An Unhappy Medium

Dawn Eastman

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An Unhappy Medium

An Unhappy Medium Psychic Clyde Fortune and her zany family are back in the fourth in the national bestselling series from the author of A Fright to the Death Former cop and novice psychic Clyde Fortune finds herself i

  • Title: An Unhappy Medium
  • Author: Dawn Eastman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Psychic Clyde Fortune and her zany family are back in the fourth in the national bestselling series from the author of A Fright to the Death Former cop and novice psychic Clyde Fortune finds herself in a race for justice when a Zombie Fun Run turns deadly All of Crystal Haven, Michigan, is psyching up to participate in a Zombie Fun Run organized by Clyde s nephew SethPsychic Clyde Fortune and her zany family are back in the fourth in the national bestselling series from the author of A Fright to the Death Former cop and novice psychic Clyde Fortune finds herself in a race for justice when a Zombie Fun Run turns deadly All of Crystal Haven, Michigan, is psyching up to participate in a Zombie Fun Run organized by Clyde s nephew Seth, but Clyde is fretful about the undead festivities For one thing, her sister, Grace, has unexpectedly returned to town after fifteen years For another, Clyde has the nagging feeling that something is about to go wrong When one of the zombie runners is found murdered and then Grace disappears, Clyde realizes her grim premonition is dead on Now, she and her police detective boyfriend Mac must find a ghoulish murderer before someone points the finger at Grace And when a tangled web of family secrets and old grudges combines with a mysterious case of stolen diamonds, even someone as quick witted as Clyde might not be able to outrun a killer

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    One thought on “An Unhappy Medium

    1. Doward Wilson on said:

      Crystal Haven, Michigan is home to psychics, pet whisperers, fortune tellers and everyone who practices some sort of paranormal trade. Clyde Fortune is a former cop who is a very good psychic and she is elbow deep in Zombies. Her nephew Seth has organized a Zombie Apoclypse Fun Run to benefit the local animal rescue league.Clyde's sister and Seth's mother Grace has returned to town after being gone for 15 years. She has a nagging feeling that something bad is about to happen. When a zombie runne [...]

    2. Lynn on said:

      An Unhappy Medium is the 4th book in the Family Fortune Mystery series. Crystal Haven Michigan is a tourist town due to the psychics, tarot readers and selling of crystals and new age items . A zombie run for charity was added to the annual Founder's Day celebration. A dead body was discovered after the race. Clyde becomes involved with solving the mystery as her part of her family could have been involved or targeted.Clyde's sister Grace, her husband Paul and daughter return for a visit after b [...]

    3. Moondance on said:

      My chest burned, my legs ached, and I felt a cramp in the vicinity of my liver.Clyde is training for a Zombie Fun Run organized by her nephew, Seth, to benefit the local animal shelter. In addition to the agony she feels from her physical torture, Clyde learns that her sister Grace is coming home for the first time in fifteen years.Grace's return is fraught with mystery and intrigue. She has an agenda that Clyde is not necessarily on board with. When a pirate zombie is discovered dead after the [...]

    4. Karen on said:

      This series is a favourite of mine.Entertaining characters, and a great whodunit.I hope there are more in the series to look forward to.

    5. Jessica Robbins on said:

      For complete review check out my blog at booksaplentybookreviewss

    6. Lark of The Bookwyrm's Hoard on said:

      I’ve been following this series almost from the beginning, and in many ways, it just keeps getting better. This book really pulled me in from the start. I always enjoy Clyde and Mac, Clyde’s nephew Seth, the two dogs, and the whole psychic, eccentric Fortune family. Throw in an unexpected visit from Clyde’s sister and brother-in-law leading to even more unexpected revelations, a zombie run, a case of possibly mistaken identity, a dead zombie (if that’s not an oxymoron), missing diamonds, [...]

    7. Lisa Ks Book Review on said:

      Fans of the Family Fortune Mystery series are going to love this newest installment! It’s hard to believe that author Dawn Eastman is already to book four in this series. What’s not hard to believe is that the Family Fortune series has such a following of fans. It really is a delightful para-cozy series. Ms. Eastman doesn’t disappoint with AN UNHAPPY MEDIUM. Clyde Fortune and her fun family are back and as quirky as ever. And what is more fitting for this town full of characters than a zom [...]

