Tamed By The Outlaw

Michelle Sharp

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Tamed By The Outlaw

Tamed By The Outlaw Author Jessie Jameson is the Bad Girl of romance making a huge name for herself writing love stories with sizzling hot sex scenes No one needs to know that her real life inspiration is sexy publishin

  • Title: Tamed By The Outlaw
  • Author: Michelle Sharp
  • ISBN: 9781633753785
  • Page: 341
  • Format: ebook
  • Author Jessie Jameson is the Bad Girl of romance, making a huge name for herself writing love stories with sizzling hot sex scenes No one needs to know that her real life inspiration is sexy publishing exec Grayson Reynolds Or that after the hottest sex of her life, Grayson walked out on her.Grayson s finally taken the reins of his family s publishing business, and he sAuthor Jessie Jameson is the Bad Girl of romance, making a huge name for herself writing love stories with sizzling hot sex scenes No one needs to know that her real life inspiration is sexy publishing exec Grayson Reynolds Or that after the hottest sex of her life, Grayson walked out on her.Grayson s finally taken the reins of his family s publishing business, and he s determined to sell off the romance division But Jessie Jameson s contract is complicating things It s like she s been trying to ruin him ever since the mind blowing night they shared the night she walked out on him.Now the sparks are flying Heated, sexy sparks It s a Wild West showdown between Jessie and Grayson But when Romance ends up in bed with Business, only one can walk awayThe complete What Happens in Vegas series All standalones which can be read out of order Tempting Her Best Friend by Gina L MaxwellThe Makeover Mistake by Kathy LyonsA Change of Plans by Robyn ThomasMasquerading with the CEO by Dawn ChartierJust One Reason by Brooklyn SkyeTamed by the Outlaw by Michelle SharpTempted by Mr Write by Sara HantzGambling on the Bodyguard by Sarah BallanceSeducing Seven by M.K MeredithCalling Her Bluff by Kaia DanielleHer Secret Lover by Robin CovingtonBetting on the Wrong Brother by Cathryn FoxAccidentally in Love with the Biker by Teri Anne StanleyLoving the Odds by Stefanie London

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    One thought on “Tamed By The Outlaw

    1. Julie on said:

      Tamed by the Outlaw by Michelle Sharp is a 2015 Entangled Publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This may be a short story, but it made my day! This is a steamy contemporary romance, with just the right balance of sweetness and spice, which is all good! However, this one really appealed to me because it pays homage to the romance genre, pointing out the constant battle those in the romance community fight on a daily basis, [...]

    2. Mandy on said:

      Romance writer Jessie James is known as the outlaw. She is a top selling romance writer for her publisher. 6 months ago, Grayson took over his family's publishing company. One year ago, he had a one night stand in Vegas at a writers convention with the outlaw. He didn't tell her his real name and now he's her boss. After a misunderstanding, both Jessie and Grayson don't like each other but can't fight their attraction to each other.I enjoyed the idea behind this story and this author's writing. [...]

    3. Irene on said:

      4.5 starsTamed By The Outlaw was such a good read.I loved this book, it had great characters and a storyline that was entertaining from start to finish.The chemistry between Jessie and Grayson was off the charts, it was hot and very believable.Overall Tamed By The Outlaw was an emotional, sweet and heartfelt read. I was left feeling very happy Jessie and Grayson could work through their issues and follow their hearts.I highly recommend this book.Thank you Entangled Lovestruck via Netgalley for t [...]

    4. Pavitra (For The Love of Fictional Worlds) on said:

      I received an eARC of the book via Entangled Publishing through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.This book is a full of assumptions, and fuck ups. When the one night stand blows up more than their minds, Jessie James "The Outlaw" and Grayson Reynolds end up hating each other - not because they didn't have a good time, they did but because a case of misunderstanding ends up with them with enough sour grapes to have them avoid each other, which is a big thing considering that Jessie is t [...]

