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Jenn McKinlay

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Vanilla Beaned

Vanilla Beaned In the eighth in the New York Times bestselling series by the author of Dark Chocolate Demise the Fairy Tale Cupcake crew goes double or nothing in Vegas Melanie Cooper and Angie DeLaura are taking a

  • Title: Vanilla Beaned
  • Author: Jenn McKinlay
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In the eighth in the New York Times bestselling series by the author of Dark Chocolate Demise, the Fairy Tale Cupcake crew goes double or nothing in Vegas Melanie Cooper and Angie DeLaura are taking a gamble by opening their first franchise of the Fairy Tale Cupcakes Bakery, so where better to hit the jackpot than in Vegas Business manager Tate Harper has lined up a mIn the eighth in the New York Times bestselling series by the author of Dark Chocolate Demise, the Fairy Tale Cupcake crew goes double or nothing in Vegas Melanie Cooper and Angie DeLaura are taking a gamble by opening their first franchise of the Fairy Tale Cupcakes Bakery, so where better to hit the jackpot than in Vegas Business manager Tate Harper has lined up a meeting with Holly Hartzmark, a former showgirl who s looking to bring Mel and Angie s sweet treats to Sin City, but Mel isn t so sure she s ready to hand her recipes over to a complete stranger especially one as brash as Holly But after the potential bakery location gets blown up, Mel begins seeing another side to Holly one that reminds her very much of herself Determined to help a kindred spirit, Mel sets out to discover who is trying to keep the bakery from cashing in But with a murderous mischief maker on the loose, the odds are stacking up against a happy ending for Mel and her friendsFrom the Paperback edition.

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    One thought on “Vanilla Beaned

    1. Mayra Perez on said:


    2. Fred on said:

      Vanilla Beaned is the eight book in the A Cupcake Bakery Mystery series.Angie, Mel and Tate are on their way o Las Vegas to sign papers with Holly Hartzmark, lead dancer at a casino, for the first franchise of Fairy Tale Cupcakes. As they are meeting with Holly, Mel still has her doubts about letting her purchase the francise. As they are looking at the outside of the possible location, the relator opens the door and there is a loud explosion. It's soon learned that the gas to an oven had been o [...]

    3. Angel on said:

      Eh. I think I'm getting a little tired of Mel. I'd like to see her get it together and stop all this sorry for herself/insecurity nonsense. C'mon already!

    4. FangirlNation on said:

      In Vanilla Beaned by Jenn McKinley, Mel reluctantly goes with Angie and Tate to Las Vegas to make arrangements with a woman there to open a franchise of their Fairy Tale Cupcake shop. Unhappy with the idea of trusting her branding to the personal success of another person and her ability to bake cupcakes, Mel reacts negatively to Holly especially when she discovers that the prospective franchisee is a glamorous show girl. Chastised by their lawyer for her attitude, Mel agrees to examine the shop [...]

    5. QNPoohBear on said:

      Melanie, Angie and Tate are headed to Las Vegas to meet with a potential franchise owner and view the location for the shop. Mel is grouchy because she feels like a third wheel with Angie and Tate, she misses Joe and she really really doesn't want to franchise her bakery. On the plus side, there's an Elvis convention at the hotel, with 3,000+ "Elvi" running around in costume. When she meets the potential new owner/baker, Holly Hartzmark, Mel knows there's no way she's trusting Fairy Tale Cupcake [...]

    6. LORI CASWELL on said:

      Dollycas’s ThoughtsFairy Tale Bakery is expanding! opening a franchise store is Las Vegas! Tate and Angie are ready to gamble on showgirl Holly Hartzmark, to be their first franchisee but Mel still isn’t ready to throw the dice just yet. The threesome travel to Vegas to meet with Holly and their visit just happens to coincide with an Elvis Presley impersonator convention. Mel tries to give Holly the brushoff but agrees to at least scout out the proposed location for the shop. When the store [...]

    7. Denise Zendel on said:

      Melanie Cooper is struggling with franchising her “baby,” the Fairy Tale Cupcakes Bakery. She’s kind of a control freak anyway, and the first franchisee is a former Las Vegas showgirl, so Melanie is worried about the stability and success of the franchise. Mel and her bffs and partners, Angie DeLaura and Tate Harper, travel to Las Vegas to meet with the franchisee. Things go downhill quickly when the suggested location gets blown up and someone drives a car into the second location. Mel ta [...]

