The Lost Celt

A.E. Conran

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The Lost Celt

The Lost Celt Written in the voice of Mikey a fourth grader who believes that eating crunchy things will get your neurons to fire The Lost Celt follows Mikey s adventures after a chance encounter with a man who m

  • Title: The Lost Celt
  • Author: A.E. Conran
  • ISBN: 9781937463540
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Written in the voice of Mikey, a fourth grader who believes that eating crunchy things will get your neurons to fire, The Lost Celt follows Mikey s adventures after a chance encounter with a man who must be a time traveling Celtic warrior, transported to the present as part of a secret defense project.With the help of his best friend Kyler, and clues from his military histWritten in the voice of Mikey, a fourth grader who believes that eating crunchy things will get your neurons to fire, The Lost Celt follows Mikey s adventures after a chance encounter with a man who must be a time traveling Celtic warrior, transported to the present as part of a secret defense project.With the help of his best friend Kyler, and clues from his military history book, Mikey tracks down the stranger, and in the process learns about the power and obligations of friendship.Full of heart, The Lost Celt throws a gentle light on some of the issues facing our veterans and their families, but it s the humor and infectious camaraderie throughout this book that makes it so memorable.The The Lost Celt was awarded a Gold Medal for Children s Chapter Books by the Military Writers Society of America, 2016.

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      432 A.E. Conran
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    One thought on “The Lost Celt

    1. Brooks Benjamin on said:

      I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.History, video games, and a time-travelling Celt? What more could you ask for in a middle-grade story? Conran's book is going to be a huge hit with fans of historical fiction. They're going to love accompanying Mikey and Kyler on their mission to discover where--and when--the mysterious Celt is from. The humor is spread throughout, but never smothers the true heart of the story. I think readers are going to connect with this story o [...]

    2. Esme on said:

      I received and read an advance copy of this book, and was absolutely floored by how brilliant it turned out to be. The writing flowed, the characters felt real, and I found myself so caught up in the story that I read it beginning to end in one sitting! A.E. Conran skillfully weaves Celtic mythology and modern-day war, making this a story that transcends time and unifies soldiers' experiences throughout history. I had a blast adventuring along with Mikey, and Grandpa had me chuckling all the way [...]

    3. Wendy MacKnight on said:

      I received an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in return for an honest review, which I am happy to give. First of all: I loved this book - it works on so many levels - as a great story about family, about friendship, about imagination, about stress, and about PTSD and the effect that war has on our veterans and their families. A.E. Conran deftly weaves many threads together to give us a thrilling and ultimately, satisfying story. Even better, the story is told from the perspective of middle gra [...]

    4. Brittany Wason on said:

      After reading an ARC of this book, I was floored by the depth in its story telling. Each and every character brought the story to life with each new development and turn as the mystery unfolded. The clever combination of computer games, research and military family life was masterfully done and handled with great care. I found myself researching history and battle tactics along with Mikey and Kyler! Bringing people together with resources and bonding over a shared journey is at the very heart of [...]

    5. JoAnne Wetzel on said:

      A non-stop adventure, full of surprising plot twists and emotional depth. Mikey is fascinated by the ancient Celts, who fight against the Romans in his favorite video game. Mikey runs into a Celtic warrior, when his lovable grandfather, a Viet Nam vet, is being treated at the VA hospital. When the doctors try to keep Mikey away from the Celt, they tell Mikey that they've been dealing with such things for years, but it's against the rules to tell him any more. Mikey figures out there must be a ti [...]

    6. Susan Blatty on said:

      A great middle grade adventure story with a surprise ending! Of particular interest for boys.

    7. Livingston Arts on said:

      From the opening chapter, I knew that my inner ten-year-old boy was in for a very real adventure! An adventure that takes place in the daily life of most kids this age, yet travels thousands of years through the minds of warriorsConran's protagonist, Mikey, is an average kid with average issues and a soldier's legacy. A veteran's hospital provides the looming backdrop, akin to having a castle down the block. In Hardy Boys fashion, Mikey and his brilliant best bud, Kyler, set-off to solve the mys [...]

