that will make your heart melt. Mark Lyon isn't always a total tool. But when he attends their annual Christmas Party he meets a women who sparks his interest. Charity is lovely and help everyone before she helps herself. When she leaves the bed of Mark he is not okay and wishes he could be with her. There's something there and when the two see each other again. They both get a dose of humanity and reality. When tragedy strikes Mark is out o [...]

    22. A Book Lover's Emporium Book Blog on said:

      So this one is a short novella with a Christmas theme. perfect for the holidays, when you just have a short time to read between all the festive fun.The story follows Mark Lyon who is a bit of a humbug, work comes fist even at Christmas; until he meets Charityen it all changes.It was a good story, well written. It didn't go the way I was expecting at all, which was nice. I did enjoy it, but felt it ended a little abruptly, even for a novella, however, it is definitely worth curling up in front o [...]

    23. Witchy Richey's Booktastic Reviews on said:

      4 StarsThis is a quick, fast paced read that will get you a little turned on and leave you with a smile. Mark is kind of an a**, scrooge type and Charity is the all around generous person who gives everything to help others. Not exactly a match, but yet there is a ton of heat and Charity is just the person Mark needs to make him open his heart and be a better person. Just an all around feel good story with a little bit of drama, a little bit of heat, and will make you want to be a better person. [...]

    24. Melissa on said:

      A Short and Sweet Holiday RomanceThis novella is a great way to have a quick sexy getaway. The author has managed to give us a great tale in a short time that is fast paced without leaving you feeling that something is left out or feeling rushed. It's sweet and sexy and Mark and Charity have chemistry that sizzles. It is a good thing that it's a short read because you will not want to put it down. I look forward to reading more from this great author. I was generously provided a complimentary co [...]

    25. Romance on said:

      Mark and Charity have an instant attraction. She knows who he is, but then again who doesn't, they hook up once and bamhe is hooked! Charity is the one person he never saw himself getting involved with but he MUST HAVE HER!The novella is hot, super hot, moves fast and it is a very quick read. I knew going in that it was a Holiday story, I don't do well with those but this one was engaging. Be prepared to see Mark and Charity blossom but in a very quick way. There is no buildup to a HEA it just h [...]

    26. Sarah Strawinski on said:

      I don't think I've read a novella before. This was my first. I hope Jody has plans to make this into a longer book. I like that it only took me a couple of hours to read but it left me with a lot of questions. The story line moved really fast and spread a month or so amount of time into a whole book. I love the way Jody writes. She gives you tons of detail but doesn't beat the details to death. I'm going to give this book 5 stars but I really hope there is another book in the works for these cha [...]

    27. Amanda Bianco on said:

      3.5 StarsI really enjoyed reading this book from beginning to end. It held my interest and I couldn't wait to see where these characters were headed.I read it within a few hours. The storyline was something new and fresh with a sweet side. The only reason I gave it 3.5 instead of 4 stars was there were areas in the book that I would have liked more back story or character conversations. 'Finding charity,' was a quick and easy read that I recommend to anyone looking for a feel good story.

    28. Jen Cothran on said:

      Perfect Holiday-themed novella with a sweet and sexy kick! Mark and Charity are steaming up the windows in this Christmas time novella. Sweet and Sinfully Sexy, their chemistry and heat melt pages like snow in the FL sun! ;) Current issues are touched upon but not really the focus of the book, but definitely get you into the spirit of giving where you can. I couldn't put it down and can't wait to read more from this author!!

    29. Sharing on said:

      A Hot and quick read! Successful businessman, Mark meets Charity at a company Christmas party, and is instantly attracted to her. After the party, he finds out that there is more to her than a sharp tongue, as he helps her volunteer at a church, feeding the homeless. Is there relationship just a fling, or will they find they have more in common than they thought? I read this in one sitting, and enjoyed it very much.

    30. Misty Simmons on said:

      Wow! Where to start! I throughly enjoyed this book! I love how the author made you want more! The chemistry between her character is off the charts! I love how she took two completely different people and make them one making you feel you know each one and felt their emotions! This is this authors second debut and I hope she continues to write! So much talent! This is a hot story that will keep you turning the pages!

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