The Third Evil

R.L. Stine

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The Third Evil

The Third Evil It s back Did the evil spirit really leave Kimmy s body The cheerleaders of Shadyside High can still feel its dark presence and Corky knows that it is out there somewhere close And getting closer Co

  • Title: The Third Evil
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780671751197
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s back Did the evil spirit really leave Kimmy s body The cheerleaders of Shadyside High can still feel its dark presence, and Corky knows that it is out there, somewhere close And getting closer.Corky is tormented night after night by dreams of her dead sister, Bobbi What terrifying message is Bobbi trying to tell her When the evil begins again horrible, gIt s back Did the evil spirit really leave Kimmy s body The cheerleaders of Shadyside High can still feel its dark presence, and Corky knows that it is out there, somewhere close And getting closer.Corky is tormented night after night by dreams of her dead sister, Bobbi What terrifying message is Bobbi trying to tell her When the evil begins again horrible, gruesome than ever Corky knows it is up to her to learn the century old secrets and destroy the evil spirit s power for good But so many have died already will Corky be next

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    One thought on “The Third Evil

    1. Veronica Morfi on said:

      Rating: 3.5/5This is the third book in the Cheerleaders saga in which Corky and her friends have to face for one final(?) time the evil spirit. But this time there is no teling who is under its control and when the truth comes out Corky would have to take some very grave decisions in order to get rid of the spirit once and for all.This book was a great, creepy and fast read. I loved how the first part kept me guessing who the evil spirit was this time. We also get to learn more about the life an [...]

    2. Anna (Curiosity comes before Kay) on said:

      So, I completely forgot who got possessed by the evil spirit in this installment - so it was a bit of a shocker (really the only one in the book)! Pretty predictable, the same stuff as the first two books. I'm kind of interested now to read the fourth one, the "end" of the series (at least the last book with the original characters). Also, this digs even deeper into not only how Sarah Fear was possessed, but how she managed to get the evil buried with her (and what it might take to actually kill [...]

    3. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder* on said:

      A lot better than the other two surprisingly. This one didn't jump around as much because they were kind of all together in a camp and then home. There were also no annoying cliffhanger chapters and toned down on the !!! dialogue a bit. Since it was wrapping it up with a backstory the plot was a bit more solid/interesting as well

    4. Liliana on said:

      Reviewed on Lili Lost in a BookPoor Corky. Both her sister Bobbi and boyfriend Chip are dead—killed by the evil spirit. But it’s not over yet! The evil spirit is back once again! This time around, the evil spirit possess someone I never would have guessed! I was so surprised to find out who it was in this time. But it was very interesting see it in this perspective and see the internal struggle between host and evil spirit. However, there was one different thing that happened in this book th [...]

    5. Shannon on said:

      I had high hopes after the previous book, but I was a bit let down by this. Instead of people getting killed off by the evil, it was just cheesy descriptions of hauntings and stuff appearing that no one else could see. There was this long part in the beginning about this bowl of pea soup and it was not scary at all. Aside from (view spoiler)[Corky making dumb decisions and keeping something a secret that she should have immediately told the others (hide spoiler)], the only strong reaction I had [...]

    6. Irham Nurrahman on said:

      Rating : 4,5/5Membaca seri Fear Street Cheerleaders seperti mebaca buku/film serial yg menarik,buku ini saya kira lebih baik dari buku kedua dari segi kreativitas cerita,masih dengan cerita perjuangan Corky berkutat dengan "roh jahat" yg mengganggu & menguasai Corky dan teman2 Cheerleadersnya.(spoiler dikit) disini lebih seru karna ada masa lalu Sarah Fear dan alasan2 bahasan di buku pertama,menurut saya buku ini sangat bagus dan seperti biasa, gaya penulisan RL Stine selalu enak dibaca dan [...]

    7. Hew France on said:

      A good conclusion to the trilogy, however I do wish Stine would have tied up some of the loose threads he'd left open at the end of the second book, as well as rectified a couple of continuity errors which popped up across the 3 books.

    8. Samantha on said:

      Not as good as the previous two installments were. Primarily because nobody died.C'mon, evil. Way to be a let down!

