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David Baddiel

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The Parent Agency

The Parent Agency A boy travels to an alternate world where kids get to choose their own parents in this zany internationally bestselling adventure which combines the be careful what you wish for humor of The Chocola

  • Title: The Parent Agency
  • Author: David Baddiel
  • ISBN: 9780062405449
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A boy travels to an alternate world where kids get to choose their own parents in this zany, internationally bestselling adventure, which combines the be careful what you wish for humor of The Chocolate Touch with the classic appeal of Roald Dahl.Barry Bennett is sick of his parents They re boring, they re too strict, and it s their fault his name is Barry So he makes aA boy travels to an alternate world where kids get to choose their own parents in this zany, internationally bestselling adventure, which combines the be careful what you wish for humor of The Chocolate Touch with the classic appeal of Roald Dahl.Barry Bennett is sick of his parents They re boring, they re too strict, and it s their fault his name is Barry So he makes a wish for better ones and is whisked away to the Parent Agency, where kids get to pick out their perfect parents.For Barry, this seems like a dream come true But as he s about to discover, choosing a new mom and dad isn t as simple as it sounds The Parent Agency is the first children s book by British author and comedian David Baddiel, and it includes illustrations by Roald Dahl Funny Prize winning artist Jim Field.

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    One thought on “The Parent Agency

    1. Maria Espadinha on said:

      Pais e Filhos - Esses Eternos DesconhecidosBarry detesta chamar-se Barry e tem como irmãs um par de gémeas identicas sonsas, que designa abreviadamente por GIS -- a G1 e a G2 , cuja simples existência detesta reconhecer!E pior que tudo, desejava pais diferentes -- daqueles que organizam festas fabulosas, que compram a capa do edredão do Lionel Messi, que são glamorosos, ricos, divertidos, famosos, E seria tão bom se a mãe algum dia desistisse aquele lugar vitalício atrás da máquina de [...]

    2. Freckles on said:

      “What would you like for lunch?”“Hmm,” said Barry. “Pizza?”“Oh well, you’ve made a mistake there,” said Secretary One smugly. “We only ever eat gluten-free, free-range, nut-free, free-from-E-numbers, salt-and-sugar-free food.”“Yes, our food is very, very free,” said Secretary Two. “Except, of course, it costs a lot of money.”

    3. Mehsi on said:

      My 3-star rating has mostly to do with our main character. Other than that the book was really interesting and I like the idea of a Parent Agency.Let's start with the main character. I just didn't like him. I found him whiny and pathetic. Never once thinking about his parents. They did their best for him and his siblings, but they just didn't have a lot of money and thus they had to say no to him. But yet he kept complaining and whining and acting all mean towards his sisters and his parents. Lu [...]

    4. Lobo on said:

      Be kell vallanom, hogy bár a történet kiváló és rengeteg ötlet van benne, nekem az elején nagyon nem tetszett Barry alakja. Nehéz volt vele szimpatizálni, s igazán reméltem, hogy jól megtanulja a leckét, hogy értékelni kell azt, ami van, jelen esetben a családját. De lehet, csak a túl szigorú szülő beszélt itt belőlem Amúgy szörnyen élveztem a regény humorát. Nem kikacsintós, vagyis nem megy kárára a történetnek, meg a korosztály-besorolásnak, de azért jókat [...]

    5. Emma on said:

      Review by Jack 9:6The Parent Agency is a children’s comedy book, which in my opinion is suitable for all ages. The author is a comedian but the book does not have many laugh-out-loud moments, mostly using more subtle humour. The story follows a normal boy named Barry, who hates his parents. When he screams, “I hate my parents!” after being sent to his room he is teleported to a world where children choose their parents. He trials five sets of parents, one per day. Barry chooses each trial [...]

    6. Kristina on said:

      Аз съм голяма фен на детски книжки и от време на време се отдавам на книжка за по-малките читатели и обикновено съм доста доволна. Този път обаче не съвсем.Допадна ми главната идея за недоволно дете, което се оплаква от родителите си поради ред причини, но при шанса да получи [...]

    7. Constantin Piştea on said:

      Am găsit în romanul lui David Baddiel un băiețel care nu-și prea simpatizează părinţii. Are mai multe motive pentru asta, suficiente pentru o listă. El, Barry, a denumit lista „Lucruri pentru care îmi învinovăţesc părinţii”. Printre ele, faptul că i-au spus cum i-au spus, Barry Bennett, dar şi felul lor de-a fi: plictisitori, obosiţi, nici eleganţi, nici celebri, prea stricţi etc. Oricum ai lua-o, suficiente defecte pentru ca Barry să-şi imagineze cum ar fi să aibă al [...]

    8. YABookReviews on said:

      Title: The Parent AgencyAuthor: David BaddielRating: 8/10Would you like your parents? Do you wish you could choose your parents? Well, that is what Barry Bennet wanted, and he got it. Barry Bennet is a normal kid, who hates his parents. At first, this seems like a dream come true. But as he’s about to find out that, choosing a new mum and dad isn’t as easy as it sounds…I loved this book, its funny, witty and has lots of heartwarming moments. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves [...]

