Rock-a-Bye Bones

Carolyn Haines

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Rock-a-Bye Bones

Rock a Bye Bones Sarah Booth Delaney and her friends are still recovering from the attack on Scott Hampton s blues club in Zinnia Missippia and Sarah Booth herself is still overcoming her grief at ending things with

  • Title: Rock-a-Bye Bones
  • Author: Carolyn Haines
  • ISBN: 9781250085160
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sarah Booth Delaney and her friends are still recovering from the attack on Scott Hampton s blues club in Zinnia, Missippia, and Sarah Booth herself is still overcoming her grief at ending things with her fianc One bitterly cold night at her family s ancestral home in Zinnia, Sarah Booth hears what sounds like a kitten as she passes the front door She opens the door toSarah Booth Delaney and her friends are still recovering from the attack on Scott Hampton s blues club in Zinnia, Missippia, and Sarah Booth herself is still overcoming her grief at ending things with her fianc One bitterly cold night at her family s ancestral home in Zinnia, Sarah Booth hears what sounds like a kitten as she passes the front door She opens the door to find a newborn baby in a basket on her front porch with bloody footsteps leading up to the door and back down the driveway As soon as she steps outside, a loud engine guns and a dark colored vehicle takes off It s too far away for Sarah Booth to get a good look, and besides, the baby is now her first priority.After rushing the baby to the hospital and calling the police, Sarah Booth and Tinkie Richmond, her partner at the Delaney Detective Agency, know they need to do everything they can to find the baby s mothereven if they are starting to fall in love with the baby themselves But as she tracks the baby s mother, Sarah Booth soon begins to suspect the woman might be in danger in fact, she might be running for her own life And following in the woman s footsteps, Sarah Booth might be next.

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    One thought on “Rock-a-Bye Bones

    1. Barbara on said:

      3.5 stars In this 16th book in the series, Sarah Booth Delaney finds a baby, and a pool of blood, on the front porch of her home - Dahlia House in Zinnia, Mississippi. Sarah Booth and her partner, Tinkie Richmond, run a private detective agency - and Sarah Booth is determined to find the baby's mother.Meanwhile Tinkie, who's unable to have children, convinces the sheriff to let her care for the baby until the mother is located. Tinkie 'temporarily' names the infant Libby and proceeds to buy the [...]

    2. Betty on said:

      I am delighted when I find a Sarah Booth Delaney book I haven't read. Sarah is planning to host her friends with a Thanksgiving dinner. The doorbell rings and her dog Sweetie Pie starts to bark at the same time. She finds a bloody mess on her doorstep. A man bleeding severely holding a newborn baby who he leaves on the step and drive away in his truck before Sarah can stop him. Assure by her physician the baby is normal and not hurt in any. Sarah Booth and Tinkie began to look for the Mother. Os [...]

    3. Darcy on said:

      I really liked the mystery part of this one, where the baby came from and what happened to the mother. I was glad that Sarah Booth and crew were on the case and did right by Pleasant. What didn't work for me with this one was how crazy Tinkie got, she was beyond out of control. But that was nothing compared to Sarah Booth and her men. I don't get why they all are enamored by her and can be friends with all the other guys and not try to take them out of contention. Jitty's Delaney heir talk is ge [...]

    4. Ellen on said:

      Rock-A-Bye Bones by Carolyn Haines.Sarah Boothe Delaney is attempting to make pumpkin pie for her upcoming Thanksgiving dinner actuality she is trying to clean up the mess of pumpkin all over her kitchen from her failed attempt at making pumpkin pie. Gloomy isn't welcomed at Dahlia House or anywhere near Sarah Boothe Delaneynot with Jitty the resident ghost around. Jitty shows up when needed and whenever she darn well wants to and right now Jitty wants to. On this occasion Jitty arrives, unannou [...]

    5. Doward Wilson on said:

      Meet Sarah Booth Delaney and Tinkie Bellcase Richmond! They operate a detective agency out of Sarah Booth's plantation. Dahlia House is in Zinna, part of Sunflower County, Mississippi. When her doorbell kicks her awake at three a.m she finds a newborn infant on the doorstep, blood all over the front porch and a vehicle speeding off into the dark. Tinkie takes the baby home to care for and Sheriff Coleman Peters and Sarah Booth work to find the mother. When a man's body is discovered and it turns [...]