    9. Krystal on said:

      Mate this was one of the greatest horror series of my early childhood. I remember very little except for one scene (it may have been from one of the others in the series but I suspect it was this one?) where (view spoiler)[someone gets murdered by being hooked up to a giant water bottle, and he's all bloated and blue or something and(hide spoiler)] it just created such a disturbing picture in my head that even after all these years I STILL can't get it out of my head. I mean, what a way to go.I [...]

    10. Kristine (The Writer's Inkwell) on said:

      Posted originally on my blog: The Writer's InkwellWhen it comes to the Fear Street novels, there are some that are hits, some that are misses and some that are okay. This is perhaps one of my favorite novels from the series. It’s one of the ones I vividly remember from my childhood and I believe it’s probably one of the first books I ever owned from the series.Is it perfect? No. I still have a lot of confusion about the death of Sarah Fear. According to another book, she died in a different [...]

    11. Michal Beth on said:

      Corky and all her friends go to this cheer-leading camp and then bad things happen. Corky knows its the evil but she doesn't know who the evil has controlled. She keeps thinking its Kimmy but her gut is telling her otherwise. Then she finds out it was never Kimmy who did all those bad things. It was Corky! The evil was in her! She just doesn't know how to get rid of the evil for good. But then she remembered a long time ago Sarah Fear found a way to kill it of or at least make it go to the grave [...]

    12. Whitney on said:

      What i learned in this book was that Corky is tormented night after night by dreams of her dead sister Bobbi. What terrifiying message is Bobbi trying to tell her? When the evil begins again- more horrible, more gruesome than ever-Corky knows it is up to her to learn the century- old screts and destroy the evil spirit's power for good. But so many have died already-Will Corky be next? Did the evil spirit really leave kimmy's body? the cheerleaders of shadyside high can still feel its dark presen [...]

    13. Drucilla on said:

      The first half of this book is a weak follow up to the previous two in the series. However, the last half does the series justice.(view spoiler)[ Having Corky be the vessel of The Evil was a great plot twist. It was great to be able to see what The Evil was thinking. I thought it was a little stupid that Corky didn't tell anyone after she realized it was in her, but I guess the later plot threads wouldn't have worked otherwise. I was also a little disappointed that no one died in this entry to t [...]

    14. Jan on said:

      In this third book, the evil has returned and Corky and Kimmy, our valiant cheerleaders, are hot on it's trail. Who has been possessed this time? When will it strike?This book was pretty good. I enjoy the way these teens take on evil. There are a few twists this time that make it possible to fight the evil better. And the body count is a lot lower. I'm going to miss the Shadyside cheerleaders, what's left of them anyway.

    15. Catalina Sennett on said:

      After the evil spirit leaves Kimmy's body, Corky gets a note saying that the spirit is still around. She needs to find out who the spirit is in and kill it for good. I like how the series ended. I knew she wasnt going to die obviously because she makes appearances in some of the books published after this series.

    16. Olivia on said:

      Cheerleaders third evil is a very thrilling book. I love that every chapter has something scary or mysterious in it. My favorite part is when Hannah wakes up from her "beauty sleep" and finds that someone has chopped off her whole braid. This would be my number one favorite book.

    17. Abbie on said:

      I loved R.L. Stine growing up. I still do. Yes, now that I'm a bit older his books are more predictable and cheesy. But I still enjoy reading his earlier works.I liked this book because it gave me a background of the evil spirit and a good end to the Cheerleaders trilogy.

    18. Alex on said:

      Even though this story arc is nowhere near as good as I remember, I'm still enjoying re-reading it. This one gets an extra star for the surprise ending, though I still don't understand what "the Evil" really is.

    19. Kristi on said:

      I've read one or two of the other Fear Street Cheerleader books. I was so glad that the library had some Fear Street books. I liked the book, but was disappointed that there wasn't any deaths, except in flashbacks. I thought it was obvious that Corky was possessed by the evil this time.

    20. Jen on said:

      Pure fluff but great for an escape and a quick read. I loved these books when I was in middle school and high school, and am so happy they are available on the digital library. I'm thinking I'm going to have to read the whole series, which I never got to do before. Don't judge me! ;-)

    21. Benjamin Plume on said:

      Something made me keep reading these. Subject matter aside, they kept me glued.

    22. Niki on said:

      2,5 stars. A nice suspenseful book. A read for once and then just never again. A good read for by the pool?!

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