Dying for a Taste

Leslie Karst

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Dying for a Taste

Dying for a Taste After losing her mother to cancer Sally Solari quits her job as an attorney to help her dad run his old style Italian eatery in Santa Cruz California But managing the front of the house is far from

  • Title: Dying for a Taste
  • Author: Leslie Karst
  • ISBN: 9781629535975
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After losing her mother to cancer, Sally Solari quits her job as an attorney to help her dad run his old style Italian eatery in Santa Cruz, California But managing the front of the house is far from her dream job.Then in a sudden twist her Aunt Letta is found murdered in her own restaurant, and Sally is the only one who can keep the place running But when her sous chefAfter losing her mother to cancer, Sally Solari quits her job as an attorney to help her dad run his old style Italian eatery in Santa Cruz, California But managing the front of the house is far from her dream job.Then in a sudden twist her Aunt Letta is found murdered in her own restaurant, and Sally is the only one who can keep the place running But when her sous chef is accused of the crime, and she finds herself suddenly short staffed, Sally must delve into the world of sustainable farming not to mention a few family secrets to help him clear his name and catch the true culprit before her timer runs out.Leslie Karst serves a platter of intrigue in her stirring and satisfying debut Dying for a Taste, which is sure to become a new favorite of food mystery fans.

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    One thought on “Dying for a Taste

    1. Shelly on said:

      Sally Solari isn't your typical restaurateur. She's a former lawyer whose friendly ex-boyfriend happens to be the local D.A. , so when Sally's aunt is murdered, she easily takes on the role of a private investigator to get to the bottom of who-dunnit. The mystery is well developed and the cast of characters are entertaining. The unfolding of the story kept me engaged. I look forward to reading the next book in the series!

    2. Tari on said:

      I enjoyed getting to know these characters and the twists in the plot that kept me guessing who the killer was. I was happy that Sally and her dad came to an agreement over the Gauguin restaurant and thought the ending was pretty cool and very appropriate. I'll be interested in reading the next book as well. I liked how Sally and Eric got along well and worked together on the mystery even though they'd once been involved but had broken up. Nice when there isn't conflict or animosity.

    3. Moondance on said:

      At least twice a week, I have customers tell me how lucky I must feel, having been born into this family.Sally Solari left the world of corporate law to return to her family's restaurant in Santa Cruz, California. She took over the front of the house after her mother's death. Solari's is an authentic hearty home cooked Italian restaurant. Sally's Aunt Letta owns a Polynesian/French restaurant, Gauguin's, nearby. Sally inherits the restaurant when Letta is murdered in the kitchen and her sous che [...]

    4. Mark Baker on said:

      Sally is shocked to learn that her aunt Letta has been murdered in the restaurant that Letta owns in Santa Cruz. The evidence seems to point to Javier, Letta’s sous chef. Yet Sally doesn’t think he’d murder Letta, so she starts digging into Letta’s life. She uncovered some surprising secrets, but which of them might have gotten Letta murdered?I really enjoyed this debut. It got off to a bit of a slow start as Sally dealt with the aftermath of having a relative die, but this section does [...]

    5. Jeanie Jackson on said:

      Well rounded characters with depth who are allowed to grieve for the departed take the cozy mystery to another level. I like that I got to know the main character before she began investigating the death. The plot included several character twist that kept me on my toes and had me rethinking the murder plot. It really added to the quality of the mystery. I took most of the book trying to figure out who had kill Sally's aunt. It was fun seeing her friendship with Eric but I can see why she chose [...]

    6. LORI CASWELL on said:

      Dollycas’s ThoughtsSally Solari is still reeling from her mom’s death when her Aunt Letta is murdered. Letta is Sally’s father’s younger sister and they had a falling out years ago. He runs an old-style Italian restaurant where she runs an eatery serving more lighter farm fresh dishes. Now Sally is caught in the middle because her aunt left the restaurant to her in her will. When one of the chefs is taken into custody for the murder, Sally has no choice but to try to step into her aunt [...]

