Blood in the Sand

M.J. Kobernus

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Blood in the Sand

Blood in the Sand We are not drawn to the divine the divine is drawn to us What happens when the world of academia intersects with the occult The most powerful witch in England is hell bent on becoming a god and Phil

  • Title: Blood in the Sand
  • Author: M.J. Kobernus
  • ISBN: 9788283310078
  • Page: 496
  • Format: Paperback
  • We are not drawn to the divine, the divine is drawn to us What happens when the world of academia intersects with the occult The most powerful witch in England is hell bent on becoming a god, and Philip Entwhistle has made the worst decision of his scholastic career he plans to stop her He has no idea what he is up against, and soon discovers he might lose than We are not drawn to the divine, the divine is drawn to us What happens when the world of academia intersects with the occult The most powerful witch in England is hell bent on becoming a god, and Philip Entwhistle has made the worst decision of his scholastic career he plans to stop her He has no idea what he is up against, and soon discovers he might lose than just a promotion A tale of love, revenge and magic propels Philip from his hum drum life to the Sahara as he unearths a mystery that lay hidden for a century For Philip Entwhistle, academia has never been so cutthroat.

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      496 M.J. Kobernus
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    One thought on “Blood in the Sand

    1. M.J. Kobernus on said:

      The Guardian - Blood in the SandWell, what can I say. My debut novel. First of a four part series.Biting camels, blue eyed cats, witches, manhunts, vendettas, love against the odds, dark alliances, vindictive police officers and a somewhat hapless historian who somehow has to make sense of it all. If things go terribly wrong for Philip Entwhistle, is it any wonder?While attempting to uncover the truth around the mysterious disappearance of a notorious spy, historian Philip Entwhistle stumbles in [...]

    2. Pedro Barrento on said:

      I read an advance copy of this book several months before release date. Being myself a self published author I have read many works by other authors in the last years, before publication, as we tend to network a lot and to read, comment and make suggestions on each others' books or WIP (Works in Progress).Blood in the Sand Vol 1 is easily the best advance copy book I've ever read and in my opinion ranks up there with the best fantasy/adventure books written by established authors.It is a crackin [...]

    3. Christopher Hegan on said:

      The Guardian has more than enough to keep even a non-fantasy reader like me turning the pages – a coherent cosmogony pretty much along the lines of Arab/European mediaeval superstitions, with genies, witches, pentagrams etc a carefully-wrought double-helix plot set in two countries and two periods and very strong characters, not all of them human. The section set in early 20th century Arabia has a strong ring of authenticity, as indeed it should being loosely based on parts of the colourful li [...]

    4. Julie, on said:

      3.5 Actual RatingI received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.This book was an incredibly well researched tale of a little explored topic in fiction: the jinn. Or rather, genie in a bottle, folks! I was quite intrigued with the premise of the book, and excited to pick it up!From a historical perspective, this book holds nothing back and would satisfy even the most stalwart historian. It's very detailed in Middle Eastern history and culture, and I thought the au [...]

    5. Jeffrey Jr. on said:

      I was given an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.I'm not sure after reading the last page of this book if I am even qualified to give a review. It began simple, became complex and finished like a symphony. Imagine going into work one day as an historian and discovering you must battle with a witch. And not just any witch, but one that will stop at nothing to destroy you.I was extremely intrigued by the journal of Sir James Francis and Sir James himself. I believe I learned more tha [...]

    6. Reader's Hollow on said:

      **We received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review via our website The Reader's Hollow**There's a lot to be known about the jinn. I remember several years ago I spent countless hours taking notes on djinn/jinn/genies and finding a connection between every culture and telling. The author, to my knowledge, combined everything flawlessly! It's a lot of research but the result was an intense, modern story. Philip is a bookish historian who, by all accounts, should be hiding from ever [...]

    7. J.R. Sherrill on said:

      It might be hard to imagine how a book about an historian could possibly be an interesting book, but I was pleasantly surprised. Not only is the subject matter fascinating, but the directions the book goes pulls you through the pages with rapid intensity. This review will include some spoilers, so simply take my word on the fact that this book is an excellent read if you don't want to know too much.Phillip Entwhistle is not the stuff of legends. He's a humble history professor who suddenly finds [...]