    8. Sharon on said:

      After not loving Dark Chocolate Demise because of the zombie theme, I had hoped to like the next installment in the Cupcake Bakery Mystery series better. It did not disappoint but perhaps I am just tired of these characters. Mel, Angie and Tate are in negotiations to franchise Fairy Tale Cupcakes. Holly, a showgirl and single mother, hopes to open up a branch in Las Vegas. Someone seems to be determined to not let that happen. The intrepid threesome with the help of Marty, Oz, and Detective Mann [...]

    9. RebeccaS on said:

      Oh man was I annoyed by this ending! (view spoiler)[ After watching Mel and Joe's relationship go up and down and back and forth for so long I was ECSTATIC that they were finally going to jump in a get married. I waned to see a lasting commitment after all this drama and we were so close! Another ending where someone almost gets married and now I'm sure they will push it off until later like Angie and Tate.(hide spoiler)]I was glad that there was some action about the franchising situation after [...]

    10. Mark Baker on said:

      Mel, Angie, and Tate are in Vegas to meet with their first potential franchise partner. After the first bakery location blows up when they go to visit it, the trio begin to suspect that someone is out to sabotage the franchise. But are they after our trio or the potential new owner?While the book is set in Vegas, we still get plenty of time with the series regulars and movement on several key on going stories. The mystery is focused a bit more on the why of the sabotage instead of the who done i [...]

    11. Laura on said:

      Viva Fairy Tale Cupcakes!This is definitely the best book in the series so far. I absolutely loved Mel, Angie and Tate taking a road trip to Las Vegas and watching the action involving franchising unfold.Mel is not a perfect protagonist, and that is something I appreciate about her. Watching her grow, and learn about herself, makes each book fun.I can't wait to see where Jenn McKinlay takes our cupcake baking trio next.

    12. Judy on said:

      I have always loved this series, the side story of the friendships, the cupcake business and It doesn't rehash previous details in the earlier books. This book was a good mystery - different setting, different angle as the franchising can be a good story point. I am happy a clue led me to solving it halfway. However, I am getting tired of the Mel-Joe thingy. It's been dragging on for the last 5 books, it's not endearing anymore. It hasn't been a highlight and it gives the readers something to lo [...]

    13. Susan on said:

      Love this series. Great mysteries, each one with a different premise. The characters are terrific, the interactions between them, especially Angie and her brothers, keep you laughing and Mel's and Angie's love interests keep you guessing. In this one the franchise saga continues with some unforeseen twists including a murder. Then the ending which started out to be poignant had me laughing so hard I cried. Another great read from Jenn.

    14. Jackie on said:

      Can't get enough of these characters. I'm sad I'll be on the last one

    15. Theresa on said:

      The Fairy Tale Cupcakes crew is in Las Vegas looking to franchise, someone is trying to stop them. Great story made even more fun with Vegas Elvis's. There's lots going on and some great recipes.

    16. Heidi (Yup. Still here.) on said:

      Decent read - not my favorite in the series but not bad.

    17. Tina at A COZY GIRL READS AND WRITES Blog on said:

      Viva Las VegasAs a Elvis fan, I loved Vanilla Beaned from the very first line “Viva Las Vegas” . As Tate Harper Sang. I knew that the Fairy Tale Bakery gang, Friends and owners Mel, Angie and Tate were heading to The Fabulous Las Vegas. Tate is all for opening a new franchise in Las Vegas and Mel on the other hand is not keen on the idea. Holly Hartzmark, a showgirl who wants out of the life to spend more time with her daughter has dreams of being a cupcake baker and is investing a quarter o [...]

    18. SOS Aloha on said:

      Lady luck please let the dice stay hot - Elvis Presley, Viva Las VegasMelanie Cooper gave up a lucrative career in Corporate America to open her own cupcake bakery in her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. She shares her dream with two school friends - Angie DeLaura and Tate Harper. In the previous seven books, they created sweet treats while solving murder mysteries. The status quo changes when Tate proposes marriage to Angie and expansion to Melanie. Neither proposition sits well with Melanie. S [...]

    19. Julie Craig on said:

      Another good mystery. Another cliffhanger. I like these characters and I found the reference to Mims Whims amusing. (from another series by McKinlay). This cozy mystery series is enjoyable and now I have to wait a few months to find out what happens next. Looking forward to the next book.

