The Girl Who Beat ISIS: Farida's Story

Farida Khalaf Andrea C. Hoffman

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The Girl Who Beat ISIS: Farida's Story

The Girl Who Beat ISIS Farida s Story In August Farida like any ordinary teenage girl was enjoying the summer holidays before her last year at school But Farida lived in the mountains of northern Iraq and what happened next was un

  • Title: The Girl Who Beat ISIS: Farida's Story
  • Author: Farida Khalaf Andrea C. Hoffman
  • ISBN: 9781910931011
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In August 2014, Farida, like any ordinary teenage girl, was enjoying the summer holidays before her last year at school But Farida lived in the mountains of northern Iraq and what happened next was unimaginable Her village was an ISIS targetIS jihadists murdered the men and boys, including her father and brother, before taking Farida and the other women prisoner ThIn August 2014, Farida, like any ordinary teenage girl, was enjoying the summer holidays before her last year at school But Farida lived in the mountains of northern Iraq and what happened next was unimaginable Her village was an ISIS targetIS jihadists murdered the men and boys, including her father and brother, before taking Farida and the other women prisoner This is the story of what happened to Farida after she was captured the beatings, the rapes, the markets where ISIS sold women like cattle, and Farida s realisation that the resistant she became, the harder it was for her captors to continue their atrocities against her So she struggled, she bit, she kicked, she accused her captors of going against their religion, until, one day, the door to her room was left unlocked She took her chance and, with five younger girls in her charge, fled into the Syrian desert.Farida showed incredible courage in the face of the unthinkable, and now with The Girl Who Beat ISIS she bravely relives her story to bear witness Searing and immediate, this is the first memoir by a young woman that shows first hand what life is like for innocents caught up in the maelstrom of day to day life with ISIS.

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      219 Farida Khalaf Andrea C. Hoffman
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    One thought on “The Girl Who Beat ISIS: Farida's Story

    1. HFK on said:

      The Girl Who Beat ISIS: Farida's Story, also published as The Girl Who Escaped ISIS: This Is My Story, is a story of courage shown under unspeakable conditions known as Daesh's (ISIS, IS, ISIL etc.) sex slave market. For more information, there is an excellent article published in The New York Times named as ISIS Enshrines a Theology of Rape, which I wholeheartedly recommend for a quick look and for a short summary.You don't need to know much about Daesh to enter into this read. Media is eager t [...]

    2. Esther Bradley-detally on said:

      excellent and horrific, a must read. We are all one, and no one can exclude themselves from knowing of these conditions. What courage.

    3. Fahime on said:

      چند وقتی بود مشتاق بودم این کتاب رو بخونم، نهایتاً دیروز به دستم رسید و امروز تمامش کردم. جالب و پرکشش بود، اما چند نکته:اول اینکه فکر می کردم این کتاب خاطرات یا زندگی نامه باشه، اما روی جلدش خیلی درشت نوشته شده رمان، و گرچه نهایتاً همون خاطرات یا زندگی نامه ست، اما اون واژه ی ر [...]

    4. Sidonia on said:

      Nu pot sa vorbesc despre cartea aceasta. Nu am cuvinte.Ma gandesc numai la faptul ca suferinta si tragedia acestei tinere s-au petrecut in anul 2014. Nu acum un veac, nu in evul mediu, ci in timpul nostru, acum cativa ani. 2014, anul in care eu impartaseam cu familia mea cea mai minunata veste, aceea ca urmeaza sa fiu mama, iar aceasta tanara din partea cealalta a lumii, care abia implinise 18 ani, a fost violata si batuta si infometata si chinuita. Nu pot pur si simplu sa pun in cuvinte ce sent [...]

    5. Mirela Ivancevic on said:

      Nije ovo knjiga gdje bi se ocijenjivala njezina književna vrijednost . Pretužna je to priča o dogadajima koji pogađaju veliki dio našeg planeta a ostatak tog istog najčešće pred tim zatvara oči . 5* za hrabru djevojku , ženu koja je postala simbol jedne borbe .

    6. Nazi on said:

      کتاب دختری که از چنگ داعش گریخت رو تقریبا یه نفس تموم کردم. از اون کتاباس که به سختی می تونی زمین بذاری. یه کتاب وحشتناک بود! به شدت روی روح و روان آدم تاثیر میذاره، مخصوصا که می دونی این اتفاقات واقعین، و حتی شاید تو داری ورژن خیلی تلطیف شده ش رو می خونی. اگه آدم چند سال پیشم بودم [...]

