Help! My Lover's an Alien

Carol Pedroso

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Help! My Lover's an Alien

Help My Lover s an Alien Dear Author I am part of an elite unit I am from a world which up until years ago was unknown to you and your kind I have been sent to your world on a twofold mission First to ascertain if Earth wi

  • Title: Help! My Lover's an Alien
  • Author: Carol Pedroso
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 165
  • Format: ebook
  • Dear Author,I am part of an elite unit I am from a world which, up until years ago, was unknown to you and your kind I have been sent to your world on a twofold mission First, to ascertain if Earth will make a good ally, and second and personal , is to search for my other half I have felt the pull and have started showing the signs This makes me dangerous toDear Author,I am part of an elite unit I am from a world which, up until years ago, was unknown to you and your kind I have been sent to your world on a twofold mission First, to ascertain if Earth will make a good ally, and second and personal , is to search for my other half I have felt the pull and have started showing the signs This makes me dangerous to myself and vulnerable to my enemies I need to find him or them ASAP.Photo Description Head and shoulders shot in color The male is wearing a black hood and what looks like a cloak Only part of his face is visible as there is a partial mask on the hood but it shows a pale face with high cheekbones The best features are his startling blue eyes that draw you in.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love is an Open Road event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.

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    • Free Read [Mystery Book] ✓ Help! My Lover's an Alien - by Carol Pedroso ✓
      165 Carol Pedroso
    • thumbnail Title: Free Read [Mystery Book] ✓ Help! My Lover's an Alien - by Carol Pedroso ✓
      Posted by:Carol Pedroso
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    One thought on “Help! My Lover's an Alien

    1. Kristan on said:

      Who doesn't love a good MPreg?It's the year 3050 and Earth has made friendly contact with an alien race from the planet Debhunder. Their race is tall, pale, magical, and androgynous. And they know their mates on sight, so it's hard not to be a little giddy when reading this, right?When Lor, their most powerful mage sees our human, Dillon, from across the room, there's a nice amount of Grrr, mine! and a sweet amount of bumbling and navigating of an alien relationship. I kinda would have been happ [...]

    2. Bookbee on said:

      I love science fiction. It was my favourite genre back in my youth and I'm still partial to it today. So needless to say, I was really looking forward to this story. Initially, it was looking good. The characters and story caught my attention and I was ready to kick back and just enjoy the ride. But then these odd little details began to wriggle their way into my consciousness, one after the other, and dang - the story lost me. I'm putting my niggles under a cut because, well, YMMV! (view spoile [...]

    3. Meep on said:

      Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebie, regardless of rating that's appreciatedSci-fi ending with mpreg.It didn't work for me, at one point the alien wonders - Lor was appalled; how could humans be so advanced and yet so backward at the same time? - and I was wondering the same. I'd think with all the years and advancements humans would have set procedures for interacting with aliens rather than the casualness exhibited, and the world would have changed more. This didn' [...]

    4. Jeanne 'Divinae' on said:

      Lor is second-in-command, head guard to his people. His leader is referred to the Minister and the humans are unaware of the Minister’s true title. They are ‘aliens’ from a different planet. There main difference is that Lor and his people live on a different(hot) planet, they are magic users and the magic affects their mates differently.Lor finds his mate in the form of an expert martial arts instructor at a human military base. The human male is the adopted son of the Ambassador. Dillon [...]

    5. Furio on said:

      The problem with amateur writers is that they nearly always have excellent ideas about general storyline and setting. They often write good first chapters as well as they tend to ponder their beginnings a lot.Problem is that they are usually unable to fulfill their promises and plot inconsistencies, hurried characterization, badly developed situations and dialogues start to pile up to the point that, usually by the halfway point, their story has turned into a 12 year old student rant.That is exa [...]

    6. Sandra on said:

      Offered for FREE from the M/M Romance Group's Love Is An Open Road event. Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated!

    7. Kevin on said:

      I loved this romantic adventure featuring magic-wielding aliens, homophobic and xenophobic terrorists, and a pregnant human man.

    8. Gabriella on said:

      Right now I'm feeling like a 3 year old on Christmas Eve! I love this story. It's wonderful. It's magical. It's sci-fi-romance. And it has MPreg, yay!

    9. Judy Stone on said:

      I loved this book! Great plot, likable MCs and secondary characters, vile villains, action, adventure, and HEA. Please tell me this has a coda or is the beginning of a series.

    10. DC on said:

      This started out with so much promise but fell precipitously. Aliens making contact, and one in particular, Lor, finding his mate in Dillon. storyline. But the year is set at 3050, over one thousand years in the future, and the author couldn’t find the imagination to make the earth any more advanced than it is today. In fact, it seemed worse! A gratuitous plug with Dillon sitting in the park reading his “Kindle app”?!? Seriously? And then to get hit in the face with MPREG! NO! NO! NO!. If [...]

    11. Patdbooks on said:

      What a nice read. Interesting synopsis of a world where human beings still can trust each other where aliens (not sure that's the right ways about) out-worlders are peace lovers.

    12. Kizmet on said:

      Thanks to the author for this freebie. Regardless of ratings, your hard work is still appreciated.It was a nice story. I had a hard time telling that these 'visitors' were actually aliens. There was very little done on the setup that defines them as alien. There wasn't enough differences to enforce the idea that this story wasn't just another normal guy meets guy. It just seemed so typical human behavior. Not how I would assume a entirely different species to act and to appear physically. Other [...]

    13. Mandy Quinn on said:

      I loved and enjoyed reading this wonderful book it was so lovely writtenI really loved and enjoyed reading this wonderful book so much. This book was so lovely and beautifully written. I loved the relationship between Dillon and Lor. I loved the twists and turns and the edge of the seat action in this book. I loved that they got their happy ending and their happy little family too. I will recommend this book to everybody I know and to all my friends too.

    14. Lois - Who Reads on said:

      This was a fun read. The story line and characters were interesting, but the world building was not 100%. The story takes place on earth about a 1000 years in the future, but the world is not really any different; same clothes, same types of vehicles, same malls, same small minded ideas, etc. However, I really did like the romance between Lor and Dillon. Lor's attempts to court Dillon were funny and cute.

    15. Theresa on said:

      Warning MPREG!!!!!Started skimming after 50%. This book read like it was teen fiction. The world building was poor. The aliens weren't very alien nor magical and Earth wasn't futuristic.I thought this was suppose to be MM, not MF, because Dillon was a chick with a dick.

    16. Seregil on said:

      2.5 stars - would have read sequelNice story, but despite the initial resistance on the part of the human it still felt like insta-love.

    17. Sarah on said:

      That really wasn't very good. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't written very well. Too much explaining of things that were irrelevant. It was like a manual.

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