    5. Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews) on said:

      Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsARCTamed by the Outlaw begins when Jessie Jameson is at a signing, and the one man she never wanted to see again shows up. Her Boss! He's the CEO of the publishing company and he's also the man she believes walked out on her a year ago. Grayson is dead set on making some changes in his company, and a major change involves Jessie. He remembers every minuet of their encounter a year ago. But there are still a few things that bother him about things were le [...]

    6. Amanda (Hootie) Clark on said:

      4sexy, saucy, flirty "An outlaw never tells." stars!Oh boy! Jessie and Grayson were so much FUN! A steamy chance encounter at a romance conference a year ago, a misunderstanding coupled with a pair of bruised egos and "Tamed By The Outlaw" became a sizzling little romance I couldn't stop reading.The chemistry between these two was very prominent from the start and only grew the more they danced around their feelings and tried to stay away. I loved that Jessie was a romance author and Grayson did [...]

    7. Maria Rose on said:

      This was a fun and sexy story about a female erotic romance writer and the inspiration for her hero - the one night stand she had with a stranger who turned out to be the head of her publishing company. A misunderstanding resulted in a year apart, but neither has forgotten how good things were between them. Is it too late to restart the passion between them?I loved how this story took a slice of real life - a romance convention complete with sexy cover models and author signings and used it as t [...]

    8. Heather andrews on said:

      Leave it to Grayson to always point out the obvious, "he motioned toward her breasts. “And the bra… thing… is gone too.” He swallowed down the second drink and turned away from her. “Maybe you should put some clothes on . Because even when you’re dressed, I can’t always concentrate. But now, I can’t really even remember why I’m here—” I liked this book Jessie is her own woman and doesn't mind stating what she believes in and Grayson and her are perfect for each other.

    9. Sophia on said:

      I thought this one sounded hilarious and promised some sparks and sizzle. And when you're right, you're right! Right from the start, this book offered snark, misunderstandings galore, sexual tension, and a pair of true opposites between a workaholic CEO and a wild erotic romance writer. Or are they that different after all? I ended up having a moderately good time with this one for a lighter, sexy read.This is part of a series that is one of those that can be read out of order or standalone. The [...]

    10. Danielle on said:

      A cute fast read that will leave you grinning. I wasn't sure what to expect from this story but after reading it I really ended up enjoying it. The idea of an author and a CEO of the publishing company was intriguing and I really liked the journey the author took me on. So Jessie and Grayson had a one night stand a year ago at a conference but both of them have this miscommunication between them. Grayson things she left him the morning after while Jessie thinks it was him. After ignoring one ano [...]

    11. Jessica on said:

      See more of my reviews on my blog Thoughts At One In The Morning.My Thoughts:LOVED THIS! It's my favorite What Happens In Vegas story so far. A story about a romance author and one of the guys who inspired scenes in her books? Um, yes, sign me up, please and thank you. Jessie and Grayson shared a night together which ended in both of them thinking the other left without saying goodbye. They didn't know at the time that she was working for his publishing company and they'd be running into each ot [...]

    12. Liz on said:

      Loved this fun romp in the world of romance publishing. It is a sexy, love story that has the ups & downs of a true romance novel but doesn't drag it out like some books do & I really liked that. Once the main character figures out its Jessie he wants he goes for her & the rest is history. I loved the back story of the romance conference too, any fan of the genre has followed authors as the travel to their conferences so that was fun to read about. I will be reading more by Michelle [...]

    13. Bette Hansen on said:

      A light fun sexy read that will give you a great afternoon of enjoyment! A year ago Grayson and Jessie spent an amazing night together. The morning after didn't go quite as well as either expected. She woke up alone. He came back to an empty hotel room. Never have they spoken about that night. Now he's running her publishing house and she needs to deal with him. At least for the conference weekend!! With the sparks flying between them, they know a showdown is inevitable but who will come out the [...]