    6. Donna Townsend on said:

      Sarah Booth hasn’t had time to begin to process her shattered engagement when she finds an infant on her doorstep and bloody footprints leading away. With Tinkie stepping in to care for the child (not the best idea in this case), Sarah Booth and Sheriff Coleman begin a desperate search for the baby’s mother. This is a clever, fast-paced mystery featuring many of our favorite characters: Madame Tomeeka the pyschic, Cece (formerly Cecil) the ever-fashionable newspaper reporter, Harold, Scott a [...]

    7. Karyn Niedert on said:

      I've enjoyed The Sarah Booth Delaney series from Carolyn Haines since she wrote "Them Bones" back in the late '90's. Unfortunately, I am at the point where Jitty and I could be roommates, hoping that Sarah Booth settles down or at least narrows down her options. I get that she's smart, beautiful, and charming, but I'm over the whole "every man in the Mississippi Delta wants her" story line.I didn't finish this book, and that's unfortunate because the story about Sarah Booth's parents death is be [...]

    8. Patty on said:

      Rock-a-Bye Bones by Carolyn Haines is the 16th book in the Sarah Booth Delaney series, and I loved it!! I love the whole series, and can't wait for more. Not only is this book really funny at times, it also can be emotional because I feel like I know Sarah Booth and the other main characters in the book. As always Rock-a-Bye-Bones is a great mystery with romance thrown in, 3 men want Sarah Booth. There are twists and turns around every corner. Just when I thought I figured out the who done it, I [...]

    9. Debbie on said:

      Sarah Booth Delaney is back and just as funny as ever. This time while Jitty has been after her forever to have kids, someone has left a baby on her front porch. Jitty shows up a lot in this one. There's a baby on the line and she needs to keep the Delaney name going!Graf is out of the picture and men are coming out of woodwork to be Sarah Booth's new beau. And of course, there is action and suspense as Sarah Booth tries to find out the baby's mother and solve a few other mysteries as well. I al [...]

    10. Amy on said:

      Sarah Booth is hosting Thanksgiving and in the kitchen attempting to make pumpkin pies from scratch.Sarah Booth finally goes to bed only to be awakened at 3:00 in the morning by the doorbell ringing repeatedly. When she opens the door Sarah Booth sees a bassinet with a newborn baby and a huge pool of blood.That starts Sarah Booth finding clues to whose baby and why her front porch. A great book with all of the characters that have become friends are back. Humor and an emotional roller coaster ri [...]

    11. Lucy on said:

      3 o'clock in the morning of a chilly November night in the Mississippi Delta, the doorbell repeatedly rings until Sarah Booth Delaney finally opens the front door. There on the porch of her family plantation, Dahlia House, she finds a huge pool of blood and a bassinet containing a newborn baby girl.Thus begins the 16th novel, Rock-a-bye Bones, in the popular Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery series, set in Sunflower County, Mississippi. Sarah Booth Delaney and her best friend Tinkie Bellcase Richmond [...]

    12. Stephanie on said:

      This is an excellent return to Sarah Booth Delaney and her Zinnia friends. The story opens with a humorous tale of Sarah Booth attempting to prepare a homemade pumpkin pie, and mangling the pumpkin in her efforts. But later that evening, a baby is left on her doorstep, and Sarah Booth and partner/best friend Tinkie set out to find the baby’s mother. This is a lovely celebration of friendships, and the Zinnia gang is back again: Coleman, Harold, Scott, Cece, and the ghost of Dahlia House, Jitty [...]

    13. Chelsey Wolford on said:

      Sarah Booth Delaney and her funny friends are some of my favorite characters to rejoin every year when a new book is released. I very much enjoyed this story because it leads us to believe that Sarah Booth may be making some big life changes soon and because we are finding out more and more information about the murder of her parents. Their story is a subplot to the larger mystery at hand, but it is so intriguing and has me dying to know exactly what happened. In the latest installment, Sarah Bo [...]

    14. Diane on said:

      This is the newest book in the Sarah Booth Delaney Detective Mystery Series. Sarah Booth is awaken in the middle of the night by Jitty pretending to be the mother in "Rosemary's Baby". The doorbell to Dahlia House is being rung. Sarah Booth opens the door to find a newborn infant on the doorstep and a pool of blood trailing away. Sarah Booth calls Coleman, Tinkie and Doc Sawyer asking them to come and help. The only clue is that the baby is polydactyl. Tinkie (and later Oscar) falls in love with [...]

    15. Westminster Library on said:

      Sarah has honed her detective skills to a fine art in this delightful Southern town. This story “rocks” from a baby left on her porch and the return of a deadly enemy splaying bullets--only with her many friends’ help does she save the day. The author is impressive with her ability to bring these characters to life so we can easily identify with their wants and needs. Pet lovers, who feel their animals have hidden abilities, will be on the edge of their seat for most of the book. This book [...]

