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Rupert Dreyfus

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The Rebel's Sketchbook

The Rebel s Sketchbook This is a scorchingly brilliant book and Dreyfus is an authentic and vital writer Morning Star In his tales of bored and jobless layabouts internet superstars corrupt politicians and weary observers

  • Title: The Rebel's Sketchbook
  • Author: Rupert Dreyfus
  • ISBN: 9781514748954
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a scorchingly brilliant book and Dreyfus is an authentic and vital writer Morning Star In his tales of bored and jobless layabouts, internet superstars, corrupt politicians and weary observers of socio economic collapse, Dreyfus manages an equally coy and poisonous dissertation on 20 something British life Pop MattersManiac world leaders talentless boyban This is a scorchingly brilliant book and Dreyfus is an authentic and vital writer Morning Star In his tales of bored and jobless layabouts, internet superstars, corrupt politicians and weary observers of socio economic collapse, Dreyfus manages an equally coy and poisonous dissertation on 20 something British life Pop MattersManiac world leaders talentless boybands Westminster politicians social media idiots zero hour contracts Rupert s first collection of short stories uses transgressive fiction, black comedy and satire as a weapon for shooting down all of these and Keeping the spirit of rebellion alive, The Rebel s Sketchbook is set to become one of the most controversial releases in a generation.

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      170 Rupert Dreyfus
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    One thought on “The Rebel's Sketchbook

    1. Janie C. on said:

      With this collection of short stories, Rupert Dreyfus confirms what I already believe. The world is in trouble, and if we don't wise up, our only living survivors may prove to be a starving man and an emaciated polar bear. If this sounds farfetched, I recomend that you read these stories. Let them be your guide to the foundation of our culture: the ordinary people who are struggling to make ends meet. Pacified with idiocracy such as social media and outer appearances, our society appears as outl [...]

    2. Jay Green on said:

      I have a particular fondness for the picaresque surreal, and Rupert Dreyfus's Rebel's Sketchbook mines that rather narrow and esoteric vein for all the gold he can find. That fondness meant that, unlike some reviewers before me, I found this collection of short stories a very easy read and the content both highly amusing and thoroughly entertaining, notwithstanding its emetic qualities, but then I'm also a sucker for the anti-authoritarian trickster, the underdog outwitting the demagogue, the ju [...]

    3. Arthur Graham on said:

      There is nothing admirable about being obedient to a system that doesn’t serve you. The present system we endure day in, day out is designed to turn us against each other while a minority of people get rich off our backs, destroying the planet in the process.Yep, that about says it, but what can we do? Well, short of taking to the streets just to be gunned down by those claiming to protect and serve us, the least we can do is keep the spirit of dissent alive, until the day arrives when we can [...]

    4. Jason on said:

      Book of the year for me, not sure I'm going to enjoy anything else as much as this. A collection of short stories that are connected in lots of little ways, this makes the collection feel like they are one long story. At times you can see influences by Chuck Palahniuk, especially in Eat nasty. (insert vomiting emoticon)I have read a few of these stories in the past on the authors website and I was really pleased to find he had added little bits to the story to link all the stories together, it's [...]

    5. Harry Whitewolf on said:

      When I finished this book, I felt annoyed. Annoyed that it was over too soon.You might think that thirteen short stories and two hundred and fifty odd pages would more than suffice, but damn it, I wanted more!Dreyfus has his witty finger firmly on the pulse of the everyday rebel: the minimum wagers, the drop out punks, the lager drinking philosophers, the people who know that a simple tweak of the system could actually make everything all right…Each story is told in first person narrative, and [...]

    6. Liz on said:

      As humanity evolves, it seems the direction we are taking is one of destruction driven by hunger for profit. This is the world we live in and either we take it lying down or we rebel against it.There are various means to express rebellion, and Rupert Dreyfus uses his writing skills to paint the world’s problems in black and white, covered in multi-colored polka dots. After all, political drivel is just political drivel- it’s dry and it’s mostly lies. This is when the polka dots come to pla [...]

    7. Kevin Cole on said:

      I hope I never piss off Rupert Dreyfus.Because if I do, I'm confident I'll end up one of the cretins he hilariously exposes in his stories. And I'd rather be immortalized in other ways.But while the gun's pointed at others, there's nothing but fun to be had, even with this collection of short stories. I say "even with" because short stories aren't really my bag. I was traumatized in college lit classes, instructed to hunt the text for Symbolism and Irony in this "short piece" by William Faulkner [...]

