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Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid efore they co created the hit web series Hey Ash Whatcha Playin before Anthony was lead writer of Borderlands before Ashly lent her voice to Saints Row IV Towerfall and Adventure Time Ashly an

  • Title: Metal Gear Solid
  • Author: Ashly Burch Anthony Burch
  • ISBN: 9781940535098
  • Page: 336
  • Format: Paperback
  • efore they co created the hit web series Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin , before Anthony was lead writer of Borderlands 2, before Ashly lent her voice to Saints Row IV, Towerfall, and Adventure Time Ashly and Anthony Burch were just a brother and sister who shared a weird obsession with Solid Snake and his 3D debut, Metal Gear Solid 1998.And why wouldn t they Hideo Kojima s aefore they co created the hit web series Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin , before Anthony was lead writer of Borderlands 2, before Ashly lent her voice to Saints Row IV, Towerfall, and Adventure Time Ashly and Anthony Burch were just a brother and sister who shared a weird obsession with Solid Snake and his 3D debut, Metal Gear Solid 1998.And why wouldn t they Hideo Kojima s attempt at creating the Playstation s greatest game featured groundbreaking stealth mechanics, a gruff and hunky leading man, a brilliantly claustrophobic setting, tons of cinematic cutscenes, shocking fourth wall breaks, and terrifying bosses Several console generations later, Metal Gear Solid is still often touted as the series high water mark.The only problem Ashly and Anthony grew up but their all time favorite video game didn t After nearly two decades, Metal Gear Solid s once innovative stealth mechanics seem outdated, the cutscenes have lost some of their action movie punch, and the game s treatment of women is often out of touch Witness a celebration takedown of this landmark game with the combination of insight and hilarity that Ashly and Anthony have made their careers on.

    Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Solid Metal Gear Wiki metalgear.fandom METAL GEAR SOLID V THE PHANTOM PAIN Official Site Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Official Site United States United Kingdom Canada Mexico Germany Italy Spain France Brazil Hong Kong You can now run the original Metal Gear Solid on your Since Metal Gear Solid was unplayable on modern machines, I felt compelled to keep this oldie alive and well, since It has long been abandoned nor available any on the market, its Metal Gear Solid HD Collection Xbox Featuring three complete games, Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty, Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater and Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, the HD Collection offers old and new fans a chance to experience the epic game play, design and storytelling of the MGS franchise. Metal Gear Solid GameSpot Metal Gear Solid Voice Actors Perform A Twist On Classic Christmas Poem The voice actors behind Solid Snake and Liquid Snake in Metal Gear Solid have gotten together to record a special treat for Metal Gear Solid IGN Oct , This Page Metal Gear Solid Artbook is a Must Have Watch Video Read Article July , Metal Gear Director Jordan Vogt Roberts On Making a Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain GameSpot Metal Gear Solid Adds Quiet To FOB Missions GameSpot Daily You can control the elusive sniper in The Phantom Pain s special missions on PS, Xbox One, and PC, and soon you ll be able to play Metal Gear Solid everything we know so far TechRadar The Metal Gear games don t follow a strict chronology, with and taking place before , , and , so Metal Gear Solid s story could occur at any point along that chronology. Is Metal Gear Solid worth playing in Googame days agoI bought the first Metal Gear Solid I bought the original discs version for the PlayStation and popped them in my PS Immediately, I was stunned on how awesome the cutscenes were played and how intriguing the plot was, especially for a th gen game The game follows Solid Snake, a soldier.

    • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ó Metal Gear Solid : by Ashly Burch Anthony Burch µ
      336 Ashly Burch Anthony Burch
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    One thought on “Metal Gear Solid

    1. Peter Derk on said:

      Soooo many complicated emotions about this book. Or thoughts, perhaps.For starters, this is not the BFB title to read if you're not at least fairly familiar with Metal Gear Solid. Of all the books, this one probably spends the least time laying out the plot and gameplay in a linear way. Which is fitting considering that the game is goddamn bonkers, but I still think this would be somewhat of a difficule read if you hadn't played the game.Oh, and DO NOT read the pdf version. The footnotes all get [...]

    2. Jamie Gaughran-Perez on said:

      I think this was my fave Boss Fight book yet -- and that's saying a lot. It was a rip-roaring survey of a lot of the things we wrestle with when we talk seriously about games these days as culture and art and just plain fun. Breeze through the self-congratulatory moments -- we're all human. I certainly look forward to diving in on their web series after reading this. I'll be passing my copy along to friends.

    3. Alex Camilleri on said:

      As a big fan of Kojima's work, I very much enjoyed reading this book. I really appreciated the pace and how personal the writing felt. The critique is absolutely fair and relevant.

    4. Tim on said:

      So like most of the books in this series, I've never played Metal Gear Solid. Oh, I saw some of it at friend's houses, and I've been exposed to it via cultural osmosis, but I've never played it.And I don't think the book suffered for it. I think this is the best written of the BFB I've read. That may be a little unfair to the other authors because this is just the funniest book in the series, the Burches are funny and the book has them trading off writing sections and footnotes which works well. [...]

    5. Stephen on said:

      I'll let the following passage speak for itself."""[]This scene is objectifying. It's sexist. It undermines the game's attempts to characterize Meryl as a smart, tough, self-possessed woman. It's also, infuriatingly, one of the only interesting gameplay twists in the series. Where many of the game's one-off challenges ask the player to disregard all of the stealth mechanics upon which the game is based, the Butt Mission encourages the player to gain a deeper understanding of enemy patrols, visio [...]