    8. Linda Joan on said:

      A. E. Conran's The Lost Celt sends fourth-grader Mikey and his best friend Kyler on a rollercoaster of an adventure involving the highs and lows of the imagination. How did a fierce Celtic warrior appear in their modern town just before Halloween? Did he travel from the Otherworld, and is he there to defend the portal between the past and present from Queen Maeve's ancient army? Do the doctors at the local VA hospital know about him, and are they hiding his existence--and that of other time-trav [...]

    9. Kim Zarins on said:

      This was a really fresh middle grade story that blended past and present in thought-provoking ways. The Romanii video game, the plot to meet a real-live Celt, and the time-travel theories involving a connection to the Celtic Otherworld were all loads of fun ("Operation Getaceltorix!"). I loved the idea that a laundromat would be humid enough to provide some sort of bridge between worlds! Both boys were very creative, smart kids.There are lots of boys who love war games and would love to meet a r [...]

    10. Kath on said:

      This book seamlessly intertwines modern war-video gaming boys life with the reality of war and its aftermath. The characters are beautifully drawn and ultimately compelling as we follow the story of Mikey and Kyler who are convinced there is a real live Celtic warrior living in their time. With deftly created sides about the difficulty of surviving a childhood with one parent at war, this book addresses some difficult issues while staying thrilling, enjoyable, and compelling. By the end you're j [...]

    11. Donna Weidner on said:

      There's not much I can add to the other 5 star reviews except to also highly recommend it. Not only to the age group it's been written for, but to everyone. Often funny, yet deeply moving, The Lost Celt is an eye-opening illustration of the adage, "You never know the size of the pebble in another wo/man's shoe" and a welcome tribute to all veterans of war. This reader even needed a few tissues to make it through to the end. If I had more than two thumbs, they'd all be up for A.E. Conran's debut [...]

    12. Melanie on said:

      A quick and engaging read, THE LOST CELT focuses on friendship and family and the line where fantasy and reality meet, with meaningful insights on veterans, service, and loyalty. A heartfelt story with fascinating historical reference points--a sure discussion starter!

    13. L.B. Schulman on said:

      I really enjoyed THE LOST CELT, by A.E. Conran. It captures the minds of fourth grade boys perfectly, in a subtle but deep exploration of themes of war, returning veterans, and the impact both have on families. It also does an excellent job of reviving the exciting Celtic legends, with a special nod to historical fiction writer, Rosemary Sutcliff. After observing a "veteran" in a VA hospital, Mikey pieces together a theory that the man is a time traveler, suffering from trips between the Otherwo [...]

    14. Lisa Ramee on said:

      What a terrific read. Mikey was completely relatable and it was such fun going on this adventure with him and his friend Kyler. The book hit so many notes: fantasy, mythology, friendship, school, adventure, moral dilemmas, parents and just general life as a kid. But smoothly wove all these things together and taught lessons without ever getting preachy. It was so nice reading something that honored our veterans while at the same time showing the hardship of war at an age-appropriate level. And I [...]

    15. AMezGro on said:

      Mikey and Kyler grab your attention from page one: two best friends gripped in a life-and-death battle online that pits Ancient Celts against Ancient Romans. But when a fearsome Celtic "Berserker" warrior breaks through the time barrier and into the real world, Mikey is determined to meet him in person, and then to help him get back to his own time. Mikey's journey begins as a thrilling quest to meet an ancient hero in the flesh, and leads to a caring understanding of the physical and mental sca [...]

    16. Nicole Chiarella on said:

      Brilliantly sharp, The Lost Celt is the perfect intersection of modern and historical MG fiction.But what really did it for me was the details. Crunchy cereal, hidden toy arsenals, and shiny red shoes make the details jump from the page.Grandpa was my favorite character.Would highly reccomend!

    17. Jennifer on said:

      Mikey and his friend, Kyler, totally love war video games especially one that puts the Celts against the Romans. Imagine, Mikey's surprise that he finds a real life Celt in his very own town. Mikey is convinced that the Celt has somehow time-traveled and is part of a secret government project. This book will definitely appeal to those kids who want action and adventure! It had a lot of humor throughout (the grandpa was hilarious - heh heh heh) but it tackled tough issues at the very same time. I [...]

    18. YAreader on said:

      This was a really quick read, with a very likable main character Mikey who is obsessed with a video game that pits the Romans against the Celts. One night Mikey goes with his grandfather to the VA hospital after his grandfather falls down the stairs, and there Mikey sees a red-haired and tatooed soldier who almost certainly must be a time-traveling Celtic warrior from the era of Mikey's video game. Mikey starts following him to help him get back to his own era. Over time, Mikey comes to understa [...]

