Desired By The Alien

Rosette Lex

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Desired By The Alien

Desired By The Alien BBW On Duty Dangerously Sexy Alien A Mating Prophecy Sizzling Hot Alien Romance From the time she was a little girl Vivienne had wanted to be a spy From the first time she tried on her grandfather s

  • Title: Desired By The Alien
  • Author: Rosette Lex
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • BBW On Duty Dangerously Sexy Alien A Mating Prophecy Sizzling Hot Alien Romance From the time she was a little girl, Vivienne had wanted to be a spy From the first time she tried on her grandfather s oversized army cap and watched her father don his uniform, the now young and beautiful curvy woman wanted to be important They say, it is impossible to describe the feelBBW On Duty Dangerously Sexy Alien A Mating Prophecy Sizzling Hot Alien Romance From the time she was a little girl, Vivienne had wanted to be a spy From the first time she tried on her grandfather s oversized army cap and watched her father don his uniform, the now young and beautiful curvy woman wanted to be important They say, it is impossible to describe the feeling you get when you live your dreams But, for Vivienne, living her dream seems like the beginning of a stormy nightmare in a foreign planet Her mission not only leaves her feeling lost and betrayed but she is also trapped in this foreign world that has its own rules, secrets, mysteries and deceptions And to make matters worse, she is being chased off and hunted by savage alien males who are determined to mark this feisty human female as their mate As she struggles to keep herself from falling prey to any of these hungry aliens and figures out what makes her so special on this mysterious planet, she has to deal with the planet s most powerful, unbelievably handsome and dangerously sexy alien Que, a ruthless, dominant yet incredibly sexy and irresistible alien, is determined to show the naive human female what it means to be desired by an alien, especially when this relationship could give so much to him Reader Note This content contains hot romance with some scorching sex scenes, adult language and possible violence Only for the adult eyes

    • ✓ Desired By The Alien || ✓ PDF Read by ↠ Rosette Lex
      215 Rosette Lex
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    One thought on “Desired By The Alien

    1. Daddy Calls Me:Abby on said:

      A long time ago in a galaxy far, far awayThe Inari are a common humanoid alien. Dwelling on a planet with only males, they must rely replication for their survival. They live life without realizing they are missing the joy of touching a woman. At least until they discover the prophesy.[CUE DRAMATIC MUSIC] "From one inari comes another, like stagnant copies, steel soldiers marching in a line. But it is not the only way. He who takes a female bride, he who implants in her the seeds of a natural bi [...]

    2. T00zday on said:

      This book barely escaped a one star rating. There are so many plot points that never were answered or explained. It seems as if it was meant to be important that Viv was a spy. But I read no spy skills, no kick ass fighting moves. Wtf? There was zero chemistry between the two main characters. The prophecy was only marginally explained. Why in the hell did her bosses put the camera in her eye?With all of this irritation, it also ended on a CLIFFHANGER.Pass on this one. Not Recommended.

    3. Shadi ***save your ratings use disclaimers** on said:

      Basically the book was about a king that needed to get someone pregnant. no women were on his planet. The h was interchangeable with anyone that had ovaries.

    4. mrsrush on said:

      Implausible alien romance Good start it needs more. She's sent on a mission as a spy and ends up on an alien planet with no explanation why. She's not afraid. He announces his intentions. She's not afraid. Eventually she escapes there is a minor conflict which is easily remedied. The story is instant alien immersion with little science influence and ready acceptance. There is no scan or exam for compatibility or a reason why they are compatible. Then there is the introduction of eye cam with lit [...]

    5. Stacey on said:

      This is one of the stupidest, makes no sense, why did I waste my time books ever. It really is ridiculous. There is never anything revealed for any of the issues. There is no love. Basically you know about as much when you finish the book as when you started it. You just will never get that time back.

    6. Zoey on said:

      Good conceptbutGood concept, but really quick and not satisfying.I don't know if others had problems with this, or it was the authors formatting with the program they used. I was reading and the problem came up with the dialogue. I would be reading the conversation between two of the characters, one person would be saying something then the next (this is where the paragraph would be ok) but when one person would be talking and then there would be a new paragraph, the new dialogue would still be [...]

    7. Monica on said:

      Sois was a bit different. I did like how Vivienne didnt take it laying down. She refused to mate lol. She was a really strong female character actually. She had bouts of denial at times but stuck to her guns in regards to not being used as a breeder. Que wasn't SO bad but he was kind of a jerk a lot. Eventually she warms to himter all he did rescue her from being attacked after she ran off. Or I should say Bai did.e little animal thingy was so cute. Que definitely isnt the heart and flowers type [...]

    8. Nancy on said:

      First, I thought I would scream if Viv dragged her hands through her hair one more time. That being said, how the heck did the alien understand and speak human slang? Even with a translator our slang should not translate. Then, the alien who has never seen a human female all of the sudden knows how to stimulate her? This story needed more thought put into it. I'm being generous with the stars here.

    9. Lisa on said:

      What?I finished the book but I'm still not sure what to think. I guess it was an alien romance, but I didn't see any romance . Maybe all of the attempted rapes by the planet full of men kind of ruined the mood for me . It really escaped me how a planet full of men who had never seen a woman in their entire lives would want to be with her . Wouldn't they have each other ? I just don't get it.

    10. Christina Michelle Cary on said:

      Shallow and plotlessI am not sure what this story was supposed to convey besides empty characters and non-existent plot lines. Not a story worth reading. Non descript ambiguous employers slash villains. Trite and ridiculous romance development. Que didn't exist except some stupid and barbaric behavior. Vivienne purpose was unknowable on the planet. The whole story didn't make sense.

    11. Jennette on said:

      This story was frustrating. There are some good ideas bit it just never really delivers. There a chase and she is caught but there aren't the sweeping romantic love gestures. She fights back but is giving in but I just didn't feel her turmoil. There is a happy ending but it feels hallow because it is all lust and no love. Frustrating

    12. Nikki Love on said:

      Don't readThere is something intriguing about the story and characters. The problem is neither is fully developed and the book ends abruptly without answers. I expected this was to make way for the next books in the series but, none of them seem to be continuations. Therefore you're just left disappointed.

    13. Toni on said:

      Alien Romance: DesiredThis is a lovely book with a strong female character. I love the interaction between Viv and Que. I had a lot of chuckles and held breathes as the two lovers learn about each other. Good read!!

    14. okosun jennifer on said:

      Terrible.astlyThe book starts almost good. What I don't understand is how they ever met to deceive the kingdom and then the book just ends. No star for this book. Don't attempt to buy or borrow this book. It sucks.

    15. Sonya Tedesco on said:

      Four starsThis book was a cute quick read. I wish there had been more depth with her interaction with the aliens and more about the pregnancy and acclimating on another world. But the characters were good and the plot fast paced.

    16. Dena on said:

      LameI don't even know what to say. I believe the characters are not well thought out or the plot. I mean any sane spy would have been able to fight off enemies. I mean she was supposed to be more than what the author stated.

    17. Traci Regalado on said:

      PassThe idea is good, but it was a choppy read, not much on detail about the aliens. Never said what her mission was and why they sent her in space. Very short.

    18. C.J. on said:

      Good read. I liked that Vivienne wasn't a pushover and blindly accept what had happened to her. The story needed an epilogue though and a lot more romance and connection between the main characters.

    19. angela on said:

      Not badThis was an okay book. I hate how it ended, and I thought the book could have been better, more information, more story to it.

    20. Livey on said:

      If you are looking for a quick cute read about alien hunks finding single earth women as mates, read this collection. Intersecting twist on soul mates!

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