    8. Daniel Clausen on said:

      This book is called the “Rebel’s Sketchbook.” Is this book subversive? Is this book rebellious? I think it’s just a lot of fun. Also, it’s not entirely mean, either. There is no aftertaste of nastiness to the book (except for the story “Eat Nasty”). Most of the characters in the book are just archetypes anyway, so there is no problem when bad things happen to them. Here is my very controversial take on why the book is good (one the author is free to argue with): The book is good be [...]

    9. Mike Robbins on said:

      Few books can make you laugh and vomit at the same time. At least two stories in Rupert Dreyfus’s short-story collection The Rebel’s Sketchbook do this. It’s quite an achievement. In fact I am sure most major publishers would run screaming from this book, which is a good reason to read it. Rupert Dreyfus does satire. Not the rapier-wit sort of satire; more a sort of blunt-force trauma. To read his stories is a bit like being beaten over the head with a cricket bat, but you laugh anyway. Th [...]

    10. Leo Robertson on said:

      “If we believe in nothing, if nothing has any meaning and if we can affirm no values whatsoever, then everything is possible and nothing has any importance.” - Albert Camus, The Rebel"kes you feel like you're not the only one wondering how we came to be surrounded by so much unquestioned mediocrity." - The Guardian on Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle"Worthless piece of shit! I hope you die!"- Louis CK shouting at a driver who cut him off.My interpretation is that this is Loneliness: Stories.Mayb [...]

    11. Rebecca Gransden on said:

      The Rebel’s Sketchbook starts as it means to go on. Injustices intertwine with the grotesque, willfully failing human beings reveling in their asshole status rub shoulders with those alienated from The System, the machinations of which conspire to parasitically annihilate its exhausted populace just enough to keep it alive and just enough to sap its energy and oversaturate it into opting out. But not according to Dreyfus, who sees these absurd times and uses them as fuel, as a motivating force [...]

    12. Mary Papastavrou on said:

      I won the literary lottery again here in GR! This time with the Rebel. After the brilliant, brilliant Spark which deserves to climb up and shine for all to see, I knew that I was in good hands. Absurdist fiction is a very hard thing for me. Many attempt to recreate Ionesco and Kafka, or Beckett and Amis but if it's not supported by a deep understanding and according philosophy it can be a smelly mess instead. I had an artist friend that once called me to tell me that he sent me a seven page lett [...]

    13. Dennis Jacob Rosenfeld on said:

      I often have trouble reviewing short story collections for varying reasons. In this case the sum truly is greater than the parts. Like Dreyfus's novel Spark this collection would definitely fit within the transgressive fiction genre. The stories are filled with depravity, violence and disturbing behavior. There's nothing gratuitous about it, on the contrary the very carelessness and indifferent attitude the characters hold toward their own actions end up reflecting the society that has created t [...]

    14. Isis Sousa on said:

      A While ago, I saw some friends here on GoodReads adding this book to their lists and both the title and cover got my attention. That city with the fire and explosions? Totally cool! “The Rebel’s Sketchbook” – Rebel? Resonated with me. Sketchbook? Totally me! I’m an artist and it looked like Dreyfus was one too! Or… Was he?Then, I went for the synopsis and understood this was no art book… And I didn’t get disappointed, just all the more curious. I bought the book and dived into t [...]

    15. Tracy Reilly on said:

      I quite admire and agree with Rupert Dreyfus's spirit and method for creating this collection of stories. I know this is more about the state of modern Britain, but it most certainly resonates will the same illness we have in America. Fight! The spirit and tone of these sketches reminds me quite a bit of the American T.V. series IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA. Why--well, on this show you get the sense of people made absurd by the world they live in. It forces them to come up with ridiculous s [...]

    16. Andy Carrington on said:

      Here be 13 short stories blending “transgressive fiction, black comedy and satire.” The REBEL’S SKETCHBOOK has a nice mix of modern-day themes meeting personal tales of frustration/isolation.Divided into 16 chapters, Dreyfus illustrates the struggle/anguish of the common man (from a first-person perspective) in a number of every-day situations, from zero-hour-contract work to being ill/trying to claim benefits.There is a biting, playful confidence in the words of the author (it wouldn’t [...]

    17. Xian Xian on said:

      This was received for an honest review.Every time I tried to review this I got distracted, especially on my phone, I think I lost my review of this like three times, I guess that's the benefits of posting book reviews on blogs. This short story collection is a blend of satire and bizarro. I can't tell if it's exactly bizarro or satire, there's comedic Sci-Fi and absurdism that make up for the bulk of this collection. Funny enough, I thought based on the title and the book cover, that this was go [...]

    18. Jae Park on said:

      "The Rebels Sketchbook" is a collection of short stories by Rupert Dreyfus. Honestly, this book was a great read, and made me think about the life we lead today. Politicians, music, the internet, and everything else that can seem very silly when looking at it from a certain standpoint. My particular favorite was the story entitled "Sentenced" which was about a famous Youtube personality. I gave this book five stars because I really enjoyed the stories and the ideas behind them. It really gave me [...]

