Wife: Bought and Paid for

Jacqueline Baird

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Wife: Bought and Paid for

Wife Bought and Paid for Penny is stuck her ex boyfriend Solo Maffeiano owns half her family home yet she needs to pay off a barrage of debts left by her late father She has no choice but to agree to Solo s offer he will pay

  • Title: Wife: Bought and Paid for
  • Author: Jacqueline Baird
  • ISBN: 9780373122912
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Penny is stuck her ex boyfriend Solo Maffeiano owns half her family home, yet she needs to pay off a barrage of debts left by her late father She has no choice but to agree to Solo s offer he will pay the debts and restore the dilapidated mansion where they will live if Penny becomes his wife She will be his wife, bought and paid for and he wants a wife in every sePenny is stuck her ex boyfriend Solo Maffeiano owns half her family home, yet she needs to pay off a barrage of debts left by her late father She has no choice but to agree to Solo s offer he will pay the debts and restore the dilapidated mansion where they will live if Penny becomes his wife She will be his wife, bought and paid for and he wants a wife in every sense of the word Their attraction is as strong as ever their passion is a hundred times powerful Penny discovers she s still in love with Solo but isn t their marriage just a sham

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      213 Jacqueline Baird
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    One thought on “Wife: Bought and Paid for

    1. seton on said:

      This is a typical Baird - much older (by 16 yrs) sexy lecher preys on falls in love with the just-barely-over-jailbait heroine. Unfortunately, she falls thru his grasp and he has to wait 4 yrs before he gets her at the advanced age of 22, all "bought and paid for". Yes, I know the title is redundant.Despite what some may imply, I did NOT read this bk because of the title. Nope, I read this because the hero has the most awesomest hero name I've ever come across after (the aptly named thick as a) [...]

    2. Chantal ❤️ on said:

      This one was worth the read, and I honestly don't know how this book has escaped my notice until now. I will be getting a book copy of this (as I have an ebook version right now). The hero fall into insta-lust/love with the heroine, and then manipulates in order to get her to marry him.Loved it! The part when she told him and I quote "come on" he really came alright (if you get my meaning wink, wink). Still it was a good book with a little drama. However, What I really enjoyed was that they did [...]

    3. Vintage on said:

      OK, so far ick. He's such a 34 year old RicoSuave manwhore/trouser snake, and she's a naive 18 year oldReviewAy caramba. This just didn't do it for me.I've loved other HP's with similar tropes (insta-lust, hero with bad mommy, secret siblings, virgins, vapid and annoying stepmothers, gossipy friends, unsubstantiated rumors, MOC, MOC to disguise true love, ridiculous miscommunications, heroines who quiver and dissolve, heroes whose best sex ever is indicator of true love, English estate at risk, [...]

    4. Preeti ♥︎ (Romance She Reads) on said:

      Smouldering and obsessive love!Used to JB's ott cruel Hs, this one was nicer by comparison, if almost unnaturally smitten. A manhoe who remains celibate for 4 years after she dumps him after listening to gossip. An Italian from the very wrong side of the docks, he could have wreaked vengeance there and then but he decides to remain celibate and brood?

    5. StMargarets on said:

      This is a very mild revenge story - mild in the sense that hero was rejected by the heroine four years previously and he wants the heroine to pay for the rejection he felt, but he keeps forgetting and ends up being a nice guy with slips into revenge moodiness.It's just as well the heroine jilted him based on a misunderstanding - she was only 18 at the time. This way she has her university degree and isn't the naive young thing she was when they met. I liked that the hero was celibate during thei [...]

    6. Megzy on said:

      This is a fast, nice read but it wasn't a memorable read for me. Actually I was reading page 23 when I remembered I have read this story before but even then I couldn't remember anything specific about it so I re-read it. The relationship was full of misunderstanding. She was young and naive when they first met and in my opinion remained very young mentally and naive when they married four years later. That could be due to the fact that she was either studying at Oxford or taking care of her new [...]

    7. Jenny on said:

      Good story, strong heroine and one very sexy but vulnerable alpha hero. Lots of misunderstandings but a lovely ending to a well written book. Couldn't put this down! (So glad his "mistress" was actually his sister)

    8. Azet on said:

      I have to say WOW.other sexy 5-star by Jacqueline Baird!Halfway through the story i thought this would be an 4-star for me,but the end was so romantic,sexy and beautiful that it became a 5-star for me!Baird fascinates me with her driven and stubbornly arrogant Italian Tyccon of a hero Solo Maffeiano.That he was celibate during their 4 years separation just surprised me as hell,and i love the way he broke off with his mistress after the first time he met the heroine,he were on full force of wanti [...]

    9. Leona on said:

      This is one of those quick fun reads.The hero is very typical of JB heroesdashing, good looking, a bit ruthless, but head over heels for the heroine. The only one that doesn't seem to know how the hero feels, is the heroine. So we get to watch them dance around each other as they passionately try to figure out each other's feelings. My only negative on this book is related to the age issues. Typically, I don't mind that heroes can be almost twice the age of the heroines. After all, "Love" knows [...]