    16. Linda on said:

      Sarah Booth Delaney, private detective in Zinnia, Mississippi, is awakened by someone leaving a newborn on her doorstep. Her friend Tinkie agrees to care for the baby while Sarah investigates what happened to the mother; the investigation leads to a local high school (complete with mean girls), stolen music, Nashville, and a local trailer park. Haynes is a great storyteller; her combination of humor and interesting characters spiced with a bit of the paranormal (Jitty, the irrepressible “haint [...]

    17. Lisa Morin on said:

      This was a great book. Sarah Booth is a colorful character that always leaves me laughing.This book was funny and heart felt. The mystery was good and I was kept guessing until the end.Any book that takes place over a holiday is usually very good and this story was well told. I like the interaction with Jitty and her love for Sarah Booth is genuine.I will be recommending this book and the entire series to my book group.I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my fair and hon [...]

    18. Susie James on said:

      Carolyn Haines's current instalment in her "guilty pleasures" Delta series featuring Sarah Booth Delaney gets an A-plus, though I'm with Jitty for sure on the idea that Sarah Booth needs to provide an heir or two. Get with it, girl. Enough with the sexual tension and angst!

    19. Nancy H on said:

      Another very good entry in the Sarah Booth Delaney series, this story takes place around Thanksgiving, as Sarah Booth is trying to host a Thanksgiving dinner for her friends. Her plans go wildly awry when a newborn baby is placed on her porch, and she has to search for the mother. At the same time, she has to avoid the crazy woman who has been bonded out of jail and has declared that she will kill Sarah Booth for something that she imagines that Sarah Booth's deceased mother did in the past. The [...]

    20. Marilyn on said:

      50 States and at least 50 Authors 2016 Reading Challenge. MISSISSIPPI.A newborn baby has been left on Sarah Booth's porch in the middle of the night. Who is the mother? Why was this baby left here? Tinkie and Oscar are temporarily taking care of the baby while Sarah Booth investigates and everyone is concerned that Tinkie is becoming too attached to this child. In the meantime, Sarah Booth believes she knows who the mother is, but it appears to be that this high school student was kidnapped abou [...]

    21. Gloria on said:

      Sarah Booth is recovering from her broken engagement with Grif when a baby is left on her doorstep. Most ominous is the trail of blood leading from the bassinet across the porch. Lots of danger and romance as she finds the mother, takes care of baby and Tinkie who has fallen in love with said baby, and avoids her old nemesis who has sworn to kill her.

    22. Kati on said:

      Pro: Coleman!Cons: I didn't love the case or Tinkie's behavior. Pure insanity.

    23. Sherry on said:

      Thrilling & Chilling Thanksgiving!Chills, thrills, tears, & joy. Everything I want all wrapped up in one book! A heartwarming story of close friends who become family.

    24. Caryl Moulder on said:

      I really like Sarah booths ability to pull up her boot strings and get on with her life

    25. Rebecca on said:

      Predictable pattern of the Delaney series; entertaining, a few surprise twists which is typical in this series. A mindless and entertaining chick book that is clean for a change, and a few items of suspense.

    26. Kristina on said:

      Rock-a-Bye Bones by Carolyn Haines is the sixteenth Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery novel. Sarah Booth Delaney is awakened during the night to knocking (and Jetty, her resident ghost) at her door. She discovers a baby on her doorstep (and a lot of blood). After Sarah Booth opens the door a pick-up truck takes off down her driveway. Whoever left the baby on her doorstep was bleeding badly, but they waited to make sure that someone found the baby. Sarah Booth contacts Sheriff Coleman Peters (who is at [...]

    27. DelAnne Frazee on said:

      Title: Rock-a-Bye Bones - Sarah Booth Delaney Mystery Book 16 Author: Carolyn Haines Published: 5-17-2016 Publisher: Minotaur Books/St. Martin's Press Pages: 353 Genre: Mystery, Thrillers & Suspense Sub Genre: Animals; Cozy Mystery; Private Investigators ISBN: 13: 9781250085160 ASIN: B01772VVVK Reviewer: DelAnne Reviewed For: NetGalleyRating: 5 Stars I received a copy of Rock-a-Bye Bones from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my honest review.Descriptio [...]

    28. Jen on said:

      Another exciting adventure! I just adore this series- always so clever! Though I am really getting tired of the whole Gertrude issue. Will they ever be rid of her?

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