Secret Curves

Marysol James

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Secret Curves

Secret Curves Curtis Manning is a huge scowling almost silent ex boxer and former soldier who now bounces at Dangerous Curves A tough as hell childhood has left him not the slightest bit interested in commitment

  • Title: Secret Curves
  • Author: Marysol James
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Curtis Manning is a huge, scowling, almost silent, ex boxer and former soldier who now bounces at Dangerous Curves A tough as hell childhood has left him not the slightest bit interested in commitment or relationships or at least, he wasn t interested before Tessa showed up at Curves, all blonde curls, and emerald gold eyes, and hot, lush body Since he first laid eyesCurtis Manning is a huge, scowling, almost silent, ex boxer and former soldier who now bounces at Dangerous Curves A tough as hell childhood has left him not the slightest bit interested in commitment or relationships or at least, he wasn t interested before Tessa showed up at Curves, all blonde curls, and emerald gold eyes, and hot, lush body Since he first laid eyes on her, Curtis has been in love with Tessa but now the woman that he loves is on self destruct, and he ll do anything to help her Even walk away from her forever, if it means that she ll get healthy Tessa Mahoney is a tall, curvy, ex ballet dancer who now waitresses at Curves A tough as hell childhood has left her with an overwhelming need to control everything in her topsy turvy, chaotic life including every morsel of food that she puts in to her mouth She s determined to get back to 99 pounds and she s willing to do anything at all to make that happen Even damn near starve herself to death, if it means that she feels in control for the first time in a long time When Curtis forces Tessa to face what she s doing to herself, he expects to never see her again Instead, she forgives him, and everything that Curtis has ever wanted with and for Tessa comes true But when the man who took Curtis mother away from him returns, and threatens Tessa, Curtis faces some hard, ugly truths about himself Once Tessa sees those things in Curtis, will she be able to forgive him And even if she does, will Curtis be able to forgive himself

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      188 Marysol James
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    One thought on “Secret Curves

    1. Janey on said:

      4.5 starsGreat book, loved, loved Curtis!!!, the big, tattooed boxer/bouncer guy with the huge heart. He has been watching over his Tessa for a year, they became friends of sorts, that's all Curtis thought they would ever bebut things change and Tessa is in need of someone to look out for her, care for her while she is having a bad time. Curtis takes up the post of protector, he was so gentle with Tessa and so honest, it was lovely to read. I would say this book had loads from the other couples [...]

    2. Terri on said:

      Wow! Where do I start with this one?The topic was really unique for the romance genre. A h with an eating disorder is a first for me, and what I loved was that Marysol understood that eating disorders aren't about losing weight, or looking beautiful. They're about control and self-harm. I know this very well, since my sister was anorexic, and one of the first things that we all had to understand was that she was desperate to be in control of something in her life. Eating is one of the first thin [...]

    3. Bev on said:

      I think I've found my new fictional boyfriend. Curtis is sexy, hot, all-man and so sweet and careful with Tessa. When the things happen with his father I almost cried for Curtis. He thought he had ruined everything with the woman he loves and I really felt his panic and anger at himself.What I love about MJ's female characters is that they save and heal their men just as much as they are saved and healed. What Tessa does at the very end for Curtis is the most beautiful thing I can imagine. I cri [...]

    4. Iliana on said:

      BeautifulBeautiful story was worth the wait! I really enjoyed reading their story since you could see it developing in previous books. Loved that Curtis love Tessa enough to stop her and get her the help she needed. That's true love, risking losing the one we love if that means that they are better off than before. Awesome that we could check on the other couples too. Not sure about Warren story, because for some reason in my mind I see him as a kid, an unsecured on at that. Well I guess that I [...]

    5. Bev on said:

      I really love MJ's writing, and this one is no exception. I love that her characters are not perfect, I love that the H's are all in from the get go and I love that they are straight with each other. No ridiculoous, childish misunderstandings/miscommunication. They TALK to each other and LISTEN to each other.Loved getting a peek at the characters from earlier books in the series too.4.5 stars

    6. Anna (Wicked Book Blog) on said:

      What about Curtis and Tessa? Well, it took them long enough to profess their feelings for each other. In fact, it almost took Tessa to starve herself to death to finally open her eyes to what was in front of her. The same goes for Curtis, although he was one step ahead with that part.Fortunately, it comes to a HEA with the big guys putty in their woman's hands ;)

    7. Steph on said:

      Love this series, the heroes are mouth watering protectors of the ones they love.

