A Circle Around Forever

Robert K. Swisher Jr.

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A Circle Around Forever

A Circle Around Forever The outstanding characters in A Circle Around Forever create an epic tale that will fill you with wonder and touch every emotion that is humanly possible A spirit that is all of the sky pictographs t

  • Title: A Circle Around Forever
  • Author: Robert K. Swisher Jr.
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The outstanding characters in A Circle Around Forever create an epic tale that will fill you with wonder and touch every emotion that is humanly possible A spirit that is all of the sky, pictographs that come to life to protect and also teach, ghosts of evil and ghosts of good will, stones with the knowledge of immortality, people that are both young and old at the same tThe outstanding characters in A Circle Around Forever create an epic tale that will fill you with wonder and touch every emotion that is humanly possible A spirit that is all of the sky, pictographs that come to life to protect and also teach, ghosts of evil and ghosts of good will, stones with the knowledge of immortality, people that are both young and old at the same time, a man with the gift of rainbows, a lady whose tears sprout acres of flowers, a murderer, a boy born with all the knowledge of the world, an evil ghost that longs for nothingness and whose sole purpose is to defeat all who love, a love between two people that started with the beginning of time and is tested to its limits, a battle between Love and Hate that can either plunge the world into darkness or light.

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      378 Robert K. Swisher Jr.
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    One thought on “A Circle Around Forever

    1. Lesley Hayes on said:

      I do so enjoy a book that can’t be categorised, especially when it’s as well written and thought provoking as this one. In my experience Robert K. Swisher is the master of genre defying literature, and this book is no exception. It reads like a morality tale or parable, with the beautifully poetic language of allegory and large canvas biblical symbolism. The story begins with deceptive simplicity, and intrigues from the opening sentence. Although the novel burgeons with metaphor and mythic r [...]

    2. John Hennessy on said:

      A Circle Around Forever works on so many levels that it is hard to quantify exactly what the author has created here. The story of how wicked Grandma Bertha controls her grandson from the grave is quite something. When he starts exhibiting actions that no young child should be able to do, and how he cryptically talks about the 'voices', one might think they are in for stock horror fare.When it's done correctly, there's no problem with that.I have to say that this book came highly recommended to [...]

    3. Diana Febry on said:

      I'm not sure I'm going to be able to do justice this exceptional piece of literary fiction from this versatile author. The book encompasses the enduring duality between love and hate. Both have chosen their champion to lead their armies to war. Both entities are equally powerful but love has the problem that love can not destroy hate and still be love. As love does not intentionally harm can the battle ever be won?The human champions are wonderfully drawn characters. Describing Bertha Adams (the [...]

    4. Brenda Perlin on said:

      A Circle Around Forever by Robert K. Swisher Jr. is an unexpected journey. A touching story that drew me right in. The author knows how to pull on your heartstrings and grab your attention. His characters are unique and the paranormal twists added is an interesting element. This is a great summer read for someone who is looking for an escape outside themselves. Easy to get absorbed into the compelling narrative. I love Mr. Swisher’s quirky stories. They are all unique and have an offbeat flair [...]

    5. Eric Lahti on said:

      Robert K. Swisher Jr’s A Circle Around Forever is a book that doesn’t fit neatly into a genre. It’s officially (according to , anyway) listed in Horror and Science Fiction & Fantasy. While it has elements that fit into those categories, A Circle Around Forever is really more than those categories.Once you strip away the veneer, this is a story about decisions. It’s a story about the voices that whisper in your ears, telling you to be calm and don’t overreact or to crush the people [...]

    6. Pam Kesterson on said:

      With the unpredictable and entertaining story, Robert Swisher Jr's peculiar and well-developed characters, and the satisfying ending, I give "A Circle Around Forever" a five star. Circle Around Forever is a unique book indeed, and Robert Swisher Jr. is a provoking writer who weaves the past with the present, the good with the evil, and the dead with the living. The fascinating and suspense-driven plot builds as each character's entrance on the scene expand into an easy to follow and appealingly [...]

    7. Sarah Stuart on said:

      “In the beginning”, but if there is no ending how can there be a beginning? Does the enchanting title of this novel, A Circle Around Forever, hold an elemental truth? All times are one time and death, and pre-life, just another state of being? There are well-drawn characters from many times and many places, and some of the settings are of incredible beauty. The story is told by Bertha, Barbara, and Shannon.Shannon is Barbara's son but even she cannot name the father of the boy with uncanny k [...]

    8. Angela Lockwood on said:

      Barbara has been haunted by the ghost of her late grandmother Bertha since her funeral. Bertha was given away by her father and as her birth caused her mother’s death. Her brothers’ cruelty sowed the first seeds of hatred in young Bertha and were nurtured by a mysterious voice, causing her to committing unspeakable acts. This bitter vicious ghost is not at rest and tells Barbara that her son Shannon, will give what she searches; a nothingness. A battle for the boy’s soul looms; orchestrate [...]

    9. Christopher Antony on said:

      The battle between Good and Evil becomes personal.The eternal battle between Good and Evil becomes intensely personal in this epic novel. Evil is represented by the spirit of Hate, with his champion the psychopathic Bertha and Good is the spirit Love, who is supported by the almost “innocent abroad” young boy Shannon.The heartbreak engendered by Hate is a constant theme throughout this book. Love has a momentous struggle to overcome it. Generations in Shannon’s family have been scarred. Pe [...]