    8. Brenda Lower on said:

      Won this in a Giveaway! Yay!So, finally got around to reading this, and once I really started, it went well. It being part of series, I was still able to get to know the characters without having read any other books in the series. I enjoyed seeing the different interactions, resolutions of long time feuds, family dynamics and everything else. While the characters were enjoyable, the plot was a little lacking. It was okay, just not thrilling.Good light read, easy and relaxing.

    9. on said:

      openbooksociety/article/anAn Unhappy MediumA Family Fortune Mystery, Book #4By Dawn EastmanISBN#9780425282809Author Website: dawneastmanBrought to you by OBS Reviewer DanieleSynopsis:Former cop and novice psychic Clyde Fortune finds herself in a race for justice when a Zombie Fun Run turns deadly…All of Crystal Haven, Michigan, is psyching up to participate in a Zombie Fun Run organized by Clyde’s nephew Seth, but Clyde is fretful about the undead festivities. For one thing, her sister, Grac [...]

    10. Caitlin Copp on said:

      I love love love this series. It is getting better with each book as Clyde starts to delve further into her "abilities." Crystal Haven, MI is celebrating Founders Day which is kicking off with a zombie fun run organized by Clyde's nephew Seth. Unexpectedly, Clyde's sister Grace and her husband decide to come into town to participate in the festivities. Clyde knows something isn't right because Grace hasn't been back to Crystal Haven in 15 years. When one of the zombie runners, who has old ties t [...]

    11. Lisa Morin on said:

      Dawn Eastman is a master story-teller. This book was utterly fantastic. I loved the fact that Clyde's sister Grace came back and that she has dark secrets that put her and her family in danger.The author weaves such a believable story that I want to visit Crystal Haven! The zombie run was the perfect setting and it was great fun to read about the zany antics of the Fortune family. This is my favorite go to series and I am anxiously waiting for the next book!This book deserves at least 10 stars!

    12. Sabine on said:

      I liked all the books in the series but this one is the best yet. The charity zombie run was a great start into the murder case. And we finally got to meet Clyde's sister Grace and the rest of her family. I don't want to give away too much but I liked how this connected to a red herring that was introduced in the previous books already. Very nicely done and still an ongoing mystery.Lots of fun and interesting twists and turns and I didn't figure out who the culprit was until it was revealed.

    13. Karen on said:

      One of the things I like about An Unhappy Medium is that you learn more about Crystal Haven and the towns history. This story will take you along for the run, with main character Clyde's, her eccentric Aunt and eclectic family this mystery is exciting and it is endearing.This is only one of the the reasons I pre order each book in this series and why I think you should order this series and add it to your favorites list!

    14. Mary on said:

      Not the best in the series but still an engaging read. There wasn't a lot of real excitement but there was enough mystery to keep me turning pages. The pace was steady and most of the characters were interesting (and quirky). I liked the unresolved situation with Clyde's sister and her husband. I suspect it will go on thru the next book or two. All in all, I did like the book.

    15. Jae on said:

      The entire town of Crystal Haven is gearing up for its annual Founders' Day fest, featuring a Zombie Fun Run that Clyde's nephew, Seth, has organized. Clyde can't help but feel uneasy about the festivities, and when her sister, Grace, returns to town after staying away for the past fifteen years, it only adds to Clyde's sense of impending doom. Her prediction seems to come true when someone is murdered during the zombie run, Grace reveals she and her husband have run afoul of the mob, and then G [...]

    16. Pam on said:

      Dawn Eastman brings us a tough story about family, love, predictions, revenge and forgiveness. When Clyde's sister, Grace comes back to Crystal Haven with her husband, Paul, and daughter, Sophie, Clyde is more than suspicious. Why now after all these years? Why are Grace and Paul so anxious for Clyde and Mac to sign guardianship papers for Seth and Sophie? In the meantime, Seth has organized a zombie charity fun run to benefit the local animal shelter. A past flame of Grace's shows up and is mur [...]

    17. Lainey on said:

      I found this book the most enjoyable so far in the series.I don't understand why the author doesn't have the niece and nephew call the MC 'aunt' Clyde. Other than that quirk the plot moved at a decent pace without getting bogged down with non essential "filler" as I found in some of the other books.I volunteer at an alpaca farm and was impressed that the author correctly stated that alpaca had fleece. Another quirk that bothers me is people calling it wool.good job by the author of researching t [...]