    20. Sara Smith on said:

      I really like that this book doesn't regurgitate all the previous info, but has the character remain true so you can just get on with the story.

    21. Lisa Ks Book Review on said:

      Another tasty installment in the Cupcake Bakery series! Okay, I say it in just about every review I do for this series, but the Cupcake Bakery Mysteries were my introduction to cozy mysteries, and will always hold a special place in my heart, and on my bookshelves. Mel, Angie, and Tate are in Vegas in this addition to the series, to check into opening a franchise. I enjoyed this, but I honestly missed the comfort of hanging out at Fairy Tale Cupcakes. It’s one of my favorite parts of the Cupca [...]

    22. Diane ~Firefly~ on said:

      The love triangle is finally dead!!!Mel, Angie and Tate head to Vegas to sell their first franchise but keep running into trouble at the locations. They aren't sure if the trouble is aimed at Mel (because of Joe's case) or their new franchisee, Holly who is a showgirl with a stalker. But true to form, they bond with Holly and do their best to find out the cause, joined by most of the gang - Manny, Marty and Oz.I knew who the villain was when they were introduced (view spoiler)[something about Li [...]

    23. Angela Holland on said:

      Everytime I sit down to read a new cupcake bakery mystery I fall in love with the characters all over again. This time we get to meet Holly who I am hoping we will see more of in the future books as she fits in perfectly with this group of friends. Mel, Angie and Tate take off to Vegas to see about opening a franchise bakery which does not have Mel very happy. I had to laugh at times over all the Elvis impersonators there as I can just see that happening. Then you have Oz and Mel getting into th [...]

    24. Nikkie on said:

      This installment of the Cupcake Mystery series was a mixed bag. Very strong set up that I really enjoyed, but the second half of the book felt like a complete rush job and if you didn't see the villain coming like AT the halfway point, then you're lucky, because I did and went through the second half kind of thinking to myself, "Oh, just get on with it." Some nice new characters that I'd like to see more of but probably won't, because yes, I will continue the series but working them back into th [...]

    25. Dawn on said:

      Mel, Angie and Tate are in Vegas to meet with a prospective franchisee of Fairy Tale Cupcakes Bakery. It isn’t long before our trio is wrapped up in a new caper. Holly, a soon to be former Vegas showgirl wants to begin a new career in the cupcake business. It appears that someone wants to stop this from happening. Is it trouble following them from Arizona, or is this related to Holly's life in Vegas? And, do I hear wedding bells?I found this to be more suspenseful than most cozies. More than o [...]

    26. Julie_ian_curtis on said:

      wow how disappointing. i really used to love this series, it has been on steady decline but this did nothing for me. i felt no connection to the new character 'in peril' and the motive had to be one of the most wtf ? out of left field motives ever.i felt no interest as the story went alongi did like how Melanie told Joe to take a hike and i also loved how Melanie's emotions were described as she watches Tate and Angie, her worries that things will change and that she will be the 3rd wheele endin [...]

    27. Kristen on said:

      Mel, Angie and Tate travel cross country to expand their scrumptious cupcake business to the Las Vegas strip and meet Holly Hartzmark, a show girl who has always dreamed about opening up a cupcake business in LV and gets the opportunity when meeting the three friends. As they venture around finding the perfect spot to open the new cupcake bakery someone tries to put a stop to it leaving Mel, Angie, Tate, and Holly stumped and wonder how to stop the troublemaker from causing anymore ruckus. I giv [...]

    28. Micky Cox on said:

      The Cupcake Girls and Tate are headed to Vegas to see about getting their first franchise up and running, but what does a Vegas showgirl know about cupcakes and why is someone determined to see that she doesn't open a bakery!?! If you enjoy a good cozy mystery with great character development and a good plot with a twist or two, then you will love the Cupcake Mysteries! I really enjoyed this book, but honestly don't limit yourself to just this one. Do yourself a favor and start with the first bo [...]

    29. Tricia Douglas on said:

      Another cute story in the Cupcake Mystery series headed by Melanie and Angie. These girls are attempting to open a franchise in Las Vegas. Holly, a showgirl, wants to take the plunge and open up one of their bakeries. Melanie is skeptical but goes ahead and pursues different locations. Each time a perfect location is found someone gets killed. These books are always fun reads and good endings, perfect for a change of pace.

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