Reasonable Doubts

Jae Moran

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Reasonable Doubts

Reasonable Doubts Dear Author I never thought I d find myself in the situation where I d be part of a loving family especially not consisting of twin girls People always considered me the ice cold lawyer who takes eve

  • Title: Reasonable Doubts
  • Author: Jae Moran
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 285
  • Format: ebook
  • Dear Author,I never thought I d find myself in the situation where I d be part of a loving family, especially not consisting of twin girls People always considered me the ice cold lawyer who takes everything way too serious and never cracks a smile at any joke whatsoever.Everything changed the moment I met X Little by little I started to loosen up with him in waysDear Author,I never thought I d find myself in the situation where I d be part of a loving family, especially not consisting of twin girls People always considered me the ice cold lawyer who takes everything way too serious and never cracks a smile at any joke whatsoever.Everything changed the moment I met X Little by little I started to loosen up with him in ways than one , and then we found the girls.Please help me tell the story of how we met and maybe how we went on adapting to each other s differences.Photo Description A tall, slender man in a gray business suit walks along a city street holding twin girls by the hand The girls are about five years old and wearing fluffy, pink tulle skirts with colorfully striped tights and sneakers The three of them appear to be having an intense conversation.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love is an Open Road event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.

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      285 Jae Moran
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    One thought on “Reasonable Doubts

    1. Meep on said:

      Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebieThis started so sweet, two cute little girls and their smart poppy. Contradictorily for me I actually wanted more of the cute kiddies! instead after the intro the story back-steps to the couple meeting, which charmed me until the politics was trowelled on.Suddenly there was a claustrophobic family with political aspirations; acceptance became latent homophobia and Nate was reduced from successful lawyer to pawn with a mountain of ba [...]

    2. Sandra on said:

      Lovely, slightly on the fluffy side, with nicely fleshed out characters and good supporting cast.Free from the M/M Romance group's Love Is An Open Road event.My thanks to the author.

    3. Anke on said:

      Perhaps 3.5 starsMostly I liked this a lot. What I didn't like was the way the mother of the kids was written. After the first introduction the kids vanished for most of the story only to then reappear in a way I wasn't a fan of.

    4. Tj on said:

      Reasonable Doubts is a warm sweet read about finding family - finding home. The main characters Bennett and Casey go together like peanut butter and jelly. In other words they are good separately but perfect when together.Bennett is the only child of wealthy affluent parents. He also carries the weight of his grandparents on his shoulders. He was expected to become a lawyer, later run for political office, and marry the girl with the proper family pedigree. Bennett is nothing like his family or [...]

    5. Katherine on said:

      This was a really sweet story about a lawyer and a photographer that met at a corporate photo shoot and ending up falling in love. I loved that Casey seemed to make Bennett a stronger person. And the nieces were adorable. I'm not a huge fan of kids/family stories, but this one just worked. I also loved all of the supporting characters . Especially Nate. I will definitely read more from Jae Moran. 4.5 stars 

    6. Jane A on said:

      Finally was able to read this story. I feel so bad because I was supposed to be one of the first to read it >.<Anyway, it was a great story and I can't believe Jae was able to produce this story based on my hastily written prompt. It was great to see the characters come to life. Loved it xD

    7. Fritz42 on said:

      Man, I loved this story!This was a wonderful story about Bennett, an attorney, who came from an old, rich and influential family in Boston. For most of his life, he had passively gone along with his mother and father, being groomed to follow in the footstep of his late grandfather, even though he had no desire to do so. All of that changed when he met Casey, the photographer that his firm hired to modernize the look of their reputation. From that first look and his photo session with Casey, Benn [...]

    8. Kevin on said:

      There was not much of a romance or relationship story. Sure there were a few sex scenes which is skipped because I generally find them boring. Presumably those included the reason for the fetish and toy tag. Now I'm even more happy that I skipped them.This story has two completely separate parts. The first chapter and the last third of the story deal with caring for twin girls aged four. Also dealt with are adoption issues. I liked this part best. My favorite scene was the birthday party.The sec [...]

    9. Hill *Romance Newbie* on said:

      You can't not give a good rating for stories including cute babies. Just can't.This story is (mostly) told from Bennett's pov, about how his life changes from a cold-hearted-and-super-busy-lawyer to a father of twin daughters.The story consists of two parts.First half is about Bennett building a relationship with Casey, and dealing an issue with his parents. The second is about the couple gaining rights to be parents for Casey's twin nieces.I think both parts are solved to smoothly. One argument [...]

    10. jules0623 on said:

      Sometimes I like the timey wimey format used here but sometimes I prefer a little mystery. Will they stay together? Will it work out once they become a family? All the drama and suspense was taken out of the story because I already knew the answers thanks to the format. One star off for that annoyance.Other than that, I liked this story. :) The MCs were likable and had nice chemistry and it was written well.

    11. Sandra on said:

      Offered for FREE from the M/M Romance Group's Love Is An Open Road event. Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated!Okay, even I can admit it this gif is freaken adorable!

    12. Janie on said:

      Gay men with children, 2 of my most favorite things to read about together. The author did an amazing job on this story. It pulled me in from the very beginning and kept me interested through the entire book. I loved that it wasn't all rainbows and kittens. It was such a believable story and that made it 10 times better for me. Great job!

    13. Lisa on said:

      Sweet and fluffy novella read. At times it was overly wordy and meandered a little, but overall it was just a nice slice of opposites attract, with a little family drama and a chocolate chip cookie HEA.

    14. Toxik Jade on said:

      The writing wasn't too engaging in my opinion - there wasn't anything specifically wrong with it (like bad grammar or something), but it felt "wooden".But man, the sex scenes were hot! There was just something about the way they were described that pushed the heat level up for me.

    15. Melissa on said:

      Unfortunately, this story wasn't that memorable. There were some cute parts, but I found a lot of the characterization so dramatic that it appeared fake. The tone of voice also didn't suit someone with Bennett's life experiences, especially in the prologue.

    16. Bookbee on said:

      I really liked this; it was a solid 4-4.5 stars. Until I hit the "Princess Rant". Yay! Shot it right up to a blazing 5 Stars!

    17. Ameena on said:

      Thanks to the author for the effort and participating in this event and offering this freebie.

    18. Kallie on said:

      Absolutely fantastic! I was hoping Casey and Bennett would have custody of the girls in the end. Such a lovely story and thank you for sharing it.

    19. Sarah on said:

      Amazing. I loved every bit of this. It was very fairy tale-ish but that was ok because everything else about it was so great. I loved reading about how Casey and Bennett fell in love.

    20. Lynnette Hartwig on said:

      I absolutely love this book, but then stories with children always seem to get to me. I wont put in any spoilers you just really need to read this. Great job Jae Moran!!

    21. GlamLawyer on said:

      3.5 stars the story was a bit all over the place and moved too fast away from romance to family for my taste.

    22. Lori S. on said:

      3.5 starsA sweet story that gets a bit preachy at the end but well worth the read.

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