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Kimberly Krey

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Mending Hearts

Mending Hearts Logan s StoryCandice is through with married life and all it entailed infertility an adoption gone wrong and the death ofher husband s twin brother Now that they ve beenseparated for nearly a year

  • Title: Mending Hearts
  • Author: Kimberly Krey
  • ISBN: 9781515083092
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • Logan s StoryCandice is through with married life and all it entailed infertility, an adoption gone wrong, and the death ofher husband s twin brother Now that they ve beenseparated for nearly a year, Candice is finally readyto set Logan free But when he steps back into her life,Candice begins to have second thoughts Eventhough she hasn t fully healed from the heartachesLogan s StoryCandice is through with married life and all it entailed infertility, an adoption gone wrong, and the death ofher husband s twin brother Now that they ve beenseparated for nearly a year, Candice is finally readyto set Logan free But when he steps back into her life,Candice begins to have second thoughts Eventhough she hasn t fully healed from the heartacheshe endured over their married years, she can tfathom the thought of losing him a second time.Can Candice let go of past hurts and give Logan asecond chance, or will her fears keep them apart Logan has spent the months of separation givingCandice the space she needed But when hediscovers that Candice is about to file for a divorce,he decides he better take action quick He didn t spendthe best years of his life with this woman, only to let herslip away Yet just when the opportunity comesagain his chance to finally make things right an entirely new force threatens to tear them apart.Will opposition keep the heart broken couple fromgetting back together or will they have the strengthto break through the barriers, no matterwhat their future might bring

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    One thought on “Mending Hearts

    1. Kathy * Bookworm Nation on said:

      Another hit!I'm never disappointed when I pick up a Kimberly Krey book. She has definitely been added to me go-to author list. Candice and Logan have been married for ten years, after suffering through a lot of trials they've decided to separate. To be honest, I was a little upset with Candice at first, but I grew to like her as the book progressed and having experienced some of the things she went through, I could understand why she put up the walls she did. Logan was great! He is deeply in lov [...]

    2. Irshad on said:

      Never did I expect myself to be the type of person who'd appreciate romance novels. I always assumed romance novels to be heavily loaded with sexual references and written to turn on the reader and boy was I wrong!This book, "Mending Hearts" was perfect. It kept me engaged in the plot and I genuinely felt a movie was being played in my mind, with Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone as the leads. If I'm able to have a perfect mental image of the story, I know it's a good book. The story began with Loga [...]

    3. Aimee (Getting Your Read On) on said:

      I'm always over the moon when a new book from Kimberly Krey comes out. Usually I grab it up right away and read it no matter how far away in my review schedule it is. I couldn't do that this time and this book sat there, taunting me, every single day. It was such a happy day when I finally, finally got to settle in to enjoy it.I'm loving this series because it's all about second chances. In this book, Candice and Logan are married but have separated because Candice needed some space. She had a l [...]

    4. Alisa on said:

      I love reading a story where two people do what it takes to fix a broken marriage. Overall, I really liked this story, but there were parts that bugged meLet me start by saying we've been through infertility and we had a baby for 3 months (we got her straight from the hospital) and we thought she was ours and that we were going to adopt her, and instead they took her from our home and gave her to the family that had adopted her half-brother. So I totally understand the heartbreak that Candice is [...]

    5. Chantele Sedgwick on said:

      Another wonderful book by Kimberly Krey! I loved Logan and Candice's story. Complicated, full of emotion and romance. So many real life couples struggle with some of the same things they struggled with in the book and I think Kimberly did an excellent job with it. Both characters were realistic and flawed, but I loved them both. Can't wait for book three in this awesome series.

    6. Kathy on said:

      Overall a great read about giving marriage a second chance. Stayed up til 2 a.m. to finish and it's been a long time since I've done that. I loved Logan. Content: Steamy clean - mild language, closed door, fade to black sex between a married couple, innuendoSource: Kindle unlimited

    7. Katie W on said:

      I remember briefly meeting Logan and Candice in Rough Edges and was excited to learn more about their story. Why exactly are they separated?I love a good romance and love to see the way a couple meets and falls in love, so I wasn't sure if I would enjoy one where the couple has already been married for 10 years, separated for one, and on the brink of divorce. Oh, I was so wrong! Kimberly Krey tackles a very difficult subject for many married couples--infertility and adoption. I never personally [...]

    8. Jo-Anne on said:

      This is not your typical romance since it's about a couple who have been married for ten years and separated for one year. They badly want children but remain childless. This is devastating for the wife, Candice, making her feel like she was a failure to her husband because she could not give him the family she thought she should be able to provide. When their attempts to get pregnant weren't successful, they tried adoption. When that failed too, Candice believed she had to divorce her husband, [...]

    9. Kimberly Krey on said:

      Logan and Candice Emerson will hold a place in my heart forever.I have to say, writing this book was a journey for me. I really enjoyed discovering just what Candice and Logan had gone through over the years, and learning how they overcame some of the difficulties that tore them apart. Unlike the other novels I've written, Mending Hearts involves aspects like marital separation, infertility, and adoption too. As with any pursuit of happiness, many obstacles come into play, but this couple shows [...]

    10. Fay Roberts on said:

      Star rating can be tricky. Are you rating the content, the technical style or the story itself? According to 5 stars simply means "I loved it", so despite the fact that rating a romance novel as 5 stars kind of went against my natural inclinations (I'm a five star snob normally and rate all components of a novel - my last 5 star was The Road) I loved this and had to give it 5 stars.When the reviews were appearing bandying about words like "clean" and "sweet" I was wary of even starting. I was e [...]

    11. Melissa Nichols on said:

      Mending Hearts is another amazing story by Kimberly Krey. This one is a little different and I was afraid I would not find it interesting. I saw it was about a couple thinking of divorce and trying to decide if they wanted to fight for their marriage or end it. I trusted that Kimberly Krey would make the story worth my read and I am so glad that I did. I loved reading Logan and Candice’s story because it was the story of two people who really love each other trying to figure out if they want t [...]

    12. Tressa (Wishful Endings) on said:

      MENDING HEARTS is possibly my favorite release from this author to date, or at least tied for favorite with Cassie's Cowboy Crave. There is a lot of depth to the story as the characters struggle to repair their marriage, or fight against repairing it in some cases. The characters felt authentic and consistent. I loved the way they were surrounded by family. I felt for their struggles with fertility and the strain that had on their marriage. The doubts and the fears of not being enough for each o [...]

    13. Lisa(Bookworm Lisa) on said:

      First thing that captured my attention about this book was the cover. It is perfect! I loved the scene of Logan and Candice running through a field of flowers. They are a couple who got lost in the fog of infertility. Their lives and romance were hi-jacked by their inability to have a baby.This is the second book in Kimberly Krey's Second Chances trilogy. The book focuses on Logan and Candice trying to overcome past hurts and disappointments to give their marriage another chance. This book can b [...]

    14. Julia Lance on said:

      I love this second chance series. Sometimes there are things worth fighting for. Candice and Logan had a rough time in their 10 year marriage. They got caught up in trying to have a baby and they forgot that keeping their relationship with each other is just as important as one you would want with your child. Even if you don’t have a struggling marriage it is important to remember to be there for each other. You should always keep the lines of communication open. You should not be afraid to sh [...]

    15. Hanna on said:

      Warning: Spoiler alertCons:This book was hard for me because of the subject matter. From the beginning of the book, they talk about saving their marriage by adopting a baby. Having a baby to save a marriage is never a good idea, fiction or not. It's also annoying to me that in most books, not just this one, the couple adopts and then gets pregnant. While this does happen, it only happens to like 3 percent of couples.While still a "clean" book, I could have done without so much detail. And the si [...]

    16. Peggy on said:

      Raw emotion felt on every page. Was very hard to finish this book, wasn't because of the author's ability to write or the book in general. The topics that were hit on felt like I was reliving my life. But to say that, I also must say that this book was able to help me overcome some of those things as well. To understand that there is more to life than what is thrown at you. That so much can be overcome! Thank you Kimberly Krey for an amazing book!*Received for an honest review*

    17. Gail on said:

      This is the second book in the series and this one is Candice and Logans story. They are separated after being married for 10 years. They seem to have forgotten what is important in a relationship besides trying to have a baby. They have had a lot of rough patches in their marriage. I am glad to see that realized their marriage was worth fighting for and decided to give it a second chance. This book will make you laugh and cry. A great romance story of love and second chances.

    18. Ruth Josse on said:

      Loved this book! With their heartbreaking past, Logan and Candice had a lot of issues to get through. I loved the different take on this romance because they were married and had history together and had to figure out if loving each other was enough. I was rooting for them until the very end! Perfect addition to this series and can't wait for the next one. :)

    19. Amber on said:

      Mending Hearts is a wondrously exquisite and deeply freeing journey of learning how to live without borrowing worry and to allow our dreams to take shape in their own time. How incredibly liberating it is when we finally realize that even when we don’t achieve our dreams in our desired timeline that it doesn’t make them any less meaningful or precious when they finally do arrive. Wrestling these types of demons may be the hardest ones that I think humans have ever had to deal with. We don’ [...]

    20. Julie Carpenter on said:

      This was a well written book about a married couple getting a second chance and being able to heal from past hurts. I picked it up as I started out on a long road trip and loved it! I had many moments of laughing out loud, even some crying. Oh the heartaches that Logan and Candice have faced and add to all that a friend whom I wanted to reach through the book and slap(yes I did-I'm normally not like that but man alive she got on my nerves). If Candice could have seen through this friend's charad [...]

    21. Mylissa's Reviews and Book Thoughts on said:

      Candice and Logan have been married over a decade, and have known many problems in their marriage. After the death of Logan’s twin brother they move back to Montana, and decide to seperate.One year into the seperation they must decide if they want to make the break final, or give their marriage a final chance.What follows is a sweet, touching story of second chances, of trying, of forgiving, of moving forward and falling in love again.I had a hard time with Candice. I found myself understandin [...]

    22. Claire Sayan on said:

      I got this review copy free in exchange for an honest review.2.5-3 starsCandice and Logan have been married for 10 years. Childhood sweethearts that have been plagued with infertility their entire married life. The lack of a child and the lengths they go through to try and achieve one finally drives them apart. They have been separated for a year, living separately and not speaking but won't get a divorce until their time on the adoption list is up. Logan still loves Candice but has been biding [...]

    23. Dawn Pearson on said:

      Note: I received a complimentary copy for an honest review.Logan and Candice have been through about as much personal tragedy as any couple could ever manage and still be married - although just barely. As the story begins, they are separated, yet staying married because they think they're still on the adoption agency list for a while longer. What they don't realize is that they had not been active on the list for almost 2 years. This comes to light as Logan starts to try to win his wife back. H [...]

    24. Melinda on said:

      This was my first book that I have read from this author, but I was not disappointed because I was able to understand the story quickly, and was engaged from the very beginning. Looking forward to reading more books by this author.Candice and Logan are separated, and need to work through the process of resolving their conflicts with each other. They both have suffered loss, drifted apart, and needed to see if they could get back together or get a divorce and move on. I believe all married couple [...]

    25. Penny on said:

      I've read every book Kimberly has written and I have absolutely, positively and irrevocably fallen in love with this big wonderful family.They are not the most perfect, well mannered, richest or flashiest family but they are perfect just the way they are. LoL They are all strong charters. You can really get to know them and feel as if you are right there with them all in the books. Logan and Candice story took me on a journey of love. They had so many problems to work on with their marriage to m [...]

    26. Kristina Applegate on said:

      Immersed in pain, Candice is counting down the days that her name and Logan’s are removed from the adoption list. Once that period of their life has come and gone, she can finally complete the divorce papers, putting an end to their marriage. Separated from his wife, Logan wants nothing more than to have her back, and he means to fight for her. Through patience, perseverance, and through love this couple will see if they have what it takes to save their marriage.Immediately I was hooked to thi [...]

    27. Susan K on said:

      Romance, sensual, but 'clean'In fair disclosure, I received a copy of this in exchange for a fair review.This was a little steamier for me than what I consider really clean read for romance. The couple was married, and nothing intimate was described, but it was more than just desire. Just as fair warning to those who are looking for a truly clean read.Candice and Logan have been married for over 10 years but are separated. They have been dealing with infertility, and after a failed adoption, the [...]

    28. Erika Cluff on said:

      I was a little worried about the genre of this book simply because my favorite part of a romance novel is the whole hero and heroine meet, they fall in love, then there is some obstacle and then everything wraps up nicely. But in this book, the hero/heroine have been married for 10 years but separated for a year. I was skeptical as to how this would play out and if it would be a book that would pull me in. But I love Kimberly Krey's books, having read all of them, so I knew I would likely not be [...]

    29. A. R. on said:

      If you love happy, tidy endings - this book is for you."Mending Hearts" follows Logan and Candice as they try to spark life back into their marriage and relationship after a year long separation.I thought that the conflict in the marriage was well presented. The conversations between Logan and Candice were believable and heart felt. When an Uncle gives them some exercises to do to help with their reconciliation, I found myself wishing that the author had included and appendix at the end with the [...]

    30. Gayle on said:

      I loved that this was a story about an estranged married couple who decide to focus on re-building their marriage relationship -- not something you see very much when it comes to fictional relationships. I could relate to some of their infertility struggles and I was glad to see that topic addressed. Logan and Candice have gone through a lot of heartbreak and trials and I liked seeing how they decided to communicate and work towards strengthening their relationship instead of just giving up.I ad [...]

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