The Little Ships

J.A. Sutherland

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The Little Ships

The Little Ships Newly commissioned lieutenant Alexis Carew is appointed into HMS Shrewsbury a gun ship of the line in New London s space navy She expects Shrewsbury will be sent into action in the war against Ha

  • Title: The Little Ships
  • Author: J.A. Sutherland
  • ISBN: 9781514632451
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback
  • Newly commissioned lieutenant, Alexis Carew is appointed into HMS Shrewsbury, a 74 gun ship of the line in New London s space navy She expects Shrewsbury will be sent into action in the war against Hanover, but instead she finds that she and her new ship are pivotal in a Foreign Office plot to bring the star systems of the French Republic into the war and end the threat oNewly commissioned lieutenant, Alexis Carew is appointed into HMS Shrewsbury, a 74 gun ship of the line in New London s space navy She expects Shrewsbury will be sent into action in the war against Hanover, but instead she finds that she and her new ship are pivotal in a Foreign Office plot to bring the star systems of the French Republic into the war and end the threat of Hanover forever.

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    One thought on “The Little Ships

    1. Daniel on said:

      Avanture super poručnice se nastavljaju. Ko god je stigao odvde zna šta da očekuje tako da nema potrebe da ulazin u sitne detalje. Ako bi smo ulazili u neku dublju analizu knjiga ima hiljadu i jednu manu ali stil pisanja i konstantna akcija drže pažnju do kraja tako da mane uopšte ni ne prmetim. Jednostavno ovaj serijal mi je savršeno legao.Plus pošto je sada prošlo par godina lakše mi je da je prihvatim kao vunderkinda :)

    2. C.T. Phipps on said:

      I've mentioned on numerous occasions how much I love J.A. Sutherland's Alexis Carew series. I've already reviewed the first two books in the series but had to take a brief break before working on the third. I'm glad I did as it allowed me to read it with a fresh mind to absorbing the character's latest adventures. Given the book takes Alexis to her seventeenth year, it also prevented me from being too confused if I'd read them back-to-back-to-back. The premise for The Little Ships is Alexis Care [...]

    3. Cloak88 on said:

      Third novel in the series 3.5 starsThird book and a third ship to start on. Alexis Carew has been posted on the HMS Shrewsbury to fulfill a secret military/ diplomatic mission: get the great republic of France to enter the war. What this means for her is: etiquette lessons, dance lessons and maintaining a cover in enemy territory. Sutherland continues his trend to use real world military actions as inspiration for his novel and it work. This was an entertaining novel. Alexis grows a little and s [...]

    4. Kristen on said:

      This third book in the series is so far his best work. I am typically not a sci-fi fan, but I enjoy this series and I love the heroine, Alexis Carew. The science fiction does not over-take the book and it is an easy read for anyone that wants a typical sci-fi story line or someone who wants a character-driven story line. I sat and read most of this book in one day. His words captured my imagination and I couldn't put the book down. The character development within this story captivated me and pu [...]

    5. Alyssia Cooke on said:

      This is never going to be a heavy weight sci fi series, but that doesn't mean it isn't mighty enjoyable. A kind of naval warfare in space means that you can often see the action in your mind as it goes on. A lot of the imagery is already well known and so its inclusion in a space setting makes it odd but enjoyable. This novel is slower than the previous two and I found myself enjoying it even more because of it. Characters are expanded, certain interactions are included not for plot as much as f [...]

    6. Ben on said:

      This story reminded me of the Dunkirk and the rescue of all those British and French soldiers from the beaches of that small beach resort as the German Army continually attacked themAlexis once again showed great bravery and poise in the face of tremendous adversity for one so very young and through superior leadership, managed to fight her ship so well as to get a more heavily armed enemy to strike his colors rather than continue the fight all just to save civilian. I am looking forward to the [...]

    7. Nancy on said:

      Newly commissioned Naval Lieutenant Alexis Carew is assigned a mission deep into enemy territory. She’s to contact a fleet commodore sympathetic to a rebellion. The star systems of the French Republic have never been happy about their occupation by Hanover forces. Can Alexis turn the tide in New London’s favor? Space battles, spycraft, and a desperate escape from invasion troops make this another exciting entry into the Alexis Carew series. A touch of romance adds a softer side to this risin [...]

    8. Neil Carstairs on said:

      It won’t come as any surprise to find The Little Ships storyline has echoes of Dunkirk, but this time with Alexis Carew left to defend a planet exposed by poor military planning and lack of resources. This one is a real page-turner, tense and action-packed. But the author also doesn’t forget that we need characters to care about as well as wartime exploits.

    9. Audrey on said:

      This has been a really good series. All of the books have been well written and very interesting. This book places now-Lieutenant Alexis Carew in events based on the historical Little Ships in Dunkirk with a few twists. Only it takes place in space and on spaceships. Definitely a real page turner. I WILL be looking for the next book to find out what happens next.

    10. Dennis on said:

      I try to reserve a 5 star rating for only the very best. However, I am having so much fun with this Alexis Carew series that, after giving book 1 and 2 four stars, I had to move to 5 stars. The story keeps me turning pages and I find it hard to put the book down. Give this series a try.