    8. Kurt Springs on said:

      This review was first published on Kurt's Frontier.Synopsis:Philip Entwhistle, PhD is in over his head. The cutthroat competition for an academic position has taken a new twist. He is literally up against a witch, Elizabeth Sandwell. In his efforts to get better placed, he is a writing biography on Sir James Franics. Sir James went missing on a trek through the North African desert. Yet something belonging to Sir James made it back to England. Something that could answer key questions.Yet who wo [...]

    9. Alice J. on said:

      I was given a copy of this book in return for an honest review.I absolutely could not put this book down. Philip Entwhistle, an historian with a particular interest in James Francis, comes across some information that may lead him to write his next book and all he needs is a little help. He approached Mr Francis and is surprised when the old man firstly lets him in and listens to his tale. The two men strike up a friendship as well as a deal and the writing of the book, which Philip hopes will g [...]

    10. A.J. Raven on said:

      I enjoy reading stories that have elements of the paranormal and mystery in them. I guess that is why I enjoyed "Blood in the Sand" by M.J. Kobernus, which is book 1 in his The Guardian series. The male lead is named Philip who is trying to uncover an over a hundred year old mystery behind Sir James Francis' whereabouts. The villain is Elizabeth Sandwell, and it is good to have a female villain. As a lot of times stories with male leads pit them against male villains. The prologue is very fast p [...]

    11. Andrew on said:

      Blood In The Sand is a brilliant blend of historical fiction and fantasy. It is no slow burner-the action begins on the very first page, indeed, in the very first sentence, hooking you in from the start. The hero of the story is a historian, maybe not the kind of career you would automatically associate with a hero (but remember what Indy did for archaeologists). The scholar, in the process of researching the mysterious disappearance of a renowned explorer from the past, for a book he is writing [...]

    12. Michelle Lowe on said:

      Philip Entwhistle is a kindhearted historian, aiming for an Associate Professorship promotion at the university he works for. While doing research for a biography on the famous explorer, Sir James Francis, Philip’s search leads him to a descendant of Sir James—and that’s when his life changes forever.Unknowingly, Philip is a threat to one ambitious witch, Elizabeth Sandwell, who needs him gone in any way she can. Meanwhile, Philip conducts his research and during that time he discovers muc [...]

    13. Cruikshank on said:

      I read an advanced copy of this book that I received for free, and i thought it was awesome. The characters are fascinating and well written and I really liked the pacing of the plot. There was a lot of intrigue and and action blended together, and it reminded me quite a bit of various works I have read by Dan Brown.I love reading stories about witches, and this one stands heads and shoulders above many of the rest. The best part is I also love stories about educated people being thrust into the [...]

    14. Maggy Mae on said:

      I had barely finished the first chapter of this book when my interest spiked. I was instantly drawn to the characters, but pushed more by my curiosity to discover what a certain Elizabeth Sandwell was up to. This book is brilliantly written, and well deserving of the five stars it has gotten from me. Were there more stars, it would deserve them too. The character development was excellent and I could tell the author had a good grasp of the topics explored in this book. I had to read to the end, [...]

    15. J.A. Kalis on said:

      Blood In The Sand is a riveting mix of fantasy and adventure.While researching the life of an English explorer who mysteriously disappeared in the Sahara in the beginning of the 20th century, a historian Philip Entwhistle stumbles upon the explorer’s secret journal. And from that moment on his own life changed dramatically. He enters a new world, until then unknown to him. A world of magic and occult in which dark forces are conspiring against him. A world in which reality and dreams and past [...]

    16. Margrete Gagama on said:

      I did like spending time with Phillip Entwhistle. But it was a couple of the side characters that made the story really come to live. I particularly liked Mr Francis and would absolutely love to have tea and a nice conversation with him. Had he only been a little younger, you know…Personally, I’m no fan of having a prologue where important pieces of the action is revealed in the start of the book. It makes me feel I’m racing to catch up. But that’s probably the only negative thing worth [...]

    17. Martin Perks on said:

      Philip Entwistle is the hero in this novel, in a yarn about Philip’s search for a long-lost explorer Sir James Francis. What Philip uncovers is both frightening and exciting. It’s part historic and part fantasy, part real life it’s also about a witch who wants to become a God. The author has a great attention to detail, and the story sweeps back and forth in different times. The book rattles along at a blistering pace, and leaves the reader wanting more. It’s not the genre I’d normally [...]

    18. Michael Arnold on said:

      I liked this a lot, it is a very clever book. Circumstances prevented me from reading it faster, a rather spontaneous trip to Australia being one of them. But this is a book I'm glad I read, some bits are extremely well written.

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