Kissing Her Crush

Ophelia London

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Kissing Her Crush

Kissing Her Crush He s sweet troubleNatalie Holden wants three things To be the best chocolate chemist in Hershey Pennsylvania to prove her chocolate recipe can help teenage depression and to get over gorgeous Luke

  • Title: Kissing Her Crush
  • Author: Ophelia London
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s sweet troubleNatalie Holden wants three things To be the best chocolate chemist in Hershey, Pennsylvania, to prove her chocolate recipe can help teenage depression, and to get over gorgeous Luke Elliott, the guy she s had a crush on since birth Unfortunately, he s the microbiologist set to debunk her chocolate study And, of course, he looks delicious than eHe s sweet troubleNatalie Holden wants three things To be the best chocolate chemist in Hershey, Pennsylvania, to prove her chocolate recipe can help teenage depression, and to get over gorgeous Luke Elliott, the guy she s had a crush on since birth Unfortunately, he s the microbiologist set to debunk her chocolate study And, of course, he looks delicious than ever Luke Elliott is still bitter over his divorce Work is his passion now, and landing a huge promotion is just what he needs What he doesn t need is a crackpot trying to prove that chocolate cures depression The last thing he expects is for the crackpot to be Natalie Holden his what if girl from high school or that she d still tempt the hell out of him.They may not see eye to eye on her project, but they can t deny the explosive chemistry that keeps pulling them together Even when it risks their jobs and the very different futures they both want

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      251 Ophelia London
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    One thought on “Kissing Her Crush

    1. Nicola on said:

      We Brits have the lovely town of Cadbury, the American's have Hershey. Equally as lovely and the place where the second book in Ophelia London's Sugar City whisks us away to. As I've come to expect from this author, we're brought a heartwarming romance with humour and plenty of sexual tension. Natalie quite possibly has the best job in the world; a chocolate chemist heading up a trial with the hope of proving that her recipe can help aid teenage depression. I loved her; smart, snarky and headstr [...]

    2. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews on said:

      Slick's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 starsFrom the first moment the hero and heroine meet in Kissing Her Crush before the conflict was revealed before their baggage came in to play, I was hooked. Every book I’ve read by this author has been the same way; she hooks you from the start, reels you in and then keeps you there were her fresh plots, crazy but loveable characters and simmering sexuality.Smart, sassy and confident, Natalie Holden loves her job as a chemist in resea [...]

    3. Katie Battaglia on said:

      Thank you Netgalley for providing me with a copy in exchange for an honest review!Kissing Her Crush follows the story of Natalie and Luke. Natalie is a chocolate chemist of sorts working in Hershey, PA. She's on the brink of creating an all new chocolate that could help teen depression. She finally gets the grant she needed to try to further her creation, but one thing stands in her way. Luke was recruited by the NIH to proctor Natalie's progress and he is dead against her research. Being back i [...]

    4. Kassiah on said:

      I wish this book wasn't named Kissing Her Crush, not because that isn't what happens--that happens and more (but we don't get to see it because this is a Bliss book *sadface*). It's just this title makes this book seem like a super cutesy, fluffy teen read. And it isn't. Yes it's cute. Yes it's fluffy. But it's more than that. It's about a girl who wants to make a real difference for everyone. And it's about the guy who wants to thwart her. And that guy just happens to be her former flame. *nods [...]

    5. Danielle (Love at First Page) on said:

      2-2.5 starsAh, disappointing! The first book in this series - similarly about two people on opposing sides of a work project - was so much cuter! The 'forbidden' trope this time around just felt lazy, and I thought Luke and Natalie's romance was more awkward than swoony. I'm hoping Dexter and Ivy's book (I'm assuming they'll get one) will be better.

    6. Kathryn on said:

      Love love love!! Such a light sweet romance!!Full review to come

    7. Danielle on said:

      Natalie has been in love with Luke forever but gave up on her crush a long time ago or so she thinks until she runs into him again. Natalie is out ready to celebrate the grant she got and runs into Luke. As they catch up she realizes that he is the one over seeing her project so that makes things a little difficult. Luke hasn't been home in a long time other then visits here and there. Now that his divorce has been finalized for 2 years he is only back for over seeing the Hersey project then hop [...]

    8. Irene on said:

      4 starsKissing Her Crush was a sweet and heartwarming read.I enjoyed watching Natalie and Luke relationship develop. They made me laugh with their banter and antics, I truly connected with them. Both sets of families added to my enjoyment of this book. I was touched with Natalie's family and everything they were dealing with, my heart went out to them <3Luke's family were a hoot, loved Dexter and the way he would get under Luke's skin. He knew how to handle his brother and make him acknowledg [...]