    11. Matt on said:

      Answer Colours"These wounds I had on Crispian's Day."Alexis continues to be the Hero we Need; because she will Always Do The Right Thing.If she, and Horatio Hornblower were to share a quarter-deck, each would recognize a kindred soul.

    12. Warren on said:

      ExhilaratingFast paced and well written. Alexis evolves into her own, develops real skill and care for others. That care may eventually drive her to the edge, but will make her stronger and more compassionate. Well done.

    13. IMHO on said:

      "The Little Ships" by J.A. Sutherland, the 3rd book in the Alexis Carew series,is a great addition to my MUST READ LIST.

    14. Alison on said:

      A great series continues!Much to admire in Carew, the main character. You see the harder side of her here, and her struggles with her darker nature. Still enjoying immensely!

    15. Ed Ackerman on said:

      Jack Aubry meets HarringtonThe action is Aubry while the setting is Harrington. It's a combination that culd be awkward but in this case it just works.

    16. George Rilling on said:

      Can't stop nowAh, the Navy begins to realize the potential of young Carew . As fine as the first three books have been, I look eagerly for the next.

    17. Billie on said:

      Seemed to have a lot of extra ploy bits that didn't really go anywhere. Based around the Little ships of Dunkirk, and since I've heard that story before I kept waiting for that bit to come up, and when it did I was a bit underwhelmed.I dunno, I think my enjoyment was spoiled knowing how much of the story was true and how much wasn't.

    18. Lisa Parker on said:

      The third book in the series, a little slower than the first two but good all the same

    19. Per Gunnar on said:

      I was somewhat split on my opinion of the first book in this series, primarily due to its somewhat strange “science”. I was hesitant to read the second book due to the book blurb which seemed to focus on some woman hating dipshit. I liked the second book a lot more than I thought I would though and I liked this one quite a lot!Alexis is now a Lieutenant which I quite like since she now has some actual power to kick ass and she is quite good at that. I guess this is one of those books that yo [...]

    20. Anne Caroline Oakwood on said:

      Voltak kétségeim, de igenis lehetett még fokozni. Még az előző kötetnél is jobb lett. Megint kapunk egy kis történelemleckét, a bolygóközi konfliktusban az események egyes pontokban hűen követik az 1940 május-június hónapok során Dunkerque-nél történteket, mikor a német csapatok a tengerbe szorították a britt és francia egységeket, és az utolsó pillanatig folytatódó evakuálásban civil hajók is segítettek. (Robert Merle: Két nap az élet c. regényéből is is [...]

    21. Bill on said:

      This continues to be an outstanding series. Lt. Carew finds that desperate circumstances create tragedies,sacrifice and miracles.

    22. Moll James on said:

      A lengthy installment in this well-written series. One of the growing subgenre I call "Hornblower in Space", featuring such well-known authors as Weber and Drake, this series goes further in recreating 18th century sailboats in the far future. Manually rigged sails, press-ganged and usually illiterate sailors, and many other anachronisms abound with only the thinnest of handwaving.Still, if you suspend your disbelief, the series is compelling and this third book is too. The main character, Alexi [...]

    23. K Ada on said:

      Have enjoyed this series from the first book, and even though I gave the first two books 5-stars I couldn't bring myself to give "The Little Ships" higher than 4-stars. That doesn't mean I wouldn't recommend this series; in fact, I HIGHLY recommend it to those of us who love, as one reviewer classified it, "Hornblower in Space"subgenre. Why I didn't give it 5-stars was mainly the lack of action. The book is well written, as were the previous two, but dragged on the 'preparatory info' leading to [...]

    24. John Piper on said:

      Lieutenant Alexis Carew has come far, and earned her promotion. She is assigned to a new ship and given a special mission for the war with Hanover. The French Republic is neutral in the war. Alexis was a prisoner of war briefly, and held on a world annexed by Hanover over a hundred years ago. That world is full of French people. The fleet guarding it is made up entirely of French peoples. Alexis mission is to convince the French Republic to rescue that fleet, and those world's annexed by Hanover [...]

    25. Jean Poulos on said:

      This is book three in the Alexis Carew series. Alexis, now a lieutenant, is assigned to the HMS Shrewsbury, a 74 gun ship in the New London’s Space Navy. The author has attempted to make this an “age of sail” type of story except instead of on the sea in the 1800’s it is in space, sailing the solar winds. The story has the British and Germans at war with the French undecided.The story is well written, the characters are interesting and the plot twist and turns. Overall it is a fun advent [...]

    26. Tomas Torres on said:

      Good readAs with a lot of science fiction especially with battle and war books they are chock full of great historical quotes honoring the actions of troops and leaders of men. In the afterword section also included is the inspiration for this book yet another of a countless of those inspirational greater than oneself

    27. Deb on said:

      I tried really hard to read this book slowly as I knew it might be a while before Mr. Sutherland comes out with the next installmentbut I couldn't put it down!I started slowly with this series, trying to wrap my head around the 18th century sailing language and the very different type of space travel than I am used to reading about. However, by the second book in the series I was thoroughly in love with the whole concept (even though I am still scratching my head about some things).The main char [...]

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