    14. Isha Coleman on said:

      READ AND REVIEW: A WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS STORY SERIES   COMING SOON!!! TAMED BY THE OUTLAW BY MICHELLE SHARP  Release Date:  August 17, 2015  SYNOPSIS He's taking on the bad girl of romance Author Jessie Jameson is the Bad Girl of romance, making a huge name for herself writing love stories with sizzling hot sex scenes. No one needs to know that her real-life inspiration is sexy publishing exec Grayson Reynolds. Or that after the hottest sex of her life, Grayson walked out on her. Gra [...]

    15. Deanna on said:

      *Arc provided by Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review *First Impression: Well-written, with a modern-age heroine romance readers can empathize and root for.Jessica Jameson, a.k.a. Jessie James, is the outlaw of the publishing world. She has a number one New York Times bestselling book out right now, but behind the scenes, she’s forced to spend time with her ex-one night stand, Grayson Reynolds, who also happens to be the new CEO of her current publishing house. But Grayson wants [...]

    16. Catherine (The Sassy Bookster) on said:

      One year ago, romance author Jessie Jameson spent the hottest night of her life with a guy who turned out to be the CEO of her publishing company, a night that ended with him bailing on her without a word and has served as inspiration for her books. Now they are both back at the scene of the crime, as it were and Jessie is determine to keep her distanced from him this time around.Grayson Reynolds has big plans for his publishing company and the romance division is in the way of achieving those p [...]

    17. April Symes on said:

      ***A gifted copy was provided by the publisher for my honest review****Author Jessie Jameson is the Bad Girl of romance and she is recovering from a bad affair last year. She is trying to NEVER cross paths with the guy whom the one night stand happened with. BUT at this year’s romance panel where she is promoting her new book, that guy has shown up and guess what, he is the head of her publishing house- newly appointed CEO Grayson Reynolds. UH OH. Jessie has known for a few months who he is bu [...]

    18. A Klue on said:

      If you enjoy a quick, flirty, miscommunication/second chance romantic read featuring a strong, witty heroine and a reluctant but simply can’t resist her hero, you should check into Tamed by the Outlaw by Michelle Sharp. Grayson Reynolds recently took over his grandfather’s publishing firm. He is now bound and determined to cut all ties with the romance division by selling it off. The only thing standing in his way is best-selling romance author, Jessie James (Jessie Jameson). She may not be [...]

    19. DawnMarieCarpintero on said:

      4 StarsI was given this book for my honest review “You know. Some chick with crazy hair and spiked heels once told me romance was meeting the person you care enough about to sacrifice for.” His face sobered “After last night, I’m not at all sure what’s in the cards for me. But I think we need to have a serious talk. About everything. Business. Pleasure. All of it. But I’d like a shower and some food first. GraysonGrayson-cute and sexyJessie-author, sassy, prettyGrayson and Jessie’s [...]

    20. Alison on said:

      For some reason I have a bit of a thing for Vegas novels, no idea why. This is short, really a novella, and I had it on my wish list, when I saw it was suddenly free I jumped at the chance and I wasn't disappointed.Jessie Jameson is an erotic romance writer nicknamed 'The Outlaw'. She is at a convention in Vegas when she finds out that her editor Lauren has gone into labour and has been substituted by the CEO of Reynolds & Reynolds Publishing, Grayson Reynolds. Grayson Reynolds is also the [...]

    21. Misty (Red's Romance Review's) on said:

      Jesse Jameson is a talented romance author who has become a master at writing chart topping love stories, but hasn't been fortunate enough to discover her own happily ever after yet. After a fleeting one night stand that ended badly, she has kind of given up hope in the love department, and focused more on her career. That is of course until she runs into the one man she hoped she never see again, Grayson Reynolds. Question is can she forgive him for walking out on her after their night together [...]