    7. Leen Gilis on said:

      Toen ik begon met lezen van dit boek, merkte ik meteen op dat Farida heel open schreef. Ik denk dat dat één van de redenen is dat het boek zo vlot las. Je hebt echt het gevoel dat ze je in vertrouwen neemt. Ook zorgde de open schrijfstijl ervoor dat er veel gevoelens bij me losgemaakt werden. Ik heb zelfs een paar traantjes moeten wegpinken. Naast dat ze open schrijft, gebruikt ze makkelijke woorden en zinnen, en dat vond ik wel fijn. Hierdoor kon ik het verhaal goed volgen. Wat ik wat minder [...]

    8. Učitaj se! on said:

      Faridina priča započinje poput priče bilo koje obične tinejdžerice: ona ide u školu, druži se s prijateljicama, provodi vrijeme s obitelji, zafrkava se s braćom Iako je čitavo vrijeme svjesna da na nju i njenu obitelj, kao Jezide, baš kao i na druge pripadnike njihove vjere, Arapsko stanovništvo iz okolnih sela i gradova često gleda s nerazumijevanjem i neodobravanjem - kao na krivovjernike, ta vjerska podjela nije još toliko izražena i ne izaziva netrpeljivost i neprijateljstvo, b [...]

    9. Cheryl on said:

      In the summer of 2014, Farida Khalaf was looking forward to beginning her last year of high school. She was a gifted student who excelled in math and physics. One of her teachers had recommended that she receive a grant to further her education so she could become a teacher. Farida and her family lived in a small village in the Kurdish area of northern Iraq. The village was almost entirely populated by members of the Yazidi religion. They coexisted peacefully with their Muslim and Christian neig [...]

    10. Andrea Andrei on said:

      "Uneori oamenii trebuie sa cunoasca raul mai mare pentru a pricepe care e cel mic."

    11. Bryony Nelson on said:

      I don't even know what to say about this book.It is an absolutely amazing and tragic story of one girl and her fellow prisoners as well as their families, in their bid to escape from captivity from ISIS.It's utterly heartbreaking and it was a real struggle to read but it is definitely a book that should be read by everyone. The subject and the content is so important and sheds huge amounts of light on what really does go on in these war zones and behind the scenes of what we hear on the news cha [...]

    12. Rachael on said:

      I received an ARC of this book to read & review via Giveaways.Farida is an 18-year-old girl living a normal life in a small village in Iraq when suddenly her life is changed forever. ISIS attack her village and she is separated from her parents and four brothers, and sold into a life of slavery where she is repeatedly raped and beaten. This book is the true story of Farida's struggle to escape her captors and get back to her family.Wow. This book shocked me in so many ways and was so emotio [...]

    13. Babus Ahmed on said:

      A horrifying retelling of Farida' story, a nineteen year old Yazidi girl from Iraq, whose family and life as she knew it was torn apart by ISIS. Her painful experiences and will to survive the torment her captors put her through are simply remarkable.Giving the reader a true inside view into what the extremism of ISIS means to the people whose homelands have been desecrated by these terrorists, The Girl Who Beat ISIS is a difficult and sinisterly reminiscent read of oppression and genocide. I am [...]

    14. Ana on said:

      Farida tinha 17 anos e tinha um sonho, ser professora de matemática. No entanto, os seus sonhos e a sua vida vão ser modificados a partir do momento em que vira escrava sexual. Farida só tem dois caminhos, ou tenta a fuga ou tenta a morte.

    15. Ina Cawl on said:

      Small cruel noteSometimes I wonder why only western people are interested in knowing or understanding other people more than non westerns try to understand their western counterparts.Another thing that irritates me is why most publishers are interested only knowing and writing about victims of Islamic extremism From Malala to Yazidi victims?why is it most of the books paints a negative light of Muslims as Brutish and barbarian and the West as enlightened and less cruel than muslims?why we only h [...]

    16. Alja Katuin on said:

      Hoe verschrikkelijk het onderwerp ook is, hoe graag je er ook aan wil ontkomen Dit boek, van Farida en Evin en eigenlijk al die andere meisjes, je moet het lezen. Dit boek, hij grijpt je aan en laat je tot de laatste pagina niet meer los. Farida neemt je mee, laat je lezen hoe zij als dier verkocht en doorverkocht werd. Dappere Farida, met haar slimme oplossingen. Ik ben zó trots op dit meisje, ook al ken ik haar niet. Het meisje dat van IS won is openhartig geschreven, het draait niet om de d [...]

    17. Ruthanne Davis on said:

      From the moment I knew this book existed, I wanted to read it. What a phenomenal story, starting when Farida was about 14 years old and living in a peaceful rural village in northern Iraq with her parents and siblings. Her father was a border guard and his duties were to prevent Syrians from entering Iraq. Eventually, it was ISIS who wanted to gain access and did, with little or no trouble at all. Farida was kidnapped by ISIS to be a slave, more than likely, a sex slave. For months she was held [...]

    18. Anastasia on said:

      Farida's story is an excellent read. Everyone should read this, it describes well what's going on in the war zones and how courageous people are in resisting ISIS. I greatly admire all the Yazidi girls and women. Thank you Square Peg and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

    19. Valentina Markasović on said:

      I have nothing but words of praise and admiration.