    8. Staci on said:

      Another good bookMarysol has done it again can not get enough of her books. So ready for the next one in this or any of her series

    9. Angela on said:

      I loved this story! It has been brought up in previous books leading up to this and it was everything I expected and more. Tessa had been verbally abused by her ex about her weight for years and after they split, she felt she wasn't beautiful or in control of her life unless she was a certain weight, way below where she was. Curtis has been in love with Tessa since the first time he saw her and he's tried to help her, to tel her how beautiful she was with her weight the way it was, but she wasn' [...]

    10. Amber Fueston on said:

      4.5 STARSAny woman who has struggled with body image can relate to this story. Myself included. Its hard to be happy with the skin you are in for most women, no matter how thin or thick they are. From a very young age we are taught to strive for a certain body type. One that is almost impossible to obtain. For some the struggle goes even deeper. One of the things I love about Marysol James is that when her characters face struggles in life love doesn't automatically make them go away. Many times [...]

    11. Talitha on said:

      So glad to finally read Curtis and Tessa's story. It felt a bit fast paced/rushed at times but since we know their backstory from the other books it still worked. Characters were well developed and the situation was believable. As a former ballerina myself who has since gained a lot of weight, the self esteem issues really hit home. I've never taken it that far, but I understand why she did. I love how she and Curtis support and stick by each other no matter what they have to tackle. Reminds me [...]

    12. Tina on said:

      I liked the main h/h story but not enough time given to it. I also liked the updates on the other characters but thought pulled from main story too much. Good but not as good as I had hoped. Really liked how the bulimia aspect was discussed because not seen so much in stories I have read. Do think that with a little more development of the main story I would have liked how quickly she overcame it.

    13. Sparkymom on said:

      Tough issueIn this story, Tessa was dealing with some severe eating disorders and the accompanying psychological issues. Curtis was dealing with his image of himself as unworthy. Both of them were hurting and miserable. I loved how the two of them came together and the strong bond they formed. As with the previous stories, the updates on the main characters from the first four books were amazing and just made me love them all the more. Book six, here I come!

    14. Shirley on said:

      4.5 Stars Another great read from MJ. One of the things I really like about MJ’s books is that none of her H and h’s is perfect, they all have some issues and I love that. I also like that none of her heroines are perfect stick thin model types they are all real women which is so refreshing.I loved Curtis in this book. He’s big and built and doesn’t really say much but he’s so sweet with Tessa I really loved him.

    15. Sandy Ross on said:

      Curtis has been crushing on Tessa for a while. When Tessa finally collapses at work, and gets confronted about her weight issue she gets upset and shuts people out. Curtis finally confesses his love for Tessa, and leaves heart broken. As Tessa starts to recover can these two find their way together? If they find their way together, can they overcome someone from Curtis' past? I could feel Tessa's struggle to accept her body and feel loved through out this book.

    16. Michele bookloverforever on said:

      Tessa suffers fromorexia in order maintain her ballerina weight even though she can no longer dance. but a man desperately in love intervenes. she falls in love. in the meantime his abusive dad enters thee picture. she gets hurtere is a hea.

    17. Tabitha Bangert on said:

      Great storyI love all the couples of each story. All the couples from each book are great I love all of them. I love how this writer knows that woman with curves can find love and having the best time doing it.

    18. The Loopy Librarian on said:

      Not her best but not badCould have benefited from more sexual tension and conflict. Also lacked the focus of her previous works. I liked the others in this series much better. Not bad for an afternoon romance though.

    19. ValeriaLee on said:

      Another fabulously written book by Marysol James. Her writing never ceases to amaze me. This was a wonderful story dealing with anorexia and body image issues. Curtis and Tessa come together to help one another over come their demons.

    20. Kerry on said:

      I really liked this and had been looking forward to it since Tessa and Curtis were first introduced. They were set up really well from previous books, and their story didn't let me down.

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