    9. 15HartleyJ on said:

      Overall I really enjoyed this book. Barry is just an ordinary boy (he loves Lionel Messi and James Bond) but bored with his ordinary family that he wishes he could swap for another. He is particularly fed up with his younger twin sisters. It is a funny story that often twists your mind as sometimes you are not quite sure what’s going on! I found that, once I had started reading it, I didn’t want to stop. I recommend this book to people below the age of 12 but overall I give it a 9 out of 10. [...]

    10. Janie on said:

      My twin boys (8yrs) declared this their favourite book of all time. We read it together at bedtime and every night they begged and pleaded for another chapter. A really enjoyable, funny and moreish read.

    11. Sophia on said:

      I liked the general idea behind this book and I liked the storyline. But the main character ok, I get that 10 year olds have limited brainfunction, but if I had read this as a 9 -12 year old I would have found it sooooo akward. I really feel sorry for parents 4 and 5. He is really horrible! But I guess he might be written like that for a reason. so 3 stars.

    12. Katy Noyes on said:

      4.5 stars.Well done, David! After a slightly wobbly start for me (silly immature jokes and lists), I quickly saw that this was going to turn into an excellent wish-fulfilment adventure for young readers.Like the 90s films North (Elijah Wood), Barry decides that he has rubbish parents and wishes he had different ones. He hates his name, he hates them being tired and poor, he hates his younger sisters. Now whether or not the following chapters are somehow real or a dream doesn't really matter. It' [...]

    13. Siddharth Chakravarthy on said:

      So near yet so far !! This book has so much of potential but somehow things dint fall into place quite well.The humor on which the entire book is based on, din't seem to work well at most of the places. The story line was very predictable but this book being a middle grade novel din't really need to have such an elaborate and complex plot. The first few chapters were very fun to read but as the story progressed, it became kind of repetitive. Some of the puns were really really good while the ot [...]

    14. Sara Eames on said:

      OK, firstly this is a kid's book - so there is no depth to it. But, if you want a quick, predictable, easy read with good characters and a totally predictable story-line, then you can't really go wrong with a kid's book. On the whole, this was an ok read - it was enjoyable at times and mildly amusing. I am sure many children will relate to Barry and will enjoy the story.

    15. Lynn on said:

      Fun, easy read for young people- nothing revolutionary, but the idea of swapping your terrible parents for some good ones is always going to be appealing.

    16. Benjamin on said:

      This boy try's to find parents that suits him. But it all go's wrong and at the end you find out what really happened to him.

    17. Antonia on said:

      The Parent Agency was a short fun read. The concept of a child being unhappy about his / her parents and then going to choose others is an old one. I distinctly remember reading a German children's book with the same setup when I was growing up. That said, it was nicely done. Easy to read, fun characters and I bookmarked some pages for use in my English classes (something on "Birdynoise" and "MeMeMeTube" as our topic next term will be "the Media"). The people were caricatures and current trends [...]

    18. mrs c m mitchell on said:

      Amazing book!This book was a joy to read with an element (a pretty big one two) of comedy. I enjoyed reading this book more than any other and it made me want to explode with laughter. David Baddiel should be proud of this marvellous book and the joy it has brought two children (me being one). I recommend this book for anyone (especially James Bond fans) aged 5+ I loved this book and I hope you love it too!

    19. Ronnie on said:

      I didn't really mind the repetitiveness in this book as it was written very well and the storyline was pretty good. Also, I'm not a big fan of having real life and some magic mixed together (those who've read it might understand me) but I got past it quite easily. I actually quite enjoyed this book :)

    20. Dhabia on said:

      Very funny and nice book SPOILER AHEAD I gave it four stars because I hate how David Baddiel books always end with a dream but it teaches a very nice lesson

    21. Em Elderfield on said:

      I loved this book because there are lots of funny things that happen. I could not put it down.

    22. Carissa on said:

      Cute, but pretty much predictable. I enjoyed it as a casual "I don't feel like thinking that much" read, but it's not one I'd read again.

    23. 15SmithC on said:

      It was very funny and would recommend it to a year 8 and above

    24. Jane Beedell on said:

      Easy for children to relate to and provides the moral of be careful what you wish for.Not the most taxing of reading

    25. Naturalbri (Bri Wignall) on said:

      *Received as an ARC*The Story Even if we don't want to admit it, we've all had a time when we felt a bit fed up with out parents. So much, we wished we had new ones, better ones. Usually this feeling goes away, and we feel bad for ever having thought such a thingbut, what if it didn't go away? What if each day was such a drag, you hated every moment - Being ignored, your brother/sister was the favourite, lame gifts, boring parents, embarrassing parents and evenoundings! What if it didn't have to [...]

    26. Emily on said:

      Barry is turning ten, and it is a big birthday. He just wishes his parents would care about him more than they care about his twin sisters and stop being so boring, yet this isn’t happening any time soon. Thankfully, he goes into an alternative universe and has the chance to choose THE perfect parents. Yet, as Barry meets a new amazing set of parents each day, he begins to see the benefits of his own parents. A fun middle grade novel written generally for boys, who will latch onto the dreams o [...]

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