    7. Kathy Martin on said:

      Sally Solari joined her father in the family's Italian restaurant in Santa Cruz, California, after her mother died of cancer. Sally had been a corporate lawyer but wasn't happy in that career. Unfortunately, she isn't happy running the front of the house for her father either. When her Aunt Letta is murdered, Sally finds herself investigating the crime.Sally finds that she has inherited the restaurant from her aunt and, if she wants it to survive, she has to find another suspect than her head ch [...]

    8. Michele on said:

      Full disclosure - won this in a giveaway on . A good start to a new series. Will read the next book in series.

    9. Karen on said:

      I really really enjoyed this murder mystery based in Santa Cruz, California.All of the details rang true, and I enjoyed the food descriptions tremendously.While the premise has been done a lot lately, older relative dies and leave the restaurant to the heroine, I thought the characters were fun and the twists were realistic.I know my best friend in Los Angeles will want to read this one. Can't wait to tell her about it.I borrowed a copy from the public library.

    10. Jenny on said:

      Sally Solari’s aunt is murdered in her Santa Cruz restaurant, and Sally doesn’t agree with the local police as to who is the prime suspect—so, she sets out to figure out who the real murderer is. Sally’s sleuthing takes her all around Santa Cruz as well as up to San Francisco and beyond. Leslie Karst has created a great character in Sally, she describes the California locations and lifestyle well, and it’s fun to follow along on Sally’s adventure. And I don’t think you’ll guess w [...]

    11. Carmen on said:

      Set in Santa Cruz California, my old stomping grounds, this book is about a young woman who keeps changing her life. First she quits her job as an attorney to help her father run the family business, a restaurant. Then when her aunt is found murdered, she takes over her aunt's restaurant. And she can't help herself, she tries to find out who murdered her aunt.

    12. Marsha on said:

      I enjoyed the Santa Cruz setting. The main character, Sally, is very likable and surrounded by a great cast of characters. The mystery kept me guessing until the very end! If you enjoy Culinary mysteries don't miss this one!Karst will have you craving an Italian feast!

    13. Brenda Schneider on said:

      Good characters. Kept me interested and guessing to the end.

    14. Sunny on said:

      Fun read from a new cozy writer. Set in Santa Cruz in the restaurant world, you get recipes and a riddle.

    15. James Ziskin on said:

      Sally Solari is my favorite restaurateur/detective. Love this series already. Looking forward to another serving!

    16. Monica on said:

      I love the character of Eric. I think it's nice to have a female and male that can work together and be friends and not worry about love triangles. That alone is enough to make me want to read more.

    17. Dona on said:

      Loved it! Funny read set in a town I lived in for a bit. Gotta love a culinary mystery.

    18. JoAnne McMaster (Any Good Book) on said:

      Sally Solari quit her job as a corporate attorney to return to her father's Italian restaurant after her mother passed away. Although she doesn't miss her old life, her new one is about to become more complicated than she ever thoughtWhile having lunch one afternoon she receives a phone call from her ex-boyfriend Eric, a District Attorney, who tells her that her Aunt Letta has been murdered; and it occurred at Letta's restaurant, Gauguin. To make it worse, all the evidence is pointing toward Let [...]

    19. DelAnne Frazee on said:

      Title: Dying for a Taste - Sally Solari Mystery Book 1 Author: Leslie Karst Published: 4-12-2016 Publisher: Crooked Lane Books Pages: 306 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense Sub Genre: Culinary Mystery; Women Sleuths; Cozy Mystery ISBN: 13: 9781629535975 ASIN: B01CSWPE5I Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalleyRating: 4.5 StarsI received a copy of "Dying for a Taste" from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.Description From the Publishe [...]