    18. Tabs on said:

      This series is so good, I love the characters and the awesome story of the family.

    19. Bird on said:

      This is such a cute series! How can it be over after only four books?!

    20. Cindi Moss on said:

      finally finished it! this seemed to drag on. I wanted to like this series but just never did care for the characters much.

    21. February Four on said:

      I really appreciate the way the prophecy was fulfilled. I was worrying something would happen!

    22. Cheryl on said:

      Crystal Haven is having a Zombie Fun Run put on by Clyde's nephew Seth. She has a bad feeling about it combine with the fact that her sister,Seth's mother is returning to town for the firs time in years. One of the Zombie runners is killed and her sister disappears so she and her boyfriend have to find the killer before her sister is blamed. A fast moving story with several sidelines; does Clyde want to take custody of her niece and nephew, where are the stolen diamonds and increasing her busine [...]

    23. Christie on said:

      I loved the characters, the author made them so believable---I felt like I as watching my own family members interact whenever Clyde dealt with her family.Clyde reminds me of myself---I used to ignore my abilities as well, attributing logical explanations to everything, especially when apparently nothing came of my feelings (of course, this just meant that *I* never saw what happened, not that nothing did happen), making me second-guess myself to the point of ignoring and/or explaining away my f [...]

    24. Barbara Hackel on said:

      The town of Crystal Haven is a town built on Psychic beliefs and readings of all kinds. Tourists come to have fortunes told, items found, and predictions forecast. In the middle of all that is Clyde Fortune and her family. Clyde is living with Mac-a police detective-and Seth-her 14 year old nephew plus his dog Tuffy and her dog Baxter. Her parents and aunt live two blocks away, and the mom/aunt combination is a constant source of trouble and adventures for Clyde. Vi (her aunt) has convinced Clyd [...]

    25. Silvara Wilde on said:

      Check out my other reviews, discussions and link ups at Fantasy of the Silver Dragon.I received this book for free from Berkley Prime Crime in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.I haven't read any books in this series before. And usually with cozy mysteries that isn't a problem. For the most part, it wasn't. Enough was explained as I read, that the only thing I was left in the dark about was Clyde's gift. You get a few tiny hint [...]

    26. LORI CASWELL on said:

      Dollycas’s ThoughtsWe have come a long way with these characters and in this installment Clyde’s sister, Grace, and her husband, Paul, come to Crystal Haven for a visit. This is the first time in fifteen years that Grace has returned. She didn’t want anything to do with the psychic abilities of her family even though she has an ability herself that she uses daily. That ability may be why she has come home. Of course, seeing her son Seth, is always a bonus.They quickly get caught up in a to [...]

    27. Judy on said:

      Reviewed on Musings and Ramblings.Have you ever read a series that just made you happy just reading it? This is one of my happy place book series. I mean, here we are on book 4 and the books just keep getting better.I have to start with my cover love of this series. Each book shows us seasonal scenes from around the town, each featuring the two canine sidekicks, Tuffy and Baxter. There is just something about each of them that speaks to me.Then there is the main character, Clyde. She's grew up i [...]

    28. Katreader on said:

      AN UNHAPPY MEDIUM by Dawn EastmanThe Fourth Family Fortune MysteryClyde Fortune gets a bad feeling when her mom tells her that her sister, Grace is coming to town along with her husband and young daughter, Seth's little sister. Is the feeling just a normal reaction to her complicated sibling relationship, or is she getting a true premonition? As Seth gets the family involved with his Zombie Fun Run to benefit the animal shelter more red flags go up for Clyde, and not just the ones proving she's [...]

    29. Once Upon a Romance Reviews on said:

      3.75 StarsSexual Content: None Language (Profanity/Slang) Content: NoneViolent Content: NonePsychic Clyde Fortune finds herself working with her family to help with (and participate in) the Zombie Fun Run that her nephew Seth is putting together. She has a feeling that something is going to go wrong, but can’t put her finger on it. Plus, with her sister Grace unexpectedly showing up after a 15 year absence, family tensions are running a little high. When a man is murdered, Clyde and her boyfri [...]

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