    6. Stuart Hodge on said:

      A good and entertaining analysis of one of my favourite games. The Burches played Metal Gear Solid at a similar age to me and my brother, and the way they spoke about the game and the joy of discovering a video game that was more than facile in its narrative ambition rings very true to me. I would have liked a bit more context, placing MGS more firmly in its time, and some more elucidation of some of the arguments would have been good- some are skipped over too quickly- but all in all a good pie [...]

    7. Katie on said:

      I have never been interested in Metal Gear. To be honest, I am still not. My husband is, however, a fan. And I think he was a bit tired of my snarking cutscenes, etc from the games, if he happened to play one while I was home. So he suggested I read this.I love when fans of a creative work of any kind can appreciate the work for what it is and the impact it hasd still rip it to shreds. The authors definitely love Metal Gear, and it shows, but it isn't on a pedestal. And that made their commentar [...]

    8. Bene on said:

      Está interesante como desmenuza todos los protagonistas del juego y todos los problemas, pero no añade más. Una lectura que parece más un artículo de un blog que un libro.

    9. Erry on said:

      I really enjoyed this addition to BFB, but I'm going to admit I'm biased: I love Ashly and Anthony, and all their antics. I've never seen footnotes used so creatively, every single one was playful or revealing and an absolute delight (more of this in creative non-fiction, please). The main reason for my love of this book is the reiteration of the fact that you can love something and still analyse it, that it can be both brilliant and flawed, even when viewed through a nostalgic lens. This sentim [...]

    10. Cian Rice on said:

      I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Speaking more to how the MGS influenced them, the Burch siblings each hit upon points I found incredibly relatable. At one point Ashley recalls how something clicked for her - acting, and specifically in regard MGS, voice acting. Anthony talks about how how Kojima has a sense of sincerity and how as an adult Anthony differs from the youth who loved that storytelling (relating to how the team at Gearbox handled moments in Borderlines 2) but as an adult he likely wo [...]

    11. Jordi de Paco on said:

      I'm giving this book five stars because for me it's been super stimulating. Metal Gear Solid it's my favourite game ever And to read two people who love the game as much as me shitting all over and pointing out many of its issues has been a super constructive experience, truly mind opener. Plus the authors' writing is super amusing. I loved it.

    12. José Joel on said:

      Rather that a deep look into the game like the excellent Spelunky book of this series, this book frequently interrupts a fun conversation about the game series to derail into personal anecdotes of the writer, feeling like half a memoir of the author and half metal gear. At times clever and deep, but at another times making confusing observations that hardly have anything to do with the game series.Still, fun if bought for a cheap price, but fans of the series wont learn much new reading this.

    13. Brian on said:

      This is what I've always wanted Boss Fight Books to be. Most of the ones I've read are biographical, taking the game and relating it to the author's life. But usually I don't know who the author is, and by the end of the book I frequently haven't attained the desire to care. It was the game that drew me to read it, after all. Metal Gear Solid is media criticism about the game Metal Gear Solid, and a lot of it comes down to butts.I've never played Metal Gear Solid, but I have played Metal Gear So [...]

    14. Fábio Galdino on said:

      Já amo Ashly e Anthony de paixão, então não pensei duas vezes quando fiquei sabendo que eles tinham escrito um livro contando suas experiências pessoais e fazendo uma análise de Metal Gear Solid. O que Anita Sarkeesian fala sobre ser possível amar um produto ao mesmo tempo que você critica suas falhas é bem válido aqui. Eles contam como cresceram com a série, ficaram mais próximos por causa dela, ao mesmo tempo que criticam a forma como Kojima conta a história, como trata horrivelme [...]

    15. Jakub on said:

      Delightful book for any MGS fan. I had fun reading the story of two kids who had had similar experience with MGS1 as I had. While I don't agree with all of the expressed opinions, a lot of them were spot on. The only nitpick I have is the fact that this book doesn't really talk as much about later games as it could.

    16. Zac Colley on said:

      kinda wanted something with more background to the game itself where as this was more of a analysis based on the authors personal perspective, was still cool though. also too many useless footnotes sorry

    17. Brian on said:

      An amusing read. Sort of trails off towards the end as it provides analyses of each individual character. Reading this made me realize that Metal Gear Solid, as ridiculous as it is, remains probably the richest text in gaming.

    18. Larakaa on said:

      I loved it, rushed through it the first time, then read it again. so many true words, so many memories, so good in its deconstruction but still remaining fan. FYI: I made a short video about it (in German): youtube/watch?v=wEItW

    19. Phil on said:

      An interesting look at Metal Gear Solid and its various issues. However, loses a star due to the ridiculous overuse of footnotes. Seriously, they're constantly throwing them in and it soon gets tiresome and really impacts the flow of the writing.

    20. Adan on said:

      A funny, insightful critique and commentary of the first Metal Gear Solid game for the PS1, including story, themes, and gameplay. You will quickly realize that no matter how much you love the game, it actually wasn't that great a game. I still love it.

    21. Thomas Maluck on said:

      Great commentary on a classic game; grateful that the Burches' honest critique of the game's story didn't overshadow appreciating its genuinely exciting/overwhelming aspects for the generation that grew up on it. A great example of analyzing a game with clear eyes without berating it or its fans.

    22. Aaron Burch on said:

      I think I've read all (?) the BFB books, but have actually played very few of the games. This maybe felt the most reliant yet on preexisting familiarity, or even of love for, the game. I'd be curious to hear from others who also hadn't played any Metal Gears?

    23. Paul on said:

      Great critique of the game, but heavily relies on the reader having played the game. Somehow manages to capture HAWP style dialogue in writing.

    24. Adam on said:

      A nice deconstruction of a popular 90's video game. Possibly only worth it if the game holds meaning to you. Footnotes are exhausting.

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