    9. Faerl Marie on said:

      I loved that the heroine of this chick lit is a super-smart, endeavoring scientist. Natalie is sassy, sweet, level-headed, sexy, and fun to read. Her male counterpart in the novel, Luke is charming and very well depicted. I appreciated how Ophelia London paced this novel; keeping both the research study and the romance in focus throughout the whole novel. All the characters in the novel, both main and supporting, are so dynamic and true. The characters, combined with the lovely setting, make thi [...]

    10. wrecked_life on said:

      A fun read! This is a lighthearted romance novel about an unlikely couple. It was not a good idea for either of them to fall in love but they did anyway.Natalie finally got a lab for her trial, she needs to prove her theory about chocolate and depression because a lot depends on her success. When she got the grant she went out celebrate and ran into an old acquaintance Luke was in town to proctor a lab trial. It turned out be the one headed by Natalie. They are both not happy about this turn of [...]

    11. Jaime Fiction Fangirls Book Review on said:

      I absolutely adored this story. It was the perfect kind of romance to curl up on the couch and read over the weekend. The chocolate, the dark, the boat, the forest fire and the lab was all just perfection. Luke and Natalie had the best kind of connection. Full on sexual chemistry for sure, but it was more than just that. They connected on personal, intellectual and emotional levels. They even had history, which when you get the full story only makes that connection that much more awesome. It was [...]

    12. Stacee on said:

      This was so fluffy and adorable. I loved Natalie and Luke. Their banter was fun and I really enjoyed how they battled to stay away from each other. I loved how they had a brief history, especially how that information was shared between them. Added bonus that the science stuff wasn't too science-y. There is a tiny bit of angst, but nothing too horrible. My only complaint is where it ended. I definitely wanted a bit more from them. Overall, it was a fun, quick read. I'll probably read it again wh [...]

    13. Heather andrews on said:

      I fell in love with Luke, “that’s not…” Luke actually broke into a smile. How dare he look cute? “That’s not at all what I meant.” He gave her a long, knowing look that she easily inferred. But it was her fault for throwing out the innuendo in the first place." Luke is kind, caring, and sexy, “you’re welcome.” He turned to leave, but then turned back. “Since we won’t be talking about it until then, don’t forget , we have a date on the twenty- ninth.” His gaze traveled [...]

    14. Emmy Curtis on said:

      Such a super-sweet concept. Such a sweet, romantic, enemies to lovers story which are totally my fave. Squeeee!

    15. Stephanie on said:

      I received a copy of this title from NetGalley. It does not impact my review.I am definitely a mood reader and lately all I’ve wanted to read are cute romances. When I saw Ophelia London had a new book coming out, I knew it was just the thing to satisfy my craving.Kissing her Crush is set in Hershey, PA, which feels like another character in the book. London did a great job describing the local attractions and what it’s like to live in a small town. I also love that something so big – Hers [...]

    16. Kimberly on said:

      My review cross-posted from Wit and Sin: witandsin/2015/11Kissing Her Crush is sweet as can be, which is no surprise since there’s plenty of chocolate involved. Ophelia London’s second Sugar City story is a fast-paced, enjoyable crushes-to-lovers story.Natalie Holden is a scientist for Hershey who has finally succeeded in getting lab space for her pilot trial. She’s determined to prove that a specific type of cocoa, when combined with a rare ian root, can safely help teenagers with depress [...]

    17. Linda on said:

      A well-written, entertaining romance with lots of sweet AND chocolate! Luke's eyes were on a government position in DC, while all Natalie wanted was to help make the world a sweeter placeSSING HER CRUSH by Ophelia London is a cute, fun romance interlaced with lots of humor and delicious chocolate. Even though it's the second book in the author's Sugar City series, KISSING HER CRUSH can be fully enjoyed as a standalone. This is the story of Hershey chocolate chemist Natalie Holden and National I [...]

    18. Anita Byars on said:

      This was a well written and very entertaining sweet and heartwarming read. I was hooked from beginning to end with all the witty banter, laugh out loud moments and the sexy, combustible attraction between Natalie and Luke. I liked learning their history and watching them come together with their angst and their chemistry that exploded into a lot of hotness. It had a nice build with a twist of drama and great secondary characters that you will come to care about. Great ending. Natalie Holden is a [...]