    19. Emerald on said:

      I loved this book. The Rebel's Sketchbook is a collection of incredibly relateable short stories about the things that reside in the arse crack of humanity, such as corrupt politicians, talentless boy bands, corporate fat cats and the time-swallowing, worthless addiction that is social media.The author knows when to be funny, when to be serious and when to utterly take the piss. He creates some wonderful characters and his dark humour works brilliantly with these themes.The last story makes it c [...]

    20. Steve on said:

      There is a reason “The Rebel’s Sketchbook” (TRS) was named one of the Morning Star’s books of 2015.Rupert Dreyfus, aside from being an author of incredible skill, is also a searingly astute political, ethnological and social commentator – something which shines through in this, his second outingS is a collection of 13 short stories which on the one hand vary wildly in tone and style, but on the other contain a running theme of the intensifying class war that is being waged on the preca [...]

    21. M.J. Black on said:

      Short stories are, for me, an undervalued medium in literature. Many of the great literary figures have at some point written short stories, but they often take a back seat to longer and famous works. J. G Ballard and Malcolm Bradbury are no exception to that rule, but in my opinion their short stories are their best works…. So, as you may have guessed I like short stories and was very interested to read ‘Rebel’s Sketchbook’…. I was not to be disappointed.Rupert clearly has a vivid ima [...]

    22. Riya on said:

      The Rebel's Sketchbook asks the question we should all be asking. What the bleep is going on here?! But as this riveting collection of short stories points out, we're too busy tweeting and you-tubing and screwing our environment and getting screwed by politicians and corporations to ask any of the pertinent questions! Dreyfus expertly intertwines humor and outrage so that many of the stories in The Rebel's Sketchbook are pretty darn funny. And not just snarky under your breath funny, but even la [...]

    23. Alison on said:

      One of the very few books I look forward to reading again, and again. The Rebel's Sketchbook is a collection of short stories depicting our totally injust society today, in an entertaining and thought provoking way. I frequently laughed out loud, smirked or nodded in agreement with the situations the characters found themselves in. But never, ever, predicted how each story was going to end. I loved the suspense and the uniqueness of the authors writing and point of view.I couldn't possibly choos [...]

    24. Paul Howsley on said:

      When reading this book, you think, 'oh, short stories, nice little appetisers between work or whilst smoking,' they are indeed short but that cigarette you're holding, it will be burning your fingers whilst Dreyfus' stories fly across the page. From talentless boy bands to minimum wagers and gamer fantasists, the stories are fast, fresh and at times hilarious whilst always being relevant and the author's observations on society right now are spot on. The added references to previous stories and [...]

    25. Jilly Gagnon on said:

      This was on my to-read pile for a while--so glad I got around to it! The premises for each of the twisted little stories in this collection are so wickedly hilarious, it's hard not to like. Half of them I read with horrified recognition (OF A FRIEND I SWEAR), others with gleeful little bursts of schadenfreude laughter. Perfect for folks of who see the darkly humorous side of our modern world.

    26. Killer X on said:

      Goodbye everyone and fuck you all. Heh heh. I have not read a short story collection in years. This one was great. It kind of reminded me of a TV series called 'Black Mirror'. This was funnier though. Anyway, great book.

    27. Evelyn on said:

      Most of my favourite satirical authors are American which has always surprised me, because no one really quite does satire as well as the British. Thankfully, this little island now has an emerging new voice rising up amongst all the mindless clatter and it's pretty pissed off about how shit things have gotten for the 99% of us who seem to only exist to serve those high and mighty 1 percenters.The Rebel's Sketchbook is a series of 13 short stories by Rupert Dreyfus which could have been called s [...]

    28. Michelle on said:

      The Rebel's Sketchbook is a tightly-themed transgressive collection of shorts revolving around the soullessness of modern society and the madness that can be inspired by a desire to escape the mindless, daily grind. Dreyfus excels at powerful endings and creating relatable characters even when they are unlikable. The voices from story to story are differentiated well, though there were some minor discrepancies in the vernacular of his characters from the States (which may well only be noticeable [...]

    29. David Heath on said:

      I just finished The Rebel's Sketchbook, and as I expected from Rupert Dreyfus, it was an excellent read that kept me guessing throughout the experience. This is a collection of several short stories that loosely relate to each other in themes and/or characters. There are also a few references to Dreyfus's previous novel, 'Spark', sprinkled throughout which is a nice touch that adds a little continuity to his increasingly big and interesting transgressive version of England. In the future, I hope [...]

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