    19. Darcey on said:

      I had a chance to read this ARC and so enjoyed it. It is one of those stories that has several levels. On one level is a great adventure story with plenty of heart and fun - time travel, video games and what its like to negotiate middle grade when you are a little different. On another level it brings up the subject of how families can be affected by war in a way sure to spark thinking and conversations that are very age appropriate without being at all preachy. I would recommend it as a family [...]

    20. Shannon Ledger on said:

      Reading the ARC, I couldn't help but feel like its release date couldn't come fast enough. I can't wait to tell people - kids and adults alike - to read this book! It's sure to be a crossover favorite. There's something in it for everyone - Mikey, Kyler and his Mikey's grandfather are characters you'll come to love, and the suspense that will keep you turning pages. Don't read any spoilers - the surprise at the end is one you won't forget. It had a big impact on me. I'm over the moon about this [...]

    21. Casey Lyall on said:

      Imagine a real life Celt showing up in your town - out of place and out of time. That's the situation Mikey and Kyler find themselves in during the excellent adventure that is THE LOST CELT.This book was great - funny and engaging with some amazing and intense action sequences. I loved the friendship between Mikey and Kyler as well as the relationship between Mikey and his Grandpa. And while there's plenty of excitement, I also found it to be a very powerful read with a number of affecting and e [...]

    22. David G on said:

      This is a wonderful YA book about a video game Celtic obsessed 4th grader,his equally obsessed friend and a time traveling Celtic warrior who comes to their town. This book is absolutely a page turner,filled with humor and mystery and many twists and turns. I read it in four hours one day and it was a beautiful read much stuff in it that talking about would spoil. I can just say that much of it is surprising and even a little tear inducing. It really pegs what it is like to be a fourth grade boy [...]

    23. Keely on said:

      I scored an ARC of this - so glad I did!'The Lost Celt' is a fast-paced adventure story that reads like a true classic, with gripping characters, high stakes, and real heart, this is a truly captivating can’t-put-it-down- ‘till-I’m-done read! Especially perfect for any so called, reluctant readers!

    24. Stephanie Blazek on said:

      I received an ARC of this book and I am so glad I did! Put succinctly, I wish this book had been around when I was in fourth or fifth grade, back when I was a tether-ball kid! It has the rare and perfect mix of adventure and history (which still floats my boat as an adult). I can't wait to read more A.E. Conran in the future!

    25. Lois Sepahban on said:

      I was lucky to read an advanced copy of The Lost Celt.I enjoyed reading this story which deals with weighty themes--friendship, family, and war. Mikey and Kyler are such likable boys and I loved how connected they both are to their families.I'm looking forward to recommending this book to students and the young readers in my family.

    26. Alyson on said:

      I enjoyed this book so much more than I expected to--DON'T judge it by the unfortunate cover art. Young readers will enjoy the mystery of the Celt (my 9-year-old liked it enough that she wanted her dad to read it), and parents will love how it presents and deals with PTSD. If your child knows a soldier, have him/her read this book!

    27. Hanakadoyama on said:

      I was lucky enough to get an ARC of this book, and I'm so glad I did! THE LOST CELT combines history, fantasy and real-life Tough Stuff in a fast-paced adventure story that also beautifully captures the rich internal world of a fourth grader. It had me in tears by the end (for reals).

    28. Suzanne Morrone on said:

      This is a wonderful adventure for boys A beautiful and meaningful ending, in a beautiful and meaningful book. I highly recommend this book.

    29. Lee Malone on said:

      Compelling and fun, but still dealing with some important issues concerning veterans, this book will be an engaging read for kids interested in history and adventure.

    30. BiblioBickie on said:

      Mikey and Kyler love playing a war video game of Romans v. Celts. Their moms both work at a VA hospital up the street, and Mikey's Vietnam-veteran grandpa lives with him. Mikey's mom disapproves of Mikey's love of war and soldiers, feeling that war is not to be glorified; she goes so far as to black out the pictures of guns on Mikey's model boxes and keeps a hidden stash of the weapons that come in his model sets so that he only gets the soldiers and other equipment. Imagine Mikey and Kyler's su [...]

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