    20. Ana Dumitrache on said:

      Am citit foarte mult despre cultura musulmană, despre traditiile și obiceiurile unor oameni parcă din altă lume (cel puțin pentru noi, europenii), despre umilințele la care sunt supuse femeile lor, despre prejudecățile, religia și modul lor de viață. De supraviețuire mai exact. Pentru că nu poți numi viață ceea ce primesc ei. Povestea Faridei mi-a plăcut tocmai pentru că nu a conturat neapărat aceste lucruri. Da, Farida povestește puțin despre familia ei și obiceiurile lor, [...]

    21. Fatima H. Barazi on said:

      A book that helped to shed some light for me on the horrifying events that are occurring in my home country Syria.After finishing this book, I felt as if a veil has been lifted up from my sight and I became full aware of the calamities that are happening in Riqqa, and other ISIS controlled regions.Living in Hama, a city that has so far survived the civil war with the minimum amount of deaths and vandalism never gave me a serious sense of endangerment or the feeling that our lives in the city lac [...]

    22. Joann on said:

      This is a riveting firsthand account of life in captivity for a young Yazidi girl and a courageous flight to freedom. This astonishing memoir is also Farida’s way of bearing witness, and of ensuring that ISIS does not succeed in crushing her spirit. In the summer of 2014, Farida, along with her family is following the threat of ISIS in her small and peaceful village of Kocho, Iraq. In its opening chapters you have Farida enjoying her home and family and then in a few days time, Isis is able to [...]

    23. Zwaantina De Graven on said:

      Indrukwekkend maar ergens voelt het niet helemaal echt aan of zo. Net of het allemaal teveel is

    24. Leanne on said:

      It is near-impossible to give a star-rating to a non-fiction book of this nature. The Girl Who Beat ISIS tells the heart-wrenching story of Farida Khalaf, a confident and intelligent schoolgirl and aspiring maths teacher. While enjoying her summer holidays, Farida’s village was attacked by ISIS. Her family were captured and separated, men and boys were killed, and women were kept as prisoners. Farida recalls the torture she endured: the beatings, the rapes, the markets where ISIS sold women li [...]

    25. Nikki Mcgee on said:

      I downloaded this after seeing a review in the Guardian. I knew of the book but assumed it was a new take on misery lit and avoided it. I was wrong. It is gripping, educational, moving and inspiring but never gratuitous.The book is based on interviews with "Farida" and I liked the way that the author kept the voice of a young and even naive girl. As well as adding authenticity it also makes the story easy to follow. I also liked learning about the faith of the Yezidi women and was inspired to fi [...]

    26. JayneDownes on said:

      A harrowing read to find out what happened to this girl and the others in her village when ISIS took it over. Farida showed great strength in the face of brutality, managing to escape and raise awareness of this evil organisation by telling her story.

    27. Tereza Mikulová on said:

      Hodně dobře napsané. Určitě procítěné. Mám ráda příběhy z tohoto prostředí, i když jsem jich zatím tolik nečetla (jen dvě, včetně této). Myslím si, že v dnešní době je dobré číst podobné knihy, alespoň se člověk nějak vcítí do situace uprchlíků a zjistí, že ne každý je takový, jakého nám ho ukazují média. Jinými slovy: není uprchlík jako uprchlík. Možná si do knihy něco přikreslili, nemohu říct, že bych věřila tomu, že s nikým necht [...]

    28. Karolína on said:

      Odpověď pro všechny Pepy, kteří se v hospodě vztekaj nad tím, proč jdou lidi z Blízkého Východu sem. Příběh Faridy, jezídky, jejíž vesnice byla přepadena ISem láme srdce, hlavně kvůli tomu, že jsou stovky, ne-li tisíce dívek, kterým se uprchnout ze zajetí nepodařilo. Farida v knize popisuje, jak se z normálního života v Irácké vesnici stalo peklo v zajetí IS, jejíž bokovníci si ji koupili jako otrokyni. Díky své vzdorovitosti si ji předávali mezi sebou. Fa [...]

    29. Sarah De on said:

      Hannah, ik zie net dat jij dit boek ook vijf sterren hebt gegeven. Hier ben ik helemaal akkoord mee! Het boek toont hoe de vrouwen in Syrië de burgeroorlog ervaren, wat heel gruwelijk is. Farida is elke dag bang om verkocht te worden aan de strijders van IS. Het doet je beseffen hoe goed wij het hier hebben in ons land en hoe het leven daar niet altijd rozengeur en maneschijn is. Een echte aanrader. Hoe heb jij dit boek ervaren, Hannah?

    30. Hannah on said:

      The Girl Who Beat ISIS is an emotive, compelling and tragic read.

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