    10. Booked on said:

      Solo Maffeiano owns half of Penny's family home, yet she needs to pay off debts left by her late father. She has no choice but to agree to Solo's offer: he will pay the debts, restore the dilapidated mansion, where they will live -- if Penny becomes his wife!She will be his wife, bought and paid for -- and he wants a wife in every sense of the word. Penny knows she's still in love with Solo -- but isn't their marriage just a sham?

    11. Kaycee ❤️ on said:

      I hated and loved this book in equal measures, and that is what makes it so damn good! I’m a sucker for this kind of book. I love the jerky hero, strong sassy heroine, jealousy, lots of misunderstanding, angst, great grovels and this book had it all. And I sucked it all up and read in one sitting. Jacqueline Baird is a master at writing sexual tension and she used it liberally in this book.Solo Maffeiano (I loved the name btw) I couldn’t help but fall for him. He’s kind of hot and cold tow [...]

    12. IamGamz on said:

      A good old fashioned bodice ripper!! Lol Solo, the alpha male hero is all pumped up on ultra testosterone. Me man, you woman!Poor heroine Penny only wanted to save her family home and take care of her baby brother after her father and stepmother died in a railway accident. Only to learn that Solo owns half of her house. Now to save herself from bankruptcy, she is forced to marry him and his over abundance of testosterone. It's an old book but so much fun to read. Today's authors may want to cons [...]

    13. Roub on said:

      awesome read ! jacqueline baird writes the hottest heroes, bewitching, intriguing n so much in love wid the heroine. solo was doomed the minute he saw a picture of penelope havenshaw in a magazine! just imagine, he fell in lust wid a kid lol. he was mad 4 her! dat one sentence summarises the entire book.dat was what the book was all abt. how he worked hard n was even devious 2 obtain what he wants. this was one hot read ! these 2 set the sheets on fire!wid penny's stunning blond beauty, perfect [...]

    14. Melanie♥ on said:

      seton,Your review made me read this one and I am glad I did. thanks!

    15. sbf20112011 on said:

      Maybe 3.5 stars. This started out pretty well, but it just wasn't grabbing me by the middle/end of it. It was decent, but I just wasn't that emotionally invested.

    16. Romance_reader on said:

      sweet romance. loved the chemistry between the H ad the h.

    17. Mudpie on said:

      Solos that's the hero's name!Oh Solo was so nasty! Calling Penny a whore and being bought and paid for!Hoist by his own petard, he had used his share of the house to force Penny into marrying him, yet he was upset later when he thought the only reason she's with him was for the housen!Penny just became a sex bimbo the moment she saw Solowhile he's fixated on her boobs!SPOILERS Letting Penny think Tina think was his mistress was the ultimate was an insult to both women!Penny was too young when th [...]

    18. Tammie on said:

      The H fell in love with the h from a photo. Actually he did not recognize the love part just that the h would be a malleable wife since she was so young. H did not care that she was 18 and easily led that worked in his favor until someone else was leading her away from him. She listens to gossip and flees his seductive mojo. Several years later after her father and stepmother are killed and she is left taking care of her young stepbrother they meet up again. He owns half of her family home and w [...]

    19. annette lydia timothy on said:

      Wonderful story. Loved everything. A beautiful ending. I love the relation between brother and sister. The story was very exciting and I was looking forward to reading what was going to happen in the end.

    20. Pink Angel on said:

      One of the best of Ms. Baird. Very lovely and beautifully written. Loved it.

    21. Stacie Cregg on said:

      I feel like the lead male character spent nine-tenths of the book bullying and mistreating the heroine. The characters were unlikable; Solo is cruel, coercive, manipulative, and intimidating. Penny is naive, foolish, and weak-minded. I know this is just a Harlequin novel and it's not meant to be taken so seriously, but what's the point if I don't even like the characters, let alone root for them as a couple?

    22. Mlleelizabeth on said:

      This is a book.For a full review, please go to: mlleelizabethoklikes/GoodReads's policies no longer comply with my review policy. Therefore my reviews will be posted at BookLikes going forward. Thank you for following my reviews here. I hope to continue discussing books with you on BookLikes.

    23. Cristina on said:

      El argumento te hace creer que el que mueve Marco es la venganza, pero no lo es y tu lo descubres muy pronto. Así, te pones de parte de Marco y como también sabes todo de Penny, la lectura resulta en algo más romántico que lo corriente en los libros con esa clase de historias.

    24. Nenya on said:

      i just skipped on the keyword lisa (H's ex) and then read the last one-fourth or so. based on that, 4 stars :). rather sweet. not sure if i'd go back to read the angst from the earlier three quarters of the novel. lol

    25. April Brookshire on said:

      The hero's nickname was Solo and the song Ridin' Solo by Jason Derulo kept playing in my head while reading this. Except it had a different meaning. This was interesting, the hero was a bit of a sociopath in his previously unfeeling ways. Good, but could've been better.

    26. Lede on said:

      Solo was seriously sleazy and Penny just came across as a fertile blowup doll.

    27. Darthvader on said:

      their age difference is a bit creepy i suppose but personally,i loved solo & penny.

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