    10. Janice Spina on said:

      I have read other books by this talented author that were zany, entertaining and filled with irony and his unique brand of humor. When I downloaded this book I was astounded by its epic proportions and an entirely new genre which is so difficult to label that it stands alone. The characters are creatively developed and draw in the readers by their emotions. Underlying theme of this book is Love and Hate. Love is in the form of a boy, Shannon, who since birth has been given the wealth of knowledg [...]

    11. Deborah Mitton on said:

      To call “Circle Around Forever” just a Horror novel would be an understatement. Yes, there are very strong elements of “Horror” but it is far more than just that. It is also a great love story.The author started an intelligent beautiful conversation between himself and the reader concerning the meaning of life. At times I thought he was putting aside the conventional spiritual believes be they Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, etc. but in the end he enriched them. Just when I thought, I h [...]

    12. Jana Petken on said:

      An interesting and intriguing story of generations intertwined in a battle of love and hate. Bertha, an unlucky, and somewhat troubled woman in life exists through future generations as a menacing, evil, desiring only to end all feeling and all thought in spirit form.Through the generations we see Anna, Barbara, the young boy, who knows all, his young love, who also sees troubled spirits, and two brothers haunting and trying to find redemption, and between them there is a tense and emotional jou [...]

    13. Mary Blowers on said:

      I just finished reading A Circle Around Forever by Robert K. Swisher, and I have to say I will actually miss the characters. Swisher makes them seem like part of your own family, and you can’t help caring what happens to them. A generations-old curse tries to fulfill itself over and over through Bertha’s ghost, who cannot rest until she completes her diabolical mission. Her horrific life of crime is explained away by her upbringing, until she is caught and punished. You won’t guess the end [...]

    14. Lucinda Clarke on said:

      A GREAT BOOK, DO READ ITA very clever book, which clearly demonstrates that Robert R Swisher can write, and write well. He has numerous books to his name. There were passages of beautiful prose and once I had the lineage of all the characters worked out, after maybe 10% of the book, I could see how everything fell into place. Even when I was approaching the end, I still was not sure if this was a dream / ghost version of another well religious legend, but I was wrong! A very different book, aski [...]

    15. Mike Billington on said:

      It's not easy to classify Robert K. Swisher's "A Circle Around Forever" for it does not fall easily into any single genre.It is, for example, a deeply spiritual book and yet it is not a religious story.It has elements of myth, of legend and of the paranormal and yet it is not a ghost story. It has epic heroes and villains; adventure, murder and betrayal but it isn't a thriller or a mystery novel.In short, it stands alone on its own shelf.Told from multiple viewpoints, "A Circle Around Forever" i [...]

    16. Mike Siedschlag on said:

      I received an e-version of A Circle Around Forever in exchange for an honest review.This is an awesome book! It's kind of hard to describe without giving away spoilers (which you know I hate).Author Robert K. Swisher Jr. has told an epic tale of life, love, and deep emotion in a generation spanning story that will at times break your heart, fill you with rage, lift you to heights of joy, lower you depths of despair. What more could you ask from a book?The characters are so compelling you can't h [...]

    17. Ginger Myrick on said:

      A Circle Around Forever is a new spin on the classic tale of Good vs Evil that held me enthralled from start to finish. At times unexpected and chilling with its portrayal of a subtle and insidious evil, other times joyful and uplifting, painting the inner beauty of the graceful human spirit, this grand scale effort could have easily run to triteness, but Swisher’s deft handling of a much-covered subject makes the impossible seem plausible. Even with heavy overtones of scripture the story stay [...]

    18. D.K. Cassidy on said:

      Love Versus HateThis amazing novel encompasses several genres, including magical realism, fantasy, and literary fiction. I would categorize this original work as epic. Once you read it you’ll understand why.The main theme is the battle between Love and Hate. Does one need the other to exist? Would the world be a better place if Hate didn’t exist? The story follows the lives of several characters via alternating chapters. The genesis of the people representing hate and love goes back for gene [...]

    19. Joey Paul on said:

      I am always game to read a book by Robert Swisher Jr. and this one did not disappoint. The story of ghosts wanting vengeance, love over hate and a small child born mysteriously. I found myself hooked after the first few pages and couldn't wait to read more. While not the usual kind of book I'd read, it certainly was enjoyable. As with all of his books, it is both well written and very engaging. Making you question yourself while being lost in a fictional world. I loved it! I would recommend it t [...]

    20. Allison Hawn on said:

      Robert K. Swisher has something rather unique in "A Circle Around Forever." With elements of the supernatural spun around questions of the struggle between an individual's power of choice and the power of fate, the author pulled together an interesting tale. The multi-generational aspect of the book makes one almost feel like they are traveling through time to figure out the character's motivations and uncover the true story.The book is simultaneously both dark and hopeful. Fans of books like "S [...]

    21. Jada Ryker on said:

      “What are we but walking ghosts?”Shannon was born with a ghost hovering in the background. His great-grandmother’s ghost, bent on shaping his destiny. As a child, Barbara heard the whispers of her grandmother, who died in disgrace, paying the price for her own sins. Can anyone save Shannon from the dead woman’s machinations?

    22. Cherime MacFarlane on said:

      A truly amazing plot. This is a paranormal book without being your average paranormal. This book will mess with your mind. It is a true saga and a difficult book to put down.

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