    20. K.A. Davis on said:

      Sally Solari, former attorney, is helping run her father’s old-school Italian restaurant after her mother passed away. The long-time multi-generational family restaurant sits at the end of a wharf in Santa Cruz, California with spectacular views of Monterrey Bay. Sally would rather be in the kitchen learning to be a chef instead of managing the business side of things, but her father doesn’t think women belong in the kitchen. Sally’s Aunt Letta rebelled against the tradition, left the fami [...]

    21. Margaret Mizushima on said:

      What a delicious debut! Leslie Karst lays out a smorgasbord of tempting foods, delightful characters, tantalizing setting, and a tangled plot for her readers in this first book in the Sally Solari mystery series. After losing her mother to cancer, Sally leaves her job as an attorney to help her dad run the family business, an old-fashioned Italian eatery in Santa Cruz, California. But she ends up with more pots and pans than she can juggle when a close relative is murdered, she inherits a restau [...]

    22. Vinnie Hansen on said:

      Because I know the author, Leslie Karst, and also write a murder mystery series set in Santa Cruz, California, I read Dying for a Taste with value-added interest. Among her many talents, Leslie Karst has a culinary arts degree, which I don't, so it was no surprise that her book was more food centric than mine and includes more recipes at the back. Still, there was a scene where Leslie's protagonist, Sally Solari, has to whip up a meal from the slim pickings in her refrigerator. When Sally threw [...]

    23. Lynda on said:

      This novel wasn't bad for the first of a series with likeable characters, a basic murder mystery and interesting side plots but it needed editing. Sally Solari, a former lawyer now manages her father's restaurant. Her ex boyfriend Eric calls Sally to notify her that her Aunt Letta was found dead at another family restaurant Gauguin. Of course Sally tries to solve the crime before the police arrest the head chef Javier. Along the way the reader is introduced to the Slow Food movement as well as e [...]

    24. Nancy on said:

      Leslie Karst has cooked up a new mystery, complete with a bright, funny, and believable lead character in Sally Solari. Like her creator, Sally is a foodie former lawyer with a sense of humor who loves bicycling and a stiff drink. The supporting characters are also well-crafted and convincing, including Sally's ex-beau in the D.A's office, Eric, and law school chum, Nichole.After the death of her mother, Sally has left lawyering to help her dad run the front of his restaurant. She might prefer t [...]

    25. Kerrie on said:

      There is a lot about her Aunt Letta that Sally Solari doesn't know, in fact they weren't even really all that close, and it comes a great surprise to her when she inherits her aunt's restaurant. Aunt Letta's murder was quite vicious, but surely no-one hated her that much? And then Sally finds evidence that Letta had been being threatened. She is galvanised into action when, in the absence of any other suspects, the police arrest the head cook of her new restaurant.Towards the end I felt that the [...]

    26. Joan on said:

      This cozy mystery has interesting characters, a heroine plagued by early-onset hot flashes, and just enough suspects to keep one guessing.The subject of animal cruelty in factory farms is dealt with, with a satisfactory resolution for Sally and her restaurant.The plot is well-constructed, but I have my doubts about about the heroine with a law degree repeatedly saying "I dunno". Also, there could be more substance to the vocabulary. Just because we read cozies doesn't mean we can't understand wo [...]

    27. Bill Syken on said:

      Had the pleasure of meeting Leslie at the Left Coast Crime convention in Phoenix this past February. Now I've finished her debut novel, and I am delighted to find that her prose was as enjoyable as her company. The world of this book was an enjoyable one to spend time in. She told me a little about her plans for the continued adventures of Sally Solari, and I am looking forward to seeing where she takes this series.

    28. Kevin Tiemeyer on said:

      Went to Santa Cruz for the weekend and brought this cosy type mystery since it took place in Santa Cruz. It was reading the book at a coffee shop that was near where the main character walked by. Going to the Bookstore Santa Cruz and then reading about it in the book made it more fun. The mystery itself was your typical type of cosy type of murder with an amateur sleuth solving the crime. There are set ups for future books in the series and look forward to reading them.

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