    22. Angie on said:

      I received a copy of this book through NetGalley from Entangled Publishing for an honest review. This was a quick and fun read. Jessie was a sassy heroine who is as hopeful about the love she writes about in her own books. I absolutely LOVED Jessie's agent, Lila. That woman does not mince words and totally has Jessie's back. Grayson was so out of his element at the romance writer's convention in Las Vegas. I loved the scene with the panel discussion where he realizes one her characters is based [...]

    23. Megan on said:

      3.5 stars!Tamed by the Outlaw is book 6 in the series. I wasn’t aware that there was this many in the series. I did like this book I laughed at some of the things Jessie said and did. I loved how she was sarcastic and witty and just hilarious most of the time. I really enjoyed her character. And the same thing could be said about Grayson. I liked how they went head to head together. Their chemistry was off the charts.I really liked how the author went into details about what Jessie wrote about [...]

    24. LJT on said:

      Are you looking for a fun, light, very sexy read? Then stop your search and pick up a copy of Tamed By The Outlaw from new to me author Michelle Sharp. This story has a little bit of everything; romance, heat, drama, love and humor. In a nutshell, it is the total package. The carefree cover is just the beginning!Jessie Jameson is a romance author that specializes in scorching hot love scenes. She is the Jesse James of the romance world and her legions of fans are completely devoted to her bad-as [...]

    25. Marie on said:

      While this was a fairly quick read it was truly a great read. A little miscommunication sets you up for all sorts of fun romantic problems in Tamed by the Outlaw! Grayson Reynolds  is bound and determined to cut all ties with the romance division of his grandfather's publishing firm that he has recently taken over. Now he keeps saying that it has to do with wanting to be more serious, etc but I have a feeling it has more to do with how he feels about best-selling romance author, Jessie James [...]

    26. Heather on said:

      What happens when you have a wonderful erotic night with a stranger that you meet in bar and wake up the next morning alone? What happens when you later discover that the man from that night is the CEO of the publishing house that you are contracted with and you then realize said man lied about who he was?The result is a best selling novel that depicts your erotic night in detail down to the man who lied about who he was and left you alone in the middle of the night.Jessie and Grayson meet up on [...]

    27. Sarah Pie on said:

      "That’s what the romances are really about. Finding that one person you love enough to sacrifice for.”Tamed by the Outlaw is short and sassy but heavy on the sexy. Nicknamed the Outlaw, romance writer Jessie Jameson is a take no prisoners kind of woman. She believes in taking risks and is willing to put her heart on the line for love. I loved Jessie. She gives as good as she gets and stuck to what she believes in. Grayson Reynolds, CEO of Reynolds & Reynolds Publishing, is the opposite. [...]

    28. Denise Van plew on said:

      I really got a kick out of this one. It has been awhile since one has tickled my funny bone too. Jessie happens to have one of my favorite professions a romance writer and oh gotta love the sex scenes. One is even based on her one night encounter with none other than Grayson who later she finds out is at the head of the publishing business she writes for. When a author meet is done with him in the place of someone else that is when the fun begins in earnest. He sees also for himself just how cra [...]

    29. Rebecca Charlesworth on said:

      I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion and review:I gave ‘Tamed by the outlaw’ 5 stars and here is why:Have you ever met that one person who infuriates you to the breaking point but you love them all the same? That’s exactly what it’s like for Jessie and her oh so annoying boss, Greyson. After one passionate night of lovemaking, they both believe that they skipped out on one another the morning after, but this was nowhere near the truth. Now she is a bad-ass best [...]

    30. Bec on said:

      Book SummaryBook Title: Tamed by the OutlawAuthor: Michelle SharpPublished by: Entangle Publishing LLCRelease Date: 18th August 2015My Rating: 3 starsReviewThis book was fun and flirty. If you enjoy a good book with a misunderstanding, an issue or two to over come and some secondary characters that are thoroughly enjoyable, then this book is for you.The story line was too slow for me in some places, and way too quick in others, but the characters are great fun and the whole concept was well thou [...]

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