    19. books are love on said:

      I loved this. I loved the banter and attraction between Natalie and Luke. These two trying to fight the attraction while working together. I loved Luke. Even when we was a complete idiot and let his past experience with his ex wife drive him to be a asshat I loved him.Luke and Natalie were both hurt by people they loved. Natalie by a guy she worked with that turned her to build a wall around her heart. Luke by his ex wife who did a number on him and almost had him lose his family. As time went o [...]

    20. Suze Lavender on said:

      Natalie's having a big breakthrough. Her chocolate based depression research is finally getting a grant and that means a huge step forward, both personally and professionally. She lives in a town that breathes chocolate and it's her passion. When she gets the grant she celebrates with Luke, who's back in Hershey for a job. She's had a crush on him for years, ever since she was a teenage girl.Luke is in Hershey because he needs to supervise a research project. He's been hired by the government an [...]

    21. Mollien Fote Osterman on said:

      Review5 Chocolate Kisses This book was so sweet. Granted it takes place at the sweetest place on earth, Hershey, Pennsylvania. Yes, I have been there, I have family that lives there, so I know some of the history of Hershey. This story seem to convey its finer points. Natalie is a food chemist for the Hershey Corporation. She also just received a grant to do research on “the rare ian root that when mixed with cocoa found in the same region, had shown to safely elevate serotonin levels in adole [...]

    22. Lisa on said:

      I was graciously given a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Oh my! There are not enough adjectives (well there are but I will refrain from listing them all) for me to describe how much I love this book! Or how perfectly written this romance was! This needs to be a movie! If you are in the business, read this book and get a movie made stat!This book had heat in such an unexpected way. I want more books to be like this! I want Ophelia London to write oodles and oo [...]

    23. Mave on said:

      The protagonist of this story is chocolate: it is present everywhere, is described so beautifully that it is better to read it without have some chocolate bars at home, may disappear in a second .Natalie Holden wants to prove that chocolate can help fight teenage depression. This issue is very close to her heart because her brother has suffered a lot. She doesn't know, however, that to judge whether her research is really good to get a loan, is the guy that she is always in love, Luke Elliott. H [...]

    24. ❤Sana❤ on said:

      3,5 starsThat was a sweet light love story full of chocolate bars, cream and . =====> hot kisses. ox oxYeah!!!!That's exactly what we have in the title "KISSING HER CRUSH".Luke and Nat were good at:kissing d kissingen kissingd kissing AGAINBUT!!!!They couldn't go any further( The fire, the poisoned omelette, Ivy's interruptions)There were million reasons why they couldn't make it to the berdoom but THAT was worth waiting for.Back to the storyNatalie had a crush on Luke since seventh grade or [...]

    25. Stephanie on said:

      Deliciously Sweet. 4.5 Chocolate Stars~Any chocolate lover or health nut is going to be tempted by this book. Natalie and Luke's connection, or I should say reconnection, is fraught with both personal and professional pitfalls but it makes the times they come together all the more special. Proving what we fight for may not be what we first thought we wanted. Ms. London created a more sweetly sensual story that frankly didn't need the touch of an erotic angle. Though by the end of the story it's [...]

    26. Shari on said:

      What's not to love in this book, my two favorites in life is chocolate and kissing. Take two nerdy scientists, who have a history of their first kiss and working on a new drug for depression that has chocolate in it, a perfect match. A big conflict is that you have Luke as the sugar nazi and Natalie as the chocoholic, oh how I enjoyed. I thought the author did a great job on the teenage depression topic, wish there was a cure for it. I highly recommend this fun sweet read, you must have chocolat [...]

    27. Isha Coleman on said:

      A sweet concoction of angst, longing and regret. Natalie has big sugary dreams that center around making a difference by helping others. Luke has experienced a broken heart and developed a jaundiced view of all around him. Neither expects that the key to all the dreams, hopes and expectations they currently possess will lie in the events that reunite them. Now each has to decide which is more important work or a second chance at love. Kissing Her Crush is a lovely and surprising look at blessing [...]

    28. Nicole on said:

      Super sweet and packs a punch! I loved this story! The imagery was perfect. I felt like i was right there in the moment. Incorporating everyone's favorite chocolate and an awesome amusement park was great. It brought back my childhood memories of visiting the park. The chemistry between the two is off the charts. I purchased my copy, and I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Definitely looking for more from Sugar City!

    29. XxTainaxX on said:

      If I had to choose just one description for this story, it would be Sweet. There's this small town cozy feel to it that remains throughout the book. Natalie and Luke has a history that Luke doesn't seem to remember. Their jobs have opposing goals but nature and attraction won't be denied. I enjoyed how the plot wrapped up. Don't expect this to be a scorcher but more like a sweet simmerC